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Empowered wsith decades of experience and expertise in organising trade exhibitions, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is reputed internationally for its outstanding performance.

Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.

The HKTDC sincerely invites you to join this exhibition, to explore the way to success.

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Exhibitors' Quotes


“This is our first time exhibiting at the Expo and we are promoting our new water-soluble and fully biodegradable plastic products. As the water-soluble and biodegradable packaging materials provide solutions to the current plastic pollution problems, it attracted a lot of attention during the Expo. Our booth is located at the newly launched Greater Bay Area Zone, which brings us good opportunities and exposure. During the exhibition, we have met about 200 buyers from the United States, Germany, France, Thailand, India and more. Buyers also tried and experienced the characters of the water-soluble plastics on site. We are happy with the result of the four-day Expo, and we plan to continue exhibiting in 2019.”

Xinyu Xue, Assistant to General Manager, Guangdong Proudly New Material Technology Corp., Mainland China

“So far, we have found a couple of positive connections in the wind, the oil & gas industries. One is from India, and the other is from the Chinese mainland. Demand in the Chinese mainland market is ideal for our technology to be introduced. The quality of buyers at Eco Expo Asia is good. The green tech industry is doing well in the Chinese mainland and being at the Expo is an important way to increase our brand exposure.”

Mr Brent Sherry, Business Development Manager, Global Fiberglass Solutions, USA

“This is our second time exhibiting at the Expo and we are showcasing technology that can extend the range and processing capacity of sewage management facilities. Our target clients are equipment suppliers and contractors of sewage management; we have been able to meet a good number of these buyers so far. The environmental industry is becoming more prosperous now and Eco Expo Asia is both influential and international. Communication among different countries is crucial to the Expo and to the industry itself. This is an effective business platform and I’m sure that we will return next year.”

Ms Xiangli Wei, Design Engineer, Jager Umwelt-Technik GmbH, Germany

“Our company is currently based in Hong Kong and we offer a zero liquid discharge water treatment. We are looking for local buyers and buyers from the Chinese mainland. The traffic of the Expo has been good and we have got business leads of good quality. Our booth was visited by lots of the Chinese mainland government officials who considered our technology as a viable solution to the environmental problems in the Chinese mainland. The Expo has shown steady growth year on year, we need to keep the momentum and push further. We are glad to see the HKSAR Government become much more proactive when it comes to sustainability and a lot more investment has been putting into the green-tech industry.”

Ir Prof Daniel Cheng, Honorary President of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, and Managing Director of Dunwell Enviro-Tech (Holdings) Ltd, Hong Kong

“Our company, Baichuan, is a manufacturer of eco-friendly fabrics. We collect PET bottles and recycle them into yarns. In order to enhance our environmental efforts, we have also changed our dyeing methods. Normal dyeing methods result in water pollution, so now we adopt a more environmentally-friendly method by melting the PET chips and mixing them with basic colours. Our yarns can be used to make a wide variety of custom fabrics and patterns. We are looking for European customers at this Expo, as we have observed the demand for sustainable yarns in European markets being strong. We were happy with the result so far, just on the first day, we have already met 30 buyers. Most of them come from European countries such as the UK, Greece and Denmark. It is quite innovative to showcase recycled yarns at this Expo and our products have attracted lots of interest. Eco Expo Asia is a good platform for brand exposure.”

Mr Andy Ho, Sales Manager, Baichuan Manufacturer Enterprises Limited, Hong Kong

“We are exhibiting reverse vending machines for recycling items like plastic bottles, aluminium cans and glass bottles which operate on a user deposit scheme. We are exhibiting at Eco Expo Asia this year to explore the Hong Kong and Asian markets. Another purpose of exhibiting is to introduce our scheme to potential consumers and explain how this can be implemented. We were thrilled to have the chance to speak with representatives from Environmental Protection Department, HKSAR Government and explain to them how the system works. Buyers have also been very curious about our system and we will further discuss with potential clients after the Expo.

Mr Andre Farstad, Business Development, Circular Economy, TOMRA Sorting Technology (Xiamen) Co Ltd, Norway

“This is our first time to join the show to promote using reusable and natural products to replace plastics. Many buyers visited our booth and showed a great interest in our products. A buyer from Finland was very interested in our Beeswax Food Wrap, which he would like to sell in his home country and other places. We also met many target customers including large suppliers and retailers to discuss the direction of our cooperation. Eco Expo Asia is a constructive business platform for everyone to meet in person instead of connecting through virtual online platforms. We would be happy to join the Expo again next year.”

Ms Jasmine Dai, Sales & Marketing Specialist, Zenzhou Social Enterprise, Taiwan

We are introducing our expansion into Hong Kong’s zero-emission electric bus market at the Expo. We actually hold a Guinness world record for the longest electric bus drive on a single charge, from Sydney to Melbourne, but now we are looking to expand into the Hong Kong market. It would be challenging. The Chinese mainland’s market is in a very good position to push this strategy forward as the Government is subsidising zero-emission technology. A number of visitors have expressed interest, including KMB, and we have found opportunities with Ocean Park and Discovery Bay. We have also received enquiries from India, Germany, and other international visitors. This Expo enhances our exposure and it serves as an effective launchpad for new products. We feel positive about good leads coming on the way!”

Mr Stephen Ng, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, China Trustful Group Limited, Hong Kong

“This is our fourth time to exhibit at the Expo. We keep returning as we would like to improve the quality of our products based on feedback from the industry. We also hope to bolster our brand exposure further. This year, we display multiple water processing machines including a dehydrator, accessory equipment for adhesives and solvents, and a UV sterilisation machine which is used in the final process of sewage management. We have met many new customers and they found our equipment quite suitable. We actually have some orders confirmed from private sector and various government departments. Eco Expo Asia has always been able to help us achieve our exhibiting targets and it is well established in Hong Kong. We will come back next year — with a bigger booth!”

Mr Matthew Hin Sum Ho, General Manager, Enviro Process Technologies Co Ltd (Hong Kong)


Buyers' Quotes


“I am from Aruba and have been coming to Eco Expo Asia since 2013. It’s good to see the Expo grow and develop, with more people wanting to discuss eco-friendly topics. The Expo has definitely expanded and the quality of exhibitors is getting better each year. The range of exhibitors has also developed from eco-friendly products to new technologies. I am a consultant for the government and eco-friendly projects/technology. Our next project is a collaboration with a hotel, so we have come here to look for suppliers for energy-saving solutions as well as other aspects of technologies. We have already met with three potential new suppliers from the Hong Kong Pavilion, that we are thinking about potentially partnership for the latest hotel project. These technologies include air purification, waste treatment and water treatment.”

Mr Jose Joaquin Machado, Director, Green Electronics

I am sourcing new eco-friendly materials for Lufthansa, such as plastic glasses and plastic cutlery. We are trying to replace these consumables with eco-friendly products. There are good solutions here and I have found some interesting suppliers to talk to today. So far, I have found two to three potential contacts to work with after the Expo, which is already plenty! This Expo is a good platform to find new ideas. Green-tech business is currently doing well in the airline industry and the demand is huge.”

Mr Quentin Dumas, Procurement Manager, Spiriant, Hong Kong

“My company is from Inner Mongolia and we are involved in using environmental construction technology to re-utilise waste. This is my first visit to the Expo and I am looking for the latest environmental technologies in replacement of traditional ones. I have met some good exhibitors from the solar energy and floor-heating sector and we have had favourable discussions for future cooperation. The environmental sector has been consistently growing over the past few years. I have a positive feeling about the development of the Asian environmental sector. I think Eco Expo Asia is an important fair for the industry, with a showcase of a wide range of companies. It enables businesses like us to know more about trending environmental materials.”

Mr Chen Wai Kin, General Manager, Ordos Xinghui Ceramics Co Ltd, the Chinese mainland

“Our company primarily focuses on the IT aspect of the environmental industry. This year, I am searching for products related to energy management, sensors, odour-removers and air purifiers. I have found many useful business contacts at the Expo and four to five are potential clients that we will cooperate with in the future. Eco Expo Asia is the major environmental fair in the region, it is an effective platform for business traders to exchange information. The conference and seminar programme are also important elements of the Expo that help the industry professional keep abreast of the latest development and educate the public. I will definitely return next year.”

Mr Frederick Lee, Project Manager, Digital Green Technology Co Limited, Hong Kong

“Our company specialises in eco-friendly products and services. We focus on building upgrades and commercial buildings, especially for government buildings and major corporates. I am here to look for innovative products and learn about new trends. Held in Hong Kong, The Expo is easily accessible for buyers like me who come from Australia, Hong Kong has also been seen as a gateway to the Chinese mainland market. The green-tech industry in the Chinese mainland is blooming, in regard to the large population and the pressing need to conserve resources. A couple of exhibitors, such as iBebot have stood out. The exhibits showcasing water conservation methods and waste management have also been impressive.

Mr Marc Fernando, Managing Director, Eco Products, Australia

“My colleague and I are here to visit Eco Expo Asia for the first time. Our company specialises in recycling electronics and metals. We are looking to expand our services within Guatemala and in the South America. We have visited around 40 booths so far, and we believe there are about 20 viable options to explore in detail. This visit is a great opportunity for us to explore the Asian market. We have found that many companies have developed more sophisticated and advanced products compared to those available in Latin America.”

(Left) Mr Bruno García, General Manager, Scrapex Exportadora De Desechos, Guatemala

“Our business concentrates on waste management solutions. I create waste management plans for different types of clients, ranging from governmental bodies to private organisations. My main goal of visiting the Expo is to find new waste solutions. I particularly like the exhibitor Green Liaison Ltd. Exhibitors here have been very friendly, they are happy to take the time to analyse our requirements and propose solutions. This is much more important than just selling a product as we truly need solutions that addresses our needs. Other than finding the right solution, I have also been able to discuss possible partnerships with suppliers who want to tap into markets like Kazakhstan. In the past, I only visited environmental protection trade shows in Europe, but this year I want to try somewhere in Asia and Hong Kong. Eco Expo Asia is the perfect place to start with, I feel impressed!”

Mr Rustem Bassenov, Managing Partner, Tau Innovative Solutions, Kazakhstan

“It is our first time here. We are consultants specialising in sustainability and provide advisory services for local corporations and government bodies. We advise on a number of industry-related issues including water, water waste, solid waste, the environment and green certification, which we can see in all aspects of the Expo. Being here is incredibly useful as it is great to be in a room of like-minded people that share the same vision for the future. Eco Expo Asia is a good platform to discover the latest trends in the market. The quality of exhibitors has been great. We have visited around 20 booths, the solutions on showcase have been extremely useful. We have had meaningful conversations with each exhibitor and now we have to explore how we can apply these technologies, products and services back in India for the clients we consult for. This Expo has had a huge impact on us and we hope to return next year so that we can stay up-to-date with the latest products and technologies.”

(Left) Dr Shailendra Singh Solanki, Vice President — Water & Infra, Ecofirst Service Limited, India

“I come to this Expo to attend the Carbon Audit Seminar which offered some guidelines and experience from knowledgeable industry professionals. I also enjoy exploring the innovative products on display, which could be suitable for my company that focuses in property and facilities management. I saw a few standout products in waste management and recycling within a short time. This Expo is very international, a wide variety of products from global exhibitors are housed under one roof.”

Ms Miriam Lee, Consultant, Modern Living Property Management Ltd, Hong Kong


Startup Zone Exhibitors' Quotes


“Our company and our in-house brand SOBE was established in September 2014 with a mission of loving the earth, people and pets. We have three lines of probiotic products, including bio-nutrients for pets, organic fertilizers with ECOCERT certification and food waste composting solutions. Our existing clients are mostly Hong Kong-based companies, institutions, organisations, theme parks, rooftop gardens at some academies as well as organic farms and fish farms in the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. So far we have talked to potential buyers from Canada, Chile, Dubai, the Philippines and US. They are really our target clients. We are now negotiating with a Hong Kong waste treatment company which expresses a strong interest in our micro-organism EM solutions. As a very young company, we are glad to have the opportunity to showcase our products at the Startup Zone locating at an eye-catching area. Each exhibiting startup is also given a 10-minute session to present its products at the Startup Forum. The Forum is well-organised, as we need to explain the concept of our products in detail. After the presentation, some audience went straight to our booth for further exploration. The Forum really draws visitors to the Startup Zone. In a nutshell, I am happy with the overall arrangement and the booth facilities.”

Ms Jane So, CEO & Co-founder, So Organic Biotech Enterprise Ltd., Hong Kong

“We are a Hong Kong sole agency for ZOONO, a New Zealand brand of long-lasting anti-microbial protection. ZOONO's line of sanitisers are food-grade products that are edible and safe. They are the green alternatives to alcoholic-based sanitisers. Providing our clients with sanitisation services are our core business, but we also sell bulk packs to commercial clients and convenient packs to retailers. Estate management offices, theme parks, playgrounds, elderly care centres, processed food factories and schools and call centres are our key clients. This is our first-time participation at the Eco Expo Asia. Beyond my expectation, a flock of visitors have come to our booth to explore our new technologies and trading opportunities. 60% of them are local, the rest are from overseas. We have received many enquiries on the anti-microbial technology, so I can tell from our dialogues that some potential deals could be concluded soon. Some of them are the renowned estate management offices which are going to replace the alcoholic-based sanitisers with green solutions. Apart from that, potential collaborations with other exhibitors of the Expo are possible, as we share the same vision and we look for similar target customers.

Mr Timothy Yeung, Operation Director, Healthy Giant Limited, Hong Kong

“The theme of Eco Expo Asia this year very much aligns with our company’s vision. Noise pollution is one of the biggest problems we are facing due to increasing urbanization, while using recyclable materials is also very important, both issues are at the core of our products. Having the chance to meet with various government officials at the Expo is a great opportunity. The mix of visitors is quite diverse with many different nationalities and a strong representation from the Chinese mainland. Visitors to our booth have a good understanding of the industry. Being a first-time exhibitor, we didn’t have specific sales target expectations, rather we want to get some feedback from the industry, get exposure and look for potential partnerships.”

Mr Vincent Fong, Co-Founder/COO, Acoustic Metamaterials Group Ltd, Hong Kong