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abcEmpowered with decades of experience and expertise in organising trade exhibitions, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is reputed internationally for its outstanding performance.

Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.

The HKTDC sincerely invites you to join this exhibition, to explore the way to success.


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Hear What Exhibitors Say



1. “Based in Korea, our company is a manufacturer and distributor of cosmetics and silicone baby bottles. We produce skincare products for Dr. Blue, a French brand and also distribute its products in Korea. Since Hong Kong is a good market for Korean skincare products, we have our first exhibition at this year’s Beauty & Wellness Expo to promote Dr. Blue and our two skincare brands, namely +Laboskin and Unique & Fun. We hope to expand into the Asian market through the Hong Kong expo, to collect valuable customer feedback about our products and to look for distributors. We have met with a few distributors from Hong Kong who are very interested in our products and have already bought our samples. Consumers also like to buy our products. Dr. Blue’s oxygen moisturising cream and Unique & Fun’s eyelash curlers are sold out at the expo. We estimate that our sales at the five-day expo will reach HK$100,000. We’ll back next year.”
Timothy Park, Manager / Overseas Business Team, Manseok Tech Co., Ltd, Korea

2. “Founded in 1998 in Hong Kong, Strawberrynet is one of the world’s leading online discount beauty stores, carrying 800-plus established and emerging brands from around the world. With our first exhibition in the Beauty & Wellness Expo, we are eager to have face-to-face interactions with consumers. Unlike other exhibitors, we are not selling beauty products, but we are recruiting new members. Customers who sign up as Strawberrynet members at our booth will receive a free cosmetic bag. New members from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland can enjoy an extra 25% off and 10% off per order respectively, and they can get a free gift with orders over HK$200 or RMB200. Due to this special promotion, the number of views on Strawberrynet rose10-fold on the first day of the expo. We expect thousands of public visitors will sign up as our members per day during the five-day expo. Strawberrynet has established a strong market share on the Chinese mainland. With overwhelming responses from visitors, we believe that the expo will help us to expand our e-tailing business in the local market.”
Calvin Wan, Business Development Manager, Strawberry Cosmetics (Services) Limited, Hong Kong

3. “I use natural essential oils from Australia to develop my own skincare formula, targeted to improve acne, sensitive, injured, aging and other skin problems. This is my third participation in the Beauty & Wellness Expo. Since the Beauty & Wellness Expo is held concurrently with the Food Expo and the Home Delights Expo, it provides a good opportunity for me to meet with different age groups and different types of customers. A lot of our existing customers visit our booth and buy our products. After trying our products at our booth, new customers also buy our products. Customer responses have been very overwhelming. We’ll keep our presence at the Beauty & Wellness Expo.”
Gienne Tsui, Founder & CEO, Gienne Skincare & Wellness Limited, Hong Kong

4. “Our company specialises in the sourcing and distribution of organic and natural superfoods. We are one of the top 10 organic retailers in Hong Kong, as certified by the Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre. This is the second time that we have participated in the Beauty & Wellness Expo. This year we are showcasing more new products and inviting more consumers to taste our inner beauty foods. For example, we offer delicious organic snacks which are made from organic rice and award-winning organic salba chia which is proven to be very rich in Omega-3 (DHA+EPA). At the expo, consumers like our inner beauty foods which are organic, delicious yet inexpensive and help to keep them healthy. We have met with a good number of visitors on the first two days of the expo. We expect that more visitors will come to our booth on the third and fourth days of the expo and buy our products.”
Stella Lam, Founder and CEO, Life Is For Excellence Ltd., Hong Kong


Hear What Visitors Say




“After watching beauty blogger Yoko Tsang’s live show at the Beauty & Wellness Expo last night, I come to the expo tonight with two girl friends because we want to buy those beauty products and health foods recommended by her. Apart from referring to Yoko Tsang’s analysis, we also try those products at the fairground in order to check the quality. Up till now, each of us has spent more than HK$2,000 on buying rose water, eyelash curlers and coconut masks. We are not buying just for ourselves but also for our friends. After buying some beauty products, we are going to buy chia seeds which are offered by a health food exhibitor. We love the Beauty & Wellness Expo because we can buy many quality beauty products and health foods.”
Christine Chiu, Manager, Hong Kong


“I bought some German serum and masks distributed by a Hong Kong company at last year’s Beauty & Wellness Expo and the moisturising effect is excellent. That’s why I have come here again this year to look for new products. For years, I am very confident in Korean beauty and skincare products. I am happy to see that the expo features the K-Beauty Expo Hong Kong pavilion, which makes it easier for me to buy Korean products. I have bought moisturising serum and masks worth more than HK$2,000 at four to five Korean booths. Their products are of high quality and inexpensive. These products are not only for my own use but also make perfect birthday presents for my friends. I can always find new products at the Beauty & Wellness Expo, so I will come back next year.”
Yvette Ho, Housewife, Hong Kong


“I have visited the Food Expo for many times, but this is my first time visiting the Beauty & Wellness Expo which is being held concurrently with the Food Expo. I enjoy doing body massage at a massage salon near my home. I notice that many people like to bring their own massage oil to the salon, so I am looking for massage oil at the Beauty & Wellness Expo. At the expo, I have met with a Hong Kong skincare specialist who uses her own formula and natural essential oils from Australia to produce skincare products. This skincare specialist has used her massage oil to massage my neck, making me feel more relaxed, so I bought several bottles of massage oil at a discounted price immediately. She has also given me some skincare samples. If these samples are good, I’ll come back to her booth again or visit her beauty salon in Central to buy her skincare products. The Beauty & Wellness Expo offers good products, so I’ll visit it again next year.”
Claudia Tsang, Auditor, Hong Kong


“This is my first time visiting the Beauty & Wellness Expo. Proper skin care is important for women to stay young and beautiful. I like to do simple facial treatments at home. At the expo, I just bought an essence injection wand which is easy to use and cheaper than similar products in the market. I am also interested in organic skincare products and health foods. I am happy to see that the skincare products and health products here are not expensive. I’ll spend more time at the expo to look for more suitable products.”
Sylvia Fok, Clerk, Hong Kong