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(Provided by exhibitors)
1 image
Key Links Data Technology Company Ltd
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No.: 1C-B02
Zone: Fashion Tech
  • Comlink Inspection Tool are all-in-one mobiles applications and devices performing quality inspections based on industry best practices.
  • Flexible and customizable for different production lines and products.
  • It collects real-time quality inspection results and images, and stores them at the share drive for generating customized reports.
  • Users benefit from streamlined productions and better data management to save cost, improve transparency, integrity, and efficiency.
  • The solution has been widely recognized by manufacturers in various countries.
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MsEnvy Corporation Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No.: 1E-A02
Zone: Fashion Gallery
  • MWENVY is one of Hong Kong’s leading silk luxury fashion design and manufacturing company
  • The products use pure fabrics and 100% silk crepe, advanced digital print quality and placement print. The craftmanship for inside finishing of design is also all-French seam.
3 image
Shenzhen Fashion Luminous Technology Co Ltd
Country/Region: Chinese mainland
Booth No.: 1C-B18
Zone: Fashion Tech
  • The luminous fiber optics textiles are made with an innovative and original patented technology, which weave plastic optical fiber alongside synthetic fiber to form a luminous fabric.
  • The nature of the luminous fibric is very similar to synthetic fabrics, except it can emit light when connect to a specific LED electronic module.
  • The LED electronic module is powered either by a disposable or rechargeable battery, or by a small mains transformer (for non wearable items)
  • The light up textiles can emit at least 7 light colours with different flashing modes, which can be controlled by mobile applications or remote controller.
  • The fabrics can be used in many fields: shoes, fashions, clothing (accessories, clothes), wedding dress etc.
4 image
HopIN Digitech Company Ltd.
Country/Region: Taiwan
Booth No.: 1C-B17
Zone: Fashion Tech
  • The one and only digital interactive catalog app is the perfect showcase for branding.
  • It allows customers to try on clothes in their own avatars and brings a whole new innovative user experience.
  • The app attracts customers to the official website or store to make purchase, it drives the sales.
  • Without any tech staff, you’ ll be able to have an instant mobile app to release.
5 image
K & D Holdings Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No.: 1C-B04
Zone: Fashion Tech
  • Our products included the NFC technology which is patented for promotional industries.
  • The NFC technology can be applied in all sort of fashion accessories items for transferring data and payment
6 image
Edmond Ngai
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No.: TBC
Zone: IFDS
  • Speed Racer cufflink series are inspired by the rim of sports car, all the rims are interchangeable to meet your stylish outfit.
  • The cufflinks are characterized by the detailed construction and the finest finishing, featuring the tiny brake system underneath and the sparkling Cubic Zirconia at the centre of the rim. With the titanium texture, the series of cufflinks embody elegance and the relish of sports car.
7 image
Country/Region: Japan
Booth No.: 1C-A19
Zone: World of Fashion Accessories
  • FIT JOY is a Japanese Brand, which focuses on making “super light” shoes.
  • The brand used specially tanned high-grade sheep skin in shoe-making. The leather is very soft to fit your feet perfectly for more comfortable wearing.
8 image
Triple Force Garment Co Ltd
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No.: 1D-B01
Zone: Corporate Fashion and Uniform
  • Triple Force Garment Co ltd is specialized in producing high quality shirts and blouses.
  • Stylish Corporate Uniforms for professionals, discipline unit.
  • The shirts produced are in 20-21 stitches/inch and blouses are in 18-20 stitches/inch. All products are with clean finishing French seam.
9 image
Thailand Pavilion (DIP)
Country/Region: Thailand
Booth No.: 1B-E16 to 1BF22
Zone: Thailand Pavilion
  • The pavilion will present mixture of high end design apparel and fashion accessories.
  • 110 Precious Co., Ltd 1B-F22
    Coralist Group Co Ltd 1B-F19
    Doctress Aesthetic Company Limited 1B-E15
    Fashion Scene Co Ltd 1B-E20
    House of Surreal Co Ltd 1B-F17
    Mutta (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 1B-F08
    Pattricia A.Garde Co., Ltd 1B-F21
    Phornthip Sports Wear Co.,Ltd. 1B-E21
    Smith Garment Factory Co Ltd 1B-E16
    The Parrot International Co Ltd 1B-E18
10 image
Sri Lanka Pavilion
Country/Region: Sri Lanka
Booth No.: 1C-DS58,60,61,62
Zone: Pavilion
  • Total of 4 designers from Sri Lanka in the pavilion, including
    IC Collection 1C-DS61
    Jaish Jayesingha 1C-DS62
11 image
Konica Minolta Business Solutions (HK) Ltd.
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No.: 1C-B19
Zone: Fashion Tech

Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR)

  • Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) are used by garment manufacturers to automate their in-house transportation. The robots can let business drive growth by doing the repeatable tasks or heavier workload, like delivering the textiles and fabrics.
  • Technology allows the robots to either “identify” its drive area and surroundings or import 2D drawings of the building layout. Build-in sensors and cameras enable the robots to run safely in an environment with people as they automatically stop and navigate around obstacles.
  • These intelligent robots optimize workflows, reduces manpower of low-tech jobs and boost productivity while staying competitive.
12 image
Mutta (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Country/Region: Thailand
Booth No.: 1B-F08
Zone: Fabrics & Yarn
  • Thailand 100% handmade silk, organic fabric
13 image
Little Match Girl Pte Ltd
Country/Region: Singapore
Booth No.: 1D-D05
Zone: Womenswear
Contact Person: Angis Tiew
Tel: 65-67477707
Email: angis.tiew@gmail.com
  • Stylish Womenswear from Singapore
  • Asymmetric Top
  • Back Tie Wool Top features a rounded neckline, modern kimono-style fitted sleeves and silhouette, and a back tie detail.
  • Asymmetric Crepe Top (White)
  • Non-stretchy fabric features asymmetric neckline with unique ruched design.
14 image
Haining Pavilion
Country/Region: Chinese mainland
Booth No.: 1C-C01
Zone: Pavilion
  • Haining has developed as a city well known for its quality leather products and textiles. The pavilions include products of leather garment, leather accessories and socks
  • Hai Ning Yule Socks Co., Ltd 1C-C15
    Haining Changhui Knitwear Co., Ltd 1C-C11
    Haining Delsy Embroidery Co.,Ltd 1C-C04
    Haining Grand Double Eagle Garments Co Ltd 1C-C08
    Haining Had Socks Company Limited 1C-C17
    Haining Laofuzi Leather Co., Ltd 1C-C19
    Haining Shangbang Clothing Design Co Ltd 1C-C03
    Haining Spider Knitting Company Limited 1C-C20
    Haining Thetim Knitting Co., Ltd 1C-C14
    Haining Xiguanxiang Leatherwear Co Ltd 1C-C07
    Hainingshi Wanshida Hosiery Co., Ltd 1C-C18
    Zhejiang Chaoda Warp Knitting Co Ltd 1C-C13
    Zhejiang Fenglaoda Socks Co Ltd 1C-C12
    Zhejiang Meikan Garment & Accessories 1C-C16