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Smart Tech
1 abc

Bonnect (HK) Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: CH-A04


* “Startup” zone 

Feedi Baby

  • Feedi Baby is a smart baby bottle accessory which records, analyzes, and facilitates baby growth by automatic diet logging
  • Supported by proprietary App Feedi which provides parenting support on real-time baby activity sharing and nutrition management
  • Feedi Baby can be used with most popular brands of baby bottles, allowing parents a choice on the bottle for their baby
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Creedon Technologies HK Limited (Hong Kong)
Booth No.: CH-J08

Nixplay Digital Signage

  • A total solution including a display, an operating system and a cloud based management system
  • User can control any number of displays from a tablet anywhere in the world
3 abc

Hong Kong Innovative Display Technology Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: CH-F05


* “Startup” zone 


  • An Electronic Smart Label for retail stores, equipped with HD full colour display and Wi-Fi function, allowing easy and instant update of information
  • The custom-made user interface in the software allow users to control the information displayed in each of the tags
4 abc

Steelmate Company Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 1D-D09

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for Truck

  • Includes 1 wireless display, 1 super repeater and with 6 or up to 30 internal or DIY external sensors
  • The only TPMS in market which can be used with internal sensors, external (DIY) sensor or mix of both internal & external (DIY) sensors
  • Comes with 4 key functions - Auto switching, 24/7 monitoring, tire data output and built-in sensor partner
  • Top 5 best products of Electronics & Systems in Innovation Award by Automechanika Frankfurt 2016
5 abc

Tektos Ecosystems Limited
(Hong Kong)

Booth No.: 1A-A26

Bag iStrap

  • Can be attached to the luggage and communicate via Bluetooth with mobile devices and a dedicated App
  • Users can be notified when the baggage arrives within the Bluetooth range
  • Alarm can be generated when the baggage is lost or being stolen 
  • Can track luggage and recognise the unique ID and owner
6 abc

Booth No.: CH-M06

SafSmart Whistle

  • Press the button or blow into the whistle to automatically make emergency calls and send SMS, emails to pre-stored contacts
  • Noisy alarm in mobile phone can be triggered automatically
  • Location information is updated every 2-3 minutes until the emergency case is deactivated
  • Battery life can last for 2-3 months 
7 abc

Unitraka Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: CH-P05

Worldwide GPS Tracker

  • Unique GPS tracking device that truly works worldwide without roaming charges
  • The tracker can be operated simply with a designated App, no SIM card is required
8 abc

UonMap Information Technologies Limited
Booth No.: CH-F07


* “Startup” zone 


  • A multifunctional in-vehicle diagnostic and monitoring device which can turn a regular car into a “smart car”
  • Users are notified on their mobile devices when an accident occurs or when suspicious activities are detected inside the car
  • The 9-axis orientation sensor assists in detecting accidents and the data gathered can also be used to reconstruct the car motion path at the time of the accident
  • The Wi-Fi modules increases the location accuracy when the GPS signal is lost and can also be used to connect other devices to the internet
Virtual Reality
9 abc

Sky Light Imaging Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 3B-E23


360 VR Action Camera

  • Rugged, waterproof and suitable for a variety of extreme sports
  • With 4K UHD picture quality, 720-degree FOV, the camera can provide a spherical view on different scenes
  • It has built-in Wi-Fi, BLE or even LTE, which allows user to live stream or share in YouTube and Facebook through mobile App, and for any real-time interaction
10 abc

Vision Electronics Company
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 3E-E05


3D VR Wearable HD Theatre

  • Comfortable 3D VR through two individual panels
  • Android Operation System
  • Enjoy 120-inch high resolution virtual image at 4 meter away privately
  • Wi-Fi Internet operation with built-in battery up to 3 hours
  • Adjustable inter-pupillary distance and myopia focus
11 abc

Weeview Inc.
Booth No.: CH-D05

Eye-Plug 3D Video Recording Camera

  • World's first plug in 3D video-camera module
  • With the Eye-plug 3D kit and App, users can use their Android device to record videos in 3D, re-adjust the focus, control background blur, apply endless magic filters etc.         
12 abc

Zekino International Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: CH-D01


  • The world first foldable 360 VR drone
  • Specially designed for creating aerial 360-degree videos with action camera
  • Professional equipment for creating VR videos
  • Film full spherical videos around the drone without any blind spot
  • Compatible with action camera, such as GoPro
  • Easy for carrying & storage
Wearable Electronics
13 abc

Earth Trek (Hong Kong) Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 3B-A06


  • Flap onto wrist & go
  • Rain proof and sweat resistant
  • Can be used as instant mobile stand
  • Smart sleeping monitoring sensor
  • Pedometer, distance & calories display, time display
  • Incoming call alert, anti-lost alert, sedentary alert, selfie remote shutter, multi-alarm
  • Free APP, works with both iOS & Android system
Robotics & Unmanned Tech
14 abc

Cyber Discovery Co Ltd
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: CH-C09

Robot Intellie and Bubbly

  • Innovative designed robots. Combining robotics, IoT and mobility, it can be applied in various areas.
  • It can act as a receptionist, playing advertisement or information, as well as associating with customer relationship management system (CRM) to identify its customers.
  • For home and elderly care of the application, it can be set to regularly patrol at home, if an elderly is found lying on the ground, or a stranger breaks into the home or there is a lot of smoke or fire, it will send emergency notice to default recipients or alert alarm.
15 abc

Intelligent Cad/Cam Technology Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: CH-C07

Rethink Robotics

  • Collaborative robots that can adapt to real-world variability, excel in semi-structured environments and change applications quickly
  • Can help companies boost flexibility, efficiency and quality in the operations
  • An industry standard for safe, affordable, open source platforms for research and education, in environments ranging from corporate R&D departments to classrooms, university labs, technical schools, and more
3D Printing
16 abc

Nixtek Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: CH-E06


* “Startup” zone 

Nixtek Full Color Desktop 3D Printer

  • Nixtek is one of the world’s 1st full colour 3D Printers
  • Full colour 3D Printing is achieved by utilising CMYK blending technology where 4 different colour filaments are mixed together to create different colour tones
  • Nixtek’s frame is made out of high-strength aluminum alloy for increasing stability and this also helps to increase the smoothness of the printed object
17 abc

3DP Technology Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: CH-E11

3D Printer Educational Kit

  • Entry-grade 3D printer for home-use and school-use
  • Users can follow the manual and assemble the printer step-by-step
  • Users can get their hands on components, and learn more about the theory and mechanics behind a workable 3D Printer
Digital Entertainment
18 abc

Ulike Company Limited
Booth No.: 5C-B20

Tittle Gold Stimulator

  • Allow the users to play golf without hitting a ball
  • Provides the most realistic 3D virtual golf library, with 120+ courses
  • Swing analysis and GPS Range finder are equipped
19 abc

The Darts Factory Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 3B-C20


  • Can record dart throwing gestures and provide precise data for training purpose
  • Monitor darter’s throwing data such as incidental angle, strength and speed, etc.
  • Compare the throwing data to show the progress
  • Keep tracking users’ steps, running speed, distance, etc. to calculate the calories being burnt     
20 abc

TCT International Limited
(Hong Kong)

Booth No.: CH-C15

X-riders K7

  • Made of aircraft grade aluminum, weighing approximately 11KG
  • Easy to carry after folded
  • Maximum 120KG of user weight and travel at 20km/h top-speed
  • 36v lithium-ion battery which provides sufficient power for up to 25km range. It takes only three hours to charge to full capacity
21 abc

R.E.A.C. Electronic Co Ltd
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 3C-B21

Bike Meter with flashlight

  • Transform the bicycle to a Smart Bike with meter display on mobile phone
  • Monitor time speed and calories-burning data
  • 3 modes of LED including the Riding flashing, Obstacle-alert flashing and Goal-achieving flashing
Home Technology
22 abc

Goodway Electrical Co., Ltd.
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 1C-B02

Worldwide Pioneer ECO “UV Steam Iron”

  • Only require 1000W power consumption, energy saving up to 60%
  • By UV steam technology, making steam particle into moisturized micro steam particle, water usage saving around 80%
  • Taking the advantage of 80% water saving, the steam performance is much long lasting  by less lime scale built up inside the iron
  • UV moisturized steam is much easily penetrated into cloth and fabric, makes the cloth become more smooth, soft and dry
23 abc

Advance Electronic & Medical Industries Co Ltd
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 3F-E26


  • BrainHelper is developed based on the research into Transcranial Electrical Stimulation (TES) technology
  • Can enhance users’ cognitive ability, such as reading, writing, language, math, music, sports and creative thinking
24 abc

Gastar Group Co Ltd.
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 3F-D08


Intelligent Instant Heat Water Dispenser

  • 300°C degree temperature rising within 2 seconds
  • Boiling water output within 3 seconds
  • Use stainless steel as the heat conductor between the heating element and water
  • 97% high heat efficiency
  • Produces weak alkaline water using far infrared
25 abc

Ledatron Company Limited       
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: CH-F08


* “Startup” zone 

Hi-Cooler Air-Conditioner                                  

  • Pocket size evaporative personal air-conditioner for users to carry around
  • Consumes 5W-10W, equivalent to <1% of that of a house air-conditioner
  • With rechargeable battery, it can operate for two hours for a single charging time of 1.5-2 hours
  • The air temperature come out from Hi-Cooler can be 25°C or lower in outdoor environment of 32°C
  • Does not exhaust hot air to damage the Earth for the global warming
26 abc

R.E.A.C. Electronic Co Ltd
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 3C-B21

Swimming pool alert sensor

  • Connected to cloud sever with RF technology and Wi-Fi, the sensor detects objects (kids or pet etc) falling into the pool and notifies the owner simultaneously by APP message
  • The user can turn on suited IP camera to see what happened and decide what to do next
27 abc

Tronico Technology Company Limited
(Hong Kong)

Booth No.: CH-M13

KUJU Smart Lighting Module

  • Fit inside the lighting gang box behind the lighting panel, users can turn on/off, dim up / down the lights via the App
  • Time scheduling and pre-set lighting scenarios can be configured
  • Home automation can be achieved by interlocking with other KUJU wireless sensor
28 abc

Benetek Limited
(Hong Kong)

Booth No.: CH-P14

Smart Home Hidden Lock

  • Designed to cooperate with any Smart Home technology
  • No hole drilling for installation needed
  • Can prevent burglars from locating the lock
  • Can be unlocked by remote control, keypad, RF card, smartphone, or Smarthome with desired trigger event
  • Battery powered with a long battery life
Personal Electronics
29 abc

Planet Technology (Asia) Limited (Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 3CON-130


  • 20,000mAh battery recharging for notebook computer, iPad and mobile phone
  • Internal and external USB recharging port
  • Wi-Fi with individual battery
  • RFID blocking design
  • Automatic warning if the user leaves behind personal belongings such as mobile phone
In-vehicle Electronics
30/td> abc

Chung Hoi Electronic (H.K.) Limited (Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 3C-E38

Jumpstarter HYL-6000-12

  • Features with 4 alligator clips, enhancing the charging stability and safeness by ensuring the battery detection
  • Unique “One Touch” start program making the battery boosting easy for anyone 
  • 3-button independent control offers user- friendly operation
  • Balance charging technology which helps prolonging battery life
  • 4th generation logic software for loopback jumpstart convenience and protections