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Tokyo Weld Co Ltd
Booth No. 5F-D02


Automatic Optical Inspection Machine

  • It is unique product and new product by Tokyo Weld, with unique handling method, exclusive software for chip components and easy maintenance
  • Perform 6 sides automatic optical inspection with high speed for chip components, such as Capacitor, Resistor, Inductor, etc.
  • The AVI (Automatic Vision Inspection) marked max. 12,000 pcs / min process speed for MLCC.


Sumgmun Electronics Co Ltd
Booth No.: 5F-E21


Rotary Switch

  • Rotary Switch operated by rotation of rotor with code showing up to 10 & 16 position
  • 7.4 x 7.4 size, 3x3 or 3x2 terminal, in real, complement, or special code like gray coding
  • The product apply on various automation and control units, such as System Air Conditioner, etc


Opto Plus LED Corp.
Booth No.: 5F-C11


LED Capacitive Touch Pad Display

  • LED Capacitive Touch Pad Display has built-in touch sensing technology, and has no mechanical parts and are robust.
  • The capacitive touch sensing technology also allows high sensitivity to support fine tune user input and accuracy.
  • Product apply to Automotive interior interface, Kitchen appliance interface, Entertainment gadgets / devices, Navigation interface, Elevators, ATM machines and more
  • Product Demo Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCcZgyBVj1Y&feature=youtu.be


Kang Yang Hardware Enterprises Co Ltd
Booth No.: 5F-C05


NGFF Card Mount

  • NGFF Card Mount with narrow strap that to secure the pin mounts on Printed Circuit Board, making it reusable and prevent the pin falling off. 
  • This part is currently contains patents in Taiwan and China


Microwave Solutions Limited
(United Kingdom)
Booth No.: 5F-E13


Microwave Doppler Motion Detector Units

  • It is RNTTE and RED Compliant
  • MDU2750L – 10GHz Microwave Motions Detector Unit
  • For contactless motion sensing in security, home automation, lighting, energy management and Internet of Things applications
  • New and unique product by Microwave Solutions Ltd


Kuan Kun Electronic Enterprise Co Ltd
Booth No.: 5F-C02


Screw Type Capacitor

  • Electrolyte contains specialty materials for withstand temperature, it helps capacitor being steady in higher temperature and small capacitance depletion in low temperature
  • For industrial machine, power inverter, telecommunication equipment, equipment power, solar pumping inverter, wind mill generator, boats, trucks


Guangdong South Hongming (Hong Kong) Electronic Science and Technology Company Limited
 (Hong Kong)

Booth No.: 5G-C14


SMD Varistor

  • Suitable for SMT mounting production. Used in surge protection for IC, transistor and diode semiconductor switch circuit.
  • Product application: Communication, telemetering, electrical control and various electronics equipment.
  • Advantages:
    • High reliability with resin molded construction.
    • Moisture proof.
    • Fast response to transient voltage(ns).
    • High great withstanding surge current.
    • Excellent non-linearity voltage, symmetric V-I.


Santek Hong Kong Limited
(Hong Kong)

Booth No.: 5F-G20


Sunlight readable TFT-LCD

  • Santek manufactures Sunlight Readable TFT Display luminance up to 800-1400 nids which is designed to use under direct sunlight and is suitable for outdoor display applications.
  • It is applicable on handheld devices, vending machines and POS.
  • Advantages:
    • Wide viewing angle.
    • High resolution.
    • Capacitive or resistive touch panel are available.



Mobicon Holdings Limited
(Hong Kong)

Booth No.: 5G-B02


DSA875-TG Spectrum Analyzer

  • DSA875-TG Spectrum Analyzer has 7.5GHz bandwidth designed for RF, uW signal measurement, EMI testing and wireless application signal capturing.
  • Advantages:
    • Low phase noise.
    • Ultra high performance of DANL.
    • Fast sweep speed.


Hongfa Electroacoustic (HongKong) Co., Ltd
(Hong Kong)

Booth No.: 5G-C01                    


Signal relay (HFD42 series)

  • HFD42 series is the vertical version of the fourth generation signal relays, which can be used in a wide range of applications including telecommunication, industrial control, office automation, security systems, lighting control and temperature control etc.
  • Advantages:
    • Wide switching capabilities from 10mV 10μA ~ 30 VDC 2A.
    • Sub miniature vertical type suitable for intensive installation.
    • UL/TUV has been obtained.