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Product Highlights
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  Company Information Product / Solution Highlights
Air Quality
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HKUST Institute for the Environment
Hong Kong
Booth No. : 6-C21
Contact: Ms. Rae Leung
Tel: 852-2358-8064
Email: raeleung@ust.hk
PRAISE-HK Mobile App

  • Developed by HKUST, a world first mobile app system providing real-time personalized air quality information
  • Provides practical solutions to lower personal exposure and health risk to air pollution in Hong Kong
  • Air quality forecasts based on state-of-the-art sensor technology, computer models, big data and exposure science
  • Target to general public, especially sensitive sub-groups, athletes and people who care about their own health
Eco-friendly Products
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Baichuan Manufacturer Enterprises Limited
Hong Kong
Booth No. : 6-A21
Contact: Mr. Andy Ho, Sales Manager
Tel: 852-9190-3712
Email: andy@ecogreentextile.com
Dope Dyed Yarns / Eco-friendly Fabrics

  • The dope dyed yarns are made of 100% post-consumer PET bottles while the fabrics are made of recycled polyester (rPET)
  • Pre-defined colors are dyed by masterbatch colorant. No water is used in the dope dying process.
  • The dope dyed yarns are more resistant to UV fade, uniform in color, colorfast and resistant to multiple washings.
  • The fabrics also have better wrinkle resistance and are more durable.
  • With recognized eco credentials including Global Recycled Standard, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007
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Zen Zhou Social Enterprise
Booth No. : 3-H28
Contact: Ms Galina Liou
Tel: +886 919 329757
Email: galina@zenzhoultd.com
Zen Zhou - a low-plastic lifestyle

  • Using healthy and eco materials, Zen Zhou designs products that both stylish and practical, intending to solve health problems and environmental issues
  • [Palm Plate]: replacement of plastic plate
  • [Beeswax Food Wrap]: alternative to plastic wrap
  • [Shell-design Net Bag]: alternative to plastic bag
  • [Water-Storing Tree Planter]: patented design, improving survival rate of saplings
Green Building and Energy Efficiency
4 abc
ANewR Consulting Limited
Hong Kong
Booth No.: 6-E15,17,19,21,23 & 6-D16,20,24,26
Contact: James Choi, Director
Tel: 2618 2831
Email: info@anewr.com
ANewR Consulting Limited

  • One of Asia’s leading consultancy firms providing a one-stop, professional Environmental Info Tech services.
  • Specializing in leveraging new technology and equipment to meet latest environmental requirements including the QPME, which benchmarks quieter construction equipment items, ANewR is keen on exploring the latest state-of-the-art quieter construction equipment in order to provide valuable solutions to the Hong Kong Construction Industry.

KOBELCO SK200H Hybrid Excavator

  • The latest model of hybrid excavator manufactured by the well-known Japanese steel manufacturer Kobe Steel Ltd.
  • Equipped with power storage system, SK200H can save fuel consumption for up to 30% compared to diesel-driven excavators and reduce carbon emissions by 20%
  • The technology was certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan.
Green Transportation
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Honest Motors Limited
Hong Kong
Booth No. : 3-E30
Contact: Mr. Fanny Fong, Corporate Sales Manager
Tel: 2262 1042
Email: fannyfong@honest.com.hk

  • The latest model which combines the NV200 and the electric LEAF
  • 100% electric MPV
  • Equipped with 40kWh lithium battery which takes only 40 minutes to charge up to 80% with quick charger
  • Driving range: 317 km
  • Eligible for the “One-for-One Replacement” Scheme announced by the HKSAR Government in early 2018
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Hong Kong EV Power Limited
Hong Kong
Booth No. : 3-J31
Contact: Mr. Cliff Wu, General Manager
Tel: 852-3695-0396
Email: cliff.wu@hkevpower.com
New Generation of Wall-mounted Multi-standard 24kW EV Charger

  • Newly designed for charging of all available EV models, which supports multiple standards including CCS Combo, CHAdeMO, IEC62192 Type 2 (AC22kW) etc.
  • Compact design with size almost 50% smaller than commonly available DC charger models, which allows installation in less than 2 hours, making the installation cost only 20% compared to most other chargers.
  • Subject to the EVs’ charging characteristics, it allows high-power charging of 6 times faster than AC chargers of the same input power.
  • E-Charge (HK) ready, an economical but efficient solution which allows remote reservation, monitoring, control and payment through mobile app.
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Hyundai Hong Kong Company Limited
Hong Kong
Booth No. : 3-C30
Contact: Mr. Terence Lai, Sales Manager
Tel: 852-3974-2820
Email: terence.lai@hkhyundai.com
NEXO Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV)

  • Hyundai’s 2nd generation commercialized FCEV and a dedicated hydrogen-powered SUV.
  • NEXO develops a max. power of 120kW (163ps). The estimated driving range is more than 600 km and the car can be refueled in five minutes.
  • NEXO’s eco-friendly powertrain boasts outstanding fuel cell system efficiency of 60%, compared to around 15% for conventional internal combustion engines.
  • NEXO’s hydrogen fuel cell motor generates electricity power by mixing oxygen with compressed hydrogen to create a flow of electrons, emitting only pure clean water.
  • The efficient and durable high-performance air purifier filters and removes 99.9% of micro-particulates. This means NEXO’s clean technology helps reduce carbon emissions, even while driving.
Waste Management and Recycling
8 abc
Ergo Global
Hong Kong
Booth No. : 3-B21
Contact: Mr Alexis Fan, Managing Director
Tel: 852-3589-5040
Email: alexis@ergo.global
Vertical Waste Transfer System

  • EGI is a technological company specialized in solid waste transfer solutions.
  • This Vertical Waste Transfer system is considered a simpler, more efficient and economical solution than the horizontal principle, mainly because of the need for fewer containers (silos), compactors and transportation trucks.
  • The system is equipped with a vertical compactor to minimize the waste inside the container (silo).
  • After collection trucks unload waste into the silos at the waste transfer station, the waste will be compacted and the transfer trucks will carry the silos to landfill or incineration plant.
  • The waste transfer station can minimize the exposure of waste to open air and save the transportation cost from collection points to disposal areas.
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Envac Far East Ltd.
Booth No. : 3-D28
Contact: Mr Conal Chan
Tel: +852 2869 8838
Email: conal.chan@envac.com.hk
Automated refuse collection system (ARCS system)

  • Automated operation & labour free
  • Hygienic & environmental friendly
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Quick & efficient
  • Space saving
  • Easy adaptation to waste charging
  • Support recycling
Water Treatment and Quality Management
10 abc
China Everbright International Limited
Hong Kong
Booth No. : 3-F12
Contact: Ms Wang Hong
Tel: (86)-755-8299 9111
Email: wanghong@ebchinaintl.com.cn
Leachate Treatment System

  • Highly-efficient anaerobic technology.
  • After going through the “pretreatment + anaerobic + ammonia distillation + chemical softening + DTRO + RO” process, the discharged water complies with national standards, and the concentrated ammonia nitrogren in the leachate can be transformed to low concentration ammonia, which can be used for denitrification.
  • The system is highly efficient, energy-saving and stable. Discharged water is less concentrated compared with that employing traditional techniques, thus facilitating subsequent treatment.

Grate Furnace

  • The self-developed grate furnace is suitable for treating household waste with high moisture, high ash content and low heating value.
  • Automatic combustion control system equipped to maximise combustion efficiency
  • Incineration residue ignition loss ≤3%.
11 abc
GRAF China Environmental (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.
Booth No. : 3-G21
Contact: Mr. Haiying Feng
Tel: +86-25-85725561
Email: info@grafenvironmental.cn
SBR wastewater treatment system Klaro E Professional one-tank system

  • Works according to the principle of SBR lifting technology. No live parts need to be installed in the tank.
  • All movement processes are performed by three air lift pumps, which are operated using a compressor.
  • The compressor also provides the plate ventilator on the bottom of the SBR reservoir with air.
  • The compressor and all other technical components are low maintenance offer power failure recognition and stored in a switch cabinet, which can be installed in the plant room of the house.
Eco Excellence
12 abc
Lap Energy HK Ltd
Hong Kong
Booth No. : 3-F02
Contact: Ms Charlene Liu, Assistant Manager
Tel: 852-3618-9004
Email: charlenelap.hk@bsl-eco.com
Photovoltaic Power System

  • The Photovoltaic Power System refers to the energy system in use of PV modules to convert solar energy into electricity power.
  • The system is composed by PV panels, inverters, grid-connection box, mounting structure and some other components.
  • It can be installed on rooftop or spare open space.
  • The electricity generated can be for self-use or sold to the power company under the Feed-in Tariff Policy.
Austria Participation
13 abc
Booth No. : 3-H12
Contact: Mr. Johannes Neumuller
Tel: + 43 664 88492095
Email: johannes.neumueller@cosmoconsult.com
cc|environmental services

  • An integrated solution for waste management, recycling, reverse logistics, and environmental service organisations.
  • Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (Enterprise Edition).
  • Solution enables all core processes found in the industry: from managing agreements, over tracking containers, to monitoring transport and execution.
Bavaria Participation
14 abc
Entsorgungstechnik BAVARIA GmbH
Booth No. : 3-J12
Contact: Ms. Angela Hanke
Tel: +49 171 6350836
Email: a.hanke@et-bavaria.eu
Max-AI TM Autonomous Quality Control (AQC)

  • Sorters makes multiple sorting decisions autonomously; for example separating thermoform trays, aluminum, 3D fiber and residue from a stream of optically-sorted PET bottles.
  • All of this is done at rates exceeding human capabilities and each pick is prioritized for profitability.
Canada Pavilion
15 abc
Booth No. : 6-B12
Contact: Ms Jocelyn Doucet
Tel: 1-(905)-4916927
Email: info@pyrowave.com
Catalytic Microwave Depolymerization (CMD)

  • Unique patented microwave technology that unzips plastics back into their initial constituents.
  • Using patented Catalytic Microwave Depolymerization (CMD), Pyrowave places small, modular units directly onsite at recycling facilities and at producers of plastic waste.
Europe Pavilion
16 abc
Rieckermann (HK) Ltd.
Booth No. : 6-A18
Contact: Mr Benjamin Willekens
Tel: +60122043835
Email: B.Willekens@Rieckermann.com
Recycling Technologies

  • The very start of the recycling journey, allowing customers to mechanically process waste streams from municipalities or industry.
  • Supply advanced shredding systems and separation technologies for the recovery of valuable materials.
  • To recycle the most valuable material, in the highest purity, and at the lowest cost.
17 abc
Booth No. : 6-A12
T-9 Reverse vending machine

  • "Front-end" reverse vending machines that are installed though a wall facing the consumer, and used together with a backroom container handling system.
  • T-9 is equipped with TOMRA Flow Technology™, the world's first 360-degree container recognition in a reverse vending machine
  • Allowing a rapid continuous feeding of single containers
  • Required cleaning is made easy and takes little time
Switzerland Pavilion
18 abc
Associated Environmental Systems Limited
Booth No. : 3-H12
Contact: Mr. Anthony Chow
Tel: +852 2798 7828
Email: May.sung@aesl.hk
Total Air Quality Optimization Solution

  • Onair AQS monitors pollution every 0.2 second and performs responsive air purification through patented technology
  • Unique 24/7 monitoring through Ionair’s “DataCenter” in Zurich, quiet operation, no secondary pollutants and potential energy saving benefit
  • Ionair AQSs are appreciated by elite customers worldwide including 7,000+ installations.
19 abc
SID Machinery (Beijing) Co.,Ltd
Booth No. : 3-H12
Contact: Mr. Leo Han
Tel: +86-10-61420015
Email: leo.han@sidsa.cn
SMP Systems

  • It is especially useful for hazardous waste and designed for highest safety to avoid contamination and explosions.
  • The system is also designed for optimal commercial use: hazardous waste is disposed and treated. It can be used as fuel substitute and reduces energy costs, for example in the cement industry.
  • The homogeneity of the shredded and mixed waste makes it more attractive as fuel substitute .
Startup Zone
20 abc
Acoustics Metamaterials Group Limited
Hong Kong
Booth No. : 3-G29
Contact: Mr. Vincent Fong
Tel: 852-2868-1515
Email: develop@metacoust.com
“Metamaterials” for Noise Control

  • The “metamaterial” is a new material form created from ordinary materials such as recycled plastics and metals. Compared to ordinary sound-absorbing materials, it possesses much higher sound-absorbing capacity.
  • The material can be highly customised to maximise its absorption power in given space of specific frequencies. It works well even in adverse conditions like high temperature and high pressure environment.
  • The material is a perfect substitute of sponge and rock wool as sound absorber with better acoustics performance and less health risk.
  • It can be applied to heating, ventilation, air conditioning, power and energy systems, as well as transportation and consumer electronics.
  • Awards received: Gold Medal with the congratulations of the jury at 45th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, Top 3 Finalist, The Most Innovative at Alibaba Jumpstarter 2017.
21 abc
Akmon Limited
Hong Kong
Booth No. : 3-G28
Contact: Mr. Clement POCH
Tel: 852-2581-1295
Email: clement@akmonconcept.com

  • Akmon is a high quality, reliable and fashionable air pollution mask designed in France and engineered in Germany.
  • The two central layers of the filter consist of a carbon+ filter and an electrostatic layer that blocks 95% of the smallest particles. Both layers fuse together to block germs, gasses, dust, odours and the smallest harmful airborne viruses carried by PM2.5.
  • The valves installed on the mask have been crafted with an intricate level of detail, allowing comfortable airflow and efficient air filtration.
  • “CoolMax” technology applied for its breathability, “moisture wicking” and accelerated drying qualities.
22 abc
Start-Up Enterprise Services Co., Limited
Hong Kong
Booth No. : 3-G26
Contact: Mr. Jayford Wong
Tel: 852-9041-7285
Email: jayfordwong@gmail.com
“Eat-naked 30” Green Experiential Dining Innovation

  • Through the green dining activities, participants can experience international, eco-friendly and innovative products like India edible plates, Germany leaf plates and Danmark paper BBQ stove.
  • Professional coaches will also facilitate participants to think how to practise environmental protection creatively.

Upcycled co-sharing lunch bag
  • Made of fabrics upcycled from plastic bottles with our own design.
  • Corporates can buy bags for employees to use when buying lunch boxes, reducing plastic bags usage.

Both initiatives above help promote the use of eco-friendly products, thus increase their usage rate in Hong Kong. In the long-term, we hope to popularise the use of eco-friendly products such that they will be more affordable to the general public.
Green Mart
23 abc
FUND4iT.com Limited
Hong Kong
Booth No. : 3-SG01-02
Contact: Mr. Henry Ng, General Manager
Tel: 852-2991-9999
Email: info@greennomarket.com
GOSUN SPORT® Portable Solar Cooker

  • EASY AND DELICIOUS - Just load with food and relax, no monitoring required.
  • FAST AND RELIABLE – the oven can be ready in just 5-10 mins under full sunlight, and takes less than half an hour for preparing a meal the fastest.
  • PORTABLE – the reflectors and base fold into a sturdy 7.5lb clamshell case with carrying handles, which is good for outdoor use.
  • PRICE – around HK$2,000