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Featured Exhibitors

HKTDC Education & Careers Expo 2017
Featured Exhibitors
 (Information provided by exhibitors)


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Bridal Academy
Booth No.: 1D-B11

Established in 2009, Bridal Academy is a recognised college in Hong Kong to deliver the advanced diploma, diploma and certificate in event management, wedding planning, make-up and wedding media production programmes with approved make-up courses provided under Qualifications Framework (QF) license.

They put much emphasis on the practicum and internship and believe that learning from simulated and authentic situations is important. Students can take further studies in three ways after completing the advanced diploma. Students can choose to sit for a top-up degree program offered by the UK and the USA. Students can also take the 4-year full-time degree programme in Taiwan. The 3+1 degree course, which is offered by Chihlee University in Taiwan, consists of the 3-year academic programme and the 1-year paid internship. Besides, the Academy co-operates with Japanese and Korean make-up colleges to provide advanced courses for those who intend to become make-up professionals.

Lecturers and tutors from the Academy are well-educated and most of them have full-fledged experience in the wedding, make-up and wedding media production industries. The Academy also cares their students and the local communities. The award of Caring Company and the establishment of Student Services are the good reminders of this fact.

Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macao
Booth No.: 1E-B18



Campus France Agency was created by law on the July 27th, 2010. It is a public institution (EPIC) in charge of promoting higher education and managing the reception and international mobility of students, researchers, experts and guests. A decree from December 30th, 2011 indicates the agency’s terms of action.

Focus programs:
IESEG School of Management    

  • Master of Science in International Business

EDHEC Business School  

  • Msc in Financial Markets

NEOMA Business School France

  • MSc in International Project Development

TOULOUSE Business School      

  • Master in Management - Grande Ecole program

HEC Paris    

  • Master in Management - Grande Ecole program

SPEOS Photo School        

  • Creative Documentary and Photojournalism by Magnum Photos & Speos

Education Bureau
(Arts Education Section)
Booth No : 1D-A06

The Education Bureau is committed to promoting education for life-planning. The Arts Theme Day and Information Exhibition are co-organised by the Arts Education Section of the Education Bureau and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, aiming to enrich participants’ knowledge about the pathways of further studies and career development in arts-related fields, and facilitate students’ life planning.

The Arts Theme Day, to be held on 24 February 2017 (Friday), consists of six sessions of sharing by outstanding practitioners of arts-related industries. They will introduce the nature of the industries and career prospects. Topics include art and technology, film and performing arts, fine arts, design, architecture and media.

The exhibition will provide information about diverse pathways for further studies and career opportunities in the arts.

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
Booth No.: 1D-A22

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) is the city's largest youth service organisation.

Since its establishment in 1960, the HKFYG has been providing opportunities and facilities for the social, educational, cultural and physical development of young people.

The HKFYG is keen on promoting continuous learning among young people. To enhance the promotion, the Continuous Learning Centre of the HKFYG (CLC) has operated a numbers of professional courses accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) since 2008.

CLC always strives to maintain close collaboration with tutors from different industries, and to launch a great variety of learning programmes such as career experiencing, professional counseling and tutor training, which are broadly accredited. "Certificate in Playgroup Tutor Training” is one of the popular courses. A large number of equipment and children centre visiting are provided to enhance child-care skills of students.

Another hot course is “Certificate in Veterinary Assistant Training”, jointly operated with local chained animal hospital "Pets Central Hong Kong”. It is the first comprehensive veterinary assistant training course in Hong Kong. To provide factual working experience, the program provides practical lessons conducted in Pet clinic and it is lectured by foreign veterinary. CLC develops close collaboration with related industries and offer job referral of above two courses, if graduates are interested.

In response to the rising industry, CLC introduces a number of new courses including “Certificate in Virtual Reality Shooting”, 3D Printing, Aerial Photography and online start up in order to broaden students’ horizon.

Consulate General of Ireland
(Irish International Education Center)
Booth No : 1E-A18


Irish International Education Center (IIEC)’s booth is located in the Ireland Pavilion in Hall 1E. IIEC offers counseling services and information to students who are seeking education opportunities in Ireland, including secondary schools, foundation, pathway and university programmes, etc.

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
Booth No.: 1D-B08

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) is a government-related organisation that works to promote mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. Japan is well known to be attractive as a study aboard destination, especially for Asian students. Japan is close geographically and culturally, in addition to having many high-rank educational institutions such as universities and high schools, as well as a very secure living environment, unique traditional culture, and the world's most advanced technology.

As mentioned above, you can learn lots of things while you are in Japan, which makes Japan as a popular country for a study aboard destination.
It is the first time for JETRO to participate for this exhibition. By introducing study aboard information from some of the leading universities in Japan, JETRO wants to build better relationships among Japan, Hong Kong and other Asian countries in the days to come.

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
Booth No.: 1D-B12

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) is an independent administrative institution established under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Monbukagakusho).

JASSO comprehensively administers scholarship loan programmes, support programmes for international students. The purpose of these programmes is to foster the development of creative individuals who, rich in humanism will become the leaders of society in the next generation, while at the same time to promote international understanding and exchange.

In the booth, JASSO will provide information on scholarship, study and exchange opportunities, and other educational programmes of Japanese higher education institutions and Japanese language institutes.

Pacific Rim Aviation Academy
Booth No: 1D-A04

Pacific Rim Aviation Academy shares your passion and dream of flight. Its mission is to train a new generation of pilots with new generation aircraft so they can serve the aviation industry with the highest level of airmanship and safety standards.

The services include,

  • PPL - Private Pilot License
  • CPL - Commercial Pilot License
  • ME - Multi Engine Rating
  • IR - Instrument Rating
  • MEIR (Combined)
  • Scholarship Program + Guaranteed Work Placement
    (From zero hours to work ready)
  • Air taxi integration + Instructor Rating

Air Taxi is a work programme for students to transit from their training to being able to work transporting regionally provided that they are able to obtain Work Permit or Visas, which shouldn't be a problem as a pilot profession.

Instructor Rating - This is a rating for students to transit training and instead of flying as a service, they train other students to be pilots to build up their hours, only top students are able to join the Air Taxi programme.

Vocational Training Council
Booth No.: 1D-B22, 1E-B02

Established in 1982, the Vocational Training Council (VTC) is the largest vocational and professional education and training provider in Hong Kong. VTC provides valuable credentials for some 250 000 students each year through a full range of pre-employment and in-service programmes with internationally recognised qualifications.

VTC draws strength from the number of Member Institutions, breadth of programmes and variety of accredited qualifications to provide a new world of OPPORTUNITIES to learners of all ages and abilities. Championing a teaching and learning approach that is practical, hands-on and outcome-based, VTC’s ultimate aim does not only center on the acquisition of knowledge and skills, but also focus on ACTION itself. The "think and do" approach cultivates the passions for learning while imparting the necessary skills and know-how for SUCCESS.


AsiaHospitalityCareers Limited
Booth No: 1C-E23

AsiaHospitalityCareers.com is the first dedicated job portal for the hospitality sector in Asia.
The company provides an easy-to-use platform where Job Seekers from anywhere can find hospitality jobs across Asia and Hospitality Employers in Asia can showcase their job opportunities. 

Job Seekers can find many job opportunities in Hong Kong and across Asia on AsiaHospitalityCareers.com with Employers such as Genting Hong Kong, InterContinental Hotel, Regal Hotels, Melco Crown Entertainment, The Ritz-Carlton, The Aberdeen Marina Club, Dining Concepts, and many more.

Consulate General of Sweden
Booth No.: 1E-D21

Sweden leads the world in innovation, new technology, sustainability and equality – in large part thanks to its elite, forward-thinking universities, which have fostered new ideas since the 15th century. A degree from a Swedish university means unlocking your potential to take the lead in your career and developing the tools you’ll need to thrive in the global workforce. Pioneering global companies like Ericsson, Spotify, IKEA, Volvo, Sandvik, Electrolux, DICE, AstraZeneca and many more call Sweden home. Why not join them?

You’ll join a diverse and ambitious student body including nearly 40,000 international students who are currently enjoying life at Swedish universities. Sweden offers a dynamic cultural scene and breath-taking nature – and its location makes it easy to travel to the rest of Europe and beyond.


As an international student, you are allowed to work during your studies. You can also apply to stay in Sweden for up to six months after graduation to find a job and apply for a work permit, making Sweden the perfect place to launch your international career.

Electrical & Mechanical Services Department
Booth No.: 1C-E08

The 4-day recruitment exhibition with grouped booths and game setting will be jointly organised by EMSD and the HK E&M Trade Promotion Working Group* in the 27th Education and Careers Expo at the HKCEC.  The purpose of the exhibition is to provide a one-stop service to participants, such as the latest information on E&M engineering jobs, education and training paths, employment prospects and promotion opportunities. 

*(Member organisations of HK E&M Trade Promotion Working Group are: EMSD, MTR, CLP, HEC, HKCG, WSD, VTC, CIC and other E&M contractors' associations/trade unions)

Freshlinker Limited
Booth No: 1C-E25

FreshLinker is Hong Kong’s leading service provider in connecting students and young talents (0-5 years of experience) to enterprises and organisations. With official partnership with Hong Kong’s top 15 universities and community colleges, the company has helped over 500 enterprises and organisations with their recruitment and brand promotional campaigns across young talents.
The company sources high demand job opportunities & smart content across fields that reflect the varied interests of today’s students and young professionals; finance, retail, media startup, medical, just to name a few. In addition to pay-to-post career opportunities, they also offer a more targeted pay-per-application recruiting tool, recruiters-tested talent-ranking algorithms, and a customisable employer branding toolkit.
FreshLinker believes the significant mismatch amongst young talents and hiring managers is due to the cause of imperfect information – and they want to bridge this gap.

Labour Department
Booth No.: 1D-A17

The Labour Department provides free and diversified employment services to satisfy the needs of job seekers. Apart from local employment information, the Labour Department will also provide information on Mainland employment and the Working Holiday Scheme in the Education & Careers Expo to assist job seekers, in particular young people, to broaden their horizon and look for career opportunities outside Hong Kong.