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Exhibitors' and Buyers' Quotes
Exhibitors' Quotes Buyers' Quotes Industy Experts’ Quotes


Exhibitors' Quotes

img1. “Crocus Nano Electronics is participating in electronicAsia for the first time to promote our brand and raise company profile. The focus is to showcase our technology in wafer processing for wide-ranging applications such as embedded memory for low-power MCUs, bio-sensors, ICs for RFID and NFC, magnetic sensors and customised projects. The fair has attracted a large number of visitors. We have got in touch with some potential customers from different places such as Taiwan, the Chinese mainland and Argentina. They expressed interest in our technology and its applications for various low-power electronic devices. We will discuss further to explore business cooperation with customised products to meet their requirements. It creates a good synergy by holding electronicAsia and Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) at the same time, enabling more exchanges and business development opportunities. I like it very much.”
Nikolay Salynskiy, Sales & Marketing Director, Crocus Nano Electronics, LLC, Russia


img2. “Founded in 1998, Hunan Corun is a publicly-listed enterprises on Shanghai stock exchange specialising in the production of high performance batteries. With nearly 4,000 employees, we have four manufacturing bases in the Chinese mainland and a factory in Japan. We are promoting our long life power type batteries for household and industrial applications as well as electrical vehicle battery power packs at electronicAsia this year. A number of buyers from Japan, Korea, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Russia and Ukraine have expressed interest in our batteries. We expect to conclude business with more than 20 new customers. This is a good fair attracting many buyers from different parts of the world. We come here every year and hope to get a bigger booth next year to expand our presence.”

Jenny He, Marketing Executive Manager, Battery and Material Division, Hunan Corun New Energy Co., Ltd., China


img3. “This fair offers an important trading platform for Mobicon to promote the branded displays, instruments and electronic components we distribute. The buyers’ feedback has been positive again this year. A number of new customers from India, Australia, France, Germany,, Russia and USA have made enquiries about our Clover Display’s products. Several buyers from Iran, UAE and Brazil also expressed serious interest in the professional tools by Rigol brand such as digital oscilloscopes and spectrum analysers. At last year’s fair, we secured two new customers from UAE and Malaysia for Rigol tools. We are happy with the exhibition results.”

Measure KF Hung (right), Chairman, Mobicon Holdings Ltd, Hong Kong


img4. “Santek provides a wide range of touch panels and LCD modules as well as EMS solutions. We have been participating in electronicAsia over the past few years to extend our presence. Curved touch panels and bar type TFT-LCD screens are among the special highlights for this year’s exhibition. Other exhibits include round-shaped displays, ultra-bright sunlight readable TFT-LCD series and a digital box with see-through LCD display for video and promotional showcases. We’ve got in touch with more potential customers from Europe and USA this year. Some buyers from Russia and Romania have also expressed interest in our products. This fair has been professionally run with great support, making it a good place to explore business with quality customers.”
Tony Zhang, Business Manager, Santek Hong Kong Limited, Hong Kong


img5. “ST Electronics is an electronics arm of ST Engineering in Singapore. Our parent company has established presence in aerospace, electronics, land systems and marine sectors worldwide. This is our debut at electronicAsia showcasing our microwave sensor technology to international customers. We offer a comprehensive range of microwave sensors for various applications such as security, lighting control, traffic monitoring and speed detection.We have met with some new customers from Australia, USA, India and UAE who are looking for innovative sensor applications. We will work closely to develop niche products to meet customers’ needs. The fair has attracted a lot of buyers and we look forward to developing business with them.”
Chan On Yu, Vice President/Assistant General Manager, Sensors Business Group, ST Electronics (Satcom & Sensor Systems) Pte Ltd, Singapore


img6. “In business for over 20 years, Sung Mun Electronics is a leading manufacturer of LED modules and switches in Korea. Our products are exported worldwide with major markets in Europe, USA and Southeast Asia. Last year, we got in touch with some new customers at electronicAsia. We are pleased to be here again this year to promote our latest LED modules, rotary DIP switches and mini slide switches. The feedback has been positive. We have met with 20 new buyers from Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, Israel, USA and the Chinese mainland shortly after the official opening of the fair. This fair offers a solid platform to reach out to more international customers and promote our products. We can also take the chance to exchange ideas with other exhibitors worldwide. It’s a great event.”
Jewel Kim, Assistant Manager, Overseas Sales Department, Sung Mun Electronics Co., Ltd, Korea 


img7. “SVI is a leading EMS service provider in Thailand with a strong clientele from different businesses including industrial products, office automation, automotive & transportation and medical products. We are expanding our presence with the completion of new production facilities in Austria. A new factory will come into operation in Cambodia this year. We are participating in electronicAsia for the sixth consecutive year to promote our service to more international buyers. We have got in touch with several new customers from Germany, Switzerland and Israel this year. Last year, we found a new customer from Italy and we are still doing business. This is a very good fair enabling us to raise our profile and reach out to quality customers from all over the world.

Kanusit Boonrukvanit, Business Development Manager, SVI Public Company Limited, Thailand


img8. “We are thrilled to participate in electronicAsia again to showcase the strength of Taiwan’s electrical and electronic manufacturers. A total of 38 companies are joining together in Taiwan Pavilion this year to promote a wide range of electronic components and parts. About 80% of them have participated in this fair in the past. electronicAsia can really help us expand presence worldwide and that’s why many Taiwanese companies are keen to join the excitement here every year. We have seen more overseas buyers coming from USA and Europe this year, allowing our enterprises to capture new business development opportunities. Buyers expressed strong interest in our products including switches, resistors, capacitors and inductors. We are deeply impressed by HKTDC’s extensive support to facilitate our exchanges with buyers from different parts of the world. This represents a new breakthrough for Taiwanese companies to secure more international customers. The organiser works vigorously to ensure a successful exhibition and everything has been well managed. We are pleased with the results.”
Louis Yang, Project Manager, Mainland Affairs Department, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association, Taiwan


img9. “Our association has brought together a total of 11 member companies to participate in electronicAsia this year showcasing a wide range of metal parts and components. This fair offers an international trading platform for the industry to expand presence and we are especially keen to reach out to more overseas customers through the exhibition. The atmosphere has been quite positive this year. We have met with a number of buyers from different markets including Europe and the Chinese mainland. Our companies will explore opportunities with the new contacts to provide customised metal parts and components according to customers’ specific requirements. Metal parts are indispensable to the development of the electronic industry and changing market needs will inevitably create new demand. We hope that electronicAsia will get better and better with the organiser’s continuous efforts to enhance business development.”
Frankie C.Y. Lai, Vice-Chairman, The Hong Kong Metals Manufacturers Association Ltd, Hong Kong


img10. “Tokyo Weld is participating in electronicAsia for the second consecutive year to promote our six-sided automated optical inspection machine. The device can inspect as many as 9,000 pieces per minute, allowing for precise inspection of mini-sized chips in high speed to enhance product quality. We have received serious enquiries from a number of buyers especially those from India and the Chinese mainland. Demand for our inspection machine is very strong. This fair attracts a lot of buyers from different parts of the world and we will definitely exhibit here again next year to capture more business opportunities.

Sion Fitzgerald Taguchi, Sales, Tokyo Weld Co., Ltd, Japan


img11. “OLED displays represent a major highlight for our exhibition at electronicAsia this year. The fair offers a great chance to promote our newest products. Panel displays with curved lens are drawing a lot of attention as they can provide more flexibility in product design. Precision glass for smart phones is another special highlight on display. We have met with a number of existing and new customers. They are especially interested in various panels for IoT and automobile applications. Demand for such display panels looks set to grow significantly in the next few years. electronicAsia serves as an international trading platform to find new buyers and develop new business. The business leads found at the fair often contribute to 10-15% of new overseas buyers we secure every year. This is a must-attend event for us.”

Murphy W.C. Cheung, General Manager, Global Sales & Marketing, Truly Semiconductors Ltd., Hong Kong


Buyers' Quotes

img1. “Founded in 1951, Atllas is a well-established supplier of electronic components and parts in Brazil, providing a comprehensive range of items for customers. electronicAsia is an important fair for us and that’s why I come here regularly. I have already identified several new suppliers for different products. Negotiation is underway with a Taiwanese supplier for transistors and we will get samples to test quality and place trial orders later. It may take 6 months to conclude business with potential order amounting to US$200,000. I am in talks with a Shenzhen-based supplier for smart battery chargers with potential order up to US$5,000 per month. Further discussions will be held with another three Chinese mainland suppliers for capacitors, potentiometers and LCD displays. The prospect of business development looks very promising and I am pleased with the results.
Rubens Riberti Jr, Director, Atllas Components Electronics, Brazil


img2. “BKL-ELECTRONIC is a family-owned business specialising in the import and distribution of electronic components and parts. With a business history of 39 years, we are selling some 5,000 different products to wholesalers and manufacturers in Germany and other European countries. We have been visiting electronicAsia for many years to source quality products. This year, we have found 6 new suppliers from the Chinese mainland for different items including connectors, plugs and sockets. We will acquire samples and check their quality and specifications. This is the best place for us to source electronic components and parts. We come here every year to find new suppliers and enrich our offerings. Everything has been well managed with excellent support throughout the exhibition.”
Alf Kreimendahl, Owner & CEO, BKL-ELECTRONIC Kreimendahl GmbH, Germany


img3. “DVCOM specialises in the provision of IP telephony, video conferencing and networking solutions for customers in UAE, the Middle East and North Africa. We also distributes different brands of IP-based communications products. This is my first visit to electronicAsia to explore sourcing opportunities. I am now in touch with a Hong Kong company for its smart home solution. The smart access systems offered by two Chinese mainland exhibitors are quite interesting. We will discuss further and the potential orders are estimated at US$10,000 each. I have also identified some potential suppliers of battery and cable items. This is a very nice exhibition where we can find what we want.”
Hashim Kormath, Technical Manager, DVCOM Technology, UAE


img4. “ICZOO specialises in the supply of semiconductors in Japan. Headquartered in Osaka, we are trading various electronic parts and components to customers in Japan, Europe and USA. This is my third-year visit to electronicAsia to source suitable products. So far, I have found two new suppliers for semiconductors through the organiser’s business matching meetings and will place initial orders after negotiation. They include Unisonic Technologies Co., Ltd. from Taiwan and United Sources Industrial Enterprises Limited from Hong Kong. This is a very good fair featuring a lot of interesting products. I look forward to meeting more suppliers here in the next couple of days.”
Ken Matsumiya, President, ICZOO Corp., Japan


img5. “In business for 21 years, Impet Computers is an importer of computer accessories as well as mobile and audio accessories. We also produce a range of products under our own brand. Major markets include Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. electronicAsia is a well-orangised fair with a lot of exhibits. I have found a Taiwanese supplier for cables and a Shenzhen-based supplier for battery chargers at the fair this year. Samples will be tested and the size of orders can be up to US$100,000 each. This fair provides a good sourcing platform. I can always find new products here.”
Ryszard Antolak (left), CEO, Impet Computers Sp. z o.o., Poland


img6. “Established in 1999, M.P. El is an importer and distributor of electronic components in Bulgaria. This is my first-ever visit to electronicAsia. It has been a rewarding trip as I have found several new suppliers for relays from Taiwan and the Chinese mainland. A small-sized high-power relay designed by one of the Taiwanese suppliers is especially interesting. Talks are also underway with a Hong Kong battery distributor, a Taiwanese supplier for terminal blocks, a Korean company for passive components and two Chinese mainland suppliers for switches. The order size will be up to 100,000 pieces per item a year. This fair offers an interesting mix of products and we can find quality suppliers here.”

Penka Mitkova Kalacheva, Purchasing Manager, M.P. El Ltd., Bulgaria

img7. “Established in 1987, Semicon distributes various brands of electronic components for sale in Poland and Eastern Europe. We are also engaged in electronic manufacturing service and specialises in the production of laser modules for medical, industrial and military applications. At present, we source products mainly from Switzerland, Germany and the UK. electronicAsia offers a good sourcing alternative for us. I have identified at least 20 potential suppliers from Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and Taiwan for different items such as connectors, power inlets and sensors. I would like to come again to explore more opportunities.”

Mariusz Sochacki, Product Manager, Semicon Sp. z o.o., Poland

img8. “Summit Electronic Components is a Thai company engaged in PCB assembly and different manufacturing services. We provide a comprehensive range of services and products to support the consumer electronics industry worldwide. We purchase a lot of components and parts from Japanese brands but are actively sourcing non-Japanese items to cope with market demand. This is my second visit to electronicAsia to find something new and special. I have already established contact with three potential partners from Hong Kong including a PCB manufacturer and two distributors of various components and parts. I expect to place orders at US$50,000 each. This is a great fair where we can find quality products at reasonable prices.”

Sunitchaya Thahan, Procurement Manager, Summit Electronic Components Co., Ltd., Thailand


Industy Experts’ Quotes

img1. “Sensor technology plays an important role in the era of digitalisation. You can now integrate sensors with smart products, smart factories and smart business models that represent three important pillars of the digitalisation process. If you want to realise a smart product, you need sensors. For a smart factory, you need sensors. If you want to fulfil customer needs with a new smart business model, you need also sensors. For example, a smart refrigerator needs a sensor to keep a track of the stock and it must be connected to the Internet of Things or the Internet to determine whenever a food item needs to be replenished. In the case of a smart factory, it is important that you know what is going on in the process of production so sensors can help to navigate and to track the products closely.”

Prof Dr. Ing. Markus Hald, Head of Competence Centre of Applied Sensor Systems, Darmstadt University of Applied Science (Germany)


img2. “Flexible electronics is now a requirement for the market. The printed electronics technology can help to make flexible electronics really flexible and even stretchable in some applications so that it is really close to the body. Flexible electronics needs to be as thin as possible and as lightweight as possible. The automotive industry is actively adopting flexible electronics by integrating flexible light elements. This trend is also gaining pace in other sectors from sports goods to medical applications where sensors are integrated with devices on the body to measure the body’s functions and transmit data automatically to smartphones or even doctors. We will see tremendous potential for future growth as major companies are taking the lead to leverage on flexible electroncis technology to create products with enhanced functionality and higher values.”

Mr Wolfgang Mildner, Founder and CEO, MSWTech (Germany)


img3. “Flexible electronics is transforming the way we make and use electronic devices. Companies are keen to engage new technology to print flexible electronic on plastic film to create products with unique features. The adoption of transparent conductive films in the touch panel market is a good example of the trend. The way forward is to embrace flexible electronics to provide value-added products with new functionality at lower cost to stay competitive in the marketplace. Flexible electronics technology will inspire innovation. We will definitely see more and more applications in different business sectors as companies strive to do better.”

Prof Zheng Cui, Director of Printable Electronics Research Center, Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics, China Academy of Science