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Exhibitors' & Buyers' Quotes

Empowered with decades of experience and expertise in organising trade exhibitions, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is reputed internationally for its outstanding performance.


Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.


The HKTDC sincerely invites you to join this exhibition, to explore the way to success.



Exhibitors’ Comments



“Beihai is an important production base for electronics products in the mid-western region on the Chinese mainland. In 2016, electronics enterprises in Beihai realised a total production value of RMB117.4 billion, with their export value reaching RMB20 billion. This is the first time that the Bureau of Commerce of Beihai Municipality has set up a pavilion at the Spring Electronics Fair to help Beihai’s electronics enterprises to develop overseas markets and increase their influence in the international market. A total of 15 electronics enterprises from Beihai are showcasing a wide range of electronics products such as mobile phones, lighting products, virtual reality (VR) devices, computers and switches. We see many buyers visiting the Beihai pavilion and buyer responses have been very good. In less than two hours after the opening of the fair, one of our LED lighting exhibitors got two onsite orders. We’ll consider setting up a pavilion at the Autumn Electronics Fair and returning to next year’s Spring Electronics Fair.”
Ouyang Sifei, Director, Bureau of Commerce of Beihai Municipality, the Chinese mainland



“In business for 59 years, Binatone is the official licensee for Motorola Mobility products in the global market. We are a long-term supporter of both the spring and autumn editions of the Hong Kong Electronics Fair. At this year’s Spring Electronics Fair, we are introducing our latest products including HUGO Smart Camera and IVO Smart Viewer. HUGO Smart Camera is a home monitor designed for the entire family and it can capture users’ facial expressions and play music to create the right mood. IVO Smart Viewer performs the functions of a baby monitor, TV remote control, DECT home phone and Bluetooth speakers. Buyers are very excited because our new products are unique in the market and their pricing is affordable. We expect good responses from buyers. In fact, in the first two hours of the show, we have met with more than 20 serious buyers from the Chinese mainland, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.”
Sat Murthi, Managing Director – Latin America, Binatone Electronics International Ltd, Hong Kong



“At this year’s Spring Electronics Fair, we are demonstrating the second generation of MADGAZE AR smart glasses, related apps and AR Cloud platform. During the first two days of the fair, we have received 1,000 enquiries and about 200-300 buyers from Asia, Europe and the US have expressed great interest in our AR smart glasses. We have already signed cooperation agreements with a Spanish buyer and six buyers from the Chinese mainland, Singapore and Taiwan. The Spanish buyer has become our sole agent for the Spanish market and bought 200 pieces of AR smart glasses while the other six buyers are now distributors and bought 50 pieces. So far, the results have been encouraging.”
Jordan Cheng, Founder & CEO, Dragon Creative Enterprise Solution Limited, Hong Kon



“In July 2016, we launched our first IoT product – RoboTrack which is designed for the supply chain industry. RoboTrack provides a complete eco-system to manage task force, allow tracking of 40 individual boxes in a group, prevent the loss of shipments and accurately predict the estimated time of arrival. This is our first-time participation in the Spring Electronics Fair. We are showcasing RoboTrack at the debut Startup zone because we are keen to look for strategic investors and take this product to different markets in the world. Two quality buyers from Australia and South Africa in the shipment tracking business have expressed their intention to become our strategic investors and they have taken our samples for testing the applications. We have also talked to European buyers. We are happy with the results so far because the fair opens up new business opportunities.”
Prabhakar K Chaudhary (left), Director and Abhijit Borgohain (right), Director of Operations and Solutioning, HAL Robotics Private Limited, India



"This is our fourth year at the Spring Electronics Fair. Hong Kong enjoys favourable geographical location and it is convenient for everybody to come here to do business. By joining the fair, we support our ODM partners to sell globally and provide a good opportunity for them to meet with international buyers. At this year's fair, more than 25 Intel ODM partners are showcasing about 100 products such as notebooks, 2-in-1 computers, mini personal computers, artificial robotics, smart projectors, components, displays, hinges and trackpads. We are happy with buyer traffic so far. Our ODM partners have met with many buyers mainly from Asia, Europe, Japan and the Middle East. Hot items include 2-in-1 computers, ultra-thin notebooks, virtual reality (VR) gadgets and mini computers."
Wu Jing, Product Marketing Manager, Intel Corporation, the US



“Our company has been a CAD/CAM technology provider since 1994. In 2015, we began to develop software and grippers for robotic automation systems that can help manufacturers from different industries to save their labour costs. At this year’s Spring Electronics Fair, we are demonstrating our robotic automation systems including a new robotic welding automation system especially for the construction industry. The new automation system is safe to use in the construction industry and guarantees stable performance. Mainland customers have expressed their interest in our robotic automation systems and we’ll follow up with these new contacts after the fair. In fact, demand for robotic automation systems is increasing because it can be applied to different production processes such as packing, assembly and screwing to save labour costs.”
Vivian Tam, Senior Marketing Executive, Intelligent CAD/CAM Technology Ltd., Hong Kong



 “Established two years ago, IOE Technologies help manufacturers to add Bluetooth functions to their products, allowing end users to use smartphones to control different devices via Bluetooth. We can help manufacturers to develop Bluetooth products such as smart home, healthcare or medical products, car electronics and wearables according to their requirements. This is our second year at the Spring Electronics Fair. This year we are presenting our Bluetooth solutions in the new Startup zone. The new zone attracts a large number of buyers to look for new products, new solutions and new technologies. Buyer traffic here has been very busy. We got 20 serious enquiries from manufacturers from the Chinese mainland, Southeast Asia and Taiwan, and we’ll provide quotations based on their requirements.”
King Tang, Director of Sales & Marketing, IOE Technologies Limited, Hong Kong



“In September 2016, we launched smart USB cables under our Prüfen brand which ensure safe charging overnight. Our smart USB cables features an auto-off timer, a mAh meter, auto-stop against overheating, auto-stop to avoid overloading chargers and auto-stop under abnormally high current. At the Spring Electronics Fair, we are showcasing our smart USB cables not only at our booth but also at the product display area outside Hall 1 and the hktdc.com Small Orders zone. All these promotional channels help us to attract the attention of buyers. We are happy to be here for the first time because we have met with large wholesalers and distributors who are decision-makers or managers and collected their instant feedback. So far, more than 15 quality buyers from Europe, Southeast Asia and the US have bought our samples and we believe many of them will place orders after checking the quality of our products.”
Goh Sian Ee, Managing Director, Prufen Pte Ltd, Singapore



“Established in December 2014, we have developed 150 models of all-in-one world adaptors and country-to-country adaptors under our q2power brand and obtained eight patents. This is our second year at the Spring Electronics Fair. We collected 400 new sales leads at last year’s Spring Electronics Fair and another 280 new contacts at last year’s Autumn Electronics Fair. It is important for us to maintain our presence at the Electronics Fair in order to establish buyer confidence in our company and introduce our unique adaptors to international buyers. At this year’s Spring Electronics Fair, a lot of buyers from Asia, Europe, South Africa, South America and the US are interested in our adaptors because the green colour of our products looks very attractive and all of our products comply with the highest international standards. At least five serious buyers from Hong Kong, Germany, Indonesia and the US may become our distributors.”
Hansjörg Wittwer, CEO & Partner, Q2Power AG, Liechtenstein



“Last August, QIUB launched a multifunction power bank with an integrated data/charging cable and a USB memory card reader. This compact and light power bank is the first of its kind in the world. We got crowd funding through Indiegogo last October and started formal production of our power banks. Our products have been exported to Australia, Europe, New Zealand and the US. To look for distributors and expand globally, we are showcasing our power banks for the first time in the Startup zone at the Spring Electronics Fair. The Startup zone provides a perfect opportunity for startups to showcase their latest innovations and startups only need to pay a small participation fee. The pitching session is very useful as our product has attracted a lot of attention from buyers. We have received positive feedback from customers. Up till now, 20 potential investors from Europe and Hong Kong have bought our samples and we expect orders to come after they have tested our samples.”
Kresimir Secak, Founder/Director, QIUB Group Ltd, Hong Kong



“Established in 2011, ORVIBO specialises in the development of smart home solutions and IoT solutions. Our products include lighting control systems, home security systems, smart control systems for home appliances and environmental monitoring systems. We have developed a HomeMate app to control these systems. We also offer smart solutions for hotels, offices and villas. We started to join both the Spring Electronics Fair and the Autumn Electronics Fair in 2013 to promote our brand, demonstrate our latest technologies, look for new customers and exchange ideas with our counterparts. At this year’s Electronics Fair, we have received good feedback from buyers. We have met with 200 buyers mainly from Europe and the US, with 80 per cent being new to our company. We expect that we’ll have met 300-350 buyers at the end of the four-day fair.”
Nick Zheng, Overseas Sales VP, Shenzhen ORVIBO Electronics Co., Ltd., the Chinese mainland



“Three years ago, we launched our WISO brand for security devices which are connected to smart phones. One of our award-winning products is a Bluetooth-enabled smart whistle that sends out SOS messages and locations to the user’s relatives. We have also created smart safety jewellery which doubles as a fashion accessory for ladies. At this year’s Spring Electronics Fair, we launch PanicSaf which includes the functions of an emergency locator and a fast charger. PanicSaf is automatically activated and delivers SOS messages to the driver’s trusted ones when the driver encounters accidents. Many customers including vehicle manufacturers, vehicle retailers and car accessory retailers like this new product. We have brought 100 samples to the fair and expect that we’ll be able to sell all of them to potential customers during the fair period. It’s likely that customers will place orders after trying our products.”
Pennee Tan, Account Manager, theWISO, Taiwan


Buyers’ Quotes



“Artwork Photo operates a shop in Hungary, selling all kinds of photographic supplies from photographic equipment and lenses to related accessories. We are also a wholesaler of smart phone accessories. This is my first time visiting the Spring Electronics Fair to look for photographic supplies and smart phone accessories. The Spring Electronics Fair is a professional trade event where I can find photographic supplies and smart phone accessories that come with nice quality and good prices. It’s important for me to find unique products and I am happy that I have found wireless phone chargers which are new to my customers. Up till now, I have found five new suppliers of photographic equipment and accessories and one interesting supplier of wireless phone chargers. I am going to buy US$10,000 worth of camera stands and wireless phone chargers after the fair.”
Geréb Zsolt, Owner, Artwork Photo Kft., Hungary



“BTO designs and produces battery packs, cells, batteries, chargers, flash lights and power banks in Poland and sells them through our B2B and B2C online platforms. This is my first visit to the Spring Electronics Fair. I am looking for batteries, chargers and battery packs. I have found 20 potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. I’ll buy US$10,000 worth of battery chargers and battery packs from some of these suppliers after checking the safety of their products. I like the Spring Electronics Fair because I can find high-quality products.”
Andrzej Przybył, Web Product Manager, BTO sp. z.o.o., Poland



“catchoftheday.com.au is the biggest e-commerce company in Australia, selling all kinds of consumer products. Electronics products now account for 20 per cent of our etailing business and we hope to expand our business in this segment. This is my first time visiting the Spring Electronics Fair, but I have visited the Autumn Electronics Fair twice before. I think that the Spring Electronics Fair provides a good timing for me to source tech products for Christmas and New Year. The quality of tech products on offer here is much better now. So far, I have identified four to five potential suppliers of DAB radios, Bluetooth speakers and headphones, security cameras and VR gadgets. I plan to buy US$500,000 worth of tech products through the Spring Electronics Fair. It takes about four to six weeks for our team to check the quality of samples and prices before we can finalise our orders.”
Bill Katis, Buyer – Technology, Catch Of The Day, Australia



“We produce security systems and provide installation services to home users and the commercial sector in the Czech Republic. We are also an importer and wholesaler of electronics products. At the Spring Electronics Fair, I am looking for wireless chargers and power banks for smart phones as well as electronic components for the production of security systems. I am particularly interested in hi-tech products, electric scooters and 3D printers. I am planning to buy US$50,000 worth of 3D printers offered by a startup. I like the Startup zone because it provides a good opportunity for startups to showcase new technology and new products. It’s good to be here because I can find what I want, see and touch new products, and have face-to-face meetings with suppliers.”
Jan Jirout (Right), Managing Director, Enrecotrade, Czech Republic



“Established in 1948, Eastern Art Photo Store is a Singapore-based importer and wholesaler of electronic products and accessories as well as cameras, and serves customers not only in Singapore but also in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. I visit both the Spring Electronics Fair and Autumn Electronics Fair almost every year to meet my business needs. Due to shorter product life cycle, I always need to add new products and the electronics fairs in Hong Kong provide good opportunities for me to feel and touch the latest products and see what’s new in the electronics industry. So far, I have found five potential suppliers of true wireless system headsets and new accessories for smart devices from the Chinese mainland. My trial order quantity is 100 pieces. If the products are good and sellable, I’ll buy more.”
Roger Ng, General Manager, Eastern Art Photo Store, Singapore



“Headquartered in Brazil, JT International has a buying office in Shenzhen on the Chinese mainland. Polyvox is our own brand for mobile phones, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headphones and audio systems. Our products are sold mainly in Brazil and also exported to Argentina. We are also a wholesaler of home appliances in Brazil. I have come to the Hong Kong Electronics Fair twice a year for more than 10 years because it is convenient for me to come to Hong Kong to look for new suppliers and I can always find the best suppliers here. About 90 per cent of our existing suppliers come from the Hong Kong Electronics Fair. At this year’s Spring Electronics Fair, I have found three potential suppliers of large-sized, high-power Bluetooth speakers and six potential suppliers of headphones and Bluetooth headphones. My colleagues in the Shenzhen office will test their samples and factories and it will take less than two months to complete this task. If everything is good, we'll buy US$1.5 million worth of Bluetooth speakers and US$300,000 worth of headphones and Bluetooth speakers.”
Sergio Nunes, Director, JT International, Brazil



“We are an importer and wholesaler of LED lighting products, green solutions, inverters and electronic components in Mexico. This is our first time visiting both the Spring Electronics Fair and ICT Expo. At the two shows, we are particularly looking for LED lighting products, pure sine inverters and mobile apps. So far, we have found interesting mobile apps and will look for more new products in the next three days. We like the two shows because we can see a lot of products and a lot of suppliers and exchange information with suppliers. We enjoy attending seminars which keep us abreast of the latest developments in the electronics industry. We’ll also visit the Autumn Electronics Fair to be held in October.”
Alejandro Marrón, Partner, Kunmex Sa De Cv, Mexico



“Our group is an exclusive agent of international consumer electronics brands in Qatar. We have 16 home appliances stores and two stores selling multimedia products and home theatre products. I am very happy to be here because there are a lot of good suppliers and good products. I have met with many suppliers of multimedia products and wearables and found new products like jump starters. I have also found OEM suppliers for the development of multimedia products and smart phone accessories for our Oscar brand. I’ll come back to Hong Kong in October and my agent in Hong Kong will accompany me to visit their factories. I like the HKTDC mobile app which helps me to locate suppliers and find their information easily.”
Manoj Kumar, Asst. General Manager – Multi Brands, Jumbo, Qatar


Investors’ Quote


“Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund was established in 2015. We are focusing on local startups helping young people in Hong Kong to start up and scale up their businesses. We also attract overseas companies to start their businesses in Hong Kong. This is the first year to set up the Startup zone at the International ICT Expo. It is very happy to see a lot of different startups from Hong Kong and overseas gathering here. Some of them are very innovative. I am taking advantage of this platform to talk to them and see what we can help and support them. The startup ecosystem in the Chinese mainland is more mature. I believe Hong Kong lags behind about 5 to 10 years. It’s good to see that Hong Kong government and enterprises in the private sector are now shifting their focus to startups and inputting more resources to support their development. We also need to do more in our education system to encourage young people to try more, change their mindsets and think big for their future. . We are looking for aggressive startups that are willing to think big. Startups here should not focus on Hong Kong market only but look beyond to cover the Chinese mainland or even the global market. For startups, the quality of the founders’ team is the most important. People are always the most critical part in this respect. We see a lot of good people in Hong Kong, whether they are locally grown or coming from other countries. They can see the advantages to start their business here. Hong Kong is a very good startup hub with the availability of financing and the support of professional services.”
Teddy Lui, Operations Director, Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund


“The startup ecosystem in Hong Kong has been growing vigorously over the years. Apart from local startups, a lot of overseas startups are moving into Hong Kong to explore business opportunities in this part of the world. With HKTDC’s dedicated efforts over the decades, Hong Kong has emerged as a major trading platform for all kinds of businesses. HIKTDC is also making more efforts in matching investors with business startups. International ICT Expo serves as an excellent place to bring startups and investors together to explore growth through a win-win strategy. We have witnessed increased interest in the Expo’s Startup zone. On the first day of exhibition at this year’s Expo, we have brought together over 20 angel investors here to listen to presentations by various startups at the “Tech Startups: Pitch, Mix & Match” session. The session has got some strong responses. The prospect of business startups in Hong Kong is very positive and those specialising in fintech, smart city and health-related solutions are likely to draw keener interest from investors. Hong Kong is the right place for investors looking for technology startups, and more Chinese mainland investors are coming here to find opportunities. The Startup zone is getting more exciting this year with a lot of activities coming into play to gain exposure. This is a very encouraging development.
Dr Samson Tam, Chairman, Hong Kong Business Angel Network, Hong Kong


“The startup ecosystem in Hong Kong is getting most sophisticated now with the advancement of technology and innovation. We have witnessed a growing number of new businesses and young entrepreneurs engaged in a diversity of trends and activities such as IoT, software and hardware. Incu-Lab works on incubation of creative startups and strives to help entrepreneurs grow and extend business. This year, Incu-Lab has teamed up with HKTDC to organise Tech Startups Mentoring sessions at the International ICT Expo to offer professional advice to startups and connect them with potential partners, customers and investors. The responses have been very positive. We have met with about 50 to 60 startups here. The quality of most startups is pretty good and they offer some ready-to-sell products and services. The "Tech Startups: Pitch, Mix & Match" session on the first day of exhibition was also very successful, enabling startups to present themselves and have fruitful exchanges with investors. We are very pleased to see HKTDC engaging a lot of resources such as the Startup zone at the Expo to promote the development of business startups. The prospect for startups is getting increasingly positive and their growth can be further driven by the support of professional advice and mentoring.”
Jeffrey Au, Chief Strategy Officer/Care Taker, Incu-Lab, Hong Kong


“Sky Saga Capital seeks to invest in good quality startups with intrinsic value and long-term growth potential. This is my first-time visit to the International ICT Expo to learn about Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem and prevailing economic environment. I am especially interested in businesses relating to bio-technology, entertainment and consumer electronics. I have met some of the startups promoting their businesses here. Through the fruitful exchanges, I have gained better understanding of these startups’ business cultures and their differences with startups in the Chinese mainland. Many startups in Hong Kong are highly committed to developing their own services. I really appreciate their efforts. I have also taken the opportunity to deepen the connection with HKTDC to explore more exchanges and cooperation in the future. I expect the Expo to grow bigger and bigger with more offerings in the coming years.”
Alex Wong, Marketing Director, Sky Saga Capital, the Chinese mainland


SE17 Overseas Journalists’ Quote


As a first-time visitor to the Hong Kong Electronic Fair, there is a lot of familiarity in the air. Expansive floors filled with gadgets, big flashy booths with the latest tech, and people anxious to get their hands on state-of-the-art technology that might be making its first worldwide appearance.
While all these ideas feel somewhat familiar to the many tech shows put on around the world, there is one fundamental difference setting this show apart from the rest -- a focus on startups. The new startup zone enables startup companies to get in direct contact with manufacturers, distributors, buyers, and the press. Hong Kong Electronics Fair even highlighted startups with a speed-dating-esque pitch session that gave Hong Kong local startups the opportunity to show off their tech to a panel of influential Hong Kong press members.
One small idea like this panel is something that could make waves in an industry eager for new ideas.
While, the Hong Kong Electronic Fair has all the nuts and bolts of a traditional show -- IoT, drones, wearables, connected home, and a few hoverboards -- it is their insight and ability to execute on forward-thinking trends that help accelerate them to the next level.
Patrick McCarthy, Editor, Dealerscope Magazine (USA)


The internet of things ceases to be, every day more, a futuristic technology to become a reality. This is evident in another edition of the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition). What is surprising at the fair of the event is not a category of product itself, but the size of the market and the productive agility of local manufacturers to put trends on the production line. This is evident from the diversity of connected solutions presented by exhibitors, ranging from gadgets for home to products targeted to the care of pets.
The IoT is the trend of the products to come. Connectivity is a feature that covers the show, where robots, IRobot, 3D printing among all kinds of product for home present some type of connectivity. The Robot and VR segments also reflect this new reality and advances not only in quality but also in functionalities. Reality is now the frontier to be explored by the global technology market.
The market so far, has reacted more quickly to this evolution, after cell phones, TV’s and health products, of course. Robots, IRobot and Virtual Reality, despite smartphones, will also increase their lead in the connected home, which is already a real consumer demand as we can confirm walking around the new area focused on VR and AR added to the show by the organiser.
The fair also shows the strength of categories such as audio and video, which gain relevance in portability, connectivity and design.
Roberta Zogbi, International Agent, Eletrolar News Magazine (Brazil)


Having been to the HKTDC shows several times, I am pleased to see the launch of  the  Startup zone this year. The concept of startup zone at global shows is relatively new and they usually provide opportunities for tech startups to showcase their innovations, products and solutions to just potential investors.  Here in Hong Kong, the HKTDC introduced a unique session –‘HelloReporter Media Pitch Day – Tech Startups on the Rise’ allowing startups to pitch their ideas to local and over 10 overseas media. aniWEAR showcased their contactless solution for IoT and wearables which much appreciated by the media. Another company HAL robotics introduced a unique product for users to automate their supply chain monitoring.
While the Spring Electronics Fair has always been in demand, the International ICT Expo is not to be missed. Among the 600 global exhibitors, India has a substantial presence with 21 companies.  NeoSOFT Technologies has been participating for several years, showcasing their offshoring services including software development, website design and web development. First-time exhibitor Clavax Technologies PTV Ltd exhibits their latest software solutions for real estate, healthcare, travel etc; while Hypersoft Technologies Limited presents their expertise in the fields of finance, accounting, stock broking as well as a restaurant solution. Variance InfoTech is proficient in offshore software development offering services to numerous sectors.
There are so much to see at the fairs!
Chandragupta Amritkar, Editor, Global Technologies (India)