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Exhibitors' & Buyers' Comments

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Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.


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Exhibitors’ Comments


“We specialize in shredders, turners, anaerobic digestion systems, plant construction and more. We also operate manufacturing refuse-derived fuel (RDF) projects in Singapore and municipal solid waste (MSW) projects in Tel Aviv. A reason why we attend the Expo is that the Organic Waste Treatment Facilities (OWTF) Phase 2 here has opened up opportunities for us to introduce our products into the Hong Kong market. There is a need for sorting and producing RDF and since we produce related machines, there are huge opportunities for our company here. Last year, we met buyers from India and in the morning of the first day this year, I already spoke to prospective clients from the Philippines.”
Heinrich Schumeckers, Area Sales Manager, Eggersmann, Germany


“It was our first time exhibiting at this show and there is a clear competitive difference. What sets Eco Expo Asia apart from the other fairs we have attended in Japan is that it is much more international. Currently, our eco-friendly photoluminescent and reflective materials are used in Dubai, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, and the US (Boston, Chicago and New York). While in Hong Kong, our objective was to find more international projects and we were really pleased to connect with buyers from around the world. In just the first three days at the fair, we met prospective partners from France, Israel and many others. Business was good and we plan on returning in the future editions.”
Aki Nakagawa, Sales and Planning Department Manager, LTI Corp, Japan Chan Shuk Man Mandy, Sales Executive, Artec Asia Co Ltd, Hong Kong


“For three consecutive years, the Consulate has participated in Eco Expo Asia to establish contacts and relations with local companies. Previously, we only had one booth but this time we quadrupled our size. We keep returning and expanding our presence because we know that ecology is a top priority in the region and we have many good companies that can contribute related technologies. Our effective technologies can offer a lot to the Asian market in the way of waste management, renewable energy, nanotechnology and more. The objectives of our exhibitors were to find both local and regional partners in Hong Kong since it is a global trade hub. Many of our exhibitors found partners from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Israel, Korea, Malaysia, Sweden and Thailand who are interested in their solutions. Altogether, we held roughly 150 meetings. The fair definitely met our goals and expectations, and it was beneficial to both new and repeat exhibitors. Not only were our returning exhibitors who have been coming regularly to develop good relationships very successful this year, but so too was our exhibitor who is new to the show – he also found some new partners. We will definitely come back next year.”
Milan Vágner, Consul (Trade and Economy), Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Hong Kong


“Eco Expo Asia was the first and only eco fair I had chosen to attend and the reasons were multi-fold. Firstly, the fair was an opportunity to promote our brand name and build up our image. The second purpose was to promote our products and find potential clients. We were initially targeting buyers in Hong Kong, Macau and South China but then we found many worthwhile customers from construction markets in Canada, Korea and the US. We were very impressed by their questions and interest. Also, we unexpectedly received requests for quotes and services from hotels and schools. Over the course of the fair, we connected with approximately 200 contacts, and many of whom were very promising leads from our target clients. At the show, companies can expect to find many potential customers from both within and outside of their target markets. We are already planning to come back next year and in the following years. ”
Simon KF Lam, Sales Department Chief, Nitto Denko (HK) Co Ltd, Hong Kong



“Exhibiting under the Switzerland Pavilion, it is a great way to demonstrate our technology and expertise. We are introducing our smart hand-washing systems, and visitors are impressed by how our system efficiently makes use of soap and water. In fact, this innovative solution saves up to 90% of water. We have got very positive feedback from visitors representing shopping malls, facilities management as well as the MTR. We found all the right buyers here at Eco Expo Asia.”
James Fortier, Sales Manager Asia, SMIXIN SA, Switzerland





“This is our fifth participation at Eco Expo Asia. As a leading building material manufacturer from Japan, we meet new customers every time we participate, especially those from the building renovation industry. This year, we met both old and new buyers from the Chinese mainland, Africa, Middle East, India, Japan and Taiwan. They are architects, developers, contractors, consultants for renovation and property owners. They are interested in our Granipierre series of luxurious, stone-like prefabricated sheets, and Woody Smile series of wood-like prefabricated sheets. Eco Expo Asia is a good platform to promote our products.”
Shinji Nishida, Deputy General Manager, International Department, SK Kaken Co Ltd, Japan



“We launched a new Battery Management System (BMS) for electric vehicles (EV) this summer, so we joined Eco Expo Asia in order to look for partners. Buyers at the Expo are impressed by our BMS’s ability to redistribute the energy more efficiently and therefore shortening the charging time and increasing battery life. A keen visitor from Malaysia showed interest in our system. We also had fruitful discussions with other exhibitors in the Green Transportation Zone. For example, China Dynamics explored opportunities to develop a new car model with us and Hong Kong EV Power Ltd is also interested in inviting us to provide battery solutions for BYD.”
Xu Shunrong, Marketing Director, Ten-D Energies, USA



exh05 “Eco Expo Asia is the only environmental protection fair in Hong Kong with a strong focus on electric vehicles (EVs). The Green Transportation Experience Zone is an ideal platform for us to promote our EV charging solutions. Through the show, we are able to connect with other EV exhibitors. For example, we are now discussing the possibility of providing charging solutions to E Tech Dynamic Technology. It is great that the show enables us to network and refer potential clients to each other. Visitors from the Chinese mainland, Thailand, Malaysia and Russia are keen to learn more about how our EV charging network operates in Hong Kong. Among those who showed interest in our smart ceiling EV charger are governmental officials, property management companies, potential car makers, green funding companies, EV users and potential EV buyers.”
Cliff Wu, General Manager, Hong Kong EV Power Ltd, Hong Kong



“Since our debut at the 2013 edition, this was our second time exhibiting at Eco Expo Asia. The results we received were overwhelming and much better than last time. Many visitors from Australia, the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, India, Macau and the Middle East, were also interested in our photocatalytic coating products, which are self-cleaning and can prevent the growth of viruses and bacteria. Our main objective was to find agents and we managed to get five good potential international and local distributors who are eager to move forward with partnership discussions. Additionally, we got more than 40 leads who are end-users from pre-schools, hotels and casinos. It was unexpected that we would connect with some of these buyers but it certainly helped us to expand our business scope. Eco Expo Asia is highly effective in helping us find new clients and we are very satisfied.”
Leo Cheung, Marketing Representative – South East Asia, Advanced Materials JTJ Sro, the Czech Republic



“Finland is known for its high-quality and high-performance technologies, solutions and standards in the global green marketplace. This year, we had for the first time the Finland Pavilion. Both Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland offer enormous market opportunities for many Finnish firms and their solutions. Therefore, our purpose at the fair was to promote our small, innovative green enterprises, to increase their visibility as well as to connect companies with potential partners, distributors and financiers. More importantly, by understanding better the business opportunities and market model in place, it will provide better access to the business project owners and ecosystems both in the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong.

As Hong Kong is an international financial hub, it is not only a good place for global businesses to meet but it is also a great city for Finnish companies to be introduced to the APAC region. Through the fair, we have met several government officials and associations, such as the Hong Kong Green Building Council and the Hong Kong Waste Management Association, which is useful in enhancing the visibility of our SMEs and consolidating Finland’s image as a holistic green-tech solutions provider. ”
Mika Finska, Program Director, Cleantech, Finpro, Finland



“We have a huge presence in Europe, and Eco Expo Asia is the first fair in Asia that we ever took part in. The reason why we chose this fair is because Hong Kong is a stepping stone into the booming Asian market. We collected about 50 promising leads from Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, India, the Philippines and more. Buyers were diversified and among them were end-users such as hotel and resort owners, factory owners and government officials who wanted to develop and improve village facilities. They showed keen interest in our cost-efficient, patented Rotating Bed Biofilm Reactor (RBBR). We believe what sets us apart from other competitors is our quality and efficiency, which is an answer to the needs of many Asian buyers, and the same reason why they connected with us at the show.”
Leevi Maenpaa, Project Manager, Clewer Technology Oy, Finland Tomi Leppalehto, Technician, Clewer Technology Oy, Finland



“This is the first time we participated in the show and our aim here is clear: to enter the Chinese market. Through the fair, we met potential partners who may become our sales agents or distributors in Africa, the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. Some other visitors who also enquired about our services included a local waste treatment provider who is in search of shredding solutions for their wooden pallets, and a Korean waste transfer station firm that is seeking ways to treat its mixed industrial waste. We offer not only shredding tools, but also the knowledge and technologies involved in waste treatment processes. Our services are essential for helping Asia to cope with its rising waste problems, especially with the different regulations and requirements for refuse-derived fuel (RDF).”
Andreas Senkbeil, Sales Director, Asia Pacific, UNTHA Shredding Technology GmbH, Austria



“For our first time participating in Eco Expo Asia, we brought a number of companies and organisations from Scotland to display their unique technologies. Our aim was to attract foreign investments, line up local distributors and help our enterprises adapt to local standards. We chose to exhibit here because of the ease of doing business in Hong Kong and the fact that the city is governed by strict intellectual property regulations. Hong Kong also has easy access to innovative talent, research centres and capital. Lastly, this is the place in Asia with the most GlobalScot network members, which gives us more impetus to exhibit here. Throughout the fair, we met buyers from Cambodia, the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, India, Russia and Singapore. The heat pumps offered by GS Renewables was a perfect solution for Russian buyers, while Topolytics offered a cloud-based software to a charity that came looking for suitable tools for their carbon credit projects in Singapore.”
Doreen Reid, Senior International Executive, Scottish Development International, Scotland




“I collected more than 20 useful leads, mostly from packaging companies, in just a day. Buyers from Shenzhen and the United States also asked us for quotations. The fair is international and diversified compared to other shows of the same kind in Korea. Those fairs in Korea feature mainly local companies; I would say I have already achieved my goal to introduce our products to a wider audience. I will consider applying for a bigger booth and even send more staff to take part at the fair next year.”
Yoon Cheol, CEO, rePAPER Inc, Korea



“Our company attended Eco Expo Asia for the third year in a row because it is the only fair for green professionals in Hong Kong. As one of the major industry players in Hong Kong, we were able to interact with both local and overseas green companies at the show to learn more about their latest technological developments. Having met some quality potential buyers of from the Chinese mainland and Malaysia, we were confident we would be able to further enhance our brand image in four days. We recently took part in some competing exhibitions in the Chinese mainland whose scale was greater but the fringe programme here at Eco Expo Asia was more diverse and comprehensive. All of the concurrent events, such as seminars and panel discussions, added great value to the fair and provided very solid industry information and insights to us.”
Kitson Ng, Assistant Marketing Manager, Baguio Green Group Ltd, Hong Kong





“We have been very busy meeting buyers from Asia, Europe and the Middle East, and so far we have collected more than 100 leads. We have met representatives from Coca-Cola, who are very interested in our smart ceiling fans to improve ventilation in their warehouses. Buyers from a French architect firm and an Indian property management company also expressed keen interest in our work. Other buyers include those from Israel, Singapore, UAE and the UK. Other than that, officials from the Hong Kong Housing Department, Guangdong Provincial Government and Zhongshan Municipal government also came to study our products. The Expo is very international, which exceeded our expectation. We are confident in achieving our goal in expanding customer base and capturing new business opportunities through this participation.”
Sam Han, Marketing and Communications Manager, East Asia, BAFCO Hong Kong Ltd, Hong Kong


“We have about 750 green enterprises in Canada and we have hand-picked the technologies that are fit for the Hong Kong market, including ScaleBuster, the water treatment device; Ambience Data, an air quality monitoring solution; and the chemical-free coatings from WoodPlus Coatings Group. Hong Kong is a competitive market where Asian regional managers gather, and we believe it is an important hub for doing business, which has propelled us to join Eco Expo Asia. Through the show’s concurrent events, we have met with delegates from property developers and manufacturing industries in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland who have shown keen interest in Canadian technologies. We have met also officials from the Hong Kong Science Technology Park whom we are discussing potential partnerships with. Not only can the park benefit from such partnerships by incorporating new technologies into their designs and buildings, our exhibitors can also increase their exposure through the display and contacts with visitors – a truly win-win situation for all of the parties involved.”
Jodi Robinson, Consul & Senior Trade Commissioner, Consulate General of Canada Trade Commissioner Service, Government of Canada



“The result of last participation was very satisfying in terms of brand promotion and it made us come back again this year. This year, we are introducing our innovative glass projects which streamlined collection, separation and re-processing. I have been very busy the whole morning. We have received a lot of positive feedback and serious enquiries from international visitors such as the US, Israel and Spain. The states of Minnesota and Florida from the USA, who are looking for glass handling solutions, also expressed keen interest in our work. A building material company from Japan also showed interest in our antimicrobial recycling glass tiles and asked for quotations.”
Derek Fung, General Manager, International Business Department, China Water Industry Group Ltd, Hong Kong


“The buyers here were exactly what we were looking for. They were able to understand more about the industry trend through the fair’s seminars and forums. Our robots can offer smart solutions for companies producing green equipment and environmental monitoring products. Our robots can help them in ways of converting data into graphs. Many visitors were interested in our robots, so I am confident that we will find more clients through this exhibition.”
Raymond Chan, Executive Director, Cyber Discovery Co Ltd, Hong Kong




Buyers’ Comments


“Our company specialises in central air-conditioning engineering and trading. I came to look for quality IAQ (indoor air quality) products and air purifiers. I have visited several good exhibitors and plan to place order with at least three of them, including Viesta, E.Tech and Biozone. I have also found a waterproof coating supplier of which I believe is highly demanded on the Chinese mainland. At Eco Expo Asia, I can find high quality products, which is win-win for my business, my clients and the suppliers.”
Wu Meng, General Manager, Shenzhen De Yong Environment S&T Co Ltd, the Chinese mainland



“Our luxurious real estate projects in Guangzhou cost more than RMB100,000 per sqm, and I am here at Eco Expo Asia, with real estate delegation from the Chinese mainland to source high quality products for our business. The business matching session is very useful as it saves me a lot of time. Powerz Enterprises, a Hong Kong company, introduced their waste glass bottle solutions to me. It is a brand new concept of crushing glass bottles to save space, disposal and labour cost. Through the business matching sessions, I also found photoactive coatings from Advanced Materials, a Czech supplier, and some environmental friendly paint from the Canada Pavilion. Eco Expo Asia offers technologies and products that are ahead of us in the Chinese mainland. In addition, the Expo also allows me to see the technologies that I had only heard of before, such as waste crusher and waste management solutions for properties.”
Yang Qing Wen, Assistant General Manager, Tender Management Centre, Zhuguang Holdings Group Company Limited, the Chinese mainland



“The Philippine Technological Council has 300,000 civil and mechanical engineer members. I also own a group of diversified companies which specialise in air purification, water control, water meters, water purification and automobile. It is my first visit to Eco Expo Asia. I am already planning to come back next year. My objectives here are to look for equipment suppliers, learn about the latest technologies and network with potential partners that I can collaborate with. I am really surprised by the variety of the exhibits on display. I found several companies which fit my company profile, such as suppliers of water systems, air purification systems, air quality testing, emission testers from Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and Europe.”
Elpidio L Carlota, Vice President, the Philippine Technological Council, the Philippines



“I work for a global consulting and engineering company. I am particularly interested in finding waste treatment solutions and to learn about EV development. The e-waste equipment treatment designed by ALBA Integrated Waste Solutions is fascinating. Besides, Kyto Green Technologies provided me with extensive information on their EVs. I spoke to six companies today. In general, the exhibitors, facilities and fair arrangement are top-notch and I really enjoyed this visit.”
Aija Tabyldi, Director of Central Asia Office, Keystone Engineering SE, the Czech Republic



“I am on the lookout for sustainable solutions for a project of the Hong Kong International Airport. I also handle overseas projects but mainly work with the Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Co Ltd (HAECO) on various projects in Xiamen, the US and other areas. I am interested in fresh ideas and new innovations from Japan and Europe since our engineers always look for these kinds of technologies. One company that I am interested in is Artec Asia from Japan, who uses photoluminescent pigments to create emergency exit signs and reflective materials that do not require traditional energy sources.”
Wallace Sin, Manager, Wing Sang Decoration Engineering Ltd, Hong Kong



“This was my first time visiting the show, and I joined in hopes of finding distributors in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland for dewatering equipment, pumps and filtration as well as separation technologies. I made many connections here. For example, I found fish pond providers at the show that could potentially use our water filters, a local company named Enviro Process Technologies which could be our distributor in Hong Kong, and I also talked to some manufacturers of machine parts for our equipment.”
Etsulo Kanno, Assistant to Manger, International Marketing Department, Industrial Machinery Division, Ishigaki Co Ltd, Japan



“I visited this Expo in order to learn about how communication between the private sector and the government works here in Hong Kong and hopefully apply this model in Russia. My team is working on the Reference Book on the Best Available Techniques (BAT) that acts as a guide for different government departments in Russia, such as The Ministry of Industry and Trade as well as the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources. I am interested in finding the best possible municipal waste treatment, waste separation, waste-to-energy (WtE) as well as energy efficiency solutions for my country. The heat pump technology I found from the Scotland Group can possibly be introduced into Russia with the cold weather that we have there. We also learnt a lot about how Hong Kong government collaborates with the private sector through my interaction with Eco Park and the Green Council. It is something that we hope to bring back to Russia.”
Kirill Shchelchkov, Leading Engineer, Russian Research Institute for Standardization of Materials and Technologies, Russia



“This is my first time to this Expo and I am very impressed to know there are so many green SMEs in Hong Kong. Since my company is running an EV charging joint venture with CLP called the ‘Smart Charge’, I am looking forward to finding suitable EV charging technologies. I met six potential exhibitors including Hong Kong EV Power Ltd, Powerpeg NSI Ltd and Fortune Dragon EV. I will definitely come again next year to learn more about the development of local green companies and the EV industry.”

Allen Wong, Head of Product & Business Development – Consumer Group, HKT Ltd, Hong Kong



“I have found highly potential Chinese and Hong Kong sludge and waste water treatment as well as waste-to-energy solutions and service providers here at Eco Expo Asia. I hope to introduce these new and cost-efficient solutions to Malaysia. I have met local exhibitors whom I am very interested in introducing to the Malaysian government, for example, E Tech Management, an e-waste provider; and Baguio Green Group. They can be potential partners for various green joint ventures in Malaysia. I would like to work with local research providers, such as the Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Ltd, who is capable of offering us useful case studies that we can refer to before we sign off such important deals. The Asian green market is highly lucrative with generous bank loans, subsidies and SME financing support pouring in from the governments in the region. Malaysia is also taking an aggressive role in expanding its green industries, which is the main reason why I am here – to look for opportunities to bring back to Malaysia.”
Dota’ Leong Kin Mun, President, Malaysia Biomass Industries Confederation, Malaysia



“I work for a consulting company which deals with a lot of green businesses. It is my first time to the show. I am looking for water treatment companies, and I have spoken to five of them. They are good and there could be potential collaborations. The majority of them are from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. Hong Kong's green business is developing and it is going to be better and better.”
Lauri Sulanto, Project Manager, Fintrade-Mercer Group – Asia Pacific



“Recommended to me by an industry peer, the show was very interesting and spent some time looking around. This was my first year joining and I noticed that Eco Expo Asia is bigger than some competing fairs. Here, you can find industry professionals from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and all over the world. For me, this was a dual-purpose trip. At the business level, I came to meet with the Green Technology Consortium Ltd and build my relationship with them. Also, the fair enabled me to help the Chinese mainland government look for water treatment technologies since the water problems in the country are very serious. At the personal level, I learned a lot about environmental protection trends and new eco-friendly solutions for the home.”
Andrew Loo, Marketing Director, Tang Dynasty Culture Group, Hong Kong



“This is our first time participating in Eco Expo Asia and we hoped to learn new things. I found an excellent showcase of public green initiatives and concepts, such as those from the different departments of the HKSAR Government. Furthermore, in the Hong Kong Pavilion, I was able to learn more about recycling and sewage processing technologies. I had an in-depth conversation with a recycling fund exhibitor who introduced me to their brilliantly executed model, vision and activities. Through the show, I had acquired new knowledge on eco technologies, its concepts and execution, which was a very rewarding experience.”
Vincent Feng, Secretary General, Asia Environmental Innovation Forum, the Chinese mainland



Eco Asia Conference speakers


“My aim was to introduce the DGNB system, the German way of assessing buildings, to the audience and make sure they understood the difference between the LEED and Hong Kong BEAM systems. Under globalisation, we are doing different things in different cities. It is important to have intercultural exchange of all this information. Eco Asia Conference is a good platform for networking and exchange. For example, the speaker before me talked about green cities, a topic that is coming up more and more in Germany and America. Additionally, nowadays we have the same investors investing in one another’s countries and they are in need of the same things. For example, I have a project in Shanghai and another one in Germany that both want to use our DBNB systems, and the fair enables me to have discussions with them. Holding the Expo and conference together was a good way to bring industry and research professionals together and show them that there is more to see than just products and solutions.”
Jan Zak, DGNB Senior Auditor, Member of the DGNB Technical Committee, ikl GmbH, Germany



“This year was my first time joining the Expo and the conference. Many energy efficiency issues were addressed at the conference, and attending speakers and audience members were well informed. Through my visit, I also learned about green technologies and climate change that I plan to conduct more research on in these areas. If I have the chance, I will come to Eco Expo Asia again next year.”
Murali Mohan Baggu, Power System Operations and Control Group Manager, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the US



“Response from the audience was great. Their questions were very specific, showing that they were truly interested in the topic and the Q&A section. The overall quality of exhibitors was good, including those coming from overseas to exhibit their new technologies. After the conference, I talked with representatives from CLP and HK Electric. By sharing my views on the carbon market trends with Hong Kong companies, I hope I can be a part of the Eco effort in Hong Kong. Personally speaking, I think it is a must for Hong Kong to participate in the carbon market. This is an inseparable aspect of green finance. Hong Kong has a special status with the “One Country, Two Systems”; whether Hong Kong should build her own carbon market, or combine with China, is an issue yet to be discussed and researched on. Furthermore, the financial system of Hong Kong is comparably mature. By acting as a window to absorb investments for the Mainland, it is effective in promoting the China carbon market to other countries.”
Susan Zhu, CEO, Shanghai Treasure Carbon New Energy Protection Technology Co Ltd, the Chinese mainland



“Eco Expo Asia is not only an Exhibition per se but complemented by a conference with guest speakers, of different backgrounds and from different countries and regions, who share information on a variety of topics including water resources management, environmental protection and carbon emissions. This has provided the participants who visited the Exhibition and attended the conference with an opportunity to voice their opinions openly and ask presenters questions. I find this information exchange model in an Exhibition setting unique and useful as it helps generate new ideas as well as enhance the understanding of the participants and stakeholders in regard to the major topics of the exhibition. Climate change brings about challenges to the water security in Hong Kong. I hope that through the collaborative efforts of the government and every sector of the community, Hong Kong can be by degrees built up into a water smart cosmopolitan. ”
Ir Enoch T S Lam, JP, Director of Water Supplies, The Government of the Hong Kong SAR (HK)



Eco Asia Conference attendees


“I have attended the conference every year since its inaugural edition, and it has become increasingly successful over the years. It invites speakers from around the globe and offers a global and comprehensive perspective on the green industry. I encouraged all of my staff to attend this Expo and the conference in order to get in touch with the industry’s key decision-makers. Some of the speakers, such as Coca-Cola, are very active with CSR initiatives and we offered them cooperation opportunities. I was pleased to see that the organisers reached out to charities such as Nexus from Cambodia that we could collaborate with in the future. The Eco Asia Conference is an active industry forum that sparks new discussions and ideas. The fact that the conference engages the NGO community is a rare quality for such events that I very much value.”
Vivian Taam Wong, JP, Chairperson, Friends of the Earth Charity Ltd, Hong Kong



“Being a part of my organisation’s environmental committee for construction projects in Dubai, Taiwan and other countries, I am quite interested in anything related to green buildings. In my opinion, this is the biggest eco fair and I attended Eco Asia Conference last year. I returned again because there were many sessions to choose from that are related to my line of work, namely the seminars on green building, waste management and energy efficiency. Topics covered were a good mix of fundamental and applied information. The ‘BEAM Plus Existing Buildings – Opportunities to Enhance Environmental Performance in Buildings’ seminar presented some essential basics, while the case study ‘Energy Saving in Green Building – Standard Chartered Bank Building’ outlined practical applications. I found these most interesting because they presented information that cannot just be found on the internet. From the conference, I was able to gain new information about industry schemes to introduce to our workers.”
Winnis Ma, Committee Member, Hong Kong Architectural Ceiling Association, Hong Kong and Business Development Executive, Suckow & Fischer Systeme Asia Pacific Ltd, Hong Kong



“I work for an NGO and attended Eco Asia Conference for two days. There were many outstanding seminars and the one I found most interesting was “Waste Treatment Plant vs Spa – T • Park Experience”. In the Chinese mainland, we do not have combined waste treatment and public facilities. There are only industrial applications that create bad environmental conditions so it is very important to import such technologies. Another benefit of attending was that I found interesting presenters related to our foundation whose companies I can introduce to our partners for further cooperation. Actually, one of my clients is an incineration company and I plan to connect them to the seminar speaker from the Hong Kong Association of Energy Service Companies who addressed gasification. Conference participants were knowledgeable experts and doctors in their field, making the conference a great place to learn and connect with potential partners.

The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) platform is our foundation and we used the show as a platform to find new technologies to introduce to our partners. While at the show, we acquired a lot of knowledge on innovative technologies from Finland, Scotland and Switzerland. Smixin, in particular, is a Swiss company that showcased a very impressive resource-saving hand washing system that we were quite interested in learning more about. ”
Li Biting, Project Officer, Green & Low-Carbon Development Foundation, the Chinese mainland



Green Transportation Forum attendee


“I joined the forum to learn more about the EV market and charging facilities in Hong Kong, and to find a suitable solution for the charging system for our electric cars so that more automotive importers would buy our vehicles. The presentation given by the Hong Kong Productivity Council gave us a good summary of the EV charging facilities in Hong Kong and an overview of useful EV figures. Furthermore, we discovered batteries provided by Ten-D Energies that are lightweight and could be a great alternative for EV batteries. This forum provided me with advice and tips as well as a great opportunity to network with the speakers from the industry.”
Sebastien Brabant, Area Operation Manager, Renault Asia Pacific Ltd, Hong Kong