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Connaught (HK) Limited
(Hong Kong )
Booth No.: 5G-B08

Planetary Gear Motor

  • Planetary gear motors use plastic gear instead of metal gear to reduce the cost but provide the same performance.
  • Provides both motors and gear boxes to ensure perfect connectivity to deliver smooth operations.
  • Advantages:
    • High Torque
    • Low noise
    • Greatly reduced the cost compared to metal gears
  • Application: Safe, Game Machine, Locker, Coffee Machine, etc.


Microtech Technology Company Limited
(Hong Kong )
Booth No.: 5F-E14

Customised Capacitive Touch Screen

  • Manufactures customised capacitive touch screens which are waterproof and enable glove touch application.
  • Product applications: Aviation Technology, Car Electronics, Chemical Industry/ Plastics, Communication Electronics, Computer/Information Technology, Consumer Electronics, Energy/Electrical Engineering, Industrial Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, Medical/Control Technology, Metal Producing/Processing, Precision Engineering, Smart Devices, Vehicle Construction


Trio Engineering Co., Ltd
(Hong Kong )

Booth No.: 5G-C02

Switch-Mode Power Supply

  • The PCB assembly is specially designed and made for switch-mode power supply units
  • Can apply to different sectors such as security system, water facilities, control panel and energy saving sector, etc.
  • Advantages:
    • Wide switching capabilities from 10mV 10μA ~ 30 VDC 2A
    • Sub miniature vertical type suitable for intensive installation
    • UL/TUV has been obtained
  • Product applications:
    Aviation Technology, Car Electronics, Communication Electronics, Energy/Electrical Engineering, Industrial Electronics, Medical/Control Technology, Smart Devices, Vehicle Construction



Continental Device India Ltd
(India )
Booth No. 5F-C08

Power Modules & Semiconductors

  • Introduce a comprehensive range of high power and high temperature devices with Ampere ratings of up to 18,000A (Low Loss Rectifier) and Voltage ratings of 8,500V (Ultra High Power Thyristor)
  • Suitable for generators, turbines and electrical welders


Coilmaster Electronics Co Ltd
(Taiwan )
Booth No.: 5F-B36

Molded High Current Power Inductor

  • SEP5030EX Series power inductors offer extremely low DCR (as low as 2.15 mOhms) and ultra-low AC losses for the highest efficiency across a range of frequencies (up to 5+ MHz)
  • Available with inductance values as low as 0.16 uH and current ratings up to 31.0 Amps, and measure just 5.0 mm square with maximum heights as low as 3.0 mm, making them ideal for IoT and portable device applications


Kuan Kun Electronic Enterprise Co Ltd
(Taiwan )
Booth No.: 5G-B02

Screw Type Capacitor

  • Electrolyte contains specialty materials for withstand temperature, it helps Capacitor steady in higher temperature and small Capacitance depletion in low temperature
  • Product applications: Industrial machines, power inverter, telecommunication equipment, equipment powers, solar pumping inverter, wind mill generator, boats and trucks


Kang Yang Hardware Enterprises Co Ltd
(Taiwan )

Booth No.: 5F-C09

Rotary Track Wire Holder Set

  • Head mount has a patent of rotary set which can be switched to 360 degrees to affix track on different angles
  • This part currently contains Taiwan, China and US patents


(Japan )
Booth No.: 5G-A20

Metal Liftoff Machine

  • Unique product produced by ASAP 
  • The machine is a single wafer treatment equipment with super high pressure nozlze and low chemical consumption by recycle system



Bellnix Co Ltd
(Japan )
Booth No.: 5G-A18

Contactless Power Transfer Modules BWS Series

  • BWS series is contactless power transfer modules
  • Contains three modules: PFC module, transmitter module and receiver module
  • Offers complete contactless power solution from commercial power supply to load such as battery, with output power of 50W and able to transmit power with high efficiency
  • Uniquely produced and designed by Bellnix 


Sigetronics, Inc.
(Korea )
Booth No.: 5F-D09

Zener Diode

  • Operates as a normal diode when forward biased to the device
  • To cause the zener breakdown, the current can increase rapidly in a particular voltage when reverse voltage is applied
  • Apply to the configuration of constant voltage source. Lessen the change in the terminal voltage when the reverse current widespread is applied


Tokyo Weld Co Ltd
(Japan )
Booth No.: 5F-C02

Automatic Optical Inspection Machine

  • Uniquely designed and manufactured by Tokyo Weld
  • Performs 6-side automatic optical inspection with high speed for chip components 
  • Tokyo Weld's AVI (Automatic Vision Inspection) marked max. 12,000 pcs / min process speed for MLCC


DCT Co., Ltd
(Chinese Mainland)

Booth No.: 5G-E34

UV Laser Processing DL500U
DL500U is capable of blind holes processing, shape cutting, removal of resistant layer, processing wire and solder layer window on various materials. 

  • Advantages:
    • CAD data drives laser, able to process anytime and anywhere
    • Applicable to samples and volume production
    • Laser parameter is precisely controlled. Cutting and depth-cutting are applicable to flexible, rigid or mixing materials
    • Laser helps processing conductive pattern in which the circuit board will be available with one key.
    • Capable of micro machining tiny holes, blind holes and interconnection with high density.
    • Laser helps process special material, LTCC holing, ceramic cutting with high quality.
    • Capable of TCO/ITO molding and screen silver light etching.