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Exhibitors' & Buyers' Comments

Empowered wsith decades of experience and expertise in organising trade exhibitions, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is reputed internationally for its outstanding performance.


Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.


The HKTDC sincerely invites you to join this exhibition, to explore the way to success.


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Exhibitors' Quotes


“Our company has been supporting the expo since its first edition. The highlighted product we are displaying this year is also known as the ‘wastewater washing machine’. It is easy to operate and durable. I believe the potential in the wastewater market is enormous. Our product has been applied in many sectors with one of those being the fish farming industry, which makes use of the technology for polluted water treatment. The representative from the Consulate General of the Republic of South Africa in Hong Kong is interested in our technologies and would like to adopt them in South Africa. Eco Expo Asia provides a platform for green companies to grow in a sustainable way. As a returning exhibitor, we see the expo as a platform for more than just obtaining orders, but also establishing business connections. We exhibit here to seek recognition from the international community towards our products.”
Mr Leung Wai On, Managing Director, Waste & Environmental Technologies Ltd, Hong Kong

“Our integrated hygiene system offers a unique experience for hand washing by mixing air, soap and water in an optimal way, saving water usage by up to 90%, as well as up to 60% saving of soap and paper towels. This is our second time at the show after a successful debut last year. We managed to sign new contracts and found new distributors in Indonesia and Taiwan from the last edition. Eco Expo Asia is one of the exhibitions where we can reach the largest population of interested people within the region. I would definitely consider it one of the leading green shows in this part of the world. This morning we met government officials from Hong Kong and China, and visitors from Singapore, Dubai and India who are willing to invest. I’m delighted that business at the booth has been very busy and I am certainly interested in returning again next year.
Mr Jean-Michel Deckers, CEO, SMIXIN SA, Switzerland

“This is our first time to exhibit at Eco Expo Asia. We are using this occasion to launch our completely electric vehicle, the Hyundai IONIQ, as the show is an ideal trade platform for environmental protection and many EV-related exhibitors are present. Without an engine, the driving experience of the Hyundai IONIQ is much quieter. In terms of green features, the battery of the car can be charged to 80% of its capacity within 30 minutes. When the vehicle is fully charged, the driving distance can be up to 280km. We’ve found that many buyers are interested in the vehicle. It is good for corporate and personal use as it helps save on fuel costs, especially for those who must commute long distances. The total number of registered electric vehicles has grown tremendously on a global scale within the past few years. It has increased tenfold fold from 2012 to 2016. Thanks to technological breakthroughs, EVs are becoming more and more affordable. I’m delighted to see a wide range of EVs on show at the exhibition, such as scooters, coaches and light buses. It is a great opportunity for us to get to know our industry peers.”
Mr Kevin Lau, Managing Director, Hyundai Hong Kong Co., Ltd, Hong Kong

“Hong Kong is a window for the opening up of China's foreign affairs and enjoys high international reputation. By participating in this fair, we can reinforce our business in Hong Kong and raise our brand awareness. The platform also enables us to get to know more industry players and facilitate exchanges to enhance R&D capability and innovation. The traffic of buyers was good. On the opening day, Mr KS Wong, Secretary for the Environment of HKSAR Government, and Mr Gao Yunhu, Head of Energy Conservation and Resources Utilization Department of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, visited our booth. Backed by government support, the fair draws a lot of interest, making it a solid trading platform. We received enquiries from a large number of buyers including distributors and agents from Eastern Europe, Thailand, the Philippines and India. All of them are our target customers. Hong Kong’s government departments responsible for housing development, companies providing building solutions and contactors of major housing estates approached us for our water pump solutions designed for high-rise buildings. The exhibition results are positive and I do hope to come again next year.”
Mr Shen Yuesheng, Minister of Marketing Department, Shanghai Sino-Korea Dooch Pump Manufacture Co Ltd, China

The visitor flow has been very good and we have been able to spend some quality time with potential buyers. The number of buyers that are related to what we are offering has been very high. I think about 70% of the buyers that have come to speak to us have been exactly who we would like to target. Since this is our first time exhibiting at the show, our first impressions have been very positive. We have had many developers come to have discussions with us like New World Development and Nan Fung Property Development. We have also seen architects and design companies who are looking for new products to feature in their portfolios. Our objective has been to network and build relationships which we can develop at a later stage. We are looking to have discussions that are tailor-made for each client which will continue long after the expo has ended. We are a relatively new company and while we have a focus on the Asian market we are targeting Hong Kong buyers in particular so that we can grow and develop before reaching out to market further afield. Eco Expo Asia has been a very useful platform for us to exhibit at. The concept of businesses being environmentally friendly has been around for quite a long time but I feel that in the past few years real solutions have been developed and there has been much more support and interest from the government. As we develop new products and expand then we will certainly look to platforms like Eco Expo Asia to reach new clients and meet with industry players.
Ms Helen Chan, Business Development Director, Urban Spring Company Ltd, Hong Kong


Buyers' Quotes


“Missions Healthy Greens is a registered charitable institution in Hong Kong. One of its main objectives is to promote environmental protection, natural conservation, marine conservation, energy saving and carbon reduction. It’s my fifth time visiting Eco Expo Asia. The Hong Kong government is in the process of implementing the solid waste charging system in the near future. My organisation is working on various projects that will help the public to reduce kitchen waste. Therefore, I am particularly interested in booths related to this aspect of the industry. This morning I have already visited 4 to 5 booths which are of interest to me. The fair this year is more international and it has given me a good chance to understand better the technology coming from abroad, especially Japan and the Chinese mainland.
Mr George Yu, Project Manager, Energy and Carbon Management, Mission Healthy Greens, Hong Kong

“I am from Serbia, but our company represents all 16 Central and Eastern European countries under the ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative. We are here to find overseas partners to co-operate with governments in the 16 countries. The type of business connections we would like to establish are mainly concerning environmental protection, construction and infrastructure. A lot of companies in the Chinese mainland are working on big projects and we would like to meet them for business discussion. I found 4 serious partners on the first day, such as China Water Industry Group, Shenzhen Tech and Ecology & Environment, and CECEP Environmental Consulting Group. Our job is to provide consultation and help arrange meetings between our clients and government units within Central and Eastern Europe regarding environmental protection projects. I have already seen many interesting exhibits at the expo in particular the solutions for sustainable urban development.
Mr Dragan Cigoja, General Manager, Cooperation and Sustainable Development Center, Serbia

“I am from Nigeria and it is my first time visiting Eco Expo Asia. My company specialises in environmental technology. We signed a contract with government of Niger State to make Niger the greenest city in Africa within the next 10 years. So we are finding new technologies to make the city greener. We are particularly looking for waste management solutions to deal with electronic waste, household waste and also water treatment technologies for treating sewage and cleaning our ocean’s water which is close to the shore. I have found a potential business partner in the Hong Kong Pavilion, China Recycling Co Ltd. They are offering options to reduce waste and at the same time offer money as a return. The idea is that we send pictures of our electronic waste to the company. The company will then estimate the value that the electronic waste is worth for. There is another Swiss company, called Villiger which I am also interested in. I can see a lot of EVs here, such as Hyundai and FAW. The Green Transportation zone is interesting, especially the hybrid bus. I will introduce this idea to the government of Niger State and see if they are interested to purchase. It’s wonderful to see so many green innovations all in one place.”
Mr Chubike Daniel, Sales Manager, Lioneta Resources United, Nigeria

“I am visiting Eco Expo Asia for the first time. This is a great opportunity to learn about the latest trends of environmentally friendly products. The guided tour for our hotel group has made everything easy and convenient to fulfill our needs. That has really helped us concentrate our effort to look for targeted products and technologies at the spacious fairground. I am personally interested in two categories of products. One of them is green transportation such as electric buses and VERTEC’s 6-ton goods vehicles. The other involves SmartWasher from Netsphere Solution, which is a cleaning device applying bioremediation to remove oil stains. This visit proved to be rewarding. I would like to visit the fair again next year.”
Mr Adolf Chung, Purchasing Manager, Regal Airport Hotel, Hong Kong

“We are a solutions provider for renewable energy in Chile. Our clients are hotels and restaurants and we take care of their power generation and sewage disposal. As you may know, the environment in Chile is quite hostile so clean energy technologies are always our top priority. It is our first time to visit the fair and we hope to build up networks with business partners in the solar panel and sewage treatment sectors. So far we have met with some 20 exhibitors, we exchanged information with them and collected plenty of catalogues and brochures. Some of their solutions were quite unique and we believe there are absolutely some business opportunities later on. All in all, we are satisfied with the result of the fair. As we do not have fairs like this in Chile, we regard the fair as an important souring platform.”
Mr Gabriel Betancourt Plaza, Project Manager, Energia Atacama Ltd, Chile


Startup Zone Exhibitors' Quotes


“We are an urban farming company offering both indoor and outdoor solutions. The expo helps us to broaden our clientele and reach out to new potential partners. The traffic is very good. There are visitors from different sectors and regions, including the Chinese mainland, Germany and Morocco. They are not just interested in our hardware solutions but also our software which includes workshops and educational programmes. We managed to meet representatives from the MTR and a couple of hotels whom we are keen to work with. The sharing session at the Startup Forum provided us with a further chance to gain exposure and introduce our business.
Ms Michelle Hong, Co-Founder, Rooftop Republic Urban Farming, Hong Kong

“We feel very satisfied as Eco Expo Asia has helped us to reach a lot of our target customers. It’s very positive that we will receive some local orders thanks to our participation. We managed to meet with representatives from Towngas, New World Development Company Limited and Galaxy Macau.
Mr Wong King Yeung, Design Engineer, Acoustics Innovation Limited, Hong Kong


Conference Speakers’ Commentary


“The Government Departments’ Forum is a great platform to facilitate communication between government departments and citizens. Every project involves a series of policies and they may affect different stakeholders within the community. It is great to have such an interactive platform for us to showcase the technologies in the projects and share our ideas with the audience. At the same time, we can better understand the users’ needs and thoughts. After speakers from different government departments presented their talks, there were a couple of questions raised from the floor and I thought the forum was very interactive. I also noted the speakers' responses addressing the concerns of the audience. Holding the forum together with the fair can allow the participants to get to know more about the government works and the latest technologies. Any communication is much more effective in this way.
Ms Ip Man-wai, Senior Project Manager, Architectural Services Department, HKSAR Government

“Global warming is a serious issue. Increasing temperatures will lead to higher humidity in the air and we need to prepare solutions for our cities to defend against extreme flooding. The ‘sponge city programme’ aims to increase water absorption capacity within a city. It is a sustainable solution for the problem. The Conference gathered a lot of expertise, knowledge and special techniques which are not spread worldwide yet. It gives us a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and knowhow to assist cities, nations and stakeholders to tackle problems. I attended other speakers’ talks and I am really amazed at the knowledge of the Chinese speakers. It is great to have the Conference and exhibition together as it brings industries and municipalities together to discuss the future demand and to share our experiences and search for answers. Hong Kong is a mega city and a hot spot for business. It is the right place for events of this kind.”
Mr Xaver Storr, Managing Director, IBS Technics GmbH (Eco Asia Conference – Smart Sponge City)


Seminars / Forums / Conference Attendees’ Commentary


“Our group is a global enterprise engaged in integrated agricultural businesses incorporating process manufacturing, trading, warehouse and logistic operations. We leverage on the strengths of Brazil’s agricultural industry to grow business with the Chinese mainland being our principal overseas market. Trained as a civil engineer, I’ve got in touch with many governments in Europe and USA through various work-related projects and found that many of them are very supportive of startup businesses launched by young people. I would like to learn about the startup environment in Hong Kong. At this fair, I’ve visited nearly 10 startup companies and participated in this forum. I think their business ideas are very innovative and inspiring. I am delighted that Eco Expo Asia has established the Startup zone and organised a specific forum to support young people pursuing new ideas and allow them to explore opportunities. Hong Kong is in need of such innovative ideas to enhance its competitiveness."
Mr Charles Yeung, Assistant Director, CP Leader International Holdings, Hong Kong

“This is my second participation in Eco Expo Asia. As the eco theme goes hand in hand with my work every day, the Expo provides a lot of new information and knowledge about environmental protection for the public. 350.org is a global organisation seeking to tackle the problem of climate change. 350HK is its Hong Kong branch. 350 is a safety limit recognised by scientists for climate change, aiming to keep atmospheric carbon dioxide levels below 350 ppm in order to prevent the climate crisis from worsening into an irreversible situation. We strive to raise public awareness of environmental protection through education and to promote environmental protection policies. Our utmost concern is to ensure renewable energy to be applied extensively because this is a key issue affecting the global climate change. We certainly also seek to acquire the latest information on reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption as well as raising energy efficiency.

The speakers at the Eco Asia Conference have shed light on the development of renewable energies. I am particularly impressed with the speech of Ms Cathryn Chu who shared valuable industry data on wind power and solar power generation. Another speaker raised the issue of motor vehicles driven by hydrogen combustion. This is a very interesting topic. Using hydrogen as fuel has been talked about for some time but this is the first time to learn about applying this technology to vehicles. It makes sense for us to study whether or not such vehicles can replace fossil fuel-powered vehicles or even electric vehicles in future. The Conference has been conducted smoothly. The event itself was environmentally friendly as no bottled water was distributed. Printed materials were kept to a minimum as a lot of information was available online. I would like to get in touch with various stakeholders through the Expo. I can also understand the latest developments in the environmental protection industry and acquire valuable data to provide strong support for our lobbying for environmental protection policies.
Mr Michael Lai, Honorary Secretary, 350HK