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Interesting Products
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  Product Info Characteristics (Provided by exhibitors)
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Company: Heltex Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 1E-D18
Zone: Fashion Gallery
  • The Eco Cashmere collection is developed from the natural color of the goat.
  • Made of environmentally-friendly, undyed and unbleached cashmere which is 100% naturally processed without harmful chemicals or dyeds.
  • Eco-cashmere is found in the nature and is not petroleum-based.
  • Healthier for users, for the people who grow and work with it and for the environment.
  • Preferable for those with sensitive skin and it is soft.
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Company: Avenir International Co., Ltd.
Country/Region: Japan
Booth no.: 1D-A19
Zone: Infants & Children’s wear
  • The tweed fabrics are made by well-known British brand, Linton.
  • All items are hand-made in Japan with special attention paid to showing aestheticism of body-lines as well as ease-of-wear.
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Company: Book on the Park
Country/Region: Korea
Booth no.: 1C-C08
Zone: Menswear
  • This product is very meaningful to Asian fashion.
  • The main graphic on the front is designed with reference to the traditional Dragon icon of Asia.
  • The brand tried to mix Asian cultural motive with global trend fashion item.
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Country/Region: Indonesia
Booth no.: 1C-DS67
Zone: International Fashion Designer Showcases
  • KNOCK DOWN is KETIQUE’s FW 18 collection by Indonesian designer Elizabeth Njo May Fen.
  • Known as anti-mainstream designer, the style is edgy and modern cut, with a simple architectural look.
  • The signature of KETIQUE is transformable. One item of the design can turn into up to 2 styles 2 styles or more, eg. Turning an asymmetry dress into a V neck Top, etc.
  • KNOCK DOWN is made with Indonesia Textile (called as Tenun), using non-engine loom in Indonesia.
5 abc
Company: Knighlty Formal Clothes International Co.,Ltd
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 1B-C01
Zone: GAAHK Pavilion
  • KNIGHTLY wedding dress is an original design, using Swarovski crystal and high quality fabric to create the distinctive wedding dress.
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Company: Plume Nova
Country/Region: India
Booth no.: 1E-E02
Zone: Fashion Gallery
  • Free hand painted scarves with embroideries in wool and silk
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Brand: LIDnM
Country/Region: Japan
Booth no.: 1C-G10
Zone: Menswear
  • The lamb leather single riders is the ultimate item that symbolizes LIDnM, which scraped down the design to the limit.
  • The image source of the iSKO High Stretch Skinny’s design is the 70's New York Punk Band, Ramones. While keeping the image of their riders × skinny styling, it was made as simple as possible to reduce waste.
  • An autumn essential outerwear.
  • LIDnM uses completely raw materials. Lamb leather is carefully selected from raw crust with moderately grainy feeling originating from Pakistan.
  • LIDnM’s raw material minimizes chemicals processing while keeping the texture of leather.
  • Adopted chrome tanning which brings elasticity and softness so that a tight and fit style can be achieved.
8 abc
Company: Titane Group (Hong Kong) Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 1B-F24
Zone: World of Fashion Accessories
  • HOTiTLE features high-quality fashion titanium cufflinks
  • The Eternity cufflink collection reference to watch mechanical as the design concept
  • The interchangeable middle components allow different colors and appearance
  • In just 4 simple steps, the Eternity cufflinks can be changed from a sand clock to a mechanical rotor or vice versa
  • HOTiTLE’s pursuit of perfection in craftsmanship, writes a new standard for the modern gentleman
9 abc
Company: Winnie Chi Fong, Chen
Brand: Winnie Witt
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 1C-DS46, 1C-DS19
Zone: International Fashion Designers’ Showcases
  • Winnie Witt is a Hong Kong- and New York-based womenswear clothing line that features clothing that is unique, timeless, elegant and experimental.
  • The line is characterized by creative pattern cutting and sophisticated tailoring details, which can be seen in her bold, architectural designs that offer a full-rounded, asymmetrical silhouette.
  • The collection combines luxurious, unconventional materials with delicate finishing.
  • Every angle of the garment offers a new outlook to her conceptual designs. Be prepared to be intrigued.
10 abc
Company: Antonhill Co Ltd
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 1C-E02
Zone: Corporate Fashion and Uniforms
  • The company uses various newly developed materials with unique function.
  • E.g. Machine washable suit; 80% stain-resistant, breathable and washable Chef Uniform; wind-proof and water-proof outdoor uniform
  • Have their own design team for designing stylish uniform which suit the brand/ image of their client needs.
  • Their customer covering hotel, resorts and casino, banking and finance, aviation, travel and logistics as well as government and public sector.
11 abc
Company: Mahmud Group
Country/Region: Bangladesh
Booth no.: 1E-B32
Zone: Fashion Gallery
  • The company procures the best raw cotton from all over the world and converts them to top quality yarn.
  • Their facility engages the most renowned spinning equipment from Germany, Japan, Switzerland and Spain to produce yarn from 6 to 20 counts.
  • Ring regular / slub yarn technology brand was developed in response to market demand for high-stretch denim fabrics that keep their shape.
  • Major Clients are H&M, K-mart, Esprit, GYMBOREE, etc
12 abc
Company: Hyperbola Textile Co Ltd
Country/Region: Taiwan
Booth no.: 1D-D02
Zone: Fashionable Sportswear
  • The highlight of Hyperbola is the windbreakers.
  • Other products include outdoor clothing such as cotton jacket, golf pants, pressure pants and other functional clothing.
13 abc
Company: Don't’ ask my plan
Brand: DAMP
Country/Region: Korea
Booth no.: 1C-C06
Zone: Menswear
  • Don’t Ask My Plan started as a subculture crew in 2011 and have tried to introduce subculture such as indie film, indie music, and skate board.
  • Don’t Ask My Plan had prepared to launch the brand for 2 years and started the collection in 2013.
  • Don’t Ask My Plan is running 2 lines which are NO PLAN and LVMA and focuses on designing for comfort & stylish.
14 abc
Company: Innee-Sedona International Ltd
Brand: Céline Dion
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 1E-B04
Zone: Emporium de Mode
  • The Céline Dion Collection comprises luxury, high end and affordable handbags, elegant luggage and small leather goods at various price points.
  • The Collection is curated by the megastar herself and hits all the right notes by reflecting Céline’s preferences, lifestyle and attention to detail combined with quality and craftsmanship.
  • Each piece includes an exclusive sound wave of Céline’s voice that acts as a mark of authenticity.
  • Pizzicato Collection’s design is inspired by guitar studs and symbolizes the connection between Céline Dion’s music and her desire to present a handbag that brings together this aspect of her life and a product that is stylish and unique.
15 abc
Company: The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Display: Fashion Avenue
  • Jointly developed by the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA) and Institute of Textiles and Clothing of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • A new textile product with temperature control function for both general apparel and in specialized medical applications
  • A novel thermal fabric can be created on the theoretical basis of the resistive network model, i.e., sheet resistance, length resistance and contact resistance with fabric structure and density.
  • This innovation received a silver medal in 42nd International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, Switzerland.