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Aleva Naturals

Product Zone:
Baby Skincare and Bath Products
Booth no: 3F-C16
Country/Region: Canada

2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash

  • The Aleva Naturals® 2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash comes in a self-foaming bottle to make bath time easier for babies and parents
  • This pump avoids spills and waste, while allowing young children "to do it all by themselves"
  • The pH balance ensures that the 2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash is mild and gentle on eyes and sensitive areas
  • There are no artificial foaming agents in the product that may irritate your baby’s skin


Product Zone:
Baby Food and Healthcare Products
Booth no: 3CON-090
Country/Region: Italy


  • Products are made with organic ingredients grown without chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers, certified by European Community & USDA
  • Contain key nutrients, including vitamins and calcium, essential for baby’s growth
  • Packed in an innovative resealable self standing pouch that guarantees product freshness
  • A great way to introduce lumpy food to your little one’s diet. Simply add to your favourite puree for a delicious homemade meal for your baby

Cotronic Technology Ltd

Product Zone: Baby Tech
Booth no: 3F-D21

Country/Region: Hong Kong

Faucet Extender with Timer and Thermometer

  • To help the children reach the faucet and wash their hands at ease
  • To automatically measure the water temperature and the time children spent on washing their hands
  • To alert the parents when the water temperature is above 39°C and prevent skin burnt

Gift Concept Products Limited

Product Zone: Brand Name Gallery
Booth no: 3F-G15
Country/Region: Hong Kong

Feeding Spoon Dispenser

  • Feeding a baby is not always easy, especially when you have to attract a baby’s attention and scoop the food at the same time, or warm up the food when the baby is crying
  • This product is made of non-toxic materials, free of harmful substances to the body. It has   high-temperature resistance that enables direct reheat in the microwave.
  • The soft spoon will prevent any harm to baby’s gum. Product size is designed to facilitate single hand operation, parents can therefore feed their babies in a more relaxed way by simply squeezing the rocket
  • The stand-up feature serves a hygienic purpose by preventing the spoon from touching the table
  • Interesting rocket shape like a toy

Goodbaby Child Products Co., Ltd.

Product Zone: Brand Name Gallery
Booth no: 3F-E04

Country/Region: Chinese mainland

SafeMax All-in-One Car Seat

  • A powerhouse of protection, the SafeMax all-in-one car seat combines innovative features like an integrated steel frame and SafeZone headrest. It has passed the rollover-testing, creating a new spin on car seat safety
  • It can be used rear-facing, forward-facing and as a belt-positioning booster, covering a wide spectrum of seating options
  • All SafeMax car seats have been tested above and beyond industry standards and have undergone Evenflo's rigorous dynamic rollover test
  • Additionally, SafeMax car seats include Parentlink Premier service perks like an extended warranty, and free live video installation support

Hybrid International Company Ltd

Product Zone: Brand Name Gallery
Booth no: 3G-A27
Country/Region: Hong Kong

The egg® Stroller

  • The egg® stroller was designed in the UK with the style conscious parents in mind
  • Soft touch fabrics create smooth curves and continuous lines to give the egg® a luxurious, stylish look
  • Outstanding engineering creates the perfect ride for baby and ultimate ease of use for parents.The egg® has been fitted with Tru-Ride Technology® tyres which have been engineered for comfort, superior handling and added durability
  • The one-hand fold chassis is compact and freestanding when folded, and the adjustable seat back allows greater flexibility for parents to carry their babies


Product Zone: Korea Pavilion
Booth no: 3CON-102
Country/Region: Korea

MIRACLE Hipseat + Baby Carrier

  • MIRACLE is the world’s first all-in-one hipseat carrier + baby carrier
  • Head support function (neck pillow) safely protects baby’s neck and head, and the hidden cushion minimises the pressure on mother’s waist
  • Leg belt can be adjusted according to the baby’s growth and position, suitable for babies aged from 30 days after birth to 36 months
  • When connected with the carrier, the back cover does not sag but wraps and holds up the baby’s bottom securely to ensure a stable and comfortable sitting position
  • i-angel baby carriers create a natural M shaped sitting position to provide the optimal comfort and prevent undue pressure to the hips

Idol Eyes Australia

Product Zone: Baby Fashion Avenue
Booth no: 3G-C32
Country/Region: Australia

Convertible Babies Sunglasses

  • The world’s first convertible baby sunglasses allowing easy tool-free conversion from headband to temple tips (arms) with the unique quick clip system
  • With a soft rubber frame and temples that are virtually unbreakable and extra comfortable. They use only the very best lenses for 100% UV protection and maximum impact resistance
  • Now with 2 neoprene headbands, standard fits (0 to 2 years old) and new extra-long headbands for older toddlers (2 to 5 years old)
  • Sunglasees come together with adjustable “Earlocks”, a microfibre case which can be used to clean the lens
  • Enjoys 3 year guarantee

Little Nobleman Technology Limited

Product Zone: Baby Tech
Booth no: 3F-D09

Country/Region: Hong Kong

Milk Temperature Monitor

  • This product is the first automatic non-contact milk temperature monitor, it can provide an accurate and convenient temperature measurement to the bottle feeding users
  • As soon as the bottle is put onto the mat of this product, it can start to monitor the temperature of the water or milk inside the bottle automatically
  • Red, yellow and green colours are used to differentiate temperature ranges. With the help of the product, it is easier for users to prepare a high quality formula milk with right temperature for his/her baby

Oops SA

Product Zone: Baby Toys and Activity
Booth no: 3F-E01

Country/Region: Switzerland

Multi Activity Mat

  • Soft, colourful and super-bright. Easy-Activity Mat is the Oops® play set made for entertaining little ones as they first begin to discover floor play
  • The many “hidden” activities encourage the child to search and stimulate his curiosity as he changes the gym into a different game each time
  • The convenient plastic cover at the base ensures the product stays clean when in use and enables easy everyday cleaning. It’s also ideal for rest and sleep
  • Comes with a practical washable cover

Haenim Co., Ltd.

Product Zone: Korea Pavilion
Booth no: 3CON-136
Country/Region: Korea, Republic Of

Baby Bottle UV Steriliser

  • They finished the development of their HAENIM UV steriliser in 2013 and are now expanding the business around the world. UV light has excellent sterilising power, while far-infrared ray has excellent drying power
  • HAENIM has 99.9% sterilising and 100% drying power for baby bottles
  • Large capacity to store 16pcs of baby bottles. Also possible to sterilise and dry other kitchen and care products

Think Pipe Line S.U.V

Product Zone:
Baby Bedding Items and Furniture
Booth no: 3F-D13
Country/Region: Spain

Mimos Baby Pillow

  • It is specially designed for preventing Flat Head Syndrome and reducing the risk for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
  • Mimos is a CE Medical Device and is recommended by more than 1,000 doctors around the world. It is non-toxic, soft, and machine washable, perfect for new born babies