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Taiwan: Highlighted Products - Auto Electronics
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Springteq Electronics Corp.
Booth No.: 5B-C44


  • The world’s first 6.2” multimedia HUD device with built-in gesture control. 
  • It provides high-resolution & full-color image, capable for any HDMI/CVBS output devices and supports OBDII accessories.

Booth No.: 1B-B03

Digital Rearview Mirror RAY

  • High-tech rear cam and full-version LCD monitor, enabled with high-resolution video streaming techniques.
  • It takes the rear cam’s image and projects in the digital rearview mirror without any delay, and provides 3-times of the view of traditional mirror, reducing the rear view blind spot.

Traceez Technology International Co., Ltd. Taiwan Branch

Booth No.: 3CON-148


iCar Defender

  • Large-sized GNSS Antenna 
  • Real-time tracking
  • History record
  • Sign-in with Gmail account
  • Share Account: share position temporarily
  • Movement alarm
  • Selectable positioning return time
  • Clean and simple UI design with easy-to-operate App
  • No platform fee
  • Online upgrade on functions
  • Authorized Google Map navigation system
  • Made & designed in Taiwan

Wenchi & Brothers Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: 5B-D31

4-in-1 Battery Charger

  • Isolation system
  • Soft-start to reduce in-rush current
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Maximum current restriction
  • Minimum output ripple current
  • Minimum standby current
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Thermal fan auto speed control
  • Applications: Boat, Cars, Carvan, Jetsky, Motorcycle, Smartphone, Tracker, Marine

Kingson Electronics Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: 5B-C30

DC-AC Power Inverter

  • Portable power invert tools for the use in cars, airplanes and ship etc.
  • By the standard 12V or 24V vehicle lighter plug, it's easy to transfer DC (12V or 24V) to AC (100V,110V,115V or 220V,230V)
  • Can be applied to digital camera, laptop, MP3 and phone recharge, settling the problem of battery shortage during journey
  • It has protective feature of over-current, over-load, low and high voltage etc.

New Power Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: 5B-E13

Jump Starter Mini

  • Use for LFP battery, engine starting, electronic products charging, flashing work light.

Trukey Trading Corp.
Booth No.: 5B-D25

DSP Power Amplifier

  • Operated by mobile phone App via Bluetooth
  • 31 band equalizer adjustments for each output channel
  • Class D amplifier

E-Lead Electronic Co., Ltd.
Booth No: 3D-B15

Mirror HUD

  • Mirror head-up display (HUD) is developed by the exclusive optical projection technology of E-Lead.
  • The virtual image will be projected in front of the roads, so the driver could focus on the road environment
  • The most important feature is that the virtual image will not block the view of the drivers.
  • The HUD integrates technology and driver safety

Trans Electric Co., Ltd.
Booth no.: 5D-B02

Dual DashCam

  • Revolutionary designed rear lens which can be flexibly attached to the side of the main unit to record the inner of the car, or adhere to the rear windshield to record what’s going on behind the car.
  • Built-in 10 groups of Intelligent IQ adjustment makes it possible to automatically adjust the brightness, white balance and sharpness according to different weather conditions.
  • Independent EV control at the front and rear lens can be adjusted for various tint levels of car window films.
  • Both lenses adopt SONY sensor and support 1080p @ 30 synchronous recording with enhancing low-light shooting performance.
  • The 3rd-generation “Hit-and-run” function can be activated within “one” second.

Tesor Plus Corp.
Booth no.: 3D-B19


Smartphone Fingerprint Immobilizer & Keyless Entry

  • Only can start the car if fingerprint checking (or passcode) on smartphone is correct.                                                              
  • Press paired smartphone App to remotely lock or unlock the car.                                                                   
  • Automatically arm after ignition key OFF.                                           
  • Car sharing function

Evervictory Electronics Co., Ltd.
Booth no.: 5B-C01

Car Amplifier

  • Digital Amplifier with wireless DSP (DAH-4-D)
  • Aluminium casing and ultra-thin in design 108x231x42(mm)
  • Multi-selection in Watts
  • Class-D Amplifier
  • Wireless-control with App function, enabling control for personal preferences like DVD, BT, AUX, and can even adjust sound field based on actual listeners’ needs.