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abcEmpowered with decades of experience and expertise in organising trade exhibitions, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is reputed internationally for its outstanding performance.

Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.

The HKTDC sincerely invites you to join this exhibition, to explore the way to success.


Exhibitors' Quotes     Buyers' Quotes


Hear What Exhibitors Say



1. “HKTDC Food Expo is always the most important trade platform for Japanese food companies every year. This year, Japanese exhibitors are showcasing a wide range of natural food, processed foodstuffs, agri-products and much more. As partner country this year, we are pleased that we have attracted a lot of interest from different buyers from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland, the responses look really encouraging. Hong Kong continues to be the biggest market for Japanese food products and serves as a gateway to penetrate other markets in Southeast Asia. The Expo is definitely the gathering place for Japanese companies to grow business internationally.”
Takuro Wanami, Director, Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Food Business Promotion Division, Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Food Department, JETRO, Japan

2. “This is the first time we’ve organised a Shandong pavilion at the HKTDC Food Expo to expand the presence of Shandong brands in the international market. The Department of Commerce of Shandong Province has brought food enterprises including 21 long-established brands to promote a comprehensive range of products here. Some 500 food-related categories are being showcased. Shandong has a number of famous brands such as Tsingtao Beer and Hongjitang while our ejiao is always a top pick for buyers. The exhibition response has been excellent as we have met with many potential wholesalers and retailers. The Expo offers a solid platform for us to raise the profile of Shandong brands. We hope to enlarge the scale of our exhibition next year .”
Wang Hongping, Deputy Director, Department of Commerce of Shandong Province, Chinese mainland

3. “This is our second-year participation in the HKTDC Food Expo to promote Korean food products to customers worldwide. We have brought together a total of 74 companies this year, a big increase in numbers compared to over 50 companies last year. The results of last year’s exhibition were excellent as many companies successfully concluded business with buyers. That’s why we have got more Korean food companies joining the excitement this time. We offer Korean beef, Gan Jang sauce, baby food and snacks as well as organic and health food items. A number of buyers from Hong Kong and Southeast Asia are visiting our booths. The feedback has been positive again and the Korean pavilion probably will include more than 100 companies next year. ”
Songchol Kim Charles, Manager, Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation, Korea

4. “The Republic of Kazakhstan is making our debut pavilion with 5 companies at the HKTDC Food Expo this year, promoting vegetable oil, dried milk, honey, ice-cream and meat products, etc.. At present, our food products are mainly exported to Russia and Central Asia. The Expo offers a valuable opportunity for our food companies to expand sales to more international markets. We have acquired a lot of business contacts at the Expo including buyers from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Poland.”
Chuzhegulov Anuar, Director, Department for Development and Promotion of Export, Ministry for Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan

5. “We are organising the Czech Republic pavilion at the HKTDC Food Expo for the first time. A total of 10 companies have come here to showcase different food items such as beer, wine, spirits, non-alcoholic beverages, sweets, cakes and meat products. Our food products are mainly exported to Germany and other EU countries. Hong Kong is the business hub in Asia and the Expo provides a good platform for our companies to meet new customers and expand business in this part of the world. We’ve met with customers from different places and our companies are happy with the results. We will definitely continue to exhibit here.”
Vladimír Randáček, Agriculture Counsellor, Embassy of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic

6. “In business for 25 years, Parag is the largest privately-run producer of cheese and milk products in India. We provide a wide range of products and they are exported to 35 countries worldwide. This is our debut participation in the HKTDC Food Expo to reach out to more customers in Asia. We have met some potential customers from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland on the first day and they expressed interest in distributing our cheese and milk products. We are expecting orders of at least one container of goods each upon successful negotiation.”
Sanjeev K Jain, Head of Export, Parag Milk Foods Limited, India

7. “This is the first time COMCE has organised a Mexican pavilion at the HKTDC Food Expo to raise our presence. We have brought together 13 food companies from the states of Morelos, Jalisco and Colima here with a variety of super foods and natural products such as Mexican chia, avocados, traditional Mexican spirits and chilli sauces being showcased. Our companies have received enquiries from buyers from Hong Kong and the Asian region. The Expo really stands out as an excellent trading platform to meet buyers and do business. We are confident the exhibition will be a big success as a whole.”
Stephane Michel, Vice-Chairmen, Mexico-ASEAN Bilateral Business Committee, Mexican Business Council for Foreign Trade, Investment and Technology (COMCE), Mexico

8. “OSMEP is a government agency chaired by the Prime Minister of Thailand with commitment to supporting the development of SMEs. We work vigorously to help SMEs to grow their business locally and internationally. This is the first time we have organised a pavilion with 20 companies at the HKTDC Food Expo, showcasing a variety of processed food items such as crocodile meat and instant coffee with durian flavour. The Expo offers the perfect platform for Thai food companies to meet buyers from all over the world. We are pleased with the exhibition results. We hope to come again with more companies next time.”
Akkarabhong Srisupandit, Deputy Director General, Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP), Thailand

9. “HKTDC Food Expo offers an excellent platform for Hubei Province to promote our diversified agri-products and foodstuffs. We have brought together a total of nearly 60 enterprises to showcase a wide range of food items from canned food to honey, tea, poultry eggs and aquatic products in the Hubei pavilion. Our enterprises have achieved positive results again. Three deals have been successfully concluded with three Hong Kong customers for the supply of poultry eggs, involving a total value of HK$200 million. Our enterprises are very pleased to take advantage of the Expo to reach out to more buyers and strengthen exchanges with customers worldwide. We will continue to exhibit here and showcase more good quality food products.”
Huang Wenhua, Division Director, Division of Foreign Trade, The Department of Commerce of Hubei Province, Chinese mainland

10. “Taipei Trade Centre strives to promote Taiwanese fine food and snacks to buyers and customers in Hong Kong and worldwide through HKTDC Food Expo. Food companies from different parts of Taiwan are participating in the fair this year. They are showcasing a wide range of interesting food items at Hall 1 and Hall 3 of the fairground. Five Taiwanese companies have joined together with their Hong Kong wholesalers and distributors at the public hall to promote various products. The feedback from buyers are very good. Sales revenues have increased by 10% from last year. The Expo is an international platform to grow business. ”
Stephen L.C. Wu, Managing Director, Taipei Trade Centre Hong Kong, Hong Kong

11. “Founded in 1970, Sugarlady provides a great variety of products from frozen food to processed food, kitchenware and tableware. We put strong emphasis on food safety and do not use chemicals or additives in food products. This is our second-year exhibition at the HKTDC Food Expo with the focus on promoting our SPF pork, premium chicken and beef products. The Expo offers us a good platform to penetrate the Hong Kong market, the first overseas presence for our business. Besides, we also met customers from USA and the Chinese mainland. The response has been better than expected. We are positive about developing business with the new contacts.”
Takashi Tobari, General Manager, Merchandise Division, Sugarlady Co., Ltd., Japan

12. “In business for 50 years, Kanzuri specialises in the production of spicy chilli paste in Niigata prefecture along the northwestern coast of Japan. The paste is made in a traditional way by exposing the red chilli harvested in the snow during the cold winter to boost the sweetness. It is then mixed with rice malt, yuzu and salt for fermentation. This is our second-year participation in the HKTDC Food Expo to grow sales presence in Hong Kong and Asia. We have already got in touch with some potential customers from Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines. The Expo offers a good meeting place to find buyers and expand our presence.”
Akihito Tojo, President, Kanzuri Co., Ltd., Japan

13. “Triway is making our first-ever presence at the HKTDC Food Expo to promote unique food items from Japan. Special highlights include sake from Niigata prefecture and sausages from Nagoya. In a ground-breaking move, our sake is stored in red wine and white wine bottles instead of conventional Japanese sake bottles. We are introducing a new concept for the food pairing with sake. Sausages can go very well with fine sake. Our free tasting sessions of sake and sausages have attracted a lot of interest. Other exhibits are dried fruits and carving compotes. Among the buyers we met are supermarket chains and restaurants in Hong Kong. Some customers from Spain, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan and the Chinese mainland have also expressed interest in our products. The Expo is an excellent platform to promote our products and develop business.”
Naoto Kimura (left), President, and Wong Chi Wai, General Manager of Overseas Market, Triway Co., Ltd., Japan

14. “PT. Motasa is the largest pepper producer in Southeast Asia. We make 100% pure white pepper and black pepper with the latest technology and advanced facilities at a 20,000 square metre factory in Indonesia. We had exhibited at the public hall in the HKTDC Food Expo for four years to sell our peppers to Hong Kong consumers. This year, we are showcasing our peppers at Hall 5 of the Expo to build business with trade buyers. We’ve met with buyers from Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and Canada for distributing our peppers in their markets. We will definitely participate in the Expo again next year to gain more exposure.”
Tanto J. Lautan (left), Sales & Marketing Director, and Jackson Lee, Export Manager, PT. Motasa Indonesia, Indonesia

15. “Together with Tainan Culture and Tourism Industries Association, we are participating in the HKTDC Food Expo for the first time to promote fine food and snacks from Tainan. Six companies from Tainan have joined us to present their top-selling items such as meat balls, milkfish balls, Taiwanese milk tea and egg-related products. Many people visiting our booths and our companies have also got hold with some serious buyers to explore cooperation in sales and distribution. We are confident that we will achieve good results. The Expo really provides a good stage to showcase our products and raise the profile of Tainan’s fine food and snacks. We will participate in the fair again to grow our presence.”
Wang Chien-Min, Executive Director, Tainan Industrial Development and Investment Promotion Committee, Taiwan

16. “Agencja Rynku Rolnego is a government agency committed to promoting the agricultural and food industry’s development in Poland. This is our fifth-year participating in the HKTDC Food Expo. This year, a total of 12 companies have joined together at the Poland pavilion to showcase various products ranging from milk and milk powder to meat, fruit juices, cereals and coffee. We have met with buyers from different places such as Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. The Expo is a good platform for Polish food companies to grow their presence worldwide.”
Magdalena Kaszewska-Suchocka, Main Specialist, Agencja Rynku Rolnego, Poland

17. “Jiangyin Tianjiang is a leading producer traditional Chinese medicine formula particles in the Chinese mainland. We are participating in the HKTDC Food Expo for the first time to promote our brand and gain more market exposure. Special highlights for the exhibition include our intelligent control dispensary of traditional Chinese medicines, an interactive ‘Pin Point Go’ device and a cloud-based TCM solution to streamline operational efficiency. A number of Chinese medicine practitioners in Hong Kong have approached us to source products and explore business cooperation. We are very positive about developing business relationships with the new contacts. This is a very successful exhibition.”
Kitty Ko, Jiangyin Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Chinese mainland

18. “Total Health specialises in the manufacturing of nutrition supplements and health foods in USA. We have been providing a wide range of items for health benefits for more than 20 years. Besides health food items, our products include vitamin tea, alkaline mineral water, nuts covered with chocolate and yogurt as well as meal replacement and nutrition supplements. We are exhibiting at the Food Expo for the first time to find customers looking for quality health and nutrition products. Some buyers from Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and the Philippines have expressed serious interest in our products. This is a very good show and we look forward to expanding our presence through the platform.”
David Lu, Vice President, Total Health Nutritional Foods, Inc, USA

19. “Banday Impex specialises in the production of spices, spice mixes and saffron in India. Our factory employs over 500 workers. At presence, our major markets are India, the Middle East, South Africa and Malaysia. We are eager to expand our business presence and that’s why we are participating in HKTDC Food Expo for the first time to find new customers. The response has been very good. We have met with many buyers on the first day of exhibition including customers from Japan, Korea, Thailand and Egypt. We expect to conclude business with more than 12 new customers through the exhibition. The Expo has been nicely organised, enabling fruitful interaction with industry players from different countries. This is a great experience. We will definitely participate in the fair again.”
Asima Rasool (left), Quality Manager; Seyyid Aabid Hussain, Associate to COO; Nighat Ara, Quality Analyst, Banday Impex Pvt. Ltd., India


Hear What Buyers Say



1. Established in 1994, Central Food Retail Company is a member of the Central Group in Thailand. The parent group has a diversified business portfolio covering hotels, restaurants, fashion, department stores, convenient stores, supermarkets, household appliances, home equipment and building materials. This is my first visit to HKTDC Food Expo. I am sourcing food products for the food retail operation that involves 291 stores under various brands such as Tops, Central Food Hall and Superkoom. So far, I have found three new suppliers at the fair. They include two suppliers from Japan for organic sugar, syrup and tea mixture, and a Polish supplier for honey, jam and mineral water. I am still looking around for more new suppliers here and I expect to identify at least 10 new products at the Expo. This is a good fair with a lot of interesting offerings.”
Sipapat Thongrugiroj, Category Manager, Direct Import – Grocery, Central Food Retail Company Ltd, Thailand

2. “In business for about 30 years, GS Retail is one of the two biggest convenient store operators in Korea. We are running a chain of about 12,000 stores under the brand of GS25 across the country. This is my first-time visit to the HKTDC Food Expo to source new products. The focus is on beer, wine and beverages items. I am now negotiating business with three new suppliers I found here, involving a Czech exhibitor for canned beer, a New Zealand exhibitor for craft beer and a Bulgarian exhibitor for mineral water. The potential orders will be at least 50,000 boxes (24 bottles a box) with each supplier. The order for mineral water is expected to be even bigger. The Expo is really a sourcing good place. I will visit the fair again and spend even more time to explore opportunities here. ”
Gujong Han, Manager of Food Merchandising Team, GS Retail, Co., Ltd., Korea

3. “Gourmand is one of the biggest suppliers of sweets, chocolates, snacks and biscuits in Brazil. We have been in business for 27 years, offering over 50 categories with more than 500 different items for customers. This is our first-time visit to the HKTDC Food Expo to explore new sourcing opportunities. The organiser’s business matching service has helped me identify potential suppliers effectively. I have already found three new suppliers from Czech Republic, Poland and Thailand for a variety of chocolates, snacks and dried fruits. The Expo offers some promising products and will be a new sourcing channel for us.”
Patricia Bratt, Marketing Director, Gourmand, Brazil

4. “NaturePureKorea is a leading importer and manufacturer of health supplements and products in Korea. In business for 17 years, we are selling products to about 8,000 pharmacies across Korea as well as customers in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. This is my third-year visit to the HKTDC Food Expo to source new items. Again, I have found some interesting offers. Talks are now underway with two Mexican exhibitors for chia seeds and a Shandong-based exhibitor from the Chinese mainland for dried fruits like apples, mangoes and blueberries. The orders are expected to involve a container of different items each.”
Kim Sang-jun, CEO, NaturePureKorea Inc., Korea

5. “In business for about 190 years, Takashimaya is a leading department store operator in Japan. We are running 18 stores across Japan plus overseas stores in Singapore, Vietnam and the Chinese mainland. A new store is expected to come into operation in Bangkok next year. This is my first visit to the HKTDC Food Expo to source new products for our 15,000 square metre department store in Shanghai. I have found several new suppliers from Japan for some non-allergic food items as well as meat and chicken salads in vacuum packs. Other interesting products include frozen pasta and frozen curry. Initial orders are likely to involve about 100 pieces per item. This is a fascinating fair with many suppliers and a lot of quality food offerings.”
Daisuke Suzuki, Manager, Corporate Planning Headquarters, Asian Operations Department, Takashimaya Co., Ltd., Japan

6. “Lotte International is the trading operation of Lotte Group in Korea. We are pleased to participate in the HKTDC Food Expo as a reverse exhibitor this year. The business matching meetings have generated positive results. I have found a Polish supplier for canned food products through the meetings and the potential order will amount to US$100,000. We are also in touch with a Thai exhibitor for bird’s nest products and a Japanese exhibitor for instant teppanyaki food. Other interesting items include frozen food and canned abalone products provided by several Chinese mainland suppliers and coconut water offered by a Thai exhibitor. The Expo is offers great sourcing opportunities.”
Choi Se Jin, Assistant Manager of Global Sourcing Team, Lotte International Co., Ltd., Korea

7. “G.I.F.T. is a distributor of premium brands for food and tea products in Hungary for more than 20 years. This is my first visit to both the Food Expo and the Hong Kong International Tea Fair. I am particularly looking for health food which is gluten free, and tea pots and cups. At the Food Expo, I have found three potential suppliers of health food from Poland, Thailand and the US, and I hope that our company can become their distributors. At the Tea Fair, I am particularly interested in iron tea pots from a Japanese supplier, but they are too expensive. I like both the Food Expo and Tea Fair because they are well-organised shows which offer many choices and good customer service.”
Geröocs Arpád, Sales Manager (Food Service), G.I.F.T., Hungary

8. “It’s a great experience to participate in the HKTDC Food Expo as a reverse exhibitor to find suitable suppliers. With the business matching service, we are able to get in touch with a select group of exhibitors that offers appealing food products. So far, I have already found two new suppliers from Korea for different fruits such as mandarin, pear, apple, grapes and citrus. I have also identified a Mexican exhibitor for conventional fruits. The dried longan offered by a Thai exhibitor also looks interesting. We really enjoy being a reserve exhibitor here. Everything has been made so easy and efficient, allowing us to meet specific suppliers and do business effectively.”
William Chong, Assistant Manager, Fresh Food, City Super Ltd, Hong Kong