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abcEmpowered with decades of experience and expertise in organising trade exhibitions, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is reputed internationally for its outstanding performance.

Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.

The HKTDC sincerely invites you to join this exhibition, to explore the way to success.


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Hear What Exhibitors Say



1. “We are pleased to announce the official launch of Incoco nail polish appliqués in the Hong Kong market at the Beauty & Wellness Expo. Made in the US, Incoco nail polish appliqués are sold in 30 countries and regions. Our products are made from 100% real nail polish and include base, colour and top coats for a perfect manicure. They can be easily stretched to fit any nail size. We would like to thank the HKTDC for helping us to enhance our media exposure. Our booth has attracted a lot of attention from consumers. The results are much better than our expectations. During the first two days of the expo, about 1,600 consumers have tried out our nail polish appliqués and about 800 sets have been sold. We expect that more consumers will visit our booth in the next three days.”
Blaze Yau (left), Marketing Manager, Innovative Faction Limited, Hong Kong

2. “We have joined the Beauty & Wellness Expo because beauty and wellness exactly match our corporate philosophy. We are here promoting 5100 Tibet natural glacial spring mineral water and 5100 glacier moist skincare products. Our glacial spring mineral water originates from a glacial spring in Tibet which is 5,100 metres above the sea level. It contains rare minerals and trace elements that moisturise our skin. Our skincare products are made in Hong Kong using glacial spring mineral water. The expo provides an excellent platform for us to promote our 5100 brand and introduce the benefits of our products to consumers. During the expo, we’ll distribute 50,000 free samples of our hydrating facial masks to visitors and perform onsite tests to demonstrate the difference between our mineral water and drinking water. Many consumers queue up to collect our free samples and participate in our onsite tests. We estimate that average spending per customer will be around HK$200. Apart from connecting with a lot of consumers, we have also met with trade buyers from Southeast Asia who are interested in our products.”
Raymond Hu (left), General Manager, and Agnes Li (right), Executive Director, 5100 Cosmetic Co Ltd, Hong Kong

3. “We have decided to join the debut Beauty & Wellness Expo because the Food Expo and the Home Delights Expo together attracted more than 470,000 public visitors. The Beauty & Wellness Expo provides a great opportunity for us to let more people know our SDTL® brand and our Energy Cube which is 100% made in Hong Kong. Our research team has made use of all-natural raw materials to produce Energy Cube, a soap that features firming, moisturising, whitening and anti-aging effects as well as speckle and cell repair. Energy Cube’s efficacy test was successfully done at Dermscan Laboratoire, a renowned cosmetics and medication laboratory in France. The HKTDC has done a good job in supporting ‘made in Hong Kong’ products and promoting our Energy Cube at the pre-event press conference. It’s an amazing expo attended by a large number of visitors. The results have been encouraging.”
King Leung, Business Development Manager, Life 720 Company Limited, Hong Kong

4. “We are the distributor of The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s cosmetics products in the Asia-Pacific region. The Vintage Cosmetic Company is a UK brand which is renowned for its attractive packaging with 1950s designs, good quality and competitive prices. We have joined the Beauty & Wellness Expo to promote the brand and its products. Thanks to the HKTDC’s great marketing and publicity efforts, many consumers have come to our booth in order to know more about our products and some of them have bought our products. At the expo, we have also met with potential business partners from large international retailers. Currently, we sell our products through our website. The expo has helped us to develop both the B2C and B2B markets.”
Fiona Ho, Director, Shift International Limited, Hong Kong

5. “Leaders is the No. 1 skincare product brand in Korea. All Leaders skincare products use only natural ingredients tested by a group of dermatologists in Korea. Our company is the exclusive distributor of Leaders skincare products in Hong Kong. At the inaugural Beauty & Wellness Expo, we are promoting the Leaders brand and its skincare products so that more consumers know the brand. We are happy to see different age groups visiting our booth on the first day of our booth, and we expect that the expo will generate more sales in the next four days. The expo is running concurrently with two other consumer shows including the Food Expo and the Home Delights Expo. Together, the three shows are just like a department store selling all kinds of products and attract a lot of visitors.”
Vivian Yeung, Sales Manager, Evermore International Cosmetics Co Ltd, Hong Kong


Hear What Visitors Say



1. “As a waitress, I serve a lot of customers every day, so I pay great attention to my appearance. I saw a video on the Internet promoting nail polish appliqués which seem to be user-friendly and convenient. That’s why I have come to the Beauty & Wellness Expo to buy this product. At the expo, I have also found Korean-brand hydrating masks which I am now using. As the Hong Kong distributor offers attractive prices at the fairground, I have bought some masks. I hope that the organiser will bring more cosmetics companies to the expo in future. In particular, cosmetics at affordable prices are most suitable for young ladies.”
Ayers Lam, Waitress, Hong Kong

2. “This is the first time that two friends and I have come to Hong Kong to visit the Food Expo, the Home Delights Expo and the Beauty & Wellness Expo. I hope to find suitable beauty products for my skin type at the Beauty & Wellness Expo. Mainland women, especially young girls, attach great importance to their appearance, so the demand for beauty products is huge. I feel more confident about buying beauty products in Hong Kong because their quality is higher. If time permits, I’ll come to Hong Kong again to visit this expo.”
Tan Luoxia, Sales Executive, the Chinese mainland


“Today, people are more health-conscious than ever before. I am happy to have visited the first edition of the Beauty & Wellness Expo to look for new products for myself and my family members. It’s a good show where I can find new skincare products which are unavailable in the retail shops in Hong Kong. Distributors are here to explain the detailed features and effectiveness of their skincare products and healthcare products. So far, I have bought Australian-made cleansing-and-moisturising cream for my daughter who is suffering from eczema. I’ll visit the Beauty & Wellness Expo again next year. I hope that the organiser will bring more Japanese and Korean skincare products and overseas brands to the show.”
Cannie Leung, Housewife, Hong Kong


“I have come here to visit the Beauty & Wellness Expo to look for new products such as skincare products and cosmetics. I am particularly interested in nail polish appliqués and the exhibitor has allowed me to try out this product and has taught me how to use it. I think that this product is easy to use and it comes in a comprehensive range of styles and colours. Coupled with the fact that the exhibitor offers special price at the fairground, I have bought one set. I am happy to have visited the Beauty & Wellness Expo because there are innovative and interesting products. I intend to visit the expo again next year and hope that the organiser will bring more Korean cosmetics and hair styling tools.”
Candy Tang, Clerk, Hong Kong