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Exhibiting Start-ups

Start-ups under ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Hong Kong

FinFabrik. Limited
Neoma Limited
Novus Life Sciences Limited
Well Being Digital Limited


Start-ups under Institute for Entrepreneurship, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Booth #: 1D-C08)

Institute for Entrepreneurship, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Appquick Company Limited
Festyle (Hong Kong) Limited
Produce DIY natural skin care produce. Provides home-made materials and instruction manuals. Use our own APP to order and customize you rown natural skin care products
Friendly Cooperation Limited
HappiKami Workshop by Happihood Creations
iSEE Mobile Apps
Shanghai Lishang Information Technology Co.Ltd
While Awhile Company Limited
We are a cross-discipline team who interested in cultural heritage in Mainland China by applying design thinking methodologies to participate in the process of cultural preservation.
Shanghai Admire Joy Cultural Communication Co., Ltd
With You Services Limited


Start-ups under Hong Kong Baptist University-Knowledge Transfer Office (Booth #: 1D-D08)

Hong Kong Baptist University - Knowledge Transfer Office

Gihon Biotech Limited

Hong Kong Authentication Centre of Dendrobii Officinalis Caulis.
Mat A® Culture Nanomatrices SA01 is a new type of stimulation substrate used for the growth factor-free 17proliferation and differentiation of neural stem cells in vitro.
Mat-A-Cell Limited

New Life Medicine Technology Company Limited


Start-ups under City University of Hong Kong - Knowledge Transfer Office (Booth #: 1D-D02)

City University of Hong Kong - Knowledge Transfer Office

J&K Brassieve Co., Limited.
Bucky aims to provide a solution for users to regain control over their personal data. Through Bucky, users can decide who has access to their data, and make money based on usage. Through Bucky, individuals’ right to privacy is protected since Bucky helps prevent unethical and arbitrary interferences with users’ personal data. Bucky adopts a distributed approach, rather than a centralize nor decentralized approach, to help people regain their data autonomy. Bucky acts as the ecosystem developer to help build a trustworthy, fair, legitimate environment for three parties, namely users, merchants and publishers.
Traditionally, when parents travel with an infant from their home, it is essential to pack and carry numerous bulky baby products such as a baby milk bottle, a container of a baby formula powder and a vacuum flask. This results in too much belongings to be carried by the parents, and the heavy weights cause inconvenience as well. In addition, preparing milk in outside environments is a too complicated process and the steps are cumbersome. Pouring milk powder and brewing water during the process may also give rise to hygiene problems. Therefore, Ciao is invented to provide an innovative and convenient experience to parents. It simplifies the process of milk preparation which makes feeding babies outside home become an easy task. Parents only need to bring Ciao instead of numerous preparation items when bringing their babies out. Baby formula can be dropped down into water effectively and prevents the powder remain in the gaps. The unique design of silicone rings in the bottle minimizes the friction that smoothen the rotation and further ensure the dryness of milk powder under warm water. Therefore, milk can be prepared quickly and safely everywhere just by few steps.
Eafe Limited
Extremely Safe Wearable Zinc Ion Battery

Health Maid

Mini Food World

Nautilus Software Technologies Limited
This novel system aims to improve Chinese sports enthusiasts’ skill level by Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies. It will bring a new paradigm shift of the sports coaching process from ‘experience-driven’ to ‘data-driven’.
We are going to design a STEM education tools to students by helping them to adapt challenges in the future technological society. With our product, the combination of papercraft model and electronic components, they can make any models “alive” and learn the STEM knowledge during the creation.

Safety First
For CATERERS, 3 simple steps are considered: Post-Pack-Deliver. Whenever there is leftover food for breakfast, lunch or dinner, caterers can Post the available quantity of food manually and set the collection time within the mobile application. The offer can be in terms of individual dishes or self-catering buffet-box, in which prices are discounted from original value. If the food supply is running out and sales has already been made, refund can always be done within the application. Once seeing consumers’ electronic receipts, caterers can then use recyclable meal boxes we provided to Pack the food and Deliver. Monthly sales report will be given back to caterers to better manage wastage and stock level. For CONSUMERS, Search-Pay-Collect are the 3 steps. They can utilize GPS to Search for the available caterers nearby by location, food types and restaurant category. The result will be shown in a map-like manner. Upon deciding their choice of food, consumers can then Pay with credit card within the application. If they choose to bring their own meal boxes, one dollar will be deducted from their purchase. Eventually they can redeem the receipt by Collecting the food at the store at designated time. After enjoying the food, they can write comments within the application and share their experience via social media. Consumer can choose to receive push notification regarding to restaurants’ released offer in order to grab their desirable food swiftly.


Individual Exhibitors - Creatopia

By Leona is a lifestyle brand founded locally in Hong Kong since 2016. High product quality and unique signature Oriental themes are at the heart of what By Leona stands for. Our products are meant to be original, fun, sophisticated yet practical for day-to-day usage. Besides aesthetics, we love our products as they also tell stories from the past and connect our customers to the deep Oriental heritage.
Passionate about Handcrafts, Alice Sachot is a self-taught maker and experimenter. She has been making clothes since her mother introduced her to sewing and knitting when she was 7-years-old. Later on she fell in love with leather crafts and learnt handmaking shoes ; which lead her into launching 'La French Cut custom-made shoes' when she arrived in Hong Kong, one of the few places where shoes are still Handmade.
La French Cut
Lokrazy+ is a branding consultant and multimedia-design production company established by experienced designers in Hong Kong. We provide one stop service ranging from exploring business opportunities, identifying obstacles, formulating branding strategies to design solution package. Our dynamic design solution includes visual identity, print & publication, packaging, website, characters, motion-graphic, indoor structural set up and exhibition design etc.
Lokrazy Plus Design


Start-ups under CUHK

A Real-time Computer-aided Diagnosis System assisting endoscopists for accurate and efficient colorectal cancer screening during colonoscopy
Health View Bioanalytic provides a fully automatic, cloud-based, and non-invasive method using retinal images to estimate the risk of various chronic diseases such as stroke and vascular dementia.
Health View Bioanalytic Limited
Our ultimate mission is to produce affordable, convenient, socially-inclusive wearable devices that can re-equip patients, disabled and elderly the power to live with active lifestyles
Pureform Technology develops running anklets that provides real time training feedback that are proven by clinical trial to reduce injury risk by 62% with our biofeedback technology.
Stapworks Stem Cell Ltd manufactures a proprietary kit for production of stem cells. The kit can be used to induce human fibroblasts to express pluripotent associate stem cell genes.
We develop cutting-edge early diagnosis technology to improve healthcare of mankind. Our most revolutionizing non-invasive technology is a "Single breath analyser to diagnose different diseases".
Qi Diagnostics Limited


Start-ups under CUHK

DroneEntry is an online social platform for drone pilots to manage their profiles and portfolios. In the fragmented drone industry, an ecosystem is budding around innovative drone projects. However, it faces the significant obstacle of credibility and trust. DroneEntry is working to bring together all industry stakeholders on an innovative new platform centered around the idea of verified profiles and proof-of-work. Pilots use DroneEntry as a tool to build a credible profile and track record, while companies get a one-stop portal to recruit talent for their project needs.
EmotAI is an invaluable part of gamers trainings to reach their full potential and achieve their goals. We help them increase their focus, critical thinking skills and emotional intelligence.
Empirical Automation creates affordable industrial robots and value-add software which bring price accessibility and artificial intelligence to physical automation. The company's flagship platform is Caesar, the world's most affordable industrial robotic worker
Empirical Automation
Geomeo Informatics builds a mesh enabled easy to deployable wireless nodes to connect the unconnected in remote rural villages. We provide internet connectivity and enable access to high quality healthcare, education and security for people in last miles
Geomeo Informatics
Habibi Garden specialises in IoT for precision agriculture. We help farmers and professional growers in Indonesia "talk" to their plants using our IoT sensors. We track all key parameters of plant growth such as temperature, humidity, soil moisture, soil nutrient and pH to aid in plant growth. The device takes all information, process the data, and sends notifications to farmers when crops need fertilizer/water and how much is needed
Habibi Garden
We use Augmented Reality Head-Up Display to increase awareness of critical attention points on the road, provide eyes-on-the-road navigation tools, extend the longevity of our customers’ most prized assets (the vehicles in their fleet) and we help them save on their most critical expenses: maintenance and fuel. Also, we are designing our product to transition easily into the semi-autonomous and fully-autonomous era.
Komra is the world’s first handheld affordable hybrid-spectrometer powered by AI. A device that generates a unique fingerprint for each material you scan. Komra allows users to detect the dangerous Melamine material inside the milk by just scanning it with one press. All results will be shown on mobile screen at real-time. Applications for Komra are endless, you can always build your business app and use it in your industry whenever you need to identify a material or analyze it.
Revsmart is developing a smart communication wearable and experience platform to help riders access communication, navigation and music effectively using bone conduction technology. Founded in 2016, the company is backed by IIT Bombay and Intel under the Plugin program.
SkyeBrowse uses autonomous drones to investigate car accidents. By seamlessly providing live aerial data and 3D models of car crashes, they save the lives of the people involved and reduce the total amount of traffic in the world. Car crashes have occurred since the invention of the automobile, but crash forensics have barely changed. SkyeBrowse will make the world a safer place by revolutionizing the way we approach car crashes.
Our mission is to use technology to improve water conditions around the world. We are a group of engineers that are passionate about the environment and sustainability. We have built the worlds first live time water monitoring system that doesn’t require an internet connection or to be plugged into a continuous power supply


Start-ups under Qianhai

Asta Workplace@Cloud, a multi-functional digital office solution developed by Asta Systems Limited, integrates document management, email management, instant messaging, document approval, and electronic PDF form approval. It also provides full-text search to retrieve Chinese and English content in the documents, integrates with Google Apps, Office 365 and Multi-Functional Printer (MFP). Asta Workplace@Cloud increases the work efficiency in the workplace and allows employees to work through web browser and mobile anytime and anywhere.
Asta Systems Limited
Bull Bear is in the spirt of promoting financial education, successfully developed the world's first financial trading game. It allows players to compete with each other by using virtual currency (BB Dollar) in real stock market, and effectively introduces the concept of stock market fluctuations to the general public. Also, the game encourages players to understand how the market and economy works, gradually develop the mindset of investment and finance
Bull Bear Group Limited
Entrepreneur Times(E-Times) is an One-Stop Solution business to business multimedia platform, which aims to provide business matching, Strategic Brand management and investment relationship program for Start Up/SME to investor. We will focus on Investor Matching, Pitch Video, Intelligent Screening and training with membership program using our app and website. We are focus on new technology application among start up /SME to Marketer and the community. Helps Start up to implement their idea to services/product.
Entrepreneur Times Limited
Founded by building professionals, engineers and research scientists, Mega Automation is one of the leading building automation system providers in Hong Kong. Our products integrate traditional building management systems (BMS) with advanced information and communication technology, to help corporates understand their energy consumption with the aim of cutting their energy bills.
Mega Automation Ltd
Roborn Dynamics specializes in design and manufacturing of humanoid robot. Our latest model ME-1 is one of the most technologically advanced robot in the world. ME-1 is operated by motion control, the user simply wears the user friendly motion controller to pilot the robot. Whenever you move your hands you are simultaneously controlling the robot. Therefore it gives you an experience of driving a robot like in scientific movies. ME-1 can be used in crisis management, education, industrial usage etc. We are also a solution provider to help customer to improve their working efficiency.
Roborn Dynamics Limited


Start-ups under Qianhai

Immortality is a new media Social Enterprise provides media production on elderly stories to promote good family relationship and the public education of Hong Kong local history.
OnGrad is the first local startup serving graduates and corporates in the early career market, and is now developing the OnGrad 2.0 platform, aiming to shape the future of "Young Talent Acquisition"
OnGrad Consulting Company Limited
ViHire is video interview system that can read and listen to the interviewee and to track their EQ control and determine their personality by using A.I. Technology.
Jedies Advance Technology Limited
A financial mobile application service will be provide to help users microsave their spare changes from their daily spending transactions, then microinvest it into an automated investment portfolio.
Tiny Financial. Co Spare Change Micro Savings and Micro Investing


Individual Exhibitors - The Imaginarium

Own patented mixed reality AR VR HMD (Headset) give users a better viewing, realistic, wider angle than the existing competitors. Our AR Recognize technology is faster, more accurate, with better tracking and hand gesture control. Our mixed reality software with advance graphic, computer visual technology brings players with direct interaction in the world of illusion. Players can create MR video for social network sharing
New Era Virtual Technology Limited
Hong Kong's 1st rewards based job referral platform. A new concept of recruitment in the digital sharing economy mode. More cost-effective and with access to a much wider network than conventional offline headhunting agencies or online job boards.
RnR Limited