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Country/Region: Saudi Arabia
Booth No.: 1E-D04
Zone: Emporium de Mode
  • Whether you like it short or long, wide or tight, with or without a belt, masculine or feminine, this outfit holds many contradictions
  • The top can be worn as a tank top or a sport bra
  • The trousers can be pulled up to look like a short dress
  • It’s simple and chic, versatile and elegant, and you can wear it day or night
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Neeru Kumar
Country/Region: India
Booth No.: 1B-F29
Zone: Gloves, Scarves & Shawls
  • The spring/summer 2018 collection is an ode to the handcrafted Jamdani weaving
  • Jamdani weave is essentially a fusion of the ancient weaving techniques of Bengal that has gone through a continuous aesthetic evolution. It has a distinctive style of discontinuous supplementary weft work woven into sheer muslin fabric
  • The collection targets high-end and discerning customers who have a feel for handcrafted textiles.
  • The diaphanous quality and the ultra-sophisticated patterns of the scarves and the clothing have a tantalising luxurious appeal
3 image
7BG Service Textile Benedetti Group
Country/Region: Italy
Booth No.: 1C-B15
Zone: Urban Clothing
  • Made and Design in Italy
  • Denim casual wear
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Titane Group (Hong Kong) Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No.: 1B-C21
Zone: Accessories
  • HOTITLE cufflinks are all made of titanium with innovation and sincere.
  • Speed Racer cufflink series are inspired by the rim of sports car, all the rims are interchangeable to meet your stylish outfit.
  • The cufflinks are characterised by the detailed construction and the finest finishing, featuring the tiny brake system underneath and the sparkling Cubic Zirconia at the centre of the rim. All of these embody the elegant, stylish and innovative element of the brand.
5 image
Country/Region: Indonesia
Booth No.: 1C-DS20
Zone: IFDS
  • MIA AMICA is a ready-to-wear fashion brand blending Indonesian traditional and modern fabrics into elegant and fashionable women’s attire
  • MIA AMICA collections are unique by their up-to-date touch on traditional fabric, known as ‘batik’, the hand-drawn motifs combined with the charming embellishments, embroideries, sequins, laser-cutting, and digitalized-print fabric
  • MIA AMICA collection were exquisitely showed in Vancouver Fashion Week 2016, Canada, and published in Vogue-UK
  • All finished dresses are manufactured in Jakarta (Indonesia) utilizing pre-selected resources, and the styles suit for daily comfort wear.
  • MIA AMICA contrives the meticulous exclusive fashion for women worldwide
6 image
Keen Ching International Co., Ltd
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No.: 1B-A04
Zone: Clothing Accessories
  • Invisible open-end zipper: The box of our invisible open-end zipper can be moved with slider to let the insertion pin to be sewn completely.
  • Waterproof Zipper:
    - 100% Waterproof guaranteed
    - Water pressure test: 100cm
    - High frequency attached available
    - Smooth, Easy Operation
7 image
Country/Region: Korea
Booth No.: 1C-F22
Zone: Korea Pavilion
  • Hole socks are the new products for 2017 S/S season.
  • Patent registered by design and new technology of without sewing
  • Without sewing, it gives a thin and soft feeling when wearing socks
  • Comfortable due to the free design
  • Various styles suitable for sneakers, sandal and shoes
8 image
Studio di Perla
Country/Region: Korea
Booth No.: 1E-B09
Zone: Fashion Gallery
  • Based on 3D pattern modeling technology
  • The concept of minimalist, chic and disassembly is aimed at the late 20's to early 40's target layer of sophisticated sensibility, offering high quality and reasonable price for material, cutting, sewing and processing
9 image
Ika Butoni
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No.: 1B-DS50
Zone: International Fashion Designers’ Showcase
  • The idea of the new collection is to use different combination of materials
  • Black and grey laces combined with strips, slashes and ribbons. The dress is adorned with sequins to form a diamond center
  • Sequined fabric used to create an elegant dress with a twist of grunge
10 image
Sangacio Japan co.,ltd
Country/Region: Japan
Booth No.: 1B-E06
Zone: Footwear, Leggings & Socks

Handmade "Hiragana" shoes

  • After acquiring the precise manufacturing technique of Japanese people in Kobe, Sangacio sneakers are designed with a mixture of such and creative designs from Florence, Italy
  • The representative sneaker "Huzu" is designed based on the unique shape and sound of Japanese hiragana seen from the eye of foreigners
  • Only select the fine part from the cow leather to avoid wrinkled side and belly parts
  • Handcrafted one pair at a time
11 image
The Woolmark Company
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No.: 1B-B01
Zone: Fabrics & Yarn

Wool Denim

  • Warmth: With wool inside the fabrics, even the weather is cold outside, the skin feels warmer and drier than regular denim pants
  • Odour resistant: Wool fabrics are naturally odour resistant
  • Moisture management: Wool denim feels more comfortable than 100% cotton. It is because cotton soaks the moisture from the air or rain. Wool fibre repels water and able the maintains a drier sensation on the skin
  • Machine washable: Specially treated wool is used to ensure you can wash and dry your jeans as normal
12 image
Hyperbola Textile Co., Ltd.
Country/Region: Taiwan
Booth No.: 1C-D02
Zone: Fashionable Sportswear
  • Made in high tech 3 layer fabric for maximum ruggedness and is ideal for extreme and extended use
  • Tough, extremely breathable, and provide waterproof and windproof protection to outdoor professionals and enthusiasts
  • Uses special waterproof seam tapes to prevent the garment from leaking through the seams
  • Modern style ends with high performance
13 image
HopIN Digitech Company Ltd.
Country/Region: Taiwan
Booth No.: 1B-E34
Zone: Fashion Tech
  • The one and only digital interactive catalog app is the perfect showcase for branding.
  • It allows customers to try on clothes in their own avatars and brings a whole new innovative user experience.
  • The app attracts customers to the official website or store to make purchase, it drives the sales.
  • Without any tech staff, you’ll be able to have an instant mobile app to release.