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Empowered with decades of experience and expertise in organising trade exhibitions, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is reputed internationally for its outstanding performance.

Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.

The HKTDC sincerely invites you to join this exhibition, to explore the way to success.



Exhibitors' Comments Buyers' Comments


Exhibitors' Comments


“FIT JOY is a brand of ladies’ shoes in Japan. Our major characteristic is the super lightweight design and the shoes are made of high-grade sheep skin with excellent elasticity to wrap the feet softly and gently. Our shoes are now available at most major department stores in Japan. We are participating in Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer for the first time to expand international sales. Shortly after the opening of the fair, we’ve already established contact with some serious buyers from Southeast Asian countries. A Philippine customer has demonstrated the strongest interest in developing business and is negotiating with us for an order involving 20 pairs per design per colour. This is expected to be the first major order that will make a good start for our overseas business growth. Other buyers we’ve met so far include a Malaysian online retailer, a purchasing agent for AEON in Malaysia, and Singapore’s Takashimaya department store. This is an excellent fair that attracts a diversity of quality buyers from different parts of the world. Hong Kong is a window to do business internationally and this fair allows us to find new customers effectively.”
Mark Tokuhara, Vice-President/COO, FIT JOY JAPAN, INC., Japan (Booth no. 1C-A19)


“MsEnvy is showcasing an extensive array of ladies’ wear in silk again at Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer. We’ve enriched the mix of our collections this year with 350 exclusive prints and 300 styles to provide customers and buyers with more choices. We also offer some interesting collections in top-quality polyester to meet customer needs and the growing market trend. The initial response has been positive. A number of new customers including buyers from Italy, Myanmar and other Southeast Asian countries have approached us and showed interest in our designs. We’ve got in touch with a new buyer from Italy who is very keen on purchasing our collections and has selected some styles in silk and polyester. The order is expected to be finalised for delivery within three to six months. Another Italian customer running a fashion boutique business has also come to us again this year to place new order. This fair always draws buyers and helps us develop new business. Last year, we achieved good results at the fair with many existing customers from different places like Turkey, Russia and Sweden making new orders. We also established cooperation with an Australian company to develop new collections. We look forward to securing more business this year.”
Jun M.K.Wong (right), Managing Director, MsEnvy Corporation Limited, Hong Kong (Booth no. 1E-A02)



“Smith Garment is participating in Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer for the first time to promote our brand of SAAMU. Our collections are developed with a multi-faceted design concept that blends various cultures, fabrics and prints together into contemporary wear for men and women. This fair is an excellent platform to showcase our latest designs. We’ve got a lot of interest from buyers including customers from USA, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan. A Hong Kong retailer has already placed an order worth over 1 million baht for a selection of styles. The first batch of products will be shipped next week. This is a successful exhibition that allows us to raise our brand exposure. We’re pleased with the results and would like to exhibit here again.”
Thanagorn Sittiwongwanich, Chief Marketing Officer/Founder, Smith Garment Factory Company Limited, Thailand (Booth no. 1B-E16)



“Studio di Perla is a designer brand for ladies’ wear in Korea. Our collections come in a simplistic design with much emphasis on individual difference, enabling women to add a personal touch to create own style. Our designs are mainly in black and white colours catering to everyday needs of women. In business for about three years, we’ve established strong sales presence in Korea. This is our second-year participation in Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer to expand our international business. At our debut last year, we successfully secured some new customers from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Australia. The response is even better this year. Some buyers from different places including Italy, Malaysia and Taiwan have visited our booth and expressed strong interest in our designs. Talks are underway for sample orders. I really love this fair as we can find many overseas customers all under one roof. That’s why we would like to exhibit here to drive our business growth.”
Baek JinJoo, CEO, Studio di Perla, Korea (Booth no. 1E-A08)



“With a history of 15 years, Little Match Girl designs and produces contemporary ladies’ wear for women’s everyday needs in Singapore. Our collections come in minimalist and solid colours while we use breathable fabrics to enhance the comfort. We are making our debut at Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer to look for international customers. We’ve attracted a good amount of attention from overseas customers. At least five buyers from Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Chinese mainland, Malaysia and Spain have expressed serious interest in carrying our brand or purchasing our collections. We expect to take at least two months to negotiate further with those buyers to conclude business cooperation. This fair has helped us gain more exposure and establish contact with more overseas customers. Initial response has been positive and marks a good start to fuel our business expansion.”
Angis H. Tiew (left), Designer, and Can Heng (right), Director, Little Match Girl Pte Ltd, Singapore (Booth no. 1D-D05)




Buyers' Comments


“Lamia Garments Manufacturing is a leading producer of ladies’ apparel and lingerie in UAE. Our products are selling mainly in the Middle East and Europe. This is my second-year visit to Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer to source laces and other fabrics like satin and chiffon. So far, I’ve already placed orders with two suppliers from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland I met last year. The order with the Hong Kong supplier is worth about US$250,000, involving 10 styles of laces while that with the Chinese mainland supplier is around US$45,000. I will meet more exhibitors at the fair and hope to develop business with three new suppliers for a mix of laces and fabrics. Hong Kong is a good place to source fabrics. This fair offers a good mix of exhibitors from different places of the world with a lot of choices. I like it.”
Mohamed Sadhique, Sales Manager, Lamia Garments Manufacturing, UAE


“In business for 32 years, Fine Line Imports specialises in the wholesale and distribution business of contemporary women’s fashion to retail customers across Canada and the USA. This is my first-ever visit to Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer to find new suppliers. I’ve met with 18 companies on the first day of exhibition. I am looking to develop business with at least four or five suppliers from Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and India for ladies’ wear, hangers and labels. Among them are Eisho Co Ltd, Shenzhen Laurel Industrial Co. Ltd, Tang Zhi Qiao Gz Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd and M. SURYAN. The orders for hangers and labels can be concluded within one month. It will take more time to strike business for ladies’ collections. We will place test orders first for ladies’ wear and the initial orders will normally involve 2,000 pieces each. We are eager to find new suppliers and something special to sell to customers. This fair offers a lot of interesting products and we will explore business development with the new suppliers”
Cathy Young, President, Fine Line Imports, Canada


“Founded in 1994, Grey Stone Group produces a wide range of fashion accessories in Russia. Our products ranging from belts and wallets to bags, backpacks, scarves, gloves and sunglasses are sold under five own brands. We are now expanding into fashion items for children and teenagers. This is our second-year visit to Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer to source new products. So far, we’ve found about 10 new suppliers from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland for different items such as socks, T shirts, backpacks and children’s wear. They include Haining Had Socks Company Limited, Fujian Province Jinjiang City Changtai Garment Knitting Co., Ltd, and Hong Kong exhibitor Fashion Highlight Limited whose children’s wear under the Blue Seven brand is really nice. We hope to conclude some orders within three weeks for our next season’s sales. Initial orders generated from this fair are estimated at US$30,000 to US$40,000. This fair is an excellent sourcing place where we can find many interesting products at reasonable prices”
Andrey Berezenkov (right), CEO, and Maria Sergeeva (left), Chief Business Development Officer, Grey Stone Group, Russia


“St. Malo Wang is a leader in e-shopping and TV-shopping for fashion items in Taiwan. We are visiting Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer for the first time to find new suppliers. So far, we have identified three to four new suppliers from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland for different items such as ladies’ blouses, shorts, legging and waterproof jackets. We are in talks with one of the Chinese mainland suppliers to buy a selection of ladies’ jackets and hopefully will conclude a deal by August. The potential order is expected to involve about 10,000 pieces with an estimated value of US$200,000 to US$300,000. Further negotiation will be conducted with other suppliers with product shipments due early next year. We are still looking around at the fairground for suppliers of fashion accessories. There are some interesting items on offer at the exhibition and the fair really opens up new business opportunities for us.”
Candace Wang (right), Brand Development Department Manager, and Katherine Ching (left), Marketing Assistant Manager, St. Malo Wang, Taiwan