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Air Quality
  Company Information Product / Solution Highlights
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Associated Environmental Systems Limited
Hong Kong
Booth No. : 6-A21
Ionair AQS

  • Through patented technology, Ionair AQS monitors pollution every 0.2 second and performs responsive air purification.
  • With its unique 7/24 monitoring through Ionair’s “DataCenter” in Zurich, quiet operation, no secondary pollutants and potential energy saving benefits, Ionair AQSs are appreciated by elite customers worldwide including 7,000+ installations. 
  • Associated Environmental Systems Ltd., as Ionair’s authorized distributor and installer, provides Total Air Quality Optimisation Solution according to individual customer’s targets and operation environment.
Eco-friendly Products
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Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited
Hong Kong
Booth No. : 3-F22
Nano Bubble Technology

  • NAMI’s nano bubble technology generates bubbles in nano size which have good efficiency of gas dissolution, strong oxidising and surface sanitising property.
  • Compared to ordinary macro bubbles which rise rapidly and burst at the surface of water, nano bubbles with intrinsic larger gas-liquid interfacial area can stably stay and completely dissolve in water for better functional air or gas dissolution.
  • The generated ozone nano bubbles are beneficial to surface cleaning, sanitation and sterilisation.
Green Building and Energy Efficiency
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ACTXE Limite
Hong Kong
Booth No. : 6-E12
Aluminum-air Power System

  • Using the chemical reaction between aluminum and air, the power system generates electricity with no chemical by-products or toxic residual.
  • The power system can be reused simply by replacing the aluminum pieces, which can also be recycled and reused.
  • Provides uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for premises like data center and hospital.
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Smart Heating Technology s.r.o Smart
Czech Republic
Booth No.: 6-A14
Automatic Hot-Water Biomass Boilers - Smart 150-500-2000 kW

  • Smart Heating Technology s.r.o, is looking for a long-term business partner, JV partner or investor for activities in the Chinese mainland.
  • Products, which the company designs, manufactures, installs and further develops for the Chinese Market are:

  • - Renewable Energy Cabins
    - Emergency/Disaster Mobile Energy Cabins
    - Individual Biomass Boilers
    - Air Conditioning (Heat & Cooling) Cabin Solutions
    - Material Drying Solutions
Green Transportation
5 abc
Kyto Green Technologies Limited
Hong Kong
Booth No. : 3-J29

  • The eSpark is a range of 3 wheeled electric vehicles for last mile transportation of passenger and goods. It comes in a driver plus 3, a driver plus 5, a van and a flat-bed version with load carrying capability up to 600+kgs.
  • Designed and engineered to EU specifications that provide a safe and comfortable ride for driver and passengers.
  • Outer and inner panels are made with recyclable ABS and HDPE.
  • Speed up to 45km/h, li-ion battery options giving a range of 50km – 100km.
  • Designed for CKD shipment and local assembly.
6 abc

Netsphere Solution Limited
Hong Kong
Booth No. : 6-A29
Veefil Fast Charger

  • It is the world's smallest footprint 50kW fast charger, which has a unique liquid cooling system. Receiving numerous awards, the fast charger is connected to the world's largest electric vehicle charging network.
  • Veefil Fast Charger adds 50 km of driving range to charge just in 10 minutes.
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Hyundai Hong Kong Company Limited
Hong Kong
Booth No. : 3-J30
IONIQ Electric

  • Hyundai IONIQ Electric made its first appearance at the Eco Expo Asia.
  • The IONIQ Electric is equipped with a high-power electric motor develops max. power of 88kW and max. torque of 295 Nm.
  • The large-capacity battery offers a range up to 280km, and can be recharged to 80% in as little as 30 minutes.
  • With its fully electric powertrain and high performance design, the IONIQ Electric offers anxiety free true zero-emission electric driving.
8 abc
Visedo (Asia) Company Ltd
Booth No. : 6-A33
Unique Electric Drivetrains

  • Engineers developed Visedo’s unique electric drivetrains specifically for purpose. They are designed from the ground up to ensure maximum efficiency at real world load speeds.
  • Designed for seamless integration, the hybrid and electric systems deliver fuel reduction savings of up to 50%, with higher performance figures compared to traditional solutions.
  • The winning product line consists of electric machines, inverters, DC/DC converter and energy storages.
9 abc

Brilliance Technology Limited
Booth No. : 6-A28
emco Electric Scooter

  • Economical, durable and suitable for everyday use
  • Easy handling, great suitability for everyday use and very low operating costs compared to mopeds make emco electric scooters an economical and ecological alternative
Waste Management and Recycling
10 abc
Baguio Green Group Limited
Hong Kong
Booth No. : 3-D18
Animal Waste and Yard Waste Recycling

  • In animal waste recycling, Baguio delivers the collected animal waste to the composting plant and follows by turning the waste into organic soil conditioner.  This soil conditioner can apply to local landscaping, horticultural and agricultural uses.
  • In yard waste recycling, Baguio shatters the abandoned Christmas trees and peach blossom and converts the shattered waste into mulches, as well as organic compost for local landscaping uses.
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Shenzhen Puxin Technology Co., Ltd.
Chinese mainland
Booth No. : 3-E22
PUXIN Assembly Biogas System

  • PUXIN Assembly Biogas System is a DIY biogas system which takes roughly 2 hours for installation.
  • The system is highly commercialized. All parts come in cardboards and wood boxes for convenient transportation and easy assembly. Surface mounted, there is no need for digging and/or
  • Highly efficient biogas system with hollow sunlight sheet and green house for insulation and heating, with electric blanket or biogas generator waste heat system for heating, and with circulating pump for mixing. Additional food waste decomposer can be installed.
Water Treatment and Quality Management
12 abc
Urban Spring Co. Limited
Hong Kong
Booth No. : 3-G09

Established in September 2015, Urban Spring is a company providing a more innovative, sustainable and smarter way for citizens to consumer water out-of-home for a better Hong Kong.

Urban Spring is redefining the drinking water experience to reduce the use of disposable plastic bottles in urban cities.

Wellis a SMART WATER STATION for indoor locations with the latest technology incorporated in this sleek design, providing the community with safe and accessible drinking water.

  • A unique and local designed water station with international certified NSF and commercial-use water filtration
  • Maintained and fully managed by with built-in remote monitoring system and smart sensors to allow optimal performance and ease of operation.
  • Engaging with users and customers through an interactive LCD display encouraging a reduction in the use of disposable plastic bottled water.

The Well network is currently growing across urban Hong Kong in accessible locations such as Hysan Place in Causeway Bay and HKUST. Well has been receiving full recognition from the public since its launch.
13 abc
Booth No. : 3-G19
Transmission Main Leak Detection Solution

  • Echologics is a global leader in transmission main leak detection from searching for a single, difficult to find leak to multi-year programs for progressive utilities.
  • Transmission Main Monitoring technology: EchoShore-TX and EchoShore-M
  • Pipe Condition Assessment – ePulse technology
Startup Zone
14 abc
Acoustics Innovation Limited
Hong Kong
Booth No. : 3-D36
SilentUP® Retractable Noise Barrier

SilentUP® is a retractable noise barrier for construction works and outdoor music events. It enables contractors and event planners to conveniently install noise barrier around noisy locations, and prevent nearby residents from noise pollution, without constructing a ground foundation.

  • No concrete foundation
  • Installation without machines
  • Automatic wind load relieving mechanism
  • Patented in various regions worldwide
15 abc
Vinyeh Limited
Hong Kong
Booth No. : 3-D40
Cosmos Studio

  • Cosmos Studio is a newly established brand by Vinyeh Limited that sells original sustainable apparel.
  • The collection uses a revolutionary technology in coloring, which can save 95% of water usage and reduce 95% of effluent produced while saving 50% of energy at the same time.
  • Complemented with a signature washed effect, the apparel is challenging the current fashion industry in offering a mix between sustainability and style.
Canada Pavilion
16 abc
Totally Green Inc.
Booth No. : 3-G22
ORCA Waste Management System

  • The parent company of the ORCA is Totally Green Inc., a pioneer in organic food processing systems, founded in 2007.
  • This Toronto-based company develops, manufactures and markets the ORCA solution, which consists of machines that sustainably process food waste, and an extensive service plan to ensure clients get the support and attention they need.
  • ORCA is the ultimate waste management system which turns food waste into environmentally safe water that flows straight into the municipal sewage system.
  • The ORCA technology replaces traditional truck and bin collection systems and enables onsite food waste recycling.
  • The technology is compact, odourless, efficient and significantly less expensive because it takes trucking and tipping fees out of the process.
  • ORCA’s food-waste disposal solution also solves the problem of pests such as fruit flies and unpleasant odours associated with food waste storage.
  • It also reduces the burden on workers, who otherwise risk injury from carrying heavy garbage bags of waste to loading docks, sometimes up and down flights of stairs.
Japan Pavilion
17 abc
Takachiho Shirasu Corp
Booth No. : 3-J11
Takachiho Shirasu-Kabe

  • Takachiho’s Kabe (interior wall plastering materials) is created from all-natural ingredients, mainly from a volcanic soil known as shirasu. It is 100% natural and eco-friendly.
  • This material can perform deodourisation, regulate humidity, purify air and absorbs VOCs including formaldehyde. It saves electricity by reducing sensible temperature.
  • The product was awarded Japan Good Design and Eco Products Prize. Its application covers household, shops, clinics and hospitals, schools, museums, hotels and restaurants etc.
Korea Pavilion
18 abc
Ecube Labs
Booth No. : 3-H09
Clean CUBE

  • The Clean CUBE is a smart solar-powered trash compactor bin that compresses garbage so that it can hold up to 8 times more than standard trash bins.
  • With the installation of Clean Cap, the fill-level of Clean CUBE can be easily monitored.
  • Real-time sensor data from Clean CUBE and Clean Cap is transformed via Clean City Networks, an integrated cyber-physical system, allowing users to plan ahead waste collection routes and schedules.
The Netherlands Pavilion
19 abc
Waste Treatment Technologies (WTT) Netherlands B.V.

The Netherlands
Booth No. : 6-A20
Waste Treatment Technologies

  • Design, construct, build and maintain facilities all over the world
  • Successfully combining the latest mechanical and biological techniques (MBT) in turnkey project
  • Our facilities vary from sorting stations for domestic and industrial waste to complete installations for recovering reusable materials in combination with the use of biological processes
Switzerland Pavilion
20 abc
Villiger Entsorgungssysteme AG Switzerland
Booth No. : 3-J12
One Stop Waste Collection Solution

  • The product range of Villiger Waste Disposal Systems Ltd. is wide and deep, so the company is able to provide complete system solution.
  • More than 25 years of experience and the many innovations “Made in Switzerland”, which have made the Villiger Group the absolute pioneer and quality brand in the industry (ISO certified).
  • The above- and underground waste collecting systems as well as the fully automated crane system, a discharge unit and a mobile cleaning device do fully cover the needs of clients.
Bavaria Participation
21 abc
Jäger Umwelt-Technik GmbH
Booth No. : 6-B18
The Jetflex® diffuser

  • For more than 40 years Jäger Umwet-Technik is the world leading manufacturer of fine bubble tube, disc and strip diffusers.
  • The Jetflex® diffuser combines cost effective design, low installation costs, reliability and performance in intermittent and continuous aeration processes.
  • Together with the Cleartec® biomedia, a synthetic textile made of Polypropylene (PP), a compact and field-approved Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge (IFAS) system is viable.
European Participation
22 abc
DEOS China Limited
Booth No. : 3-H22
DEOS(Digital Energy Optimisation System)

  • DEOS AG is a technology leader and innovator for building automation as well as Energy Optimisation and monitoring solution.
  • The company has been developing and distributing intelligent and comprehensive DEOS (Digital Energy Optimisation Systems) hardware and software for building automation that strikes the  balance between comfort, energy efficiency and cost transparency for more than 50 years
Italy Participation
23 abc
Booth No. : 6-B12

  • 3Bee is a new technology for the beekeeping and agri-food sector.
  • 3Bee proposes a sustainable solution in order to:

  • - predict bee swarming and diseases
    - help new beekeeper in the normal bee management reduce chemical treatments in apiculture thanks to early disease detection
    - create the biggest beehive database and proprietary algorithms for fast prediction
Green Mart
24 abc
Coconut Matter Limited Hong Kong
Display no. : 3-SG12
Coconut Matter KissBalm

  • The lip balms are formulated with edible, natural and organic ingredients that have been carefully chosen to soften, moisturise and protect lips.
  • Made from paper cardboard, the packaging of the lip balm is compostable.
  • The vegan lip balms are available in different shades for a stylish yet sustainable look.