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Green Tips




During the four-day event, it is hoped that visitors would respond and contribute to the Expo’s appeal for environmental protection to make the Eco Expo Asia a green spotlight.


Green Travel
Ask your friends to visit the ECO EXPO ASIA together using public transport or the free shuttle bus service provided by the organisers. This would help reduce the production of exhaust gas, thereby reduce air pollution.


Waste Recycle
Categorised waste recycle bins are placed inside the Fair venue. Please treasure our resources and support waste recycle.


Sharing the Love for Forests
During and after the fair you must be eager to share many photos with your friends but please try to do so through your blogs or e-mails in order to reduce paper consumption thus contributing to the protection of our forests.


To make Eco Expo Asia a greener trade fair, the following green tips are also suggested to exhibitors of Eco Expo Asia.



Booth construction and set up

  • To avoid excessive decorations
  • To use natural decorative materials e.g. green plants
  • To use energy saving light bulbs or LED lights
  • To use fewer electrical appliances or instruments
  • To avoid energy-intensive appliances
  • To avoid transport and bring in excessive display materials
  • To maximize the usage of reusable panels, cabinets, signage boards and recyclable carpet
  • To adopt environmental friendly construction materials e.g. low VOC paints, FSC-certified wooden products and other wooden products with E0 or E1 formaldehyde standards
  • To adopt re-usable exhibits


Booth Operation

  • To arrive the fairground by public transports or shuttle bus provided by the Organisers
  • To use e-brochure or e-catlogues and minimizes the distribution of printed matters (e.g. catalogues, brochures)
  • To avoid providing plastic bags or environmental friendly bags and reduce packaging, if used, make a charity donation
  • To reduce souvenirs or choose souvenirs with a practical use
  • To switch off all appliances or instruments consuming energy when not in use
  • To place recycling bins in booths and practice waste separation


Post-event Management

  • To take back materials for next use
  • To record leftover materials and avoid them next year
  • To separate recyclable wastes and dispose of recyclable waste at recycle bins
  • To minimize posting printed matters to interested buyers