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IM Healthcare Co., Ltd
Booth No.: 5F-F06


Wellet Smart Balance

  • An IoT based body composition analyzer
  • Data such as body weight, BMI, body fat, and muscle mass will be stored in the website & App for further analysis
  • Provides exercise guide & tips based on the set goal and data received
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Creedon Technologies HK Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 5F-F11

Nixplay Iris

  • Smart WiFi digital photo frame with High Resolution Display
  • Update and display photos from anywhere in the world using the Nixplay App
  • Built-in microphone allows you to control the frame using voice commands
  • Upload or access all your photos from your social media platforms and create playlists for display
  • Premium anodized metal finish with patented integrated cable design; designed in Hong Kong
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Binatone Electronics International Ltd
(Hong Kong)             
Booth No.: N104-01; 1B-A02

Motorola Baby Connect Dream Machine

  • 3-in-1 product, combining Projector, Baby Monitor and Nightlight together into one
  • Preset with 3 animated screens and 5 pre-programmed lullabies, the dream machine can help to improve the baby’s sleep
  • With noise detection alerts and room temperature monitoring functions, the dream machine also acts as a baby monitor where the user can check on the room environment through the dedicated App
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Ospicon Technology Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 1B-D02

safetosleep - Sleep-Mat

  • Advanced baby sleep monitor
  • Sleep-Mat’s fibre-optics sensors detect an infant’s breath count and captures its breathing pattern, the informaiton is then sent to the mobile app for real-time monitoring.
  • Alerts are also sent when instances of irregular breathing are detected
The data can be sent via bluetooth or wi-fi, allowing parents to check on their baby's status from anywhere around the world
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Kenxen Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 3E-E24

Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera

  • Smart Wi-Fi Video Door Phone system with 130 degrees wide angle camera allowing users to see and speak with visitor through their mobile device
  • Equipped with motion detection function, the night vision HD camera will be activated with movement alerts, allowing the camera to take clear recordings even in dark surroundings
  • Calls and detected events will be recorded in the cloud server allowing users to revisit the footage anytime
Robotics & Unmanned Tech
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Intelligent Cad/Cam Technology Limited (Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 5F-A09

Baxter (Rethink Robot)

  • The world’s first dual arm collaborative robot designed for manufacturing developed in 2012
  • Specialised programming is not necessary, Baxter can be easily trained onsite to handle different tasks
  • It can be deployed to work on two independent tasks to increase versatility, or simultaneously on the same task to maximize throughput
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UBTECH Robotics Corp.
(Chinese mainland)
Booth No.: 1CON-001

Alpha 2 Intelligent Humanoid Robot

  • Small but smart humanoid robot which is App (iOS & Android) controllable
  • Built-in intelligent voice system allows Alpha 2 the ability to give and receive verbal reminders and directions
  • When connected to WiFi, Alpha 2 can control smart appliances such as lights and locks, also it can act as a remote security monitor when connected to WiFi enabled alarms
Made up of 20 different joints, Alpha 2 can simulate the movement of the human skeleton
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Hangzhou Miniwing Technology Co., Ltd (Chinese mainland)
Booth No.: 5F-A10

Miniwing A380

  • Quadcopter with patented blade design and a built-in camera of 12Megapixles for still pictures and full HD videos
  • Up to 33 minutes fly time
  • Equipped with one-button takeoff, land and return to home functions
  • Remote Control and App control via Mobile Devices enabled
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Creative Toys & Hobbies Industrial Limited   (Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 3C-E23

Coin Gravit – mini drone

  • A small quadcopter drone (2.5 x 2.5 x 1.5cm)
  • Equipped with 6-axis gyro for stable flying
  • 4 minutes flying time with just 20 minutes charging time
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Shark Innovations HK Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 5F-A24


  • Smart Connected Scooter
  • By connecting to the dedicated iOS & Android enabled App via Bluetooth, users can track their speed and route
  • Built-in wireless speakers allows the user to play music on-the-go
Robotics & Unmanned Tech
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Pure Performance Distribution Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 5G-A02

GARMIN fenix 3

  • In addition to Garmin’s ElevateTM wrist heart rate technology, fenix 3 can also measure oxygen levels and other fitness metrics
  • Equipped with an omni-directional stainless steel EXOTM antenna and GPS/GLONASS satellite reception technology, fenix 3 has better reception in harsh terrain than using GPS technology alone
  • fenix 3 is more than a watch for runners, additional modes such as swim, ski/board, rowing and golf makes it a smart watch for athletes in all fields
  • With customizable watch faces, data fields and the ability to add on Apps and widgets, the fenix 3 is also a smart watch for everyday use
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Dragon Creative Enterprise Solution Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 5G-A02

MAD Gaze

  • Android based smart glasses 4 main functions - translation, navigation, social and entertainment
  • Can work simultaneously when connected with an Android based phone
  • Created by a HK based company, successfully funded on kickstarter
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Jufeng Trading Co.
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 5G-C13

FC Insoles

  • Seamless monitoring achieved by embedded the health monitoring modules in the insoles for placing in the user’s shoes
  • Data collected will be sent back to the dedicated App for record
Sports & Outdoor Electronics
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Original Spin (Far East) Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 5G-C09

Hydrate Mate

  • The wearable device which connects to the user’s hydration bladder and monitors the amount of liquid consumed and the amount still available in the pack
  • The battery lasts for 3,888 hours of continuous use and will go into hibernation mode when its not in use
  • Connects to the mobile device via bluetooth and the App is compatible with both Android and iOS devices
  • Verbal alerts and reminders will be issued from the App to the user so the user will not need to stop and check on the status of the hydration bladder
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S E M Industries  (Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 1D-B02


  • Smart sports water bottle with a built-in high definition audio system
  • The SDigital Bongovi App provides wireless HD music to the audio system and also works as a hydration assistance tracking the amount of liquid consumed and provides reminders via voice notifications
  • The Spritz is also IPX4 water resistant making it the perfect sports companion
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Strafen Co Ltd
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 1D-A08


  • Intercom, call answering and music playing Bluetooth headset all-in-one
  • Coverage up to a distance of 2km, making group communication more convenient
  • Suitable for usage in outdoor team sporting events such as cycling and Orienteering
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Shanren International Co., Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 3C-A16


  • Weighting just 120g, the Raptor is a 2.4G wireless digital bicycle computer and LED bike light combined into one
  • Details such as time, distance, speed and calories consumed are recorded on the computer allowing riders to further analyse their performance
  • Equipped with 2 Cree white LEDs, the Raptor provides great vision for night riding
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Open Stack Inc
Booth No.: 3C-B10


  • bulldi is a mobile file detector for carbon monoxide, smoke and temperature, perfect for camping and outdoor activities
  • Data collected can be viewed via the dedicated App which is both Android and iOS compatible
  • The 2 AAA batteries can keep bulldi in operation for more than 4 months, with an effective distance between bulldi and the smart device of around 25m
Mobile Accessories
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ODOYO International Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 1D-B24


  • 2-in-1 infrared measurement approach for forehead or ear
  • Readings will then be stored on the dedicated App for record and can also be shared to doctors/caregivers via email
  • One of the smallest and lightest weight electronic App-enable Thermometer in the world
  • Android and iOS compatible
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SK Telecom Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: 3C-C38

UO Smart Beam Laser

  • HD LCoS Laser Projector
  • Connection can be made wirelessly via screen mirroring or media casting, alternatively the built-in HDMI allows connection to any smart phone or mobile device
  • Equipped with built-in speakers, and at a size of just 2.2 inches, the UO Smart Bean Laser is suitable for any indoor or outdoor activity
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Vanson Electronics Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 5C-D02

Universal Type-C Travel Charger

  • Smart Charger designed for the latest USB Type-C compatible devices
  • Equipped with 4 interchangeable plugs ideal for usage in different countries
  • Built-in Smart Charging IC allows the device to be charged at the most ideal voltage
22 abc

Booth No.: 3C-B07

FREEDY Wireless Charger

  • Wireless charging case allowing iPhone users to charge their iPhone wirelessly
  • Dual standards of wireless charging compatible - Qi and Powermat
  • Sleek & slim design, weighing only 37.5g
  • Apple MFi, Qi & PMA certified product
Healthcare Electronics
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Advance Electronic & Medical Industries Co Ltd
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 3C-A19

SleepingACE - Sleep Helping Device

  • Based on the latest Transcranial Electrical Stimulation (TES) simulation technology, SleepingACE is noninvasive and aids the user to improve the quality of their sleep
  • Simulation can be carried out an hour before sleep so there is no need for the user to wear the headband while sleeping
  • Users can choose anyone of the 3 preset modes to improve the quality of their sleep or to tackle their insomnia problems 
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Nanosoft Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: 3C-C03

Bfit APP Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Easy to use blood pressure and heart rate monitor
  • Data collected is then sent back to the App via the patented Sonic Communication Technology
  • Historic information can be viewed through progression graphs
  • Also equipped with reminder functions to alert the user when it’s time to take the measurement
  • CE certified product
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G & H Industrial Limited
(Hong Kong)
Booth No.: 3B-E04

iMist - Smart Aroma Diffuser

  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectable Smart Aroma Diffuser which can also be used as a humidifier
  • Dedicated iOS and Android compatible APP with 6 preset modes offering hints on the essential oils to be used
  • The wake up function allows users to preset the start time of the aroma diffuser. Users can also preset the mist level, LED light effects and the tune to be played