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Exhibitors' & Buyers' Quotes

Empowered with decades of experience and expertise in organising trade exhibitions, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is reputed internationally for its outstanding performance.


Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.


The HKTDC sincerely invites you to join this exhibition, to explore the way to success.



Exhibitors’ Comments



“This is our third year at the Spring Electronics fair. By joining the fair, we support our ODM partners to sell globally and provide them with a matchmaking opportunity to meet with buyers. At the fair, we are also highlighting Intel’s latest technology platforms. More than 50 Intel ODM partners have joined this year’s fair and they are showcasing a wider range of products such as smartphones, phablets, 2-in-1tablets, tablets, clamshell notebooks, virtual reality (VR) machines, robots and smart projectors, which have attracted a lot of interest. Our ODM partners have met with many new buyers from Africa, South America, Western Europe and the US. I am sure that they’ll close some deals after the fair.”
Stephanie Hallford, Senior Director, Client Computer Group, China, Intel Corporation, the US


“Our Division handles brand licensing business for Hyundai. As the Spring Electronics Fair is an international trade event that attracts overseas distributors, it provides the most effective channel for us to look for licensees especially for electronics products such as mobile phones, televisions and air conditioners. This is our second year at the Spring Electronics Fair. At last year’s fair, we successfully secured distributors from India, the Middle East and Russia. This year we have received favourable responses from international buyers and already found potential licensees from Asia and South America. We intend to exhibit at the Autumn Electronics Fair for the first time this year to further develop our brand licensing business.”
Kevin Yoo, Senior Overseas Sales Manager, Brand Business Team 1, Brand Business Division, Hyundai C&F Inc., Korea


“We are a one-stop robot construction solution provider, supplying various mechanical parts, electronic modules and software under our Makeblock brand. Makeblock not only realises people’s ideas but also helps students to develop their science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills. The market for Makeblock is huge because we believe each child needs a robot. Makeblock is now sold in more than 100 countries and regions. We are exhibiting at the Spring Electronics Fair for the first time to increase our revenue. The organiser has done a good job because the show attracts a lot of quality buyers. We have received very good responses from buyers. A European buyer who operates consumer electronics stores and more than 200 Apple stores has decided to buy US$1 million worth of Makeblock this year. In addition, new buyers from India, Korea, Thailand and the US have expressed their intention to place orders. We’ll return to next year’s fair and also join the Autumn Electronics Fair.”
Jerry Wang, Sales Director, Maker Works Technology INC, the Chinese mainland


“Based in the Netherlands, our company specialises in the design and production of small household appliances under our Bourgini brand. We offer a wide range of high-quality, nicely designed household appliances such as kettles, toasters, grills, juicers and sandwich makers at affordable prices. Last year, we started to join the Hong Kong Electronics Fair twice a year to increase our exposure, to look for distributors and to expand our export business. We have to be here because many buyers attend the Hong Kong fair. It provides a good place for us to show our new products and meet with new customers. At this year’s Spring Electronics Fair, we have been busy answering buyers’ enquiries and buyers have expressed great interest in our products. We have found some potential distributors from Brazil, Italy and the UK.”
Nikki Ouborg, Commercial Manager, The Bourgini Company B.V., the Netherlands


“In business for 47 years, ALCO, originally an audio equipment manufacturer, branched out into producing 2-in-1 mini notebooks under our Venturer brand two years ago, with the US being our main market. It is important for us to develop our own brand because brand-building can add value to the supply chain. We are exhibiting inside the Hall of Fame at the Spring Electronics Fair to build our name and to look for business partners. We have met with new buyers who are importers, retailers and distributors from Asia, Europe and South America. The quality of buyers is much better than other electronics shows held in Hong Kong and on the Chinese mainland. It’ll take at least six months to do follow-up work. I am confident that our company will get a satisfactory return from the fair.”
Danny Yick, Managing Director, ALCO International Limited, Hong Kong


“Our company has been a CAD/CAM technology provider since 1994. Last year, we started to develop software for robotic applications which help manufacturers to achieve production automation. Due to labour shortage, manufacturers on the Chinese mainland are looking for automation solutions which can reduce reliance on workers. Mainland manufacturers have a growing demand for robotic applications. We have joined the Spring Electronics Fair again to promote our brand, to increase our exposure and to showcase our robotic solutions. At the fair, we have met with manufacturers from different provinces such as Guangdong, Hunan and Zhejiang who are interested in our robotic solutions. We’ll follow up with them after the fair.”
CH Lai, Director – Automation, Intelligent CAD/CAM Technology Ltd., Hong Kong


“We are taking advantage of the Spring Electronics Fair to expand our markets by demonstrating our latest IoT products and solutions for the construction of smart homes, smart hotels, smart offices and smart cities. As one of the major technology trends in recent years, IoT connects a wide range of products. Based on the Zigbee Protocol, we have developed more than 200 terminal devices for our Wulian Smart Home System, satisfying more than 90 per cent of customers’ requirements for smart homes. This is our second year at the Spring Electronics Fair. At this year’s fair, we found that buyers have a better understanding of smart home concepts. Our IoT products and solutions have drawn a lot of interest from buyers including those from Europe, India, Southeast Asia and the US who are looking for suitable solutions and reliable partners. We’ll have further discussions to develop partnerships.”
Lanzier Zhou, Marketing Director, Marketing Dept., Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology Co., Ltd., the Chinese mainland


“Stratasys is a leading provider of 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions. As manufacturers need to produce a variety of styles for customers to choose from, we notice that an increasing number of manufacturers are using 3D printers to make prototypes during their product development process. This is our eighth time participating in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair to showcase a full range of our professional 3D printing solutions. We are highlighting our Triple-Jetting Technology which allows the user to build products with multiple materials. Manufacturers from different industries such as electronics, home appliances and toys have shown their interest in our 3D printing solutions. We have made new contacts with buyers from Brazil, Canada, the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, India and the US.”
Simon Yeung, Sales Manager, South China, Stratasys AP Limited, Hong Kong


“With our own factory and R&D team in Shenzhen, we specialise in the design and production of drones and robots. Our main markets include Europe and the US. We started to join the Spring Electronics Fair last year to develop overseas market because it is an international electronics fair that draws many buyers from all over the world. The prospects for drones and robots are promising because aerial photography is increasingly popular while robots offer educational value and entertainment. At this year’s fair, we have established contacts with new buyers from the Asia Pacific region, the UK and the US. Some buyers have placed orders for our samples. We are confident that we’ll secure new orders from them.”
Anthea Zhang, Sales Manager, Astar Technology Holdings Ltd, Hong Kong


“Founded in 2007, Auluxe produces high-end speakers at affordable prices, with Europe being our major market. Our company is supported by a team of experts who have more than 30 years’ experience in producing speakers. This is our third year at the Spring Electronics Fair to promote our WiFi speakers especially our WiFi multi-room audio system and to look for distributors. Through the previous fairs, we successfully secured distributors from Germany and India. At this year’s fair, we have received favourable responses from customers. So far, we have connected with new buyers mainly from Asia and Europe. We believe that more and more consumers like WiFi speakers because WiFi speakers can produce high-quality sound which is much better than Bluetooth speakers.”
Paul Chen, Deputy Manager, Global Sales and Marketing, Auluxe Corp, Taiwan

11. “Binatone is one of the world’s leading consumer electronics companies with more than 50 years of experience in creating outstanding consumer products. Earlier this year, we launched a series of IoT products such as Smart Nursery Alert Sensor, Smart Nursery Humidifier and Smart Nursery Mother & Baby Scale which are powered by Hubble Connected. The first batch of these products will be delivered to our customers in May this year. At the Spring Electronics Fair, we are showcasing this series of IoT products which are convenient to use and allow users to store and read data and use smart features anytime anywhere. At the fair, we have received enquiries from buyers from all over the world about our IoT products.”
WK Wong, General Manager, Binatone Electronics International Ltd, Hong Kong

“We have participated in the Autumn Electronics Fair for several times, but this is our debut exhibition at the Spring Electronics Fair. As the Spring Electronics Fair is getting bigger and bigger, it gives us a good opportunity to get new customers. At the fair, we are showcasing three innovative products, namely an ioniser, ioniser module and IoT-based body composition analyser called Smart Balance. With our Smart Balance, data such as body weight, BMI, body fat and muscle mass can be stored for long-term analysis and exercise tips can also be provided to the user. We have already had meaningful meetings with new buyers from Asia and Europe who are interested in Smart Balance. IoT products are hot items in the market. Wearable IoT products will be the next trend, so we are now cooperating with a business partner to work on this kind of products.”
Bruce Lee, General Manager, IM Healthcare Co., Ltd, Korea

13. “Established in 2008, UBTECH specialises in the research and development of robots. This is our third time exhibiting at the Spring Electronics Fair to promote our brand and our robots to international buyers. Our latest model is Alpha 2 Intelligent Humanoid Robot which can control smart home appliances and act as a remote security monitor when connected to WiFi. Made up of 20 different robotic servos, Alpha 2 can simulate the movement of the human skeleton. Humanoid robots are getting popular in many markets. Our product demonstration has attracted the attention of many buyers. We have met with new buyers from the Chinese mainland, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, India and the Philippines who are very interested in our new model because it is intelligent and affordable.”
Jessica Pan, Marketing Manager, UBTECH Robotics Corp., the Chinese mainland


Buyers’ Quotes



“With a history of 41 years, Super Muffato is a supermarket chain with 40 stores in the western part of Brazil. At the Spring Electronics Fair, I am looking for wireless or Bluetooth headsets and earbuds, Bluetooth mini speakers as well as keyboards and mice. As wireless headsets and mini speakers are getting popular in Brazil, demand is growing. Up till now, I have identified six potential suppliers of earphones and speakers. I need to collect more details from these suppliers. If their prices and quality are good, we’ll place an order for one 20-feet container with each new supplier. This is my first time attending the Hong Kong Electronics Fair. The fair is much better than my expectation. I am happy to have found suitable suppliers here.”
Junior De Oliveira, Commercial Manager, Super Muffato, Brazil

2.. “With 26 outlets in the Czech Repbulic, Mironet is selling lap-top computers, notebooks, mobile phones, tablets and related accessories. This is our first-time visit to the Spring Electronics Fair. We are particularly looking for mobile phones, children’s tablets and mobile accessories. Through the HKTDC’s business matching service, we have found three potential suppliers of mobile phones, children’s tablets and accessories. We have also visited the iAccessories Zone which offers a wide variety of accessories for mobile and smart devices with good designs and attractive prices, and we have identified three potential suppliers. After discussing with our boss, we’ll finalise our orders. Our first order will be 500 pieces. If customers’ responses are good, we’ll increase our order size to 2,000 pieces. We’ll visit the fair again next year because it’s a good show with many new products. We like the networking reception where we can meet industry players in a relaxed environment.”
Radek Rehak (right), Product Manager, Mironet a.s., Czech Republic
3. “Urban Climate Centre provides air conditioners and maintenance service to government offices, hospitals and apartments in Russia. We plan to launch our own brand for wall-split air conditioners this summer as demand is increasing among households. This is my first-time visit to the Hong Kong Electronics Fair to look for wall-split air conditioners for residential use. I have already found two potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland and I hope to find more suitable suppliers at the fair. I’ll get samples from potential suppliers and test their quality, performance and lifetime. I’ll finalise my orders in one or two weeks. My first order will be 1,000 pieces which fill up one container. I like the Hong Kong fair because the suppliers here are very professional and they provide all the technical details that I want to know.”
Oksana Senechkina, Director of Commerce, Urban Climate Centre, Russia

“Letstango.com is an online store in the UAE, selling different kinds of consumer products. This is my first time visiting the Hong Kong Electronics Fair. I have found potential suppliers of smart phones and related accessories, elderly monitors, TVs and virtual reality (VR) products. I have already got some samples of mobile phone accessories. After further discussions with my colleagues, we’ll place our initial order for US$5,000 worth of mobile phone accessories. I am also interested in 3D printing because we got a lot of enquiries about 3D printers from our customers, so I am looking for suppliers at the fair. The Spring Electronics Fair is a well-organised show. I would like to come again next year.”

Alex Tchablakian, Sales and Operations Manager, Letstango.com, UAE

“Established in 1993, Solarbotics supplies BEAM robotics and DIY electronics through our online store. In North America, people like to build their own devices and that’s why DIY electronics products are so popular. At the Spring Electronics Fair, I have found two potential suppliers. One of the suppliers provides different components like motors and sensors and software so that people can make their own robots. As the prices offered by this supplier are affordable, I am going to place an initial order worth US$20,000. Another potential supplier provides USB extension cord bracelets and power supplies, and I’ll buy 3,000 pieces and 1,000 pieces respectively. I like the Spring Electronics Fair because the product zones are very well-organised, making it easier for buyers to find what they want. I have also found a lot of new ideas.”
Dave Hrynkiw, CEO, Solarbotics, Canada

6. “Ribeiro operates 80 department stores in Argentina. This is my second time visiting the Spring Electronics Fair. Due to the recent relaxation of Argentina’s import regulations, we are going to import more electronics products. In the past few years, we relied on local manufacturers. We plan to buy US$1 million worth of TVs, audio equipment and small home appliances through the Spring Electronics Fair. Of course, we need to conduct product tests before confirming our orders. So far, we have found two potential suppliers from Hong Kong for the supply of smart TVs and speakers. We’re going to find more new suppliers at this fair. Compared with my last visit in 2008, the Spring Electronics Fair is much bigger now with many advanced products. I’ll visit the fair again.”
Hernán Dipace, Purchasing Manager, Ribeiro SA, Argentina

 “My company specialises in providing digital signage systems for use in advertisements, public areas and factories. Ninety per cent of our digital signage systems are sold in Poland while the rest are exported to neighbouring countries. This is my second visit to the Spring Electronics Fair. Compared with my last visit in 2013, the fair features more booths and more exhibitors. It’s very well-organised. The HKTDC’s business matching team is very helpful. As a result, I have already had concrete meetings with three potential suppliers of digital signage systems. I’ll check the technical parameters and buy samples for testing. It’ll take at least two to three months to complete all the tests before I can develop new business with these suppliers.”
Tomasz Sepioło, CEO, Solix Sp. z o.o. Sp.K., Poland

8. “Our company distributes Singer brand household appliances such as sewing machines, refrigerators, TVs, washing machines and air conditioners to rural areas in Thailand through direct sales. Currently, 70 per cent of our products are imported from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong while the remaining 30 per cent are sourced locally. I am here looking for OEM manufacturers that can provide small home appliances such as blenders, toasters and coffee makers. I have already found some potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland. I’ll compare the prices and quality offered by mainland suppliers and Thailand factories before confirming my orders. As a first-time visitor, I find that the Spring Electronics Fair is a huge show where I can meet with a large number of home appliance suppliers. I’ll come again next year.”
Ekarat Theerapappong, Product Manager, Singer Thailand Public Company Limited, Thailand

 “Kolodeals is a young but fast-growing e-tailer in Australia, selling a variety of quality products. I attend most of the trade fairs organised by the HKTDC to get the best suppliers. The demand for wearable products is growing in Australia because consumers pursue an active lifestyle. That’s why I have come to the Spring Electronics Fair to look for smart watches and healthcare products and to get more suppliers. I am sure that I’ll be able to identify a couple of new suppliers at the end of the fair. My initial order for each design will be around 500 pieces. The Spring Electronics Fair is a good show which features a lot of products and the latest smart technology. I like the organisation of the fair.”
Kachi Eluigwe, Executive Partner/CEO, kolodeals, Australia

10. “We are an importer and exporter of electronics products in Spain. Currently, our products, which are mainly imported from the Chinese mainland, Germany and Korea, are sold to 37 countries and regions. This is my second time visiting the Spring Electronics Fair, but my elder brother comes here almost every year. Our suppliers come mainly from the Hong Kong Electronics Fair. At this year’s fair, we are particularly looking for batteries and radios. We are now negotiating with an existing battery supplier on prices and delivery terms. Apart from meeting with existing suppliers, we are also looking for new suppliers in the next few days. We like the Hong Kong Electronics Fair because we can always find new suppliers and see so many new products at one location.”
Alberto Sanchez Garcia, Technical Engineer, Impexp Electronics, Spain