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3D Printing

ONO 3D Inc.
Booth No.: CH-D01


* “Startup” zone 


  • ONO 3D is the first ever smartphone 3D printer
  • ONO allows resin to harden under visible light. 3D objects can then be created layer by layer using smartphone’s screen as the light source.
  • Prints in reticular structure with a volume of 126 x 74 x 52 mm in just 2.5 hours using a mid-range phone
Baby Care

Global Regency Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 3F-A01


  • A brand new patented and revolutionary product in baby formula mixing and warming
  • By just adding baby formula powder and water, MagiStir will play the role as stirrer & warmer

Marvoto Technology (HongKong) Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: CH-D02


* “Startup” zone 

Smart Fetus Camera

  • A hand-carry smart ultrasound device for pregnant mothers to take pictures and record dynamic videos of baby
  • The core technology is wireless intelligent fetal imaging system, combined with the world's most advanced wireless ultrasound technology to achieve ultrasound imaging portable
Digital Entertainment 

Lanchiya Electronic Technology (HK) Co., Ltd.
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 1D-E13

Alexa Far-field Voice Recognition Speaker

  • Wi-Fi speakers with Alexa voice recognition solution and Bluetooth function
  • Support lossless 24bit 192kHz high definition audio
  • Support multi-room system and the streaming services such as Spotify, vTuner, etc

Ningbo Soundking Electronics&Sound Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: GH-B12

Digital Mixer DM20

  • Integrate the advantages of premium hardware, touch/slide operation and iPad remote control
  • Adopt the 4th generation of 40bit SHARC floating point processor and 8 internal effects like Reverb and Delay
  • Feature two USB interfaces separately for play, record and scene memory

Skypioneer Technology Ltd.
Booth No.: 1B-A04

WiMe Daydream VR Gear

  • A smartphone VR headset with 3D controller, compatible with Google Daydream and powered by Daydream-ready Android phones, and supports all apps based on Daydream eco-system
  • The headset is light and comfortable to wear, and fits all eyeglasses types.
  • The 3D controller is simplistic and user-friendly

Ultmost Electronic Ltd.
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 1E-E13


  • A high-end movie projector which can project up to 140-inch image by placing it at the same spot of a TV set
  • Stay away from cables of the traditional projector
  • Functions are just like a smart TV
e-Health & e-Fitness  

Advance Electronic & Medical Industries Company Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 3F-E26

Vision Enhancer

  • An innovative wearable electronic device which uses the micro-current to stimulate visual nerve path
  • By expanding the visual nerve micro-vascular blood vessels, it helps speeding up the blood circulation, relieving eye fatigue, and thus improve the sensitivity of visual nerve
  • Recent clinical research shows that electrical stimulation on visual nerve could improve the amblyopia significantly

Sunroad Technology Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 1A-D16 

Free Diving Watch

  • Combined hiking with diving functions, the data of hiking and diving can be managed by mobile phone App
  • Diving depth, diving time, maximum allowable bottom time can be measured by the watch
  • Allow to incorporate altimeter, barometer, compass, world time, countdown timer, stop watch, sunrise and sunset times & weather forecast, 20 ATM waterproof, etc.

U-GYM Technology Corp.
Booth No.: CH-B04


* “Startup” zone 


UGYM Sport

  • Deep muscle stimulator is designed for athlete muscle training utilizing medium frequency Russian Wave
  • Warm up muscle before exercise to avoid sport injury; enhance exercise efficiency or increase muscle strength during workout; and speed up muscle recovery after cool down
Electronic Accessories

Loctek Ergonomic Technology Corp.
Booth No.: GH-A12


Sit-stand Workstation

  • Gas spring offers smooth and stable support for any desired height.
  • 12 available options for height adjustment. Wider adjustable range between the minimum and maximum height could cater to users’ different requirements
  • Support groove on the surface for smart phone and tablet

Ningbo Cinemount Design & Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: GH-R09

TV Wall Mount

  • Functions of level correction, integrated level, cable management and safety lock

Ningbo Lumisonix Enterprises Ltd.
Booth No.: GH-M01


Sit-stand Workstation

  • Product for versatile workplaces by converting any desk to sit-stand desks.
  • Powerful motor lifts heavy load on work surface by a touch of button.
Home Technology

Macro Winners Electronics Limited (Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 3B-D12


Bluetooth LED Display Fan

  • With Bluetooth connection to smartphones application, it can control the display on fan, e.g. time, temperature, text and image

Skyless Design Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: CH-C04


* “Startup” zone 


  • Smart umbrella stand that quickly dry and disinfect the umbrella after used
  • Patent-pending technology with researched evaporation technology which can control the climate inside the stand to enhance drying performance
  • Atums’ modular design allows multiple units to connect as desired with each other in order to accommodate all situations
In-vehicle Electronics

Steelmate Co., Ltd.
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 1D-D09

Dual-purpose Front or Rear Parking Assist System

  • One unit with front detection and rear detection, easily switched between modes
  • Buzzer with two voices for distinguish front or rear system

CAMi (HK) Company Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 3D-B22

inCarBite Qi Wireless Charger

  • Qi wireless magnetic charger is a fast and safe charging hub especially when user is driving
  • With the magnetic wireless charging desktop stand, user can charge mobile phone at home or office
  • Offers full range of Qi wireless iPhone specific charging cases
  • iPhone 8 and iPhone X compatible

Arwin Technology Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: CH-C08


* “Startup” zone 

Nano S range

  • Using the latest Bluetooth 5 wireless technology, it can monitor climate (temperature and humidity), air quality detector (PM2.5) and gas (VOC/CO2) for a complete ecosystem.
  • Compact and attractive design for easy integration.
  • Advanced features such as cloud connectivity and voice control provide convenient remote access and automation, creating a seamless integration into existing connected solution.

Film Players Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: CH-C01


* “Startup” zone 

All-in-One Display Hub with Smart Film

  • Smart Film is more than just an original electronic blinds, it can be changed into a digital display to show and receive customized content
  • The display hub improves the original binary display film to be programmable by user interface

Jacky Instruments Limited (Start-up of City University of Hong Kong) (Hong Kong)
Booth No.: CH-C02


* “Startup” zone 

Smart Thermostat

  • Implements a smart control algorithm that can maintain a very stable indoor temperature, recognition solution and Bluetooth function
  • Reduce total energy consumed by both fan-coil-unit and chilled-water-pump of the secondary chilled water circuit
  • Can be controlled and monitored via cloud service and the Building Management System

Linough Inc.
Booth No.: CH-J10


  • By using smartphone App or online account, “Ninjalock” allows user to open and close doors remotely
  • Installation is simple, without any kind of remodelling. Just attach the device onto the existing door thumb turn and install the application on smartphone

Maxus Technologies (SZ) Limited (China)
Booth No.: CH-E02


* “Startup” zone 

Welle Gesture Controller

  • An innovative device that turns any surface into a smart interface using embedded Sonar
  • Control devices and software applications with simple touch and gesture via Bluetooth
  • Winner of the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology's “One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition”

Metro Creative Inc. Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 3B-E36

Smart Prayer Beads

  • Connects Buddhism with technology
  • With built-in sensor chip and smartphone app, “Smart Prayer Beads” allows users to count prayers, track steps and be notified for incoming calls

Sean & Stephen Corporation
Booth No.: 3B-A28


  • A delicate device that can make the projected screen interactive. It works with any projector, and can be installed on any flat surface easily
  • By high-tech laser, InterPro supports both light pen and touch mode. Users could enjoy accurate touch experience with only fingertips

Tranwo Technology Corp.
Booth No.: 1B-A08

Smart Pet Feeder

  • Contains a HD camera which can detect and monitor indoor environment
  • It is capable of either scheduled feeding or remote manual feeding on smartphones
  • Ideal for adult cats, and small- and medium-size dogs. Feeding amount will be uploaded to the cloud for data analysis
  • Users will be notified of movement in the house as well as the remaining amount of food in the feeder

Wah Wai International Industrial Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: CH-K14

PEDOT (Smart Film)

  • PEDOT intelligent film (non-ITO) can produce electronic curtains shielding effect, thermal insulation effect of the sunscreen, large projection screen advertising effect, and connect touch whiteboard teaching applications
Mobile Technology

Lab Made Asia Ltd
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: CH-E01



* “Startup” zone 


  • All-in-one desktop solution
  • Qi wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, omnidirectional microphone, four-port USB 3.0 Hub, cable-concealer and writing utensil holder

Wifo Corporation
Booth No.: 3B-C18

TOUCHBEAT Smart Drum Kit

  • Transforms smart devices such as iPad or iPhone into a perfect drum set
  • A patented kick pedal and realistic sticks can be used with a virtual drum app to play and learn drums anytime and anywhere
  • Users can learn basic drumming techniques or play rhythm training through a drum training app that comes with the drum kit. The drum kit also supports all kind of existing drum apps including GarageBand
Robotics & Unmanned Tech

eyedea Inc.
Booth No.: 5C-B07


PITTA (Autonomous Flying Selfie Drone)

  • Autonomous flying and visual-follow-me function based on own image/visual tracking technology
  • Without any tracker or controller
  • Autonomously fly on the sky, track face and take pictures



Koofy Development Limited
 (Hong Kong)
Booth No.: CH-B05


* “Startup” zone 


  • Self-balanced electric skateboard
  • Calibrated the gyroscopic sensors, it shifts in user’s center of stabilization, allowing user to glide forward and backward or snowboard-esque turns
  • With its 500W brushless hub motor, ride for an hour and travel up to 12 miles on a single charge, or carry extra battery packs
  • Featured in the Hong Kong movie “Love off the Cuff”

Wintide Brand Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 3B-C01

Gesture-Controlled RC Drone

  • Control the drone with just hand gestures
  • Hold the controller and with just one button on it, the user can control the drone’s movements
Startup Services

(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: CH-A13


* “Startup” zone 


  • The user-friendly platform integrates with major online marketplaces, providing an all-in-one shipping management tool from in-cart checkout to delivery
  • Integrated with 100+ worldwide couriers, providing rates discounted by up to 70% and complete visibility on international shipping regulations, taxes and duties, available couriers, and shipping costs from one single account