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American Consulate General Hong Kong

Hong Kong          1A-G31


The U.S. Commercial Service is the U.S. government’s international trade promotion agency. The U.S. Commercial Service in Hong Kong is responsible for U.S. export promotion activities in Hong Kong and Macau. We also work in collaboration with our China offices to promote U.S. exports to China, using Hong Kong as a springboard. More





BaiSha · Old Chongqing Film Base

Chinese Mainland          1A-C18


BaiSha·Old Chongqing Film Base, consisting of 4 thematic shooting areas involving the old Chongqing Minguo street, anti-Japanese cultural relics and natural landscapes, has developed into a renowned movie city in the southwest of China. More




Business Finland

Finland          A-G32


Business Finland is administrating production incentive for the audiovisual industry. Production incentive is 25% cash rebate for production costs in Finland. Production incentive aims to attract international productions to Finland and to promote the development, growth and internationalization of Finnish companies' expertise. More




Film Development Council of the Philippines

Philippines          1A-D24


The Film Development Council of the Philippines is the lead government agency, mandated by law to promote the growth and development of the Philippine Film industry. More








Fukuoka Film Commission

Japan          1D-D40


Our services:

- Location Introduction/We introduce locations suitable to your own images
- Arrangement for Permission for Filming Use
- Introduction of Filming Related Agencies/We introduce agencies with crew, cast, equipment, rental vehicles, lunchbox delivery, accommodations and other necessary arrangements.
- Contact and coordination with other cities More




Kitakyushu Film Commission

Japan          1D-D40


The City of Kitakyushu is located in the northeastern part of Kyushu in Japan and has a population of 1 million. The city is blessed with an abundance of nature and a long coastline. The City of Kitakyushu has long prospered as a castle town, an international trading port, and an industrial city. Many historic spots and traditional Japanese streets still remain. In Mojiko Retro District historic buildings stand side by side, and together with a view of the Kanmon Strait create a nostalgic, romantic atmosphere. More





OCVB Okinawa Film Office

Japan          1D-D46


Our aim is to support and promote films created in Okinawa. We have attracted filmmakers and crew for various media through our efforts in offering filming locations befitting the story-lines, helping to get permits and cooperating to hold screening events. We have provided support and information regarding filming in Okinawa at no cost. More



Production Service Network

Spain          1A-G34


Production Service Network is a one-stop shop of worldwide shoot support - at no added cost. We tap producers into a global resource of local knowledge to research not only film incentives but also locations, logistics, climate, casting, technicians, labour laws, work visas, customs, equipment, construction, installations, and all else associated with film production. More



Sapporo Film Commission

Japan 1D-D32


Sapporo Film Commission (SFC) is the official film commission of Sapporo City, Hokkaido, Japan. SFC develops partnerships with countries worldwide for on-location filming support, international co-production and content distribution. More






Seoul Film Commission

Korea          1D-C31


Seoul is not only Korea's chief administrative, economic, educational and cultural center, but also the hub of Korea's film industry; an industry that ranked 7th in the world in terms of gross box office sales, 5th in terms of admissions, and 5th in terms of feature film productions from 2012 to 2016. More







Shimonoseki Film Commission

Japan          1D-D40


Shimonoseki, boasting attractive scenery along the Kanmon Strait, has witnessed so many important events in Japan's history that it forms an integral part of its culture. The city has places of natural beauty and historical interest typical of a castle town, such as ancient samurai residences and clay walls. Please feel free to contact us if you think about Shimonoseki as your potential location. More




Taipei Film Commission

Taiwan          1A-F28


Taipei Film Commission was established in the end of 2007 to provide assistance for film production in Taipei city. As a semi-governmental organization with the Commissioner of the city's Department of Cultural Affairs as chairman and industry professionals as commissioners, TFC is resourceful and flexible at the same time. Be it about location scouting, tax credit, traffic control or advertisement broadcasting, TFC is committed to do its best to make your movie-making project in Taipei as rewarding and successful as possible. More






Xiangshan film and Television City Development Co. Ltd

Chinese Mainland          1D-C32


Since 2004, the county party committee and government of Xiangshan has invested 662 million yuan to build lots of hotels and supporting facilities. For example the city of legend of Condor Hero, the city of the spring and autumn and Warring States period, the city of t Minguo period, the park of Journey to the West paradise, Economy hotels, the VIP building and so on. The total area of the city is about 2157 mu. More



Zhejiang Dongyang Film and Television City Managing Service Co Ltd

Chinese Mainland          1C-F40


Hengdian World Studios as the world largest film & TV shooting base is invested by Hengdian group. Now, more than ten film shooting bases like Guangzhou Street& Hongkong Street, Ming and Qing Palatial Garden, Qin Palace, Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival, the Republic of China Street, the Spring and Autumn Garden and the Tang Palace, etc as well as thirty grade-A(film-class) and grade-B (TV-class) studios spanning thousands of years have been built here More