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Interesting Products

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  Exhibitor Information Product Characteristics
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Company Name: Novel Collection Ltd
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No: AWE 2-R02
Zone: Hall of Fine Diamonds

Natural Fancy Colour Diamond

Product Value: USD 434,000

Cut Cornered Rectangular Modified Brilliant, Fancy Intense Yellow, Internally Flawless, 13.97cts with GIA Certificate

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Company Name: Emco Gem
Country/Region: USA
Booth No: AWE 1-B08
Zone: Treasures of Nature

8 ct Emerald Cut No Oil Colombian Emerald

Product Value:USD 650,000

Rare and beautiful no-oil eight carat Colombian Emerald

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Company Name: Paco Art HK Ltd.
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No: AWE 2-R06
Zone: Hall of Fine Diamonds

10 Carat D Colour Flawless Clarity

Product Value: USD 1,300,000

The most transparent and perfect out of all diamonds. A unique diamond in its shape, size and make

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Company Name: ALine GmbH
Country/Region: Switzerland
Booth No: AWE 1-C07
Zone: Treasures of Nature

Red Spinel

Product Value: USD 380,000

This exceptional stone was found in Tanzania (East-Africa). The 18.25ct Spinel has a vibrant red colour and the excellent cut shows off its natural fire and brilliance. It is very rare to find an absolutely clean spinel of this size.

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Company Name: AAY International Mining Co.LTD
Country/Region: Nigeria
Booth No: AWE 10-F37
Zone: Rough Stones & Minerals

Selected rough tourmaline from Nigeria

Product Value: USD 1,000 to USD 500,000

AAY is a Nigerian mining conglomerate operating Gemstone Mining licenses throughout Nigeria.
Considered as the world’s largest quality Rubellite producer, we offer a selection of rough tourmaline directly  from our legendary mine sites in Oyo state.
Our rubellite have been in the international market for almost 15 years, and have been largely distributed everywhere, but specially in Asia through a myriad of gemstone dealers, manufacturers and intermediaries that have contributed to the reputation of the Quality of the Nigerian Origin.
We are now connecting in a more direct manner with the international gems and jewelry community. More recently, we have started operation of a new mining licence of a promising site the Kwara state with an initial production of unique and unmatched colours of Indicolite.
Our mining operation in the stunning pegmatite of North west Oyo is ongoing in 3 different sites and producing.
We now offer for sale, Single quality rough stones and parcels.

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Country/Region: USA
Booth No: AWE 1- C29
Zone: Treasures of Nature

Ceylon Pink Sapphire

Product Value: USD 113,535

Natural no heat cushion Ceylon pink Sapphire measures 11.09x10.48mm weight 7.83cts with American Gemological Laboratories. This stone has vivid pink colour, very bright, and clean stone.

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Company Name: House of Art
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No: AWE 2-T05
Zone: Hall of Fine Diamonds

Polished Diamonds

Product Value: USD 7,621,600

Cut-Cornered Rectangular Modified Brilliant – 108.88 cts, Fancy Deep Brownish Greenish Yellow, Clarity VS1, GIA Certificate no. 6177150295

Product Value: USD 1,548,000

Oval Modified Brilliant – 2.58 cts, Natural Fancy Intense Purplish Pink, Even, Clarity SI1, GIA certificate no.: 5171591909
8 img

Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No: AWE 2-Q13
Zone: Hall of Fine Diamonds

1.37 ct, F.V.P.P., EM, VS2 and 4.47 cts, F.V.Y., CU, VS2

Product Value: USD 900,000/CT & USD 45,000/CT

Very special, top quality, argyle pink diamond from Australia and different fancy colour diamonds

9 img

Company Name: Rio Diamond MFG Corp.
Country/Region: USA
Booth No: AWE 2CON-21
Zone: Hall of Fine Diamonds

Natural green diamond ring

Product Value: USD 600,000

This beautiful custom made platinum / gold ring was designed to showcase the beauty of a green diamond, with 1 carat in pink and white round melee

10 img

Company Name: Hatta New World Co., Ltd.
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No: AWE 1-B16
Zone: Treasures of Nature

Paraiba Necklace 49.21 cts

Product Value: USD 7,200,000

Paraiba is an exquisitely elegant gemstone known for its rarity and electrifying “Hollywood Swimming Pool” neon, a colour that is both hypnotic and sexy.

While this “new” gemstone has only been discovered recently in 1989 in the famous Brazilian mine, demands for this unique stone have outrageously exploded the market.

Paraibas are proud to be proclaimed as the hottest gemstones of the century as they flaunt their popularity and their unique, saturated colour which ranges from greenish-blue, bluish-green to violet.

Hatta carries the finest, most collectible-worthy and electrifying Paraibas in the world.