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Exhibitors' and Buyers' Quotes
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eAsia Exhibitors

1. “The first company to introduce silicone semiconductor technology in India, Continental Device has been in business for over 50 years. We produce a comprehensive range of semiconductors for domestic and export sales. ElectronicAsia is a major trade fair for us every year to grow business. In addition to finding buyers through the exhibition, we are exploring strategic alliance with other manufacturers wishing to expand into the Indian market. The results have been terrific. We are now discussing with three companies from the Chinese mainland for possible manufacturing cooperation. Some 40 buyers visited our booth in the first two days of exhibition. We’ve found 10 to 12 good leads from different countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Germany, UK and Russia. They are engaged in different businesses like audio & video, mobile charging, home appliances and automotive industry. We are really pleased with what we’ve got from the fair.”
Pankaj Gulati, Executive Vice President & COO, Continental Device India Ltd., India

2. “In business for 17 years, Creative Chips is a Germany-based semiconductor manufacturer of custom-specific ICs for industrial, automotive and consumer applications. We also provide off-the-shelf products to meet customer needs. The company produces 60 million devices a year. This is our fourth-year participation in electronicAsia to promote our technology for sensor communication with CPU. The response has been very positive again. We have got in touch with a diversity of customers from different places including the Chinese mainland, Taiwan, Australia, Russia, Europe, Turkey and Israel within the first two days of exhibition. Further negotiation will take place while it usually takes at least one year to conclude cooperation and orders. This fair is the best of its kind in Asia Pacific for the business development of semiconductors and components. The exhibition result is satisfying.”

Adi Katav, General Manager, Creative Chips GmbH, Germany

3. “Established in 1987, Dong Yang is a leading player in the production of thermal link fuses in Korea. We put strong emphasis on quality, fast lead time delivery and customer relationship. As product lifecycle gets shorter and market competition is strong, Dong Yang always strives to come up with something new for customers. We participate in electronicAsia every year to showcase new products and promote our brand. We’ve received positive buyers’ feedback again this year. Some Asian customers have expressed interest in our protection devices. This fair is a must-attend event for us. All customers know we are exhibiting here every year. This fair allows us to share information and market insights with other exhibitors and industry players. We also take the chance to make more people understand the features of our devices.”
Sung-Woong Yoon, Director, Dong Yang Electronics Co., Ltd., Korea


4. “General Circuit is engaged in the manufacturing of membrane switches, touch panels, silicone rubber keyboards and flexible PCBs. In business for 20 years, we are committed to providing custom-made solutions with value-added services to meet customer needs. electronicAsia has always been a major trading platform for our business development over the years. We have received enquiries from different customers again this year. They include buyers from Brazil, Turkey, Italy, Sweden and Germany. It is good to see the fair being held in a unique and professional environment. People visiting our booth are all serious buyers with genuine demand. It will take some time to develop business with the new contacts. This fair is definitely the meeting place for all industry players.”
Candy Leung, Sales Executive, General Circuit International Ltd., Hong Kong


5. “Established in 1978, Kuan Kun is Taiwan’s leading manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, conductive polymer aluminum solid capacitors and conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors. We provide a comprehensive range of capacitors for different industries from consumer electronics and lighting to PCs, automotive and industrial products. We take pride in our commitment to quality, R&D and green initiatives to come up with new products continuously and meet customers’ needs. electronicAsia is a major trading platform to raise our profile internationally. We have been participating in this fair over the years to promote our products and corporate branding. The results have been very encouraging. We are able to secure new customers every year and that really helps expand our business presence. One of the major highlights for this year’s exhibition is our new polymer hybrid series for automotive applications. We’ve received positive responses. A number of buyers have made enquiries and they are coming from different places such as India, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Denmark. We love exhibiting here. Everything is professionally run and well managed.”
Derrick Shih, Sales Director, Kuan Kun Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd., Taiwan


6. “Mobicon always finds electronicAsia a solid platform to promote products and explore new business opportunities. We have been participating in this fair for many years. This year’s exhibition seeks to further promote the branded displays, instruments and components we distribute. One of the major highlights is Clover Display’s products and we provide associated MCU total solution service for customers. Another focus of attention is the professional tools by Rigol brand such as digital oscilloscopes and spectrum analysers for R&D and laboratory applications. We are also marketing our tempered glass table series that is made in Hong Kong featuring our own design and technology. Our booth is in a prominent location of the fairground and has attracted a lot of interest. The response has been even better than last year. Everything has been well organised here. The VIP lounge service is excellent allowing us to meet and network with buyers in a relaxed and comfortable environment.”
Measure KF Hung, Chairman, Mobicon Holdings Ltd, Hong Kong


7. “Founded in 1981, RCL is a leading display manufacturer providing various customised LCD and TFT solutions Competition is fierce in the market and we always strive to come up with innovative offerings for customers. We have been participating in electronicAsia over the years. The response has been quite good this year. We have met with a number of overseas buyers including those from USA, Germany, Denmark, UK and Italy. Purchasing interest in small-sized TFT displays is particularly strong. This is an important trade fair and we are able to secure new buyers every year. It offers a good platform to explore new projects with new customers.”
Derek Kit Ho Wong, Senior Marketing Manager, RCL Display Limited, Hong Kong


8. “Founded in 1985, SVI is a leading EMS service provider in Thailand, employing more than 3,300 staff. We serve a wide spectrum of businesses from industrial products to office automation, automotive & transportation and medical products. Over 90% of our clients come from Europe. This is our fifth-year participation in electronicAsia to promote our service to more international customers. We’ve achieved positive results over the past four years and established business ties with new customers from Japan, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Today is the just the first day of this year’s exhibition. It’s too early to predict the outcome but we are positive about the prospect. electronicAsia is a major trade fair in Asia for all industry players to gather and do business. That’s why we exhibit here to raise our exposure. Everything is well organised. It’s also a good meeting place to strengthen relationships with existing customers.”
Kanusit Boonrukvanit (left), Business Development Manager, SVI Public Company Limited, Thailand


9. “We have brought together a total of 38 enterprises to showcase a wide range of electronic components and parts in Taiwan Pavilion this year. Many of them participate in electronicAsia every year. There are many interesting items on offer including switches, resistors, capacitors and inductors. The response has been quite positive. Some of our participating companies have got in touch with many new contacts. electronicAsia is really an international fair attracting a number of professional buyers with genuine purchasing needs. Buyers are coming from everywhere such as Europe, USA, Australia, the Middle East and South America. This is an irreplaceable and professionally-run event. Many Taiwanese companies love to come here to promote products and find buyers.”
Louis Yang, Project Manager, Mainland Affairs Department, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association, Taiwan


10. “Established in 1978, Technik specialises in the manufacturing of high quality electronic connectors such as waterproof audio sockets, stereo jacks and USB. Products are selling to different markets worldwide from USA and Europe to Korea, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. One of our highlights for this year’s exhibition is USB 3.1 Type 3 series which has attracted a lot of interest from buyers. We’ve received strong enquiries from overseas buyers including some customers from USA and Hungary. The results have been better than last year as we’ve got more new contacts expressing serious interest in our products. Some of them have requested us to show them detailed design and specifications. This is the best fair for us to promote products and business effectively. That’s why we have been participating in the event over the years.”
Annkie K.S. Lam, Manager, Technik Industrial Company Limited, Hong Kong

11. “We are happy to showcase our latest display offerings at electronicAsia again this year. This is a well-established platform drawing so many international buyers and we are capitalising on this opportunity to keep customers abreast of our newest development. Our AMOLED production line is due to be operational in the fourth quarter of 2016 and that is a major highlight of our exhibition this year. AMOLED is the way forward for the development of panel displays given its advantages in energy saving, high colour saturation and visibility. This fair always opens new business opportunities allowing us to establish good business contacts and find new buyers every year. To grow our business, we are investing more capital to upgrade our production facilities to meet market needs. At the same time, we continue to participate in electronicAsia to explore more market opportunities. This fair is an excellent place to promote products, find buyers and interact with industry players.”

Murphy W.C. Cheung, General Manager, Global Sales & Marketing, Truly Semiconductors Ltd., Hong Kong


12. “We have been participating in electronicAsia since 2011. This fair offers a solid platform for us to promote products and expand presence worldwide. Again, we are showcasing our latest designs this year including bar type TFT-LCD screen and ultra-bright sunlight readable TFT-LCD series. Another highlight is our newly-developed digital box with integrated see-through LCD display that allows for video and promotional showcases. We’ve met with some serious buyers from different places such as Russia, Brazil, USA, Finland, Germany and UK. We will discuss further with the potential customers and provide the pricing details according to their specific requirements. This fair effectively draws buyers and opens up new opportunities. We are satisfied with the standard of service and organisation.” Ryan Tsang Chun Sun, Sales and Marketing Manager, Santek Hong Kong Limited, Hong Kong


13. “As a first-time exhibitor in electronicAsia, Tokyo Weld Co., Ltd. is delighted that this trade fair serves as a platform to introduce our company to the electronic components industry.  Our exhibit, 6 Surface AOI, Model: TWA-4100 series, is the industry’s fastest machine, capable of manufacturing 9000 pieces per minute! We are excited to showcase our product’s capabilities to meet the needs of component manufacturers.”
Katsuyoshi Kodera, General Manager, Vision Inspection Machine Division, TOKYO WELD Co., Ltd, Japan


14. “electronicAsia never fails to bring new quality buyers to this trade fair. The positive results which generated sales have determined HY Electronic (Cayman) Limited’s presence at every electronicAsia in Hong Kong! We provide solutions to our clients through the integration of design and manufacturing.  As a one-stop-shop service provider, starting from wafer fabrication with stringent quality checks right through to the packaging process, HY Electronic is able to deliver quality products to clients. We carry a comprehensive product range which includes Rectifier Diode, Bridge Rectifier, Schottyky Barrier Rectifier, Power Mosfet, Fast Recovery Epixany Dioxide, LED driver IC (CLD), and IGBT modules.”
Kevin Huang, Marketing Dept. Manager for HY Electronic (Cayman) Limited, Taiwan
15. “Memory Protection Devices, Inc. (MPD), incorporated in 1980, is a global manufacturer of battery holders, battery contacts, auto plugs, auto sockets, fuse holders, DC jacks, DC plugs, and other electronic interconnect components and devices. We believe that our components should fit easily into your designs, which is why we are always creating innovative new products.  In September 2016, we successfully launched our new product, “Patented Lithium Battery Holder”, specially created for PCB use.  We were delighted that buyers from Europe, Russia and South America stopped by our booth to enquire about our products. International prospects are what we expect to see at electronicAsia compared to other regional electronics trade fairs and that is the reason we have exhibited at this important trade fair since 2010.
Tom Blaha, President for Memory Protection Devices, Inc., USA


16. “Sung Mun Electronics Co., Ltd is a manufacturer for LED Modules and Switches.  Our most popular products, Rotary DIP Switches, are certified with ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001. The buyer missions put together by the show organisers created an impact at this trade fair.  We have benefited from it as these buyers have visited our booth, which has given us a substantial number of prospects for our business. We are glad that electronicAsia can help our company expand our market share globally.”
Jewel Kim, Asst. Manager, Overseas Sales Dept, Sung Mun Electronics Co., Ltd, Korea



eAsia Buyers


1. “With a business history of about 30 years, Buzz Audio is a New Zealand-based manufacturer of professional audio and recording products. Our products are exported to markets worldwide. We currently source various electronic components locally. I am visiting electronicAsia for the first time to find new suppliers who can provide cheaper and better solutions. Connectors, switches, displays and specialist transformers are among what I am looking for here. So far, I’ve got in touch with five potential suppliers from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. Further negotiation will be conducted with them to discuss the pricing and details of cooperation. This fair features a lot of choices and has been professionally run. I expect to see the fair grow even bigger in the years to come.”

Tim Farrant, Managing Director, Buzz Audio Ltd, New Zealand


2. “We launched our electronic components business in 1987 and then extended to the sale of electronic instruments and security systems under the brand of Free Electron. With the advent of technology, the company is now expanding into the provision of smart home solutions. That’s why we are visiting electronicAsia and Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) this year to find new and interesting products. So far, we’ve already found five to six potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland for HDMI converters, sensors, IoT-related products, security devices, LED lighting and electronic instruments. Their products are innovative and of good quality. We are waiting for the pricing details and our engineers will look into the quality of samples. Initial orders are expected to be about US$50,000 to US$100,000. If market responses are good, we will place more orders. The two fairs have so much on offer. We will come again to find more suppliers.”

Pabio F. Bruscantini (left), Engineer, Federico Bruscantini SRL, Argentina


3. “Established in 1989, IQ Group is a leading manufacturer of LED lighting in Malaysia. Our production facilities are located in Penang of Malaysia and Dongguan of the Chinese mainland. I am visiting electronciAsia for the first time to enhancing our sourcing. So far, I have found four to five new suppliers from Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and Taiwan for PCBs, sensors, cables, capacitors, connectors and lead wires. We will continue to discuss and explore cooperation. The suppliers will send us samples and the pricing details for consideration. Initial orders will involve 10,000 to 20,000 pieces each with the suppliers upon successful negotiation. This fair offers a lot to see and choose. I am very impressed by the scale and the rich variety of exhibits.”
Brenda Chew, Purchasing Executive, IQ Group Sdn Bhd, Malaysia


4. “MDT specialises in the design of IoT smart devices with particular focus on security systems as well as identity and mobility solutions. Our company is the fourth most popular IoT provider in Asia. Major markets include India, the Chinese mainland, Indonesia, Australia, Africa and ASEAN countries. electronicAsia is an excellent fair offering good business opportunities. I visit the fair every year. I have found some business partners through the business matchings this year. Negotiation is underway with German exhibitor Creative Chips GmbH for a partnership on customised IC design. I have also got in touch with two Hong Kong companies to discuss cooperation in the outsourcing of Bluetooth module design for various applications and the customisation of value-added features in IoT solutions. The business matching meetings worked out very well. It’s perfect matching for us.”

Liew Choon Lian, Group Chairman & CEO, MDT Innovations Sdn Bhd, Malaysia


5. “In business for seven years, Nitere specialises in the supply of panel displays for ATM machines of banking institutions in Brazil. We usually source panel displays from suppliers in Taiwan. This is my first visit to electronicAsia to explore new sourcing opportunities. I am looking for panel displays and motherboards. The result has been quite encouraging. In the first couple of hours, I’ve already found three potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland. Their panel displays look really nice with good specifications and the pricing is attractive. We are likely to enter into business with them after further negotiation. If things work out smoothly, the initial order will involve several thousand pieces of panel displays. This is a good fair with excellent organisation. I will definitely come again.”
Carlos Antônio Rodrigues, Director, Nitere, Brazil


6. “Our company is one of the biggest wholesalers of electronic products in Poland. We distribute a wide range of consumer electronics, accessories and components with about 10,000 different products on offer. This is our first-time visit to electronicAsia and Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition). I am leading a five-member team to source various electronic accessories and components such as cables, chargers, LED, connectors, relays, fuses and sockets. So far, we have established contact with about 100 exhibitors and they are offering many interesting products. We expect to conclude some deals and orders soon. This fair features a great variety of products and suppliers. We have found a lot of good items and intend to spend over US$1 million for different products upon successful negotiation. This is really a good sourcing platform.”
Radosław Leszek, Co-Owner, Prolech R. i S. Leszek Sp. J., Poland


7. “PTL specialises in the provision of solar power products and solutions. Our major markets extend from the Middle East to Africa, India and Sri Lanka. At present, we source products directly from suppliers in USA, the Chinese mainland and Japan. This is my first visit to electronicAsia to find new products and new suppliers. I have established contact with three exhibitors from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland for flexible and portable solar panel systems. Negotiation is underway with a Hong Kong exhibitor whose solar panels are especially attractive. We will get the pricing details and look into the quality of samples soon. If everything works out well, we will place an initial order of US$5,000 for the panels. Further discussions will also be conducted with the other two exhibitors to explore cooperation. This fair can really facilitate business development. I will definitely visit the show again.”
Vinoth Babu, Sales Engineer, PTL Solar Fz LLC, UAE


8. “TDL is engaged in the import and wholesale business distributing a wide range of products from consumer electronics to satellite TV, automotive audio and security items in Canada. We are one of the biggest players in the business. At present, we source products from suppliers in USA, Mexico, Taiwan, the Chinese mainland. I am visiting electronicAsia for the first time to explore new opportunities. So far, I have found five new suppliers from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland for security items, TV antennae and wireless HDMI signal devices. Their products are of very good quality. I will place orders for one container of products with each of the suppliers. Total amount of orders will be worth about US$200,000 and the deals are expected to be concluded in the coming week. This is really a good start. I like this fair. Everything has been so organised. I would love to come again to source more products.”

Shawn Tennier, Purchasing Director, TDL, Canada


9. “With a business history of over 100 years, Toshiba Medical is the largest medical equipment maker in Japan providing a variety of professional devices for CT scan, MRI, X-ray, ultrasound and clinical analysis. We are pleased to be here looking for suitable electronic components and parts. electronicAsia offers a wide range of items and we are able to find some medical-related products. We are now in talks with three potential suppliers from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland for flex boards and cooling fans that can be used in our medical devices. Further negotiation will be held with the suppliers for the pricing details and product specifications. Our engineers will also look closely into the product quality. This is a nice fair. We’ve found something good for our applications.”
Keita Takikawa, General Manager, Medical System Procurement Department, Toshiba Medical Systems Co., Japan


eAsia Speakers


1. “The rise in VR and AR technologies will make the world very different in the years to come. Today, a number of companies are racing to jump on the bandwagon to tap the tremendous opportunities arising from the new technologies. The first wave is expected to focus on VR-backed games. We reckon some two million VR game devices will come on stream in 2016. Special applications related to medical, educational, manufacturing and other activities probably will join the excitement in 2017. The pace of applications for the more demanding and costly AR technology may be slower than that of VR.  But it is certainly drawing extensive interest particularly in B2B applications now. The prospect looks good and we expect to see further improvements in various aspects of the technologies such as enhancing the computing speed, reducing the size of devices and making them more affordable. Another issue is tackling the undesirable motion sickness when using VR or AR devices. We will definitely see VR and AR technologies getting their way into our business and everyday life in the next three to five years. With the technologies getting increasingly mature and sophisticated, VR and AR devices will become popular items we use and carry every day.”
Alex Hou, Industry Analyst & Project Manager, IEK, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan


2. “Wearables are everywhere in electronic shows today. There are plenty of smart watches and fitness bands on offer and we expect to see much more coming on stream. We are still in a very early stage in this market. In the years to come, many products will be smart watch-based. We see a lot of activity being developed around our ears as well as smart glasses. In addition, the healthcare sector is going to be the biggest stake in the wearable market in the coming years. We believe the market for intelligent patches will be huge as patch-based items are very close to body and especially helpful in tracking biophysical data. This is my second-year participation in the fair. I saw a lot of offerings such as smart watches and activity monitoring items. An innovative device designed to analyses your stress level and bring you calmness through neuro feedback has got my interest in particular. This is a very interesting exhibition because you can see everything from electronic components to application. This is something I really love to see. Trade fairs like this have a booster effect to the market’s development by putting people on stage or to the booth to showcase what they can offer. Companies can also use the fair to test the market and find out whether or not they are getting enough leads and interest for new products before they go to mass volume production. Fairs are brilliant to help everyone in the market. Even with the Internet, we still need a fair. We have to touch the products and talk each other face-to-face to explore more business opportunities.”
Christian Stammel, CEO, Wearable Technologies AG, Germany