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Highlighted Products
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Easy Beauty c/o Miracle Co
Booth No. : 3G-D20
Website: www.easybeauty.com.hk
Aqua Power with A Mask
  • This mask is infused with premium deep-ocean caviar, nona-peptide amino acid together with peptide chains of 53 to 60 amino acid molecules engineered with the latest biochemical technology; helps to promote collagen regeneration and enhance skin elasticity, helps to firm all layers of skin tissues in addition to the following eight effects: Intensive moisturizing / Whitening / Smoothening / Pore repair / Emergency care for dry skin / Promoting cell growth / Anti-wrinkle /Preventing allergy
Gienne Skincare & Wellness Limited
Booth No. : 3G-D15
Website: gienne.hk
Caviar Eye Booster Duo Set
  • Integration of Western and Chinese ingredients, the Duo Set helps improve blood circulation and cell metabolism.
  • Helps tightens and firms delicate eye area
  • Helps minimize wrinkles & fine lines
  • Helps reduce puffiness & dark circles
Hantin Food Company Limited
Booth No. : 3G-C09, 3G-B10
Website: www.svensisland.hk
Sven’s Island 100% Natural Cleanser for Sensitive Skin Duo Set (Spot Less+Fresh Face)
  • Spot Less: The intensive care facial cleanser is packed with natural cleansing agents that remove dirt, oil and makeup while rebalancing the all-important sebum in skin without over-drying. 
  • Fresh Face: As Kiwi luck would have it doctors agree – black fern can help to increase skin cell regeneration by a staggering 48%, reducing the free radicals that contribute to collagen breakdown.  
Innovative Faction Limited
Booth No. : 3G-C20
Website: www.incoco.com.hk
Incoco nail polish appliqués
  • Made of 100% real nail polish, a base, color and top coat for a brilliant, salon-quality manicure. An Incoco manicure lasts up to 14 days, and can be removed easily with nail polish remover.
  • Incoco offers over 200 varieties of colors and designs, as well as tips and pedicures.
ReJeune Lifestyle Distribution Ltd
Booth No. : 3G-C10
Website: www.rejeune.com
Chinese Meridian positional spraying
  • A technique that helps to accelerate cell’s absorption of the serum. It is rich in natural essences, and helps to decompose accumulated drug residues, heavy metals and endocrine disrupting chemicals in the body. While anti-oxdising properties help to tighten, brighten and nourish the skin.
Bollar International (HK) Limited
Booth No. : 3G-C22
Website: www.bollar.com.hk
Wireless TENS & EMS Massager
  • The wireless TENS & EMS Massager uses TENS/EMS technology for targeted pain relief and muscle strengthening. The wireless and flexible design contours to most of the body parts and can be used on shoulder, limbs, muscle, joints, upper back and lower back.
Fasary (Hong Kong) Company Limited
Booth No. : 3G-C16
Website: www.fasary.com
Revitalising Hair Tonic Mist
  • Helps to promote hair growth and strengthen hair
  • Natural plant extract that makes the hair tougher and resilient
ID Infinity Limited
Booth No. : 3G-D09
Website: www.idihk.com
idi Toothbat - WOW
  • The handle is equipped with “Twister technology”, a unidirectional rotation mechanism.
  • Unlike the disposable floss picks, WOW is reusable and durable device. It is an environmental and economically friendly product as it only consumes a little floss at each use.
Pristine Living Limited
Booth No. : 3G-D07
Website: www.pristine.hk
BABY GAGA Organic Insect Repellent
  • Free of DEET, preservatives, fragrance and chemicals
  • While protecting children from insects, it helps to soothe and disinfect the skin affected by insect bites
  • Passed SGS safety tests and not tested on animals
Top Global Creation Limited
Booth No. : 3G-C12  
Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist
  • Can be harnessed to help stimulate the acupuncture points by magnetic waves. 5 minutes for Body Detect and 10 minutes to help relieve pain. Helps boost immunity and prevent illnesses or diseases.  Easy to use, no side effects. 
Overseas exhibitors
Adithya Biotech Lab And Research Pvt. Ltd.
Booth No. : 3G-E06
Website: rasluxuryoils.com/
Ras Luxury Oils
  • Ras Luxury Oils presents Face Elixirs - a range of intricately handcrafted face oils, which are rich in vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients that help nourish the skin.
Medicostech Co., Ltd.
Booth No. : 3G-D06
Website: http://www.medicostech.com
  • Intensive Aqua Mask helps restore moisture and hydrate tired dried skin
  • Pure Lifting Mask helps recover younger-looking skin by supplying plenty of nutrition
JU SUNG Industry
Booth No. : 3G-E03
Website: http://www.weaver.kr
Baby beauty puff
  • It is designed for easy use to wear on hands with bands and is specially made of natural ingredient and pulp fabric. Dead skin cell, blackhead, waste substances will be dissolved and skin becomes smooth after exfoliating.. Less irrigation to the skin.
KJI Industrial Co., Ltd.
Booth No. : 3G-C08
Website: http://www.kjit.co.kr
  • The KJI's forest patch is made of  natural ingredients such as wood vinegar, tourmaline, mugwort extract which are good for human body. It emits natural far infrared radiation and helps to absorb body wastes and sweat.
Miskin Co., Ltd.
Booth No. : 3G-D08
Website: www.miskinvenus.com
Dia Force Gold Hydro Gel Eye
  • Colloidal Gold and Diamond Powder ingredients help to brighten skin and improve skin elasticity.
  • Water-soluble and eco- friendly premium eye patch that helps refresh eye skin.
TOV Co., Ltd.
Booth No. : 3G-E05
Website: http://www.tovstyle.com
TOV Camellia Cooling CC
  • Sense of cooling  thatkeeps skin fresh
  • Lightly adhering to face curve like eye, nose and lips, water drop puff keeps your skin moist and glossy