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Exhibitors' Quotes
img1. “Okystar Technology specialises in the provision of micro controller boards and modules as well as starter learning kits and sensor modules. Our boards and modules, designed to enable DIY solutions, are widely adopted by educational institutions, training centres and IT companies.  This is our first-time participation in electronicAsia to showcase our strengths and extend exposure. Major highlights are our newly-developed smart home automation and lighting control modules. The feedback has been quite strong. Shortly after the opening of the fair, some existing customers have visited our booth. We’ve also met with some new customers from different places such as Argentina, Columbia and Portugal. The fair has attracted a good flow of visitors and serves as a solid platform to reach out to international buyers.

Erica Teng, General Manager, Sales Department, Okystar Technology Co Ltd, Chinese mainland
img2. “In business since 1981, RCL is a well-established Hong Kong brand specialising the production of mono LCDs, TFT colour displays and touch panels. Up to 90% of our products are for exports with Europe being the biggest market. We have been exhibiting at electronicAsia for many years. We are showcasing more enhanced displays and larger-sized panels this year to meet the growing demand of customers. The show is a great place to expand our customer base and we are especially keen to find buyers from emerging markets like Russia, India and South America. We’re quite happy with the initial response. Several new buyers from USA, Brazil and India have already expressed interest in our products. This is an international trade fair drawing a diversity of visitors from different parts of the world. We can always secure new buyers here.

Samuel Chi Fai Ng, Senior Sales and Marketing Manager, RCL Display Limited, Hong Kong
img3. “With a history of 28 years, Transfer Multisort Elektronic is an online distributor of electronic components based in Poland. We represent over 900 brands from USA, Europe and Asia offering a great variety of parts and components. Our customers spread over 140 countries worldwide. We have opened an office in Shenzhen to expand presence in the Chinese mainland and Asia. This is our debut at electronicAsia to raise our profile and find more customers. We’ve got in touch with many potential customers including manufacturers and traders from the Chinese mainland, India, Germany, Sweden and Italy. We’ve also met with some existing suppliers here. This fair is well organised and everything has been taken care of efficiently. We’re very pleased with the results. We will definitely participate in the fair again next year.

Dagmara Głowacka (right), Marketing Manager of China Operation, Transfer Multisort Elektronik Sp. z o.o., Poland
img4. “In business for over 40 years, Technik is a leading supplier of high quality electronic connectors such as waterproof audio sockets, stereo jacks and USB. Our brand TIC has been well established and recognised worldwide as a trusted manufacturer of quality and reliable products. USB 3.1 Type 3 connector series continues to be a major highlight for our exhibition this year. Many buyers have approached us and expressed interest in our products. There are many Korean buyers who have demonstrated strong interest particularly in our USB 3.1 Type 3 series. Some buyers from USA and Europe have also approached us. electronicAsia is an important trade fair for us every year to promote our products and extend our presence. We offer quality products while HKTDC provide an excellent platform to facilitate exchanges. This is a win-win strategy for business development.”

William B.Y. Chui, President, Technik Industrial Company Limited, Hong Kong
img5. “SVI has been participating in electronicAsia for many years. This fair offers a perfect platform to find new customers and expand our business. SVI is a leading EMS service provider in Thailand with a strong customer base covering different sectors from industrial products to medical services, automotive & transportation, telecommunication and automotive business. Our new factory in Cambodia has enhanced our capability and efficiency to meet customer needs. Through the exhibition last year, we successfully developed business with a medical group from France. This year, we’ve established contact with more new customers from different places such as Japan, USA, Italy and Germany. They expressed serious interest in our solutions. The results are even better than last year. We are very satisfied.

Kanusit Boonrukvanit (right), Business Development Manager, SVI Public Company Limited, Thailand
img6. “Bondtec produces a wide range of products like membrane switches, flexible PCBs, name plates and rubber keypads in Taiwan. We take pride in the quality of our products to satisfy customers’ demand. At present, our products are primarily sold in Taiwan. We are participating in electronicAsia for the first time. This is also our first-ever overseas exhibition to expand international sales. Many buyers have come to our booth to explore business cooperation, including customers from UK, USA, Turkey, India, Japan, Korea and the Chinese mainland. Several buyers from India, Turkey and USA expressed particularly strong interest in our membrane switches and showed us images of specifications they are looking for. This fair draws a diverse range of quality buyers from different places and they are serious about doing business.”

Ting Hao Ye, Sales Executive, Bondtec Technology Co., Ltd., Taiwan
img7. “Established in 1995, Chih Kang specialises in sheet metal fabrication with about 300 staff in Taiwan. Our sheet metal products, made of different materials like stainless steel, aluminum alloy and tin plate, cater to the needs of different industries including telecommunication, medical service and power supply equipment. At present, exports account for about 30-40% of our business. We are participating in electronicAsia for the first time to promote export sales. Hong Kong is a business hub for international buyers. That’s why we come here to explore new business opportunities. We’ve received serious enquiries from some buyers from Australia, USA, Thailand, UK and Brazil. We are very impressed by the organiser’s commitment to making the fair a success.”

Doris Huang (right), Sales Representative, Chih Kang Material Company Ltd., Taiwan
img8. “Founded in 2004, Ghitron specialises in the provision of self-developed humidity sensors in Taiwan. We also provide a variety of ODM solutions for humidity control with temperature and carbon dioxide detection or VOC sensors that suit customers’ needs. This is our first-time participation in electronicAsia to promote our humidity sensors and reach out to more international buyers. The response has been very positive. We’ve met with a number of buyers from different places, especially those engaged in IoT-related businesses. They include customers from India, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, Italy, Canada, Israel and Argentina. Some of the Indian buyers are really keen to develop business with us. This fair is well organised and has drummed up a lot of international interest in our products. We are positive about the business prospect.”

Chun-Yuan Lee (middle), President, Ghitron Technology Co., Ltd., Taiwan
img9. “Gloso focuses on the design of computer peripherals in Taiwan. We are making our first-time appearance at electronicAsia to launch a new precision touchpad series. The large-sized touchpad, self-developed by Gloso, is designed to perform various gesture functions specifically on Windows 10 desktops and laptops. A keyboard version with this precision touchpad is also on offer. Some large-sized manufacturers of computer peripherals from France, Korea and other places are currently exploring OEM and ODM cooperation with us on this new touchpad. We’ve received enquiries from some buyers at this fair including those from USA, Taiwan, the Philippines and Italy. We look forward to developing business with them.”

David Lee, R&D Manager, Gloso Co., Ltd., Taiwan
img10. “The Zettler brand was founded in 1877 in Germany and the group’s headquarters is now located in California, USA. Xiamen Zettler is the manufacturing arm specialising in the design and production of high-quality electronic components including TFT and LCD modules, LED displays, transformers, power modules, solar relays and controls. We are showcasing a wide range of products at electronicAsia this year to expand our presence worldwide. A large number of buyers have made enquiries about our products and they are keen to explore business development with us. We’ve met with buyers from different places like Korea, Japan, India and Brazil. Several buyers from Spain and Germany have expressed serious interest in particular and further talks will be held to conclude business. The feedback has been quite encouraging. This fair offers a great place to find new customers. We will come again next year to find more buyers and explore business opportunities.”

Kathy Li, International Sales Director, Xiamen Zettler Electronics Co., Ltd., Chinese mainland
img11. “In business for 20 years, Hunan Corun is a Shanghai-listed enterprise specialising in the design and production of high performance batteries and energy packs for consumers and industrial uses. We boast strong manufacturing capability with 6 production centres in the Chinese mainland and a factory in Japan. electronicAsia serves as a valuable platform for us to promote a wide range of batteries and energy packs including Li-ion battery, Ni-MH battery and automotive power battery. This year’s showcase has attracted strong interest from many international buyers including those from Argentina, Korea, Italy, France and USA. Many of them are particularly interested in our Li-ion battery for electric bicycles, scooters and self-balance scooters. There is a growing trend of such electric gear worldwide, giving rise to demand for our battery. We are developing more high-end battery products for customers’ everyday applications. This fair is a perfect place to showcase our latest offerings, raise profile and reach out to more overseas customers.”

Starry Tong, Marketing Minister, Marketing Center, Battery and Material Division, Hunan Corun New Energy Co., Ltd., Chinese mainland
img12. “This is the fourth year we’ve organised a Taiwan Pavilion at electronicAsia to promote the export of Taiwan’s electronic parts and components. A total of 37 companies are gathering here, spreading 48 booths to promote a wide range of products ranging from switches, to resistors, capacitors and inductors. Most of the companies have participated in the fair before. Taiwanese companies are very positive about the Hong Kong fair’s effectiveness in finding international buyers and expanding business. Our association organises a number of trade fairs for Taiwanese companies to explore business opportunities every year. They highly value electronicAsia and always put the fair on the must-attend list. The traffic of visitors is very good this year. We’re pleased to meet with so many different buyers, especially those from USA and Europe. This is the perfect place to network and develop new business with overseas customers.”

Cony Huang, Project Manager, Mainland Affairs Department, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association, Taiwan


Buyers' Quotes
img1. “Pearlco Enterprise is a supplier of semiconductors in India. We have established a strong clientele especially in lighting manufacturing, home automation and mobile transmission. We currently source products mainly from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Singapore. This is our first visit to electronicAsia to source all kinds of active and passive components. So far, we have found three new suppliers from Hong Kong and Taiwan who provide a variety of quality semiconductors. We intend to place orders worth around HK$50,000 to HK$60,000 each with the new suppliers. This is an excellent fair offering a mix of quality suppliers and products. It is a fascinating journey as there is so much to see and choose from. We would like to visit the fair again.”

Sandeep K (left), Owner, Pearlco Enterprise, India
img2. “Founded in 2005, SFAS is supplying SSD storage, RAM and other PC components under our own brand in Russia. We also sell products to countries in Eastern Europe. I am visiting electronicAsia for the first time to source suitable products for our business development. On the first day of exhibition, I have established contact with two new suppliers from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan. Their RAM and SSD storage products look very appealing. We will order for 100 pieces each of RAM and SSD storage at the start. This fair is really good with so many exhibitors offering different items.”

Sergey Biryukov, CEO, SFAS, Russia
img3. “In business for seven years, Campus is a wholesaler and distributor of electronic components in India. This is my first visit to electronicAsia to explore new sourcing opportunities. So far, I have identified 5 to 6 new suppliers from the Chinese mainland for TFT colour panels and thermal printers. I will conclude an order worth US$14,000 soon with a Shenzhen-based supplier for TFT panels. Negotiation is being held with another Chinese mainland supplier for resettable fuses. This fair is very successful. There are so many different electronic components and peripheral items on offer. The results have been better than expected. I will visit the fair again next year.”

Akhilesh Kumar, Managing Director, Campus Component Pvt. Ltd., India
img4. “Based in Malaysia, ImaxTech is a leading player in the provision of electronic components with business presence across the region. We also design and provide integrated solutions for government departments and overseas customers. I like visiting electronicAsia to source new products. This year, I found some new products with existing supplier Mobicon Holdings Ltd from Hong Kong. I am placing an order worth US$50,000 to US$60,000 for LCDs and measurement instruments. Talks are also underway with several new suppliers from the Chinese mainland for GPS-related tracking devices including cameras and sensors, the orders will worth between US$100,000 and US$200,000. This is an excellent fair offering a variety of latest products. It’s a great chance to meet suppliers and find something new from them.”

CH Ooi, General Manager, ImaxTech Electronics Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia
img5. “Ohtori is a well-known distributor of electronic parts, semiconductors and measurement instruments in Japan. At present, we source various electronic parts and components from suppliers in Taiwan mainly. electronicAsia is always a good sourcing platform for business development. So far this year, I have found some interesting products from three Taiwanese suppliers including motors for automotive applications from Sha Yang Ye Industrial Co., sensors from Oncque Corporation and sheet metal from Chih Kang Material Company Ltd. Potential orders are up to 10,000 pieces for motors and 100,000 pieces for sensors. I am pleased with what I’ve got from the fair.”

Seiji Miura, Manager, Nagoya Global Marketing Section, Global Marketing Department, Ohtori Corporation, Japan
img6. “FABtronics is a leading semiconductor distributor in Singapore, offering high-quality microprocessors, microcontrollers and active ICs primarily. I am visiting electronicAsia for the first time to extend sourcing channels. I’ve got in touch with some existing Hong Kong-based suppliers to negotiate orders for new components. Talks are underway with 4 to 5 new suppliers from Taiwan and the Chinese mainland for some passive electronic components such as diodes, resonators and oscillators. This is a fantastic fair with a broad range of electronic components on offer. The organisers have done a good job. It’s a highly recommended trade fair.”

Abbas Kuvawalla, Managing Director, FABtronics Pte Ltd, Singapore
img7. “Inaba Denki Sangyo is a distributor of electrical equipment and materials in Japan. We also provide a variety of industrial solutions and develop proprietary products. I am visiting electronicAsia for the first time to source new products and learn about the latest market development. I have got in touch with over 50 exhibitors at the fair. Some of the potential suppliers are providing electronic components such as PCBs, power cords and condensers. A 3D printer on offer also looks quite appealing. At the concurrent Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition), I’ve spotted some interesting products like VR devices and virtual projectors. I have collected a lot of product information and catalogues, and will discuss with colleagues in Japan to explore business development. This is a rewarding journey. I really enjoyed the visit.”

Royoji Ogura, Salesperson, Industrial Machinery Division, Electronic Devices, Inaba Denki Sangyo Co., Ltd., Japan
img8. “With a business history of 7 years, Audio Press Box is a manufacturer of audio and visual products in Slovak Republic. Our solutions enable customers to set up presentations and events with an instant transmission of audio and visual signals. This is our first visit to electronicAsia to source electronic components. We have identified about 25 potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan for different items including capacitors, light pipes, switches and small-sized audio transformers. The suppliers will provide more product information and the pricing details by email while our engineering team will check the quality of their samples. Potential orders are expected to involve 5,000-10,000 capacitors, 52,000 light pipes, 50,000 switches and 5,000-10,000 audio transformers. This fair has so much on offer and is a very good sourcing place for electronic components.”

Ivan Samuhel, International Sales Director, Audio Press Box, Slovak Republic
img9. “Established in 1998, ESIKA specialises in PCB assembling in Czech Republic. Our PCBs are applied to automotive, telecommunications, identification systems, medical technology, fire systems, measurement instruments and control systems. At present, we source electronic components mainly from suppliers in Europe and USA. We’re pleased to visit electronicAsia for the first time to find new suppliers. We have established contact with a number of potential suppliers from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland for a wide range of electronic components. Testing will be carried out for the components to ensure their quality before we conclude business cooperation. This fair offers a good sourcing alternative as we can find suppliers with better choices at lower prices here. It opens up new business opportunities for our growth.”

Jaroslav Křivánek (right), CEO, ESIKA, s.r.o., Czech Republic
img10. “As Australia’s largest online marketplace, eBay Australia & New Zealand connects people with the products they want to sell and buy. We are keen to connect more brands to enrich the product offerings on our platform. I am responsible for product sourcing and inventory management for the company. This year, I am visiting electronicAsia as well as Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) to find new and interesting products. While electronicAsia showcases many electronic components and parts, Hong Kong Electronics Fair has a lot of consumer items on offer. I have got in touch with many potential suppliers and will explore cooperation with them. Besides components and parts, other appealing items include automotive chargers, smartphone accessories, Bluetooth earphones, speakers and power banks. It’s great to be able to visit two fairs under one roof, enabling me to explore more opportunities at the same time.”

Eric Hao, Sourcing Manager, eBay Australia & New Zealand Pty Limited, Australia