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Exhibitors' and Buyers' Quotes
Exhibitors' Quotes Buyers' Quotes Startup Mentors' Quotes


Exhibitors' Quotes

img1. “AMAZINGthing specialises in the production of screen protectors, charging cables and power banks. Our major markets are Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. We started to join both the Spring and Autumn Electronics Fairs four years ago to promote our brand and products. At this year’s Autumn Electronics Fair, we are highlighting our new products such as screen protection installation tools which make installation easier and faster, as well as durable charging cables which are made of DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber and come with a 36-month warranty. As one of the largest electronics fairs in the world, the Autumn Electronics Fair attracts a large number of buyers from everywhere, offering greater business opportunities to exhibitors. This year more buyers from online shopping platforms have made enquiries about our products and we have found potential distributors from India and Russia.
Sam Chan, General Manager, AMAZINGthing, Hong Kong



img2. “Ambi Labs has been an exhibitor at the Autumn Electronics Fair for three consecutive years. Our main goal is to look for distributors and B2B partners. We are showcasing here for the first time the second edition of our Ambi Climate, which is an AI-powered, air conditioning add-on device offering personalised comfort and saving energy. The device’s multiple built-in sensors analyse how outdoor weather, sunlight, indoor temperature and humidity affect your comfort, learn your habits and then automatically adjust your air conditioner to deliver the desired home environment. With a smartphone, you can monitor your air conditioner anywhere, anytime. Up till now, we have collected 30 useful sales leads at the fair and three to four of them who are retailers from Eastern Europe, Saudi Arabia and South Asia will be our target customers.
Julian Lee, CEO, Ambi Labs Limited, Hong Kong


img3. “With a deep-water port, an airport, railways and highways, Beihai is an important production base for electronics products in Western China. Following our first-time participation in the Spring Electronics Fair, the Bureau of Commerce of Beihai Municipality has organised a group pavilion at the Autumn Electronics Fair for the first time to help Beihai’s electronics enterprises to develop overseas markets and to look for overseas investors. A total of 15 electronics enterprises from Beihai have set up 29 booths at the Autumn Electronics Fair to showcase a wide range of electronics products such as switches, adapters, 3D printers, battery chargers, televisions and computers. Many buyers from Hong Kong and Taiwan have visited the Beihai Pavilion. Some of our exhibitors have received onsite orders from India and Taiwan. We’ll return to next year’s Spring and Autumn Electronics Fairs.
Liu Jianping, Deputy Director, Bureau of Commerce of Beihai Municipality, the Chinese mainland


img4. “Established in 1958, Binatone is a leading consumer electronics company in the world. In 2007, we started to produce baby monitors and cordless phones under the Motorola brand. Two years ago, we expanded our Motorola product range to home cameras and lifestyle products. Though we have established a strong distribution network for our baby monitors and cordless phones, it is important for us to keep our presence in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) to look for new distributors for our new product categories. Last year, we successfully formed partnerships with new distributors from Australia and Thailand. One of our new products on offer at this year’s fair is Motorola Sphere+ which is a 2-in-1 audio system with over-ear headphones that lets the user immerse in music on the go or transforms into a speaker wherever the party may be. Buyer traffic was busy on the first day of the fair and we have met with many buyers from all over the world.
Kent Wong, Group Chief Operating Officer, Binatone Electronics International Limited, Hong Kong


img5. “We launched the second generation of MADGAZE AR smart glasses in January this year. After making a great success at the Spring Electronics Fair, we are showcasing MADGAZE AR smart glasses and related apps again at the Autumn Electronics Fair. Since we have established sales channels for our smart glasses in Asia, we want to target buyers from Europe, Southeast Asia and the US. At the fair, we have established 500 new contacts including those from Europe and the US. We expect that 50 per cent of the new contacts are interested in buying our smart glasses. In fact, some buyers from Europe, India and the US have bought our samples. Meanwhile, local and overseas app developers from about 100 IT companies have expressed their interest in developing games and solutions for our AR smart glasses. We’ll select good ones and start our co-operation. The overall results of this fair are very encouraging.”
Jordan Cheng, Founder & CEO, Dragon Creative Enterprise Solution Limited, Hong Kong


img6. “Founded in 2015, our company is dedicated to developing products that help people stay connected and get motivated to keep fit and healthy anywhere. This is our first-time participation in the Startup Zone at the Autumn Electronics Fair. We are looking for distributors and business partners for our smart personal trainer, which is a 4-in-1 compact fitness equipment including pushup stands, ab wheel, resistance band and jump rope. The companion app shows you how to do exercise, corrects your form for desired results and tracks your daily progress toward your fitness goals. So far, we have established 60-70 useful contacts. Through pitching sessions, startups can build new connections and learn more about buyers’ feedback and the needs of users which provide directions for startups to modify their products. As we see a lot of potential for the home fitness market, we’ll focus on developing smart fitness devices.”
Ivan Ho, Co-founder and CEO, Eggplant Technologies Ltd., Hong Kong (Startup)


img7. “The slogan for our Xoopar brand is ‘Joy In Technology’. We produce hi-tech, high-quality and fashionable electronics products in a fun way, including Bluetooth speakers, power banks and charging cables. Our new wireless lighting speaker comes with a glowing lava lamp and can play up to eight hours when the light is on. When two speakers are connected, they can create stereo sound. This is our sixth year at the Autumn Electronics Fair. It is an important show to our company because so many distributors come here to look for co-operation opportunities. Indeed, our unique product displays attract buyers from everywhere to stop by our booth. The fair is the right place for us to promote our brand and to build long-term partnership with distributors. At this year’s fair, we have met with potential distributors from South Africa and South America.”
Cem Bakis, Brand Manager, Hellowei Limited, Hong Kong


img8. “After participating in this year’s Spring Electronics Fair with good business results, we return to the Autumn Electronics Fair to promote our self-balanced electric skateboard called Surfwheel. Through the Spring Electronics Fair, we received HK$100 million worth of orders from three buyers. At the Autumn Electronics Fair, we have met with potential distributors from the Chinese mainland, India and Korea. Separately, we are glad to have the opportunity to meet with overseas media representatives from many places such as Japan and Taiwan at the media breakfast meeting organised by the HKTDC and this meeting helps to enhance our international media exposure. I think that buyers who look for new products will come to the Startup Zone. It provides a golden opportunity for startups to meet with buyers and investors from around the world. I encourage more startups to showcase their innovative ideas and products at the Startup Zone.”
Ondy Ma, Song Qi, General Manager, Koofy Development Limited, Hong Kong (Startup)


img9. “We support Korean ICT companies to develop new technologies and help them to sell products to overseas buyers. This year we have led a delegation of 22 Korean companies to form a group pavilion at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition). Korean exhibitors are showcasing a wide range of electronics products such as VR gadgets, 3D printers, software and skincare products. As one of the biggest events in the world, the Fair provides a good opportunity for our exhibitors to showcase their latest products and technologies to international buyers.
Kwang Mo, Ko (left), Deputy Director, Software Industry Promotion Dept., National IT Industry Promotion Agency, and Ji Hong, Kim (right), Team Manager, ICT Industry Promotion Division, Gwangju Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency, Korea


img10. “Established in 1908 in Switzerland, Solis offers a wide range of high-end kitchen appliances, automatic vacuum packing machines and hair dryers. To develop the Asian market, Solis set up a subsidiary in Asia in 2009. We visit the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) every year to study the product trends and meet with our counterparts. This year our company has joined the fair as a first-time exhibitor to show our newest products to international buyers and to develop new markets. The Autumn Electronics Fair is an influential trade show which attracts many distributors, making it an ideal brand-building platform for our company. We have met with new buyers from France, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and the US. Buyers from the Czech Republic, France, Malaysia and Thailand will likely become our new distributors. We’ll return to the fair next year.
Alan Chan, Managing Director, Solis Asia Co., Ltd (a subsidiary of Solis of Switzerland AG), Switzerland


img11. “TEEMA has organised the Taiwan Pavilion for 26 consecutive years at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition). Taiwanese manufacturers have strong product development capabilities and a well-established supply chain, and they understand the needs of international buyers. We have led 148 Taiwanese manufacturers and set up 192 booths at this year’s Autumn Electronics Fair. Taiwanese exhibitors focus on demonstrating the newest components and finished products in the areas of automation, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and automobile. Apart from meeting existing buyers, Taiwanese exhibitors have connected with new buyers from emerging markets such as India and Southeast Asia and from traditional markets such as Europe and the US. Five of our exhibitors presented their latest products at the Taiwan New Product Launching Party which drew a lot of attention from overseas buyers. We believe that all these efforts will generate many orders.”
Jerry Hsu, Executive Director, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (TEEMA), Taiwan


img12. “Established in 1979, Ten Pao is a Hong Kong-listed company specialising in the production of adapters, USB chargers, solar inverters, power banks, EV card charging piles and LED drivers. We are a staunch supporter of the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) because it provides an ideal platform for us to maintain a positive corporate image and to test buyer reaction to our new products. At last year’s Autumn Electronics Fair, we collected 400 business cards, and I think that we’ll be able to obtain more or less the same number of business cards at this year’s fair. Buyers from the Chinese mainland, Europe and the US are very interested in our new car chargers which come with aroma diffusers and they’ll try our samples. Ten Pao believes that adding new features to chargers is a way to stimulate buying interest. We are going to develop new chargers along this direction.”
Wilson Cheung, Sales Director, Retail and Distribution Centre, Ten Pao International Ltd., Hong Kong


img13. “With 30 years of experience in the manufacture of watches, we launched smart watches at the beginning of this year. After exhibiting at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) for the first time, we have decided to join the Autumn Edition because we find that electronics buyers are more receptive to smart watches than watch buyers. At the fair, we are showcasing two different models of smart watches, one with a hand indicator to show incoming call or message alerts and one with OLED displaying social media messages and incoming call numbers. Our smart watches appeal to executives who are not convenient to use their mobile phones during meetings. Buyers from Germany, Japan, Korea, Spain and the US have collected our samples and will study the market potential. We are satisfied with the results so far. The Hong Kong Electronics Fair provides an effective channel for us to promote our smart watches.
Danny Wong, Director, Time Deluxe Company Limited, Hong Kong


img14. “Ultimate Gear specialises in the design and manufacture smart home products such as bulbs, plugs, power strips, wall switches and voice-controlled speakers. This is our first appearance in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition). We hope to gain more exposure in the smart home market and introduce our new products. Smart home is just like a baby and it’ll grow very fast. People in Europe and the US already started to use smart home products. Asian people will buy smart home products one year later when prices will be more competitive.  The Autumn Electronics Fair is a successful exhibition because we have met with a lot of buyers including new buyers from Italy, Korea, the Philippines, the UK and the US. Some of them have taken our samples for further testing. We’ll visit potential buyers after the fair so as to understand their specific needs and develop suitable smart home products for them.”
Nick Gangaramani, Partner, Ultimate Gear Technology Company, Hong Kong


img15. “The Hong Kong Electronics Fair is one of the world’s largest electronics trade shows where we can meet a lot of buyers, showcase our latest products and promote our brand to buyers from all over the world. That’s why VTech has been an exhibitor of the fair since the 70s. At this year’s Autumn Electronics Fair, we are showcasing a bunch of new products such as an electronic learning product called Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 and 3-in-1 Connected Home Solution. Featuring a sleek and stylish design, Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 lets kids take pictures and videos, play games, tell the time and more. The 3-in-1 Connected Home Solution puts LAN and Wi-Fi Internet connectivity, DECT voice communication and ULE (Ultra Low Energy) smart home systems into a single Smart Home Gateway.”

Grace Pang, Head of Corporate Marketing, VTech Holdings Limited, Hong Kong


Buyers' Quotes

img1. “Handy is a wholesaler and retailer of mobile phone accessories and IoT devices, with 500 stores in Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedonia. People in Eastern Europe started to use IoT-enabled smart home solutions and smart office automation and the demand is growing steadily. With the help of the HKTDC’s business matching team, I have found about two potential smart home solution providers. I have also found a potential supplier of wireless chargers which are new in the market. I am going to visit more suppliers at the Autumn Electronics Fair and plan to buy at least US$500,000 worth of mobile phones, mobile accessories, IoT-enabled smart home solutions and smart office automation solutions through the fair. I like the Autumn Electronics Fair very much because it brings together a large number of suppliers and it is convenient to do business in Hong Kong.”
Nikolay Filipov, President, Handy Tel Ltd, Bulgaria


img2. “DISKUS is a distributor of branded electronics accessories, data storage and smart devices and a supplier of promotional items in the Czech Republic. I have come here for the first time to look for promotional items. I have found 10 potential suppliers of power banks, wireless chargers, smart bracelets and headphones, and collected their samples. Our MOQ ranges from 100 to 7,000 pieces, depending on the needs of our customers. The Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Fair) is an important show where I can meet both existing and potential suppliers face-to-face, find new ideas, try new products and see the hottest trends in the electronics industry. I like it very much.”
Jan Hrubeš, Head of IT Gifts Department, DISKUS, Czech Republic


img3. “In business for more than 30 years, we are a Taiwanese OEM and OBM manufacturer of printed circuit boards for notebook computers. We just started to produce VR headsets which are hot items in the market. My main goal of visiting the Autumn Electronics Fair is to source HDMI cables, connectors, high-resolution displays, and cables for VR headsets. It is a nice show because there are a lot of suppliers and many choices. It also gives me a good opportunity to see the latest trends for notebook computers so that we can modify our products to meet the market demand.” 
KC Lin, Marketing Manager, Sales Department, Elitegroup Computer Systems Co., Ltd., Taiwan


img4. “Hyundai is one of the largest department store chains in Korea and currently has 20 outlets. This is my first time visiting the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition). I am looking for smart devices, IoT devices, VR gadgets and new products. So far, I have found five potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Korea for the supply of new products such as smart home controllers, smart glasses with earphones and hands-free calling function, smart umbrella stands with shoe drying function, solar chargers and AR toys. I am very impressed by the size of the Fair and the wide variety of new products.”
Jung-Kyu Lee, Manager, IT Operation Team, Dept. Store Information Division, Hyundai Dept. Store IT Enterprise, Korea



img5. “ML is an importer and wholesaler of electronics products in Chile. We are mainly selling computers, cameras and home appliances. This is my first visit to the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition). I am particularly interested in televisions, scooters and smart home robotic cameras. I have already placed an order for US$200,000 worth of televisions and also found 20 potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. The Fair is a huge show where I can find a lot of products and see new technologies.”
Mauricio Lama P., General Manager, ML, Chile



img6. “Monk’s Hill Ventures is a venture capital firm investing in tech startups in Southeast Asia, with funds coming from private equity funds, investors, corporations, large family offices and pension funds. Every year we make six to eight investments in the region. This is the first time that I have visited the Startup Zone at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition). It is a good idea to have the Startup Zone as it certainly attracts technology people to visit. The zone presents different themes like IoT, robotics, 3D printing and VR which are the right themes for the electronics industry. I am particularly interested in six to seven startups which are engaged in IoT connected home, robotics, 3D printing and VR.
Justin Nguyen, Co-founder, Monk’s Hill Ventures, Vietnam


img7. “We are an e-tailer in Russia, selling video and photo equipment. As we notice an increasing demand for electronics products in Russia, we have come to the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) for the first time to look for new products. We have found a lot of new products such as 3D cameras, 360-degree cameras, baby monitors, toy guns, lenses for mobile phones and portable photo printers and identified about seven potential suppliers. Our first order with each supplier will be 1,000 pieces. As we have talked to some brandname companies which do not have official distributors in Russia, we’ll have further negotiations with them after the fair. The fair is so big, we’ve already spent two days here, but we haven’t finished visiting the whole fair.”
Philippov Arseniy (left), Buyer, Philber Group LCC, Russia



img8. “Pointer is a major supplier of Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR), GPS, alarm systems, in-vehicle cameras and car accessories in Israel. Our 50 stores in Israel provide aftermarket installation service for all kinds of vehicles. We have come to the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) to look for new suppliers which can provide high-quality cables, batteries, printed circuit boards, in-vehicle cameras and GPS transmitters at good prices and guarantee on-time delivery. Up till now, we have found about 20 potential suppliers. We like the fair because we can meet a lot of new suppliers and help us to achieve our business goals.”
Ilan Goldstein (right), CEO, Pointer and Hezy Mizrachi (left), VP of Operations, Pointer Telocation Ltd., Israel


img9. “Syslab provides the installation service of AV systems, security systems, network and communication systems, home office automation, digital signage solutions and IoT-based smart home solutions to commercial and residential projects in the Middle East. This is my first visit to the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition). Up till now, I have found 30-40 potential suppliers of IoT solutions, AV systems and smart devices from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. As a lot of residential and commercial projects are under construction due to the Expo 2020 Dubai, we see a strong demand for our installation services. The new contacts that I have made here will meet our business needs. The Autumn Electronics Fair brings together a large number of exhibitors, new technologies and innovations. I'll come again next year.”
Jafar Sherif, Technical Director, Syslab Installation LLC, United Arab Emirates



img10. “We are an importer, wholesaler and retailer of automobile accessories, mobile phones and related accessories, as well as corporate gifts in India. This is my sixth time visiting the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition). I like the fair because it is the right place for me to find new products, the latest technologies and innovations. This year I am looking for car accessories, smart watches, wearables and mobile phone accessories. So far, I have found six potential suppliers of car accessories, VR gadgets, VR software and mobile phone accessories. I have already placed orders for US$10,000 worth of vertical screen players, car mobile chargers and head-up displays. I plan to buy US$100,000 worth of mobile phone accessories in mid-November.
Chintan Rambhia, Director, Wheels Car Customs, India


Startup Mentors' Quotes

img1. “Startups have new ideas, but they may not understand the industry’s needs and do not have engineering background. Arrow’s experts can provide consultancy and design services, helping startups to realise their creative ideas. Our lab service is free of charge. After startups turn their creative ideas into actual products, they can make use of our distribution service to market their products. After speaking at the startup forum, I have visited some of the startups at the Startup Zone and I find that they have creative ideas and the passion for innovations. The Startup Zone provides a great platform for startups from different countries and regions to exchange their ideas.
Jacky Wan, Vice President, Engineering – Asia Pacific, Arrow Asia Pac Ltd, Hong Kong



img2. “Gelab helps startups and makers to turn their creative ideas into real products and market their products. This is the first time that we have led 12 startups to showcase 12 innovative products at the Startup Zone in Autumn Electronics Fair. Fine examples include a smart walking stick with GPS, a torch and shock-resistant tip, and SeaTalkie which is a walkie-talkie designed for water sports. The HKTDC has done a good job in promoting the Startup Zone through different media platforms and many buyers are attracted to the Startup Zone to look for new ideas. The Startup Zone provides an ideal platform for startups to meet with buyers directly and know more about their requirements and feedback. We are happy to see that many buyers from Southeast Asia and the Middle East have made enquiries and some of them consider buying smaller quantities like 200 pieces to test their markets. We’ll host a forum at the fairground and invite supply chain professionals to share their tips with startups and makers.”
Francois Lee (second from left), CEO, Gadget Excelerator Lab (Gelab), Hong Kong



img3. “Next Chapter is a crowdfunding platform for female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses. We want to increase women’s access to capital and empower female entrepreneurs to launch successful businesses and products. Since the launch of our crowdfunding platform in March 2016, we have raised HK$900,000 for 18 projects. I am happy to be one of the speakers for the Startup Mentoring Class. The audience is very engaged and has raised very good questions. I am also impressed by the Startup Zone which facilitates the needs of buyers and investors.”
Nicole Denholder, Founder, Next Chapter, Hong Kong


img4. “Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS) was set up two years ago to help Taiwan startups to sell globally. With the invitation from the HKTDC, TSS has led five member companies to showcase innovative products at the Startup Zone in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) for the first time. Our delegates are showcasing an IOT-enabled occupational environmental senor, a smart and portable muscle stimulator, a traditional analogue watch with smart functions, a multifunctional 3D printer, and a skincare device that measures your hydration, skin pigmentation and skin health. We are glad to have joined the Autumn Electronics Fair which is one of the largest electronics fairs in the world. It is the right place where Taiwan startups can meet a lot of buyers from around the world, do real business and find business partners.
Jeffrey Ling (centre), VP of Operations & Startup Development, Taiwan Startup Stadium, Taiwan


img5. “The Symposium on Innovation & Technology provides a good opportunity for me to share my ideas with attendees on the development of mixed reality (MR). MR is the result of blending the physical world with the digital world. It is the next evolution in human, computer, and environment interaction and can facilitate human communication in different locations. I am excited to see that exhibitors at the Autumn Electronics Fair are offering products which are suitable for use in MR and I think there are a lot of opportunities for partnerships.”
Andy Cheung, Partner Business Evangelist, Developer Experience Group, Microsoft Hong Kong Limited, Hong Kong