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Epson Hong Kong Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Zone: Fashion Tech
Booth no.: 1C-C21


Kansai Yamamoto has become known for his avant-garde designs, sculptural tailoring and use of bright colours and patterns.
Yamamoto has approached and teamed up with Epson for several international shows since 2013.
Epson printed Yamamoto’s designs, using its state-of-the-art digital textile printers, onto a variety of textiles including polyester, silk and cotton.
Combining traditional Japanese aesthetics and ultra-modern styles, Yamamoto’s magnificent creations were largely printed using the Epson SureColor SC-F7100 series dye sublimation printer, Epson SurePress FP-30160 digital industrial textile inkjet printer and Monna Lisa inkjet digital textile printer.

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Wan Li Neng International Ltd
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Zone: Footwear, Leggings & Socks
Booth no.: 3D-A01


LED Shoes
LED Shoes are the way of the future. Whether you are cruising on the bike or tearing up the dance floor, our LED shoes are guaranteed to bring the light. It’s an ideal choice for footwear for any occasion you want to be noticed.

Product features:
1. Match any outfit colour scheme with 7 static colours and 5 colour changing mode
2. Rechargeable – easy charging with USB cable to computer or portable power bank for 3-4 hours after 8+ hours of glow time.

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GGM Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Zone: Bags
Booth no.: 3D-B01



GGM LTD mainly sells our own brand of MEI Bag, BONNARUE BONNARUE Shoes and a series of cap collection. MEI Bag and BONNARUE BONNARUE Shoes are made by Cordura. Its strength is 7 times of normal nylon. The fabric is also water resistant, so it is wise to use it on rainy days. For the cap series, we have a wide range of choices such as gentleman caps, painter caps, popular knit caps and baseball caps.

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Monica & Mobline
Country/Region: Korea
Zone: Fashion Gallery
Booth no.: 1E-A09




Metal Stud decoration blouson
Body is made with extra fine wool fabric.
Sleeve is made with dyed knit denim.
Quilting and metal stud decoration at sleeve is a unique feature of this blouson.

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Salil Andraphan
Country/Region: Thailand
Zone: International Fashion Designers' Showcase
Booth no.: 3E-DS40



Matara is an exquisitely crafted pearl jewellery brand based in Bangkok. Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted.
Signature collection: The pearl is put inside a silver cage to give the meaning that "True beauty is inside every woman".

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Acumen Co Ltd
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Zone: Activewear & Swimwear
Booth no.: 1C-A18




Reecho Dynamic Performance Shield
This lightweight, stretching, wind resistant and breathable jacket with water repellent features is the perfect partner for performing dynamic activities. Stretch and fast dry fabric is used at the back, forearm and underarm to keep the wearer comfortable and dry. There is a stow-away rear back pocket for easy storage of energy food and water bottle, and the reflective details make this shield ideal for active use at night.

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Country/Region: Turkey
Booth No: 3E-A04
Zone: Hang Tags, Labels & Badges


Bamboo Woven Labels
The material of the labels, bamboo, is a perennial grass that absorbs greenhouse gasses and produces large quantities of oxygen. It also regenerates very rapidly, such that the variety used in fabric production can reach heights of 22 meters in sixty days. Bamboo thrives without the use of pesticides or fertilizers and its roots help stabilize soil and reduce erosion.

Kraft Tag
Kraft paper is a paper produced from the chemical pulp of softwood and scrap paper processed by the Kraft process. It is also known as brown paper. Using Kraft paper tag can reduces the quantity of raw materials, energy and pollution needed to produce new paper.

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Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No: 3D-DS40
Zone: International Fashion Designer’s Showcase


MIDOTI, the fashion accessory brand founded by SHARON5 in 2014, offers aesthetic style which goes beyond traditional form and structure. Employing own designer-invented-handcraft-skills, the products of Sharon Cheung, the designer, give a sense of uniqueness and a simple, elegant and modern look. Well-received by the industry after the launch of her first collection, she is invited to showcase her collection in flagship stores and select shops.

MIDOTI ‘Knot Lots Collection’
‘Understated elegance with simple beauty’ is the best description for the wearers of our ‘Knot Lots Collection’! The unique design features the self-created designer knots made by the special application of German technology of soft metal materials weaving.