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Exhibitors' and Buyers' Comments

Empowered with decades of experience and expertise in organising trade exhibitions, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is reputed internationally for its outstanding performance.

Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.

The HKTDC sincerely invites you to join this exhibition, to explore the way to success.



Exhibitors' Comments Buyers' Comments


Exhibitors' Comments


“GGM is participating in Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer again to find more international customers. Besides backpacks and knitted headwear, we are promoting new T-shirt series as well as Cordura denim pants and jackets. New fabric materials are being used to enhance durability and comfort. We’ve met with more Japanese buyers on the first day of exhibition. Some buyers from the Chinese mainland, Russia, USA and UK have also made serious enquiries about our new collections and existing product lines. Further discussions are needed with the new buyers and it will take at least 3 months to strike deals. GGM has been exhibiting at the Hong Kong fair over the past 5 years. The results have been encouraging as we could find new buyers every year. This fair is a good meeting place to meet buyers and do business.”
Eli Chu Ho Yin (right), General Manager, GGM Limited, Hong Kong (Booth no. 1B-E02)



“The Woolmark Company strives to promote innovation for Merino wool and to introduce new wool-blended fabrics for the fashion industry. We are participating in Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer again this year to showcase the latest trend to industry players worldwide. This year’s highlight is promoting the use of wool denim, a high-performance fabric blended with wool and durable denim that provides extra resilience, elasticity, warmth and comfort. Another focus is wool sneakers that are designed to enhance dryness and breathability for everyday footwear. We also shared our insights on the innovative uses of Merino wool at the seminar on the second day of exhibition. It was very well attended. The exhibition is successful as we’ve attracted a lot of interest from industry players. This fair really offers a perfect stage to promote Merino wool as a good and versatile alternative to other fibres.”
Ella Tong, Woolmark Licensee Support Manager, The Woolmark Company, Hong Kong (Booth no. 1B-B01)



“Established in 1981, Mengdi is leading fashion manufacturer with over 1,500 employees. We provide a comprehensive range of knitwear collections for men and women. Production facilities are located in Zhejiang Province of the Chinese mainland. Europe and USA are our major markets. We have been participating in Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer for many years for business growth. We are here meeting existing customers as well as finding new buyers. This year, we’ve received enquiries from new buyers from different places including customers from Brazil and Poland. They expressed keen interest in our collections. We will negotiate further with them to explore business cooperation. This fair is always an important platform to reach out to international customers. That’s why we are exhibiting here every year.”
Cassie Zhu, Senior Merchandiser, Mengdi Group Co., Ltd., Chinese mainland (Booth no. 1E-E25)



“Established in 2015, Sangacio specialises in the production of handmade sneakers in Japan. We are committed to providing superior quality and comfort while the production process is handled by professional shoemakers. Our brand is getting increasingly popular in Japan. We are showcasing our sneakers at Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer for the first time to expand our overseas sales. We have received strong interest from many buyers including customers from UAE, France and Hong Kong. Several buyers from Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and the Chinese mainland have expressed interest in distributing our brand in their markets. Further negotiations will be conducted to conclude cooperation in the next few months. This fair has generated good business opportunities and we have met with many potential customers. Everything is so nice here and we really like it.”
Marino Tsuge, Sales Manager, Sangacio Japan Co., Ltd, Japan (Booth no. 1B-E06)



“Landes Hong Kong provides leather patches and synthetic patches for various international brands and businesses. We are the Hong Kong operation of German parent group Landes Global that has been in business for over 60 years. Our patches are widely used in the fashion industry as a branding tool. Among our customers are many international brands like Levi’s, Lee, Wrangler and Hugo Boss. This is our second-year participation in Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer to promote our business growth. We successfully secured some new buyers last year. That’s why we are exhibiting here again. So far, we have met with some buyers from different countries such as UK, the Netherlands, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. Further talks will be held with them after the exhibition to explore cooperation. The pace of negotiation varies from customer to customer. An order may be confirmed shortly after exhibition or in several months’ time. We are positive about the prospect.”
Matt Lee, Sales Manager, Landes Hong Kong Limited, Hong Kong (Booth no. 1B-A18)



“Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer is always a must-attend fair for MsEnvy every year to meet existing customers and get new buyers. We are showcasing again a rich variety of ladies’ collections in silk with about 260 exclusive prints and 230 styles for buyers to choose from. The feedback has been strong. We have got in touch with a number of new customers including customers from Switzerland, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and Australia. Most of them are interested in our silk collections while several buyers are exploring cooperation with us to develop new product lines according to their specific styles and requirements. An Australian company has also approached us to work together for the creation of high-end nightwear. This fair provides an important opportunity to promote business and maintain our exposure. Some major customers also take advantage of the event to place new orders on the spot. We are pleased to be here every year. This really is a great place to meet customers and do business.”
Jun M.K. Wong, Managing Director, MsEnvy Corporation Limited, Hong Kong (Booth no. 1E-A01)



“VENDIS KOREA is a leading brand for beachwear, rash guard and swimsuits in Korea. With a history of 17 years, we develop own designs and produce our collections in our factory facilities in the Chinese mainland. Our major markets are currently Korea, the Chinese mainland and Southeast Asia. This is our first showcase in Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer to expand our overseas sales. The response has been quite positive. We have received some serious interest from potential customers from different countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines, the Chinese mainland and Czech Republic on the first day of exhibition. They really like our beachwear and swimsuit designs. Further discussions will be held and we are positive about entering into business with them. We can handle orders for 50 pieces per style in accordance with customers’ needs. The initial feedback is encouraging. We will come again if the negotations with buyers generates good business.”
Stella Wu (left), Manager, VENDIS KOREA, Korea (Booth no. 1E-B03)



“In business for 16 years, Hyperbola produces a rich variety of functional fabric and blended fabric. We have also branched out to the manufacturing of sportswear, yoga wear and functional wear under our own brand. Our company has established a strong sales presence in USA and Europe over the years. We are participating in Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer for the first time to penetrate the Asian market. Buyers are showing a good amount of interest in our offerings. We have met with two serious buyers from Thailand and Taiwan shortly after the opening of the fair. They are keen to source fabric and sportswear including lightweight down, windproof jackets and water repellent outwear. The Hong Kong fair enables us to get in touch with different kinds of buyers from fashion brands to retailers and manufacturers looking for fabric. This opens up more new business opportunities. We expect to conclude some deals in a couple of months with the new buyers. MOQ is 3,000 yards for fabric and 1,000 pieces per style for functional wear. The organiser offers excellent support and helps us generate more publicity and media exposure. It’s wonderful.”
Vera Hou, Project Manager, Hyperbola Textile Co., Ltd, Taiwan (Booth no. 1C-D02)



Buyers' Comments


“Founded in 2009, meilishuo.com is a leading fashion e-commerce platform in the Chinese mainland offering a wide range of stylish collections for women. Major customers are those aged between 20 and 28 in particular. We are now developing a new business line under our own fashion brand to meet customers’ needs. That’s why I am visiting Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer for the first time to source fashion items. I am now negotiating with a Korean exhibitor to source active wear and beachwear. They will provide a selection of styles for us to choose from and we will pursue cooperation to develop business accordingly. I have also got in touch with a Chinese mainland exhibitor who produces an interesting collection of socks. Further discussions are needed to conclude partnership. We will usually order 100-500 pieces per style. This fair has some appealing items on offer. We look forward to establishing business with the new contacts.”
Liu Ding, Senior Operation Director, meilishuo.com, Chinese mainland


“Bayo is one of the largest fashion brands in the Philippines providing a comprehensive range of ladies’ collections from fashion to casual wear, shoes, bags and other accessories. With about 50 retail stores across the country, we are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year. This is our first visit to Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer. We are very impressed by the strong lineup of exhibitors from different countries who are showcasing the latest fashion trends and designs. We have met with many companies to exchange ideas on the use of fabric and design inspirations. This is an amazing all-in-one fashion fair with so much on offer. We really enjoy the fruitful exchanges as well as the excitement of fashion shows and seminars. Bayo thinks globally to grow our business. The Hong Kong fair provides a good opportunity to keep us abreast of the newest fashion ideas and enables buyers to source effectively. Everything is so nice here.”
Cristy Basa, General Manager, Bayo Manila Inc, The Philippines


“Founded in 2012, Betty Tran International strives to create high-end couture, bridal dresses as well day and evening wear for women. Our brand is synonymous with femininity and exceptional quality. This is my second visit to Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer to find new suppliers. The business matching meetings arranged by HKTDC has been very fruitful. My presentation at the Buyer Forum on the first day of exhibition has also drawn strong response. So far, I have identified 3 to 4 good suppliers from Hong Kong for possible cooperation. They are providing different items from trims to couture, ready-to-wear collection and shoes. I look forward to establishing business development with them. This fair really is a solid platform to source apparel and we can take the opportunity to expand our network with industry players. We would like to work further with HKTDC and will definitely visit the fair again.”
Betty Tran, Founder and Creative Director, Betty Tran International, Australia


“Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Bijoux Nouveau is an international fashion industry leader producing and distributing fashion items and accessories worldwide. I am responsible for sourcing products in the Asian region covering the Chinese mainland, India, Bangladesh and Indonesia. This is my first visit to Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer to explore sourcing opportunities. It turned out to be a successful trip. So far, I have found 13 exhibitors from different countries including Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, Korea and India for some beautiful products. They involve jewellery, watches, ladies’ wear, bags and scarves. Orders will generally vary from US$10,000 to US$50,000 each. I already placed an order with a Hong Kong supplier for 5,000 pieces of ladies’ wear. Further talks will be held after the fair. I expect to conclude more deals in the next couple of months. The fair is good and I’ve found what I wanted.”
Kakoli Chakraborty Mehra, Sourcing Director, Bijoux Nouveau, Inc., USA



“In business for 6 years, everything5pounds.com is a popular online retailer in the UK. We are selling a wide range of fashion items and accessories for women, men and children. This is my first visit to Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer to find new suppliers and enrich our offerings. There are so many exhibitors showcasing a lot of products here. I have found about 10 new suppliers from different places including Hong Kong, Macau, the Chinese mainland, the Netherlands, India, Japan, Korea and USA for various items. For example, the fashion lines provided by Hong Kong exhibitor Fashion Highlight Limited are attractive and suit our customers. Another Hong Kong exhibitor GGM Limited offers good quality bags and backpacks in different styles. I am also interested in the sneakers of Sangacio Japan Co., Ltd. I am looking to place orders for a container of goods worth up to US$100,000 from each of them. Further talks will be held to conclude deals in about three months’ time. This fair offers direct access to quality suppliers enabling efficient exchanges to do business. It’s a greatshow.”
Robert Kulawik, Chief Operating Officer, everything5pounds.com, UK


“Founded in Singapore 10 years ago, Ohvola is a fashion brand specialising in outfits for women to express their personalities with confidence. Our collections are mainly sold on our online shop to women in Singapore and all over the globe including customers from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Australia. We also operate a retail shop in Orchard Road. This is our first-ever visit to Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer to source various items from outfits to gowns, shoes, bags and jewellery. We have found a Dongguan-based supplier from the Chinese mainland for evening gowns. We will look into their designs carefully before concluding business. Initial order is expected to be around 50 pieces per style. Talks are also underway with another Chinese mainland suppliers for everyday ladies’ wear with potential orders for 100-200 pieces per style. The minimalist design of a Korean fashion label looks interesting and we will explore cooperation. The fair is well organised and allows us to find new business contacts. The networking reception has really enhanced effective exchanges with exhibitors and other buyers.”
Jolene Zhou, Co-Founder & Social Media Influencer, and Lucinda Zhou, Co-Founder & Social Media Influencer, Ohvola, Singapore



“Thanulux is one of the leading garment manufacturers in Thailand. We produce a wide range of men’s wear, ladies’ wear and children’s wear under our own brands. We also distribute products for international brands. We are visiting Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer for the first time to source fashion products. Talks are now underway with 6 new suppliers from India, Korea, Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland for casual wear and sportswear for women as well as some children’s collections. The amount of orders will vary from supplier to supplier. Initial orders are estimated at US$50,000 for a selection of different products. This fair is a successful event. It really facilitates business development for the fashion industry. We are able to find new suppliers while exhibitors can reach out to customers effectively.”
Sukanya Sutthivisetpong (left), Brand Manager for Ladies’ Wear, Thanulux Public Company Limited, Thailand


“With a history of over 70 years, Mayoral is a leading producer of children’s apparel in Spain. We boast a comprehensive range of products from baby items to apparel for teenagers up to 18 years old. We currently operate some 200 retail shops in Spain, Portugal and Italy. Products are sold to 70 countries worldwide. Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer offers a perfect opportunity to meet new suppliers. Besides Chinese mainland exhibitors, we can find quality suppliers from other places such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. We are now discussing with several suppliers from India and Bangladesh for some children’s collections. Three Chinese mainland suppliers are also in talks with us for cooperation. They will send us the pricing details soon. The amount of orders will be finalised later. We usually place orders for 10,000 pieces each. This is a very good fair. It makes sense to come here every year to explore new opportunities.”
David Diaz Dominguez, Global Sourcing Manager, Mayoral Moda Infantil S.A.U., Spain



“AIMEEKU is a high-street fashion brand founded in Taiwan three years ago. We are creating stylish fashion for women plus a small collection of designs for men. Most of our customers come from Europe, followed by USA. This is my third-year visit to Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer to source suitable fabrics for our new designs. I have already found a Chinese mainland supplier for laces and a Pakistan supplier for embroidery fabric. I like their quality and the prices are reasonable. They will send us some samples after the exhibition. I expect to place US$5,000 to US$7,000 worth of orders for the fabrics. This is a wonderful fair offering a good choice of quality fabrics. I like the networking reception very much as it enables useful exchanges with exhibitors and other buyers.”
Amy Chien Ku, Designer, AIMEEKU Fashion, Taiwan


“In business since 2001, ANGRA is engaged in the wholesale business of underwear for men and women in the Czech Republic. Our products are also sold in the Slovak Republic. At present, we source products mainly from Italy, Spain and Poland. This is my first visit to Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer to explore new sourcing opportunities. It's a very rewarding journey. I am now in talks with two Korean suppliers for nightwear and men’s underwear. Their quality and styles look appealing. I am waiting for their pricing details in order to finalise the amount of orders. This is an excellent fair. There are a lot of interesting products on offer. The Hong Kong fair offers a good sourcing platform that will certainly drive our business growth in future.”
David Varga, Owner, ANGRA CZ s.r.o., Czech Republic