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Highlighted Products
Product information are provided by exhibitors
Product Photo Exhibitor Product Description
1 Thai Lin Radio Coil Manufactory Limited
(Hong Kong)

Booth No.: 5G-C18

Website: www.thailin.com.hk
Single-Phase Reactors (TL494 Series)
  • Single Phase reactors (TL494 series) are mainly designed for attenuation of noise and spikes, minimizing the harmonics and inrush currents in power converters and motor drives.
  • Provided with reliable harmonic protection in environment where utility power may not be stable in some areas. It is capable to reduce the harmonic distortion and improve the power factor.
2 Kuan Kun Electronic Enterprise Co Ltd

Booth No.: 5G-B02

Website: http://www.su-scon.com.tw/en/index/index.html
Snap-In Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Wave filtering loop circuit of power input / output for general electronics and computer power supply.
  • No sparks against over-voltage purpose
3 HY Electronic (Cayman) Limited

Booth No.: 5F-E02

Website: www.hygroup.com.tw
High-power Module K(M/N/E) D110-16
  • The new high-power module K(M/N/E) D110-16 can support the current 110A and the withstand voltage can reach 1600V.
  • It is mainly used in high voltage power supply, temperature and AC and DC motor speed control, UPS, battery charge and discharge, lighting circuit and electric vehicle.
4 Transfer Multisort Elektronik Sp. zo.o.

Booth No.: 5G-C27

Website: https://www.tme.eu/en/
ARDUINO Starter Kit - Chinese K110007
  • Programmers and development kit feature microcontroller I/O lines, lead to goldpin connectors and ATMEGA328 components.
  • Supply voltage: 5V DC
5 Chih Kang Material Company Ltd

Booth No.: 5G-C29

Website: www.ck-metal.com.tw
OEM Sheet Metal Casing
  • Chih Kang is an OEM sheet metal fabricator.
  • Certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 14064-1 and OHSAS 18001.
  • All products are RoHS compliant.
  • The company produces metal case, rack mount, enclosure, server rack, cabinet, and stamping parts for communication system, electronic equipment, audio-video equipment, power supply system, industrial instrument and household products.
6 Fuzetec Technology Co Ltd

Booth No.: 5F-C29

Website: www.fuzetec.com
PPTc Resettable Fuses for Automotive Grade
  • PPTC Resettable Fuses with AEC-Q200 compliance are available in Radial Leaded, Surface Mount and Axial Leaded.
  • Its resettable feature, compact size, flexible design construction, low thermal output and competitive cost outperforms the traditional one-time fuse, Ceramic PTC, Bimetal fuse and Current control IC.
  • PPTC Resettable Fuses are ideal for wide range of voltage DC and AC applications.
7 Taiwan Shori Electronic Co Ltd

Booth No.: 5F-B29

Website: www.shori.com.tw
S25 Relay
  • S25 Relay is a 20A/30A general purpose power relay.
  • Features with SPDT, DPDT and TPDT contact configurations, DC and AC coil, socket and PCB terminal available.
8 Sungmun Electronics Co Ltd

Booth No.: 5F-C08

Website: www.sungmun.co.kr
Mini Rotary Dip Switch
  • Rotary switch, the user rotates the hinge handle to the desired position, which can reflect the bcd coded output value.
  • Mainly used in automation equipment, control equipment, household appliances, security equipment, audio equipment, CCTV, cameras, wireless microphones and other advanced equipment.
9 Xiamen Zettler Electronics Co., Ltd.
(Chinese mainland)

Booth No.: 5F-D17

Website: www.zettlercn.com
TFT display
  • UART is one of the commonly used interfaces in PC, in the field of industrial controlling, most of the devices are communicated through UART.
  • For LCD module, adding this interface is not just interface conversion, the more important purpose is to simplify customer’s development process.
  • UART module has many integrated functions such as built-in NAND flash memory, Chinese/English font, touch panel controller, backlight PWM control, etc.