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Taiwan: Highlighted Products
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Golden Right Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: 5B-D37

Air Cooler / Electronic Mask

Air Cooler:

  • By utilizing Nano siphon principle effect, it can reduce 3~10℃ from normal room temperature.
  • The best personal choice for hot summer.                                                                     

Electronic Mask:

  • With the use of air pressure balance principle and imported quality filter, the Mask gives users free breathing - completely subversive to the suffocation feeling of traditional mask
  • A revolutionary new product

Good Way Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: 5B-D26

USB-C Mini Dock/Metal

  • Enables users to transmit data at high speed, output 4K video display through VESA DP Alt Mode, and charge the connected laptop.
  • Particularly, it supports power charge up to 85W for Macbook Pro 15”.
  • With HDMI port, it can mirror the primary screen and extend the desktop, allowing visibility of more applications at the same time.
  • Features stylish appearance, aluminium upper chassis and four fashionable colors

Affect Technology Corporation
Booth No.: 5B-D29


Com Pet

  • An IoT stuffed toy that can exchange voice messages through WiFi with registered remote smartphones, or play renewable music/songs/stories downloaded from the Cloud.
  • It can also serve as a noise monitor beside the sleeping young children, picking up noise (such as crying) and sending it to the parents’ phone as an alert.
  • It comes with rechargeable battery and a free App for setting and alteration.

Precaster Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Booth No.: 5B-C39

QM30 Laser Distance Meter QM30

  • The new and innovative tape guarantees top line measurements
  • With the use of a single button, you can get all the functions you need.

Welcome Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: 5B-E17

Dr. Save Plus

  • The smallest and lightest hand-held vacuum pump 
  • Can be used in food vacuum zipper bag, vacuumed wine bottlecork as well as canister.
  • Ideal for prolonging the freshness of food and drinks.

Yueh In Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: 5B-A26

Wireless WiFi Remote Control Socket (YE-3200-2wifi Series)

  • Wireless WiFi Socket or Power strip for energy saving (monitoring & calculating)
  • By using smartphone, you can remotely control the power switching and set multiple time settings for home electrical appliances.
  • You can also having power consumption and costs displayed in App for checking electricity bills anytime anywhere.
  • One socket wall tap and four outlets power strip with different country/region version are available.

Skypioneer Limited Ltd.

Booth No.: 1B-A04

WiMe Daydream VR Gear

  • A smartphone VR headset with 3D controller, compatible with Google Daydream and powered by Daydream-ready Android phones, and supports all apps based on Daydream eco-system
  • The headset is light and comfortable to wear, and fits all eyeglasses types.
  • The 3D controller is simplistic and user-friendly
  • Precise pointing turns up the user experience.

Trans Electric Co., Ltd.
Booth No: 5B-D02

Ultra HD 4K Wireless AV Transceiver

  • The best Wireless Ultra HD 4K solution for in-room use
  • Non-compressing transmission and non-latency
  • Signal via 60GHz Radio Frequency
  • Build-in matrix antenna to increase the transceiver performance
  • Support Ultra HD standard HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2

AIFA Technology Corp.
Booth No: 5B-C20

i-Ctrl Wi-Fi Remote Control

  • “i-Ctrl” (Wi-Fi Remote Control) can easily control home appliances (with infrared ray) through smartphones.
  • Connecting anywhere & anytime without distance limit.
  • Simply upgrade existing home life to smart home.

Powertech Industrial Co., Ltd.

Booth No: 1CON-026



  • Clips on deskside or partition
  • Unique in shape and ergonomic in use
  • All-around charging power : 6 AC outlets, 2 USB Type-A & 1 USB Type-C USB charging port
  • Multiple power safety protection

Netvox Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No: 1A-F08


Netvox Cloud-Based Wireless Smart Home System (Commercial Pack)

  • A caring and considerate IoT wireless smart home system
  • A combination of “Caring”, “Comforts”, “Intelligence”, “Health”, “Green”, “Technology”
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • The total solution for Home Automation. Intelligent caring and considerate system. High-end product with reasonable price
  • FCC, UL, CE, CCC certified

iModesty Technology Corp.
Booth No: 5B-C15

MB975 HD 720P 5” Video Baby Monitor: Wide Angle View System

  • MB975 is the real 720P high-definition video baby monitor, providing crystal clear view on 5-inch LCD screen. Users can view the baby’s motion clearly even in the dark.
  • Wide angle view covers the whole area of the baby’s playground. Parents can monitor toddlers’ position easily.

Full Enterprise Corp.

Booth No.: 5B-B02

FZ-VM3068 ZB Voice Assistant

  • Remote control lighting or power on/off by voice command without hand touch
  • Interactive with other smart devices
  • Easy installation without complicated cables
  • Comply Smart Gateway with other smart devices which can activate multiple scenarios.
  • Power off memory function: The device does not require re-pairing connection after re-power on.