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Exhibitors' & Buyers' Quotes


abcEmpowered with decades of experience and expertise in organising trade exhibitions, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is reputed internationally for its outstanding performance.

Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.

The HKTDC sincerely invites you to join this exhibition, to explore the way to success.


Exhibitors' Quotes     Buyers' Quotes


Hear What Exhibitors Say



1. “Hubei Province exports a large amount of agri-products and diversified foodstuffs every year. We continue to grow our export sales and HKTDC Food Expo serves as an excellent platform for us to reach out to international customers. We are staging our biggest-ever exhibition at the Expo this year featuring over 100 enterprises from Hubei in our pavilion. The exhibits are highly diversified ranging from tea to dried food, fruits and agri-products. The response has been terrific as many buyers approached our enterprises to do business. One of our exhibitors already concluded a deal for the supply of tea products with a Hong Kong company in the first day of exhibition. The Expo is really an international trading platform where we can promote our products and help our enterprises grow continuously.”
Huang Wenhua, Head of Foreign Trade Department, Commerce Bureau of Hubei Province, the Chinese mainland

2. “This is the first time we’ve organised a Latin American pavilion at the HKTDC Food Expo. The Consulate General of Colombia and the Consulate General of Peru have worked together to introduce food products from Latin America to Hong Kong and Asia. We are taking this opportunity to promote a variety of products from fresh and dried foodstuffs from Colombia and Peru in particular. Highlights include organic quinoa from Peru and coffee from Colombia. The Expo has attracted a large number of visitors, gathering distributors, chefs and consumers all in one place to explore opportunities. We’ve met different buyers from the Chinese mainland, Korea, Singapore and Japan on the first day of exhibition. They expressed keen interest in our products and we will negotiate further for cooperation. The Expo is the best place to promote our exotic products to Hong Kong and the region”
Diana Catalina Dávila Suárez, Consul, Consulate General of Colombia, Latin America

3. “JETRO is raising our profile further at HKTDC Food Expo this year by staging our biggest-ever exhibition here. We’ve brought together a total of 251 enterprises and entities from Japan to promote a great assortment of natural food, processed foodstuffs, agri-products and other items. There are a lot to see and choose from our exhibitors while among the highlights are Wagyu beef and seafood offerings. Hong Kong is the biggest importer of food products from Japan. Our companies are eager to expand sales to Hong Kong through the Expo. We also take advantage of this trading platform to grow our business in the Chinese mainland and Asia. Hong Kong is a convenient and efficient place to trade and do business while the Expo effectively draws buyers every year. We’ve seen a good traffic of visitors again. HKTDC continues to provide extensive support to facilitate our presence. Our participating companies are generally pleased with the exhibition results.”
Yasuhiro Ishida, Director, Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Food Business Promotion Division, Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Food Department, JETRO, Japan

4. “In business for 15 years, Asoka specialises in the R&D and production of health products in Taiwan. Besides our best-selling Royal Jelly enzyme liquid and powder, we strive to provide more health enhancement products. We have taken advantage of HKTDC Food Expo to launch our new probiotic and enzyme product series designated to enhance health and wellness. This is our second-year participation in the fair and the results are better than last year. The new Chinese Medicine Zone arrangement has worked out well for us as we’ve met quite a number of serious buyers who expressed keen interest in our products. We are now in talks with four Hong Kong companies specialising in health products for potential cooperation. Some Chinese mainland buyers have also approached us to explore opportunities. The layout of the fairground has been nicely set to facilitate fruitful business negotiation. We are pleased with the exhibition responses this year. We will continue to participate in the fair to raise our presence.”
Terence Li, Coordinator, Asoka (Hong Kong) Company, Hong Kong

5. “Prsut Vostane specialises in the production of Dalmatian prosciutto, a cured pork product made in a traditional and natural process in Croatia. Fresh pork ham is salted with sea salt, smoked and matured for up to 18 months to produce premium prosciutto. This is our debut presence at HKTDC Food Expo. We are taking this valuable opportunity to introduce Dalmatian prosciutto for the first time to Hong Kong and Asian customers. We’ve received exceptional responses. A large number of buyers approached us and they’ve shown strong interest in our product. We are now in talks with some buyers and distributors from Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and Japan for possible cooperation. At present, our prosciutto products are mainly sold in Croatia and neighbouring countries in Europe. The exhibition in Hong Kong marks a good start for our expansion into the Asian region. This is really an excellent place to explore new business opportunities and develop new markets.”
Ana Babić, Marketing Manager, Prsut Vostane d.o.o., Croatia

6. “IC CORE is a producer of unique crispy fish snack made from the skin of cod fish in Iceland. We are participating in HKTDC Food Expo for the first time to launch this new snack series to international customers. The feedback has been very strong. We’ve got in touch with a lot of potential customers. They include 40 buyers from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland and about 30 buyers from other places such as Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Korea, Vietnam and Australia. A Malaysia buyer is especially keen to purchase and we expect to secure an initial order for a 20-foot container of our fish snack soon The Expo has been professionally run and we’ve established a long list of business contacts. The quality of buyers is exceptional, thus ensuring a smooth progress in business development. This is a good show and we’re satisfied with the results.”
Rostyslav Tkachuk, Chairman of the Board, IC CORE, Iceland

7. “In operation since 2000, we are committed to fostering and developing the agri-biotechnology food industry in Jeollabuk-do in the southern part of Korea. We arecurrently working with more than 3,000 agri-food businesses or entities to promote their products. We are presenting a wide range of instant and tasty health food offerings in the Korean pavilion at HKTDC Food Expo such as sweet potato snack, instant congee, pork rinds, grapefruit tea and berry juice & vinegar. We’ve attracted a lot of interest from buyers, especially those from Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and Singapore. Talks are underway with a Hong Kong company for a US$500,000 grapefruit tea contract. A Singaporean buyer is negotiating for the distribution of berry juice & vinegar. Some exhibitors also expressed interest in our products for possible cooperation. The exhibition results are quite encouraging. This is a good place to find buyers and explore new business development.”
Sung Moo Hong, Junior Researcher, Business Innovation Team, Jeonbuk Institute for Food-Bioindustry, Korea

8. “The Wielkopolska Region in the western central part of Poland is a major food production centre providing a comprehensive range of natural food at reasonable prices. This is our first-time presence at HKTDC Food Expo. We’ve brought together six food companies from Wielkopolska to showcase our good quality items ranging from vegetables to cookies, sweets and candies. The Expo offers a strategic gateway to penetrate Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and Asian markets. We’ve drawn strong interest from a large number of serious buyers including retailers, agencies, importers and exporters. Many of them have asked for details of product pricing as well as shipping and payment conditions. We are positive about building business relationships with them. Asia presents extensive business development opportunities and we will continue to grow our presence through exhibitions. The Expo is definitely a good platform to meet new buyers and learn about the preferences of Asian buyers.”
Jakub Jackowski, Deputy Director, Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region in Poznan, Poland

9. “We operate two large-scaled organic farms in Fujian Province and provide a good range of organic vegetables. Some of our vegetables are on sale in Hong Kong’s major supermarkets. We also produce a selection of dry vegetables like pumpkin, okra and mushroom as well as vegetable powder for various applications. This is our first-ever participation in HKTDC Food Expo to promote our brand and reach out to international customers. The response has been positive. A buyer from the Netherlands intends to buy our organic vegetables. A Hong Kong company expressed interest in our vegetable powder and dry items. We’ve also established contacts with buyers from other places such as USA, Malaysia and Australia to explore possible cooperation. The Expo is a good platform to grow business.”
Regan Huang, Assistant to General Manager, Fujian Shenjia Organic Agriculture Technology Development Co., Ltd., The Chinese mainland


Hear What Buyers Say



1. “Sims Trading is a leading food supplier in both Hong Kong and Macau. We represent an extensive list of branded products imported worldwide covering more than 100 brands mainly from Europe, USA and Australia. We have participated in HKTDC Food Expo as a reverse exhibitor for several years and the efforts proved to be rewarding. The business matching service has helped introduce some exhibitors with good potential for business development. So far, we’ve identified three potential suppliers including an exhibitor from the Philippines for coconut compound, a Polish company for pasta and a Korean exhibitor for sweet potato snack. Being a reverse exhibitor, we can conduct face-to-face exchanges with exhibitors and suppliers effectively. We really value this platform to explore more new products and keep us abreast of the latest market trends.”
Jill Ma (right), Assistant General Manager, Business Development, Sims Trading Company Limited, Hong Kong

2. “This is our third-year participation in HKTDC Food Expo as a reverse exhibitor to explore more sourcing opportunities. We put strong emphasis on the value of green features, health and wellness as well as fine food and wines in the process of our sourcing today. Thanks to the business matching service, we’ve met with a number of exhibitors and suppliers from different places including Japan, Korea, Poland and Croatia. Many of them are offering some interesting products with good potential that matches our sourcing needs. I believe that there is a good potential of doing business with about 80% of the suppliers. The results are even better than last year. The presence as a reverse exhibitor here has generated new business opportunities. We hope to participate in the fair again.”
Stanley Ho, Manager, Dry Food, City Super Limited, Hong Kong

3. “This is our first visit to HKTDC Food Expo to find new products, particularly snacks, confectionery items and beverages. We are looking for exclusive distributorships for new brands or international brands to expand our presence. The Expo is a well-organised event offering some good quality products that appeal to customers. So far, I’ve found three Korean brands involving chocolate bars, Korean rice cake and instant health food powder. Other interesting products include peanut snacks from an Indonesia supplier, biscuits from a Polish exhibitor and beverages from a Korean company. We are positive about the prospect of new business development.”
Christine Chen, Assistant Business Development Manager, DKSH Taiwan Ltd, Taiwan

4. “Tajir is a leading supplier of imported food products and ingredients in India. Today, we source from different places around the world including USA, Europe, Indonesia, Australia and Turkey. We represent brands and aim to build long-term business relationships with suppliers. HKTDC Food Expo provides a good selection of offerings. I have got in touch with a USA exhibitor for the supply of chili sauce and an order worth about US$40,000 is under discussion. A Malaysian exhibitor’s coconut water and an Iranian exhibitor’s dry food are also interesting items. We look forward to visiting the fair again to meet more international suppliers.”
Aliasger Yusuf, Director, Tajir Pvt Ltd, India

5. “LSH is a leading food supplier in Cambodia providing a wide range of imported and branded products from beef to frozen seafood, snacks, beverages and dairy items. We source products from 18 countries worldwide and purchase at least one container of goods a week. This is my first visit to HKTDC Food Expo to extend our range of products. I have found some attractive items including frozen seafood, snacks and nuts from two Japanese exhibitors. I am also in talks with an Australian supplier for organic grapes and two Polish exhibitors for biscuits and confectionery items. Initial orders are expected to be up to US$10,000 with each supplier. This trip has generated new business opportunities and I am happy with what I’ve got here.”
Ng Chor Yee, Managing Director, LSH (Cambodia) Pte., Ltd., Cambodia

6. “I have been working in the food business for 20 years. Five years ago, I founded my own company Kenryu importing primarily Japanese food and seasoning items for sale in Singapore. We also re-export food products to Indonesia, Malaysia and other neighbouring countries. I am visiting HKTDC Food Expo for the second year to source health food items. The show has a lot on offer. I’ve found some dry health food from a Polish exhibitor, honey from a New Zealand supplier and Japanese health food from a Hong Kong company. A Korean exhibitor’s seaweed is also a product with good potential. The mix of exhibits is even better than last year. I anticipate visiting the fair again and finding more health food products.”
Takano Shinsaku, Director, Kenryu Impex Pte Ltd, Singapore

7. “In business for 25 years, we strive to provide the best possible food-related products to consumers in the Philippines. We are providing a rich variety of instant noodles and foodstuffs, especially those from Korean brands. At present, we supply various items to 3,500 sales outlets including supermarkets and convenience stores across the Philippines. We are now expanding to cover more Japanese and international products. HKTDC Food Expo is definitely one of the best fairs in the market for sourcing of interesting food products. It really helps enhancing our sourcing opportunities. On the first day of exhibition, we’ve already identified two Japanese exhibitors for the supply of instant noodles and Japanese rice cake. Further talks will be conducted with them to conclude cooperation. If things work out successfully, initial orders will usually be around US$30,000 to US$40,000 each.”
Soojin Lee, Director, NexTrade Philippines, Inc., The Philippines

8. “We provide tailor-made services from sourcing and market analysis to distribution and after-sales services covering a diversified range of products such as food, consumer goods, health products and equipment. Our parent group is based in Switzerland. In Thailand, consumers are getting increasingly interested in health and natural products. Sugar reduction is also a hot topic. This is my first visit to HKTDC Food Expo to explore new market trends and find new suppliers. The business matching meetings arranged by the organiser generated some results. Two exhibitors we encountered at the meetings offer some appealing items including juice concentrate from a USA exhibitor and coffee and chocolate compound from an Indonesian exhibitor. I’ve also found a Korean exhibitor’s red cabbage juice interesting. There is still a lot of work to do in order to conclude cooperation. For new product development, it will take at least one year to strike deals. This is a big fair. I will meet more exhibitors in the next few days to build relationships.”
Songsin Sungkhawaetai, Assistant General Manager, DKSH (Thailand) Limited, Thailand