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Connected Home
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Kosi Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No. : 3CON-214



Kosi – The Smart AC Remote

  • Constantly monitors temperature and humidity to maintain the perfect cozy living environment
  • The mobile application enables automated scheduling by time, day and by setting different modes to enhance energy efficiency while maintaining the same comfort level
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Hank Electronics Co., Ltd
(Chinese mainland)
Booth No. : 5F-F02


Z-Wave based IR Transceiver

  • Allow users to easily incorporate their infrared (IR) controlled devices (e.g. Air Conditioners, Audio Systems etc.) into their Z-Wave Smart Home system
  • By connecting the different IR controlled devices into the system, users can control all of these connected devices with a single smart device
Robotics & Unmanned Tech
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MYS Company
(Hong Kong)
Booth No. : 5G-A15


DIY Building Blocks Drone

  • The DIY Drones kit allow users to design and build the drone of their dreams
  • Wi-Fi FPV (First Person View) Cameras and Air Pressure sensors can be added to the drone to capture video and improve the drone’s altitude stability during flight time
Virtual Reality
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Shuoying International Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No. : 1A-E02


Plug and Play 360°VR Camera

  • Any Android phone can be instantly changed into a real-time 360°VR Camera with the MI136
  • Equipped with 3 different connects: Micro USB, USB & Type C, the cameras’ Plug-and-Play ability allows it to be used with a number of different smart devices
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Weeview Inc.
Booth No. : 3CON-202


SID 3D Live Camera

  • The world’s first 3D camera incorporated with  Augmented Reality special effects
  • The SID 3D is equipped with enhanced stability functions allowing users to easily create “Shake-free” live 3D stream videos and selfies
Wearable Electronics
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Booth No. : 5G-D11



  • Jewelry-based personal safety alarm which can notify up to 7 per-determined contacts
  • Text messages and emails sent includes map information and automatically updates every 3 minutes
  • Compatible with iOS 8 or Android 4.4 above smart devices
3D Printing
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Chung Lup Packing & Stationery Co Ltd
(Hong Kong)
Booth No. : 5B-F04


WEEDO Bella Food 3D Printer

  • Intelligent 3D Food Printer with delicate temperature control & nozzle precision suitable for printing chocolate and other edible ingredients
  • With a print size up to 150*150*100mm, this 3D printer will allow amateurs and home users to create beautiful cake toppers and garnishes
Gadgets on-the-go
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Advance Bright Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No. : 1A-B04


Air Twins

  • Wireless stereo earbuds with the world’s longest battery reserve (80 hours playtime)
  • Stable cordless connectivity with Bluetooth 4.1 technology enabled
  • Equipped with an additional USB port, the Power Case can be used to charge up the earbuds as well as additional power for charging up an iPhone7
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QIUB Group Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No. : 3CON-176



  • World’s first smart multi-functional mobile phone gadget with integrated cable, memory card reader and smart power bank features
  • Smart Charging - by plugging the QIUB into the phone and power source together, the charge will be redirected to the QIUB’s internal battery when the phone is fully charged
  • Successfully funded on Indiegogo with over USD36,000 raised (over 150%)