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Exhibitors' and Buyers' Comments

Empowered with decades of experience and expertise in organising trade exhibitions, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is reputed internationally for its outstanding performance.

Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.

The HKTDC sincerely invites you to join this exhibition, to explore the way to success.



Exhibitors' Comments Buyers' Comments


Exhibitors' Comments


“We are staging our first-ever international showcase in Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer to grow our overseas sales. The exhibition focuses on our original swimsuit collections under the brand of Lasquall. We take pride in the quality of our swimsuits that provide better UV protection and waterproof effectiveness. Our products are selling very well in Korea and the Hong Kong fair opens up a good opportunity to raise our profile in the international market. We are particularly keen to find buyers as well as good partners who can work together with us to build our business strategically. Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland are both target markets. So far, we’ve met with some new customers including a distributor from Thailand and a potential partner from New Zealand. A meeting has been arranged with a company from Brunei to explore cooperation. We are positive about finding buyers and building our brand through this trading platform.”
Dayong Lee, Merchandiser, Nova Ltd., Korea



“In business for over a year, Wakingbee specialises in the design and production of fashionable sportswear for women. Sportswear business is booming in Thailand now as people are increasingly health-conscious and willing to spend more for something good and special. Wakingbee has witnessed strong growth and is the most popular sportswear brand in Thailand. This is our debut exhibition in Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer to expand our international presence. The response has been very encouraging. We’ve already found four to five serious buyers from Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and Turkey in the first couple of hours. They are very interested in our sportswear collections from sports bras to pants, tops and tanks. We will provide pricing details and expect to conclude deals with them in a few months’ time. This is a very good fair and things have been well organised. We’ve established a number of new contacts. The exhibition really marks a great start for our overseas expansion.”
Ornwassa Siamseranee, Co-founder, Wakingbee Co., Ltd., Thailand



“In business since 2000, Clover Leaf specialises in the design of fashionable casual wear for women under the brand of Lovers Lane 45. We put good emphasis on the diversity of styles to suit customers’ preferences and moods. We are participating in Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer for the second consecutive year to promote our brand. Our new collections carry the theme of ‘Multi-way & Reversible’ that allows customers to change the style as they wish instantly. White and beige are the key colours for the spring/summer offers. We’ve received keen interest from buyers again including five new customers from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong. We will negotiate further for cooperation and we expect the Malaysian buyer to place order soon. This fair offers a good platform for us to grow international sales and meet buyers from different places of the world.”
Honami Sawae, Designer, Clover Leaf Co., Ltd., Japan



“Established in 2002, MsEnvy is a leading producer of silk fashion with a strong base of customers around the world. Japan and Australia are the two biggest markets. We always strive to bring the newest silk fabrics and enrich our prints selections for global customers. Among the highlights of this year’s exhibition are the use of silk rhombus fabric and the release of more than 180 prints for our new collections. Customers can easily create their own product lines with our amazing offers. We’ve met quite a number of customers including at least 10 new buyers from different places such as Spain, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and Japan. We will provide samples according to their requirements and it is expected to take one to three months to conclude deals. We participate in Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer as well as Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter every year to promote our different designs. We take this great opportunity to showcase our new spring/summer collections. This is an important trade event for us and many of our customers come here regularly to place orders. We can also find new buyers every year at the fair.”
Jun M.K. Wong, Managing Director, MsEnvy Corporation Limited, Hong Kong



“GGM has been in business for about five years providing a comprehensive range of backpacks, knitted headwear, sandals and sneakers. We are part of Japanese group Stanley International Ltd. with production facilities in Vietnam. Japan is our major market, followed by Europe and Southeast Asia. Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer offers a perfect platform for us to meet existing customers and new buyers. We’ve got in touch with more than 20 new buyers in the first two days of exhibition. They come from different countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Guam, the Philippines, Malaysia, the Chinese mainland, Ireland, UK and Hong Kong. The buyer from Guam expressed very serious interest in our backpack collection and we are positive about entering into OEM/ODM cooperation soon. This fair always generates positive responses. Last year, we found several new customers from Hong Kong. We anticipate to achieve good sales again and secure some new buyers this year.”
Eli Chu Ho Yin, General Manager, GGM Limited, Hong Kong



“In business for more than 20 years, Acumen specialises in the production of durable, comfortable and high-performance apparels and gear for outdoor activities. We boast profound manufacturing experience with international brands. Currently, Acumen is distributing more than 10 outdoor brands from Europe and the USA. We’ve also launched our own brand Re:echo providing a strong mix of products ranging from down coats to windbreakers, T-shirts, fleece wear, camping gear and sleeping bags. This is our first appearance in Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer to promote our own brand and products. Two buyers from the Chinese mainland have approached us to explore OEM cooperation. Further negotiations will be conducted with them after the exhibition. Re:echo is one of the few local brands for outdoor wear and gear. We’re pleased to be here meeting new buyers from different parts of the world. We look forward to reaping good results through this business and trading platform.”
Ken Mak, Sales Executive, Acumen Company Limited, Hong Kong



“This is our four-year participation in Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer to promote our knitwear and cashmere collections. The response from buyers continues to be positive. They are particularly interested in our ladies’ wear. A new customer from Belgium has selected two styles of cotton and rayon cardigan. We will prepare samples based on its requirements. A Russian buyer indicated an interest in purchasing our cashmere collection and we’ve also got in touch with a USA customer to explore cooperation. Last year, we achieved positive exhibition results and secured a new buyer from Canada. The feedback remains encouraging and meets our expectation this year. We see a steady business prospect. Later this year, we plan to launch an e-commerce platform to sell our cashmere products. This fair offers good value. We will continue to exhibit here to grow our presence.”
Patrick Lui, General Manager, Sun Kee Woollen Knitting Factory Ltd., Hong Kong



“HKRITA has been working closely with HKTDC to promote the research and development of technologies for the fashion and textile industry over the years. Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer stands out as an excellent platform for our brand building and reaching out to both local and international players in the industry. Exhibition highlights for this year cover a series of sustainable approaches on textile technology. We also showcase six award-winning innovations that snatched gold, silver or bronze medals at this year’s International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva. They include solvent-assisted dyeing of natural fibre, conversion of food waste into polylactic acid fibre, innovative spinning system for chitosan yarn, smart fetal monitoring belt, reactive disperse dyes for natural textiles in supercritical carbon dioxide and development of superfine wool products. This is a very international trade fair creating a critical mass for us to raise profile and gain exposure. We are happy to be here promoting our projects strategically. More importantly, this is an important meeting place to gather international interest and keep the world’s industry players abreast of Hong Kong’s continual development of technologies for the fashion and textile sector. The fair is a must-attend event for us every year.”
Lydia Fung, Marketing Manager, The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA), Hong Kong





Buyers' Comments


“Superette specialises in the sale of fashion products including causal wear, T-shirts and denim collections. In addition to our online sales platform, we are running four retail stores in New Zealand with the fifth outlet due to open in November. At present, we source products locally or through online channels. Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer offers a good platform for us to find new suppliers and interesting products to enrich our offerings. I am looking for handbags and wallets in particular this time. I’ve found several good suppliers from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. Further discussions will be held with them to explore cooperation after the exhibition. Initial orders are expected to be 50-100 pieces per items. It’s been a great experience visiting the fair. The layout of the exhibition is excellent with clearly-defined sections and it’s easy to find what we want here. We will visit the fair again.”
Brianna Kirkham, Assistant to Directors, Superette, New Zealand


“Founded in 2008, HardtoFind is a leading online marketplace in Australia selling a comprehensive range of products from fashion to jewellery, homeware, gifts and kids’ items. I am visiting Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer for the first time to source leather goods for the launch of a new brand. The focus is on purses, clutches, bags, luggage tags and key rings. I’ve identified three suppliers from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland for possible cooperation. I will discuss with the top management in Sydney about these potential suppliers’ offerings. It may take four months or so to work out details with the new partners. We aim to purchase a mix of items and the initial orders probably will be confined to 50-100 pieces per item. This is a great fair with a large number of exhibitors. I joined the Buyer Forum in the first day of exhibition and the response from the audience was very positive. I really like the fair.”
Erin Brennan, Marketing Manager, HardtoFind, Australia


“Alfacart.com is the e-commerce operation of Indonesia’s retail giant PT Sumber Trijaya Lestar that runs a network of 12,000 stores selling grocery items across the country. We are expanding the online business platform with plans to put more fashion products up for sale on our shopping portal. Customers can enjoy the ease of online purchase while settling payment at our physical stores. This is my first visit to Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer to source fashion items. I’ve already found five potential suppliers through the business matching meetings arranged by the organiser, involving sportswear from a Thai supplier as well as fashionable bags and jewellery items from four Hong Kong designers. I intend to choose a good variety of different designs from each of them. Initial orders will be smaller in amount. If the market’s feedback is strong, we will make big orders accordingly. This is a great fair. Another five meetings with exhibitors have been arranged and I look forward to finding more suitable suppliers.”
Melina Astriningsih, Head of Apparel, Alfacart.com, Indonesia


“Established in 1993, Altra is a distributor of semi-finished textile products, fabrics and fashion accessories in Czech Republic. We serve a number of customers in central Europe. This is our second-year visit to Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer. It’s another exciting journey. We’ve established initial contact with three potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland for printed fabrics for swimwear, underwear and elastic wear. The fabrics come with very nice prints while the suppliers are very friendly and professional. Some sample orders were placed already to look further into their quality. We will continue to look around for more suppliers for fashion items. This is a successful fair with a lot of exhibitors. We are very impressed with the exhibition venue and its excellent facilities. We will visit the fair every year.”
Robert Šrubař, Sales Manager, Altra a.s., Czech Republic


Label M is an e-tailer specialising in the sale of fashion apparel for women in Malaysia. We provide a wide range of casual wear collections and currently source our products locally. Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer serves as a good channel to explore new sources for apparel. This is our first visit and it proves to be very fruitful. We’ve got in touch with two to three potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland and India in the first day of exhibition. We are impressed by the quality of their products. Further talks will be conducted and we will get pricing details to establish business relationship with them. We hope to secure a mix of different designs and place orders for 20-30 pieces per item. This fair has been well organised and the staff are very helpful. There is a strong presence of exhibitors from different places. The business matching meetings arranged by the organiser have been very useful.”
Lim Chorng Yaw, Director, Label M PLT, Malaysia



“In business for 10 years, MGP is one of the largest online retailers for ladies’ fashion in Singapore. We create unique collections with original designs to meet customers’ needs. This is our first visit to Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer. It’s a very rewarding journey. There is a strong presence of exhibitors and we can find a lot of trendy items from fashion designers. So far, we’ve found eight potential suppliers and partners for OEM manufacturing, fashion items and fabrics. They include three Hong Kong designer brands for casual wear, evening wear and jewellery collections. We are especially interested in one of the brands and expect to place an initial order of about US$10,000 after further negotiation on the pricing and design specifications. Hong Kong is known as the fashion capital in the region and its proximity to the vast hinterland of the Chinese mainland is a clear advantage. We are pleased to visit this fair where we can find so many OEM companies and designer brands, thus enlarging our business network. We will definitely visit the fair again.”
Keith Tay, Group Manager, Corporate Development, MGP Label, Singapore


“In business for more than 50 years, we are a leading fashion retailer operating 150 stores across Japan. We provide an array of quality items in four categories, namely women’s wear, menswear, kids’ wear and formal suits. At present, we source products mainly from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Thailand and Cambodia. This is our first visit to Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer to find new suppliers for menswear in particular. We’ve found a Hong Kong supplier in the first day of exhibition to cope with our expansion of new product lines. We will visit the supplier’s factories in the Chinese mainland and Cambodia to examine the quality of production. The process of negotiation may take about 9 months and the first order is expected to involve 5,000 pieces. We found the visit useful and enjoyable. Everything has been well arranged and the sourcing process made very effective.”
Satoshi Miyata, Menswear Designer, World Co., Ltd., Japan



“TRICYCLE is the fastest-growing fashion e-tailer in Korea with a membership of about four million. We are currently operating five online shopping portals selling a wide range of women’s fashion collections and items. I am visiting Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer for the first time to explore new sources for our products. So far, I’ve identified two to three potential suppliers from Hong Kong for casual wear collections. Their products are of good quality and the pricing is reasonable. It may take three to six months to conclude business deals with them. I expect to place orders for 1,000 pieces per item. The suppliers are offering flexibility in the size of orders and we hope to acquire a greater variety of items in smaller quantity each. This is a very rewarding trip and I really enjoyed it. The business matching meetings proved to be fruitful. I will visit the fair again to find new suppliers and learn more about the global fashion trends.”
Ju-Mi Hong, Team Manager, TRICYCLE, Korea


“Frankie De Leon Bridal Couture specialises in bridal dresses providing one-of-a-kind designs with elegant lines for the beautiful moments of weddings. There is strong demand for well-designed wedding gowns in the Philippines as some people even travel abroad to find something unique and special. We are always looking for quality fabrics for clients. This is my first visit to Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer to enhance our sourcing. I’ve already found some beautiful laces in ivory white and other colours from a Hong Kong exhibitor and two Chinese mainland suppliers. About US$5,000 worth of orders were placed on the spot with them. I am still looking around at the fairground to find more fabrics and new suppliers. The fair has a lot on offer and Hong Kong is a very nice place to do business. I will definitely visit the fair again.”
Frankie De Leon, Owner/Designer, Frankie De Leon Bridal Couture, The Philippines



“YFS is a leading fashion retailer in Malaysia running more than 85 stores across the country. Our business is growing fast and we plan to open more than 50 new stores by the end of 2017. We are selling a wide range of menswear, ladies’ wear and kids’ collections under four brands. Menswear currently accounts for more than 60% of our sales. This is my first visit to Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer to find new suppliers. I’ve already found three to four potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland for men’s shirts and denim collections covering trousers, jackets and shorts. I’ve also got in touch with an exhibitor who runs its factory in Guangzhou for the supply of one-piece dresses for women. Further negotiations will be held to enhance exchange and understanding to build relationships. Initial orders will be generally smaller in amount. If everything goes well, we can place orders worth up to 1 million Malaysia ringgits a year. This is a good fair. It also features some interesting items from young designers and that may open up more business opportunities as we are keen to work with talented designers to enrich our product lines.”
Nicholas Chong, Group CEO, YFS Corporate (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia


“Niyoysha Gallery is a new fashion business venture. We are trying to introduce trendy fashion styles that can go along with the Islamic culture to women in Iran. Today, women in our country are very interested in fashion. They are willing to spend for something different and things that can make them look good. We are visiting Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer for the first time to source fashion products, especially evening gowns and party dresses for women. We’ve met with many exhibitors mainly from Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and India. They are showcasing quality products and good designs. We will discuss further with them about our requirements and what they can offer accordingly. The Hong Kong fair is not only a sourcing platform but also an excellent meeting place to learn about the latest fashion trends and get new ideas. We strive to grow our business progressively and hope to launch our own brand and design collections in future.”
Niyousha Niknezhad, Manager & Designer, Niyoysha Gallery, Iran



“Forward Logistic is an apparel partner of Russian Sports Ministry providing all kinds of sports uniforms for Russian national teams. We are the most well-known Russian sportswear brand and currently operate a chain of retail stores across Russia selling various sportswear and accessories under our brand. We take pride in product quality and are always looking for new suppliers for business expansion. Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer provides a good opportunity to meet our sourcing needs. I’ve established initial contact with more than 30 exhibitors mainly from the Chinese mainland for various sportswear items. A shortlist of potential suppliers will be drawn up after further studies about their product quality. The business matching meetings arranged by the organiser worked out quite well. I’ve found a Chinese mainland supplier from Fujian Province for sportswear fabrics at the meetings. The fabrics can be used for the production of new collections in our factory within Russia. The visit has created some good business opportunities. I really enjoyed the trip. The quality of service is excellent. Everything has been well taken care of here and the organiser has done a great job enabling buyers to source and buy easily.”
Ruben Narlyants, General Director, Forward Logistic Ltd., Russia