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Gourmet Zone
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Wine Spirit Limited
Asian Cuisine
Booth No. : 3B-A11
Website: www.winespirit.com.hk


Juyondai  Honmaru sake

  • Honmaru is Juyondai's Honjozo level sake. Crisp, fresh and fruity on the nose with subtle melon sweetness and a dry finish. The balancing taste makes this sake as a remarkable wine.
  • Juyondai is a legendary producer that earns global acclaim with its venerable range of rare sakes.
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Lab Made Limited
Sweet Delight
Booth No. : 3B-E08
Website: www.labmade.com.hk/home.aspx


Dry Iced Tea

  • Special cold drinks for summer with fresh Kyoho grape or peach flavor.
  • It becomes much cooler by addition of dry ice, which is the best way to quench summer heat.
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Headtable Company Limited
Western Delicacy
Booth No. : 3B-D02
Website: www.headtable.com.hk


Korean Beef “Sangwoo”

  • Korean Beef is regarded as a premium beef because of its high palatability and desired chewiness.
  • Koreans consider Han-u beef as a cultural icon and one of the top-quality beefs of the world.
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Bon Bon Paradise
Western Delicacy
Booth No. : 3B-C02
Website: www.bbphk.com


Puremiel Honey

  • Puremiel nature-infused flavors, including Lavender, Orange Blossom and Eucalyptus
  • Collected from the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Forest in Andalucia, a nature reserve, which was declared a biosphere reserve in 1977
  • Won the US Sofi Award - the “Oscar” of the Specialty Food Trade - in 2011
  • Produced from organic methods, with no artificial additives or pasteurization and is monitored closely by the Spanish organic farmers’ body CAAE, itself part of the EOCC (European Organic Certifiers Council)
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Great (HK) Investment Company Limited
Western Delicacy
Booth No. : 3B-D16
Website: www.kavich.com.hk


Spain caviar d ’escargots

  • The quality escargots come from farms in Malaga, Spain, which are homes to the best escargot caviar in the world. The farms apply the same techniques used in producing sturgeon caviar to give the best escargot caviar experience.
  • Escargot eggs come with low cholesterol value and high level of protein, vitamin A, C, B3 and B12 and, which works perfectly as a natural antioxidant for the body.
  • Michelin 3 stars chef Martín Berasategui and 2 stars chef Ángel León have used this snail caviar.
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Green Leaf Food and Beverage Limited
Western Delicacy
Booth No. : 3B-C05
Website: www.green-leaf.com.hk


“Zhang Men” craft beer

  • Zhang Men is a craft beer brand from Taiwan, which integrated European and American style with elements of Taiwan.
  • No disinfection, no filter and no artificial flavor craft beer are brewed with high quality.
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Pure and Simple Corporation
Sweet Delight
Booth No. : 3B-E06
Website: www.puresimplestudio.com


Longan cake with pine nuts

  • Longan cakes with pine nuts are made from traditionally-made malt sugar, roasted dried Longan pulps, fermented Longan fillings, and pine nuts.
  • The fresh Longan picked from Dongshan Township in Tainan are first roasted on the stove with Longan wood, with continuously stirred by hands for 72 hours. After that, the dried longan pulps are peeled by hands to preserve the natural sweetness.
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vomFASS Hong Kong
Western Delicacy
Booth No. : 3B-D15
Website: www.vomfass.com.hk


vomFASS balsamic vinegars

  • Each product is fresh from the latest harvest and made of 100% pure ingredients.
  • Their balsamic vinegars are made the traditional way, by harvesting the fruit, turning it into wine and finally creating vinegars out of the wines.
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Whisky R' US Company Limited
Western Delicacy
Booth No. : 3B-E13
Website: whiskyrus.com


Karuizawa Samurai 30 Year Old Vintage Single - Cask malt whisky 30 years No.5

  • Distilled by Karuizawa Distillery in 1984 using the underground springs from Mt. Asama and the barley, Golden Promise, imported from England.
  • A mouthful of fruity flavour from the sweet taste of raisin, honey and almond. The aftertaste is long-lasting with a rich aroma generated from raisin and cinnamon.
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Super Clean Agricultural Technology International Limited
Green Palate
Booth No. : 3B-F06
Website: www.scatil.com.hk


SCATIL hydroponic vegetable

  • SCATIL has brought ground-breaking Japanese vertical hydroponics technology to the urban city of Hong Kong.
  • As our crops are nurtured in a complete clean and controlled environment, our vegetables can grow to its optimal safety and quality properties.
  • At SCATIL, we proudly serve our city with clean, safe, and high quality leafy green vegetables that were never on pesticides and grown from non-genetically modified seeds.
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Sunshine International Wine Limited
Western Delicacy
Booth No. : 3B-E20
Website: www.sunshinecreek.com.au/


Sunshine Poptails

  • Fresh handmade ice-pops with Cremant de Bordeaux from Saint-Emilion, an organic sparkling wine  in brut or rose
  • Served with 3 different flavors, including strawberry , kiwi & pineapple
  • Suitable for summer which looks fancy and attractive
  • The fruitiness & sweetness from ice-pops make the sparkling sweeter & refresher. Easier to drink for people who are not the fans of dry sparkling wine
Trade Hall
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Korea Bamboo Salt Corporation
Trade Hall - Sauces & Seasonings
Booth No. : 5E-D24
Website: www.ocksujung.com


Bamboo salt

  • A bamboo salt is also named “medical salt”.
  • Research suggests that the intake of bamboo salt can stop thirstiness and prevent dehydration
  • The production of bamboo salt creates much more necessary minerals than sun-dried salt and act as a comprehensive mineral source. 
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Rainbow Magic Enterprise Limited
Trade Hall - Biscuits, Snacks & Confectionery
Booth No. : 5CON-007


Ardour Heart Pink and Gold Sparkle Lollipop (Champagne Flavour)

  • Ardour Heart Pink and Gold Sparkle Lollipop is a gorgeous clear lollipop with shimmery gold heart and sparkling hot pink and gold sugar crystals.
  • All lollipops are hand-made and directly air freight imported from USA. Using champagne in the lollipop while non-alcoholic after processing with heat.
  • This Ardour Heart has worked closely with high-end clients such as Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, GUESS in the US.
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Boatat Trading Development
Trade Hall - Seafood
Booth No. : 5C-C36
Website: www.boatatfood.com


French Cap Horn (Gold) Oyster

  • French Cap Horn (Gold) Oyster is a native of French products with high quality control and reasonable price.
  • After four generations of effort, the product was awarded with PALMARES DU CONCOURS GENERAL AGRICOLE.
Trade Hall - Chinese Medicine Zone
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Asoka (Hong Kong) Company
Booth No. : 5C-D01
Website: www.asoka.com.hk


Asoka Royal Jelly Enzyme Powder

  • Precious Royal Jelly collected from forest in Taiwan
  • The product is formed from natural fermentation, which is highly resistant to humidity and easy to swallow
  • Royal Jelly helps moisturizing skin and anti-aging, enhancing immune system, reducing stress and eliminating tiredness, improving body strength.
Trade Hall - Food and Agricultural Technology Zone
16 abc

Food Safety and Technology Research Centre, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Booth No. : 5CON-021, 5CON-021A, 5CON-021B, 5CON-021C
Website: www.polyu.edu.hk/abct/fstrc


Identification of microorganisms from Kefir and Kombucha of HK markets

  • Homemade water/milk from Kefir and Kombucha are popular lately, the fermented products are used for drinks or added in homemade facial masks. Yet, these microorganisms have not been identified.
  • This technology have isolated and identified these microorganisms from four different beneficial drinks and tested if other bacteria could be blended in during the preparation process.
Public Hall
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Luck Triumph Limited
Public Hall - Biscuits, Snacks & Confectionery
Booth No. : 1C-E31
Website: www.kamdor.com.hk/


Kamdor durian crepe cake

  • The crepe cake is soft and smells good
  • Made with natural pulp, healthy vegetable oil and top-grade eggs from the Netherland.
  • Kamdor produces natural health products.
  • The crepe cake comes with durian and mango flavors.
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Hanjuku Kobo
Premium Food Zone
Booth No. : 1E-C10
Website: www.facebook.com/hanjukukobo/


Cheese Tart

  • With all the ingredients from Japan, creating the full cheese, soft yet crispy dessert
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Luen Kee Hoo Co., Ltd
Premium Food Zone
Booth No. : 1C-B06
Website: http://www.luenkee.com


Snow swallow

  • Secretion of Gum Tragacanth, which is rich in plant collagen that looks and feels similar to bird’s nest.
  • Snow swallow is different from natural resin. Snow swallow is extracted from the marrow while natural resin is the secretion of the tree’s skin.
  • Only Gum Tragacanth can produce high quality Snow Swallow. Soak in water for 6 to 8 hours, it will expand 30 to 50 times.
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China Food and Beverage Group (HK) Limited
Public Hall - Health, Green & Organic Food
Booth No. : 1E-E34
Website: www.nzfocus.com


Alfa One Rice Bran Oil

  • New Zealand Brand Alfa One Rice Bran Oil, cholesterol free and trans fats free. It stands under high temperature of 250 degrees which is suitable for deep fried, baked and grilled or even mix with salad and so on.
  • Oryzanol in oil helps to lower cholesterol. In 2011, Alfa One was the New Zealand’s No. 1 selling Oil and won the “Gold Award for Cooking Aids” in “Grocer Food and Drink awards” in London.
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Foodjoy Enterprise Company Limited
Public Hall - Rice
Booth No. : 1B-B17
Website: www.foodjoy.com.tw


Chihshang Prime Rice

  • The Chishang rice is a tribute to the Emperor of Japan, thus it is called the "Prime Rice".
  • To grasp the quality of product, the rice is planted in unpolluted Taitung farmland. There is no mixed rice in this product.
  • The rice is full and round which gives translucent color. The cooked rice is chewy and gives a shiny texture.
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Kado Development Limited
Public Hall - Beverages (Non-Alcoholic)
Booth No. : 1B-C31
Website: www.kado.hk


C.C.SUPLI Japan Vitamin C collagen and bird nest supplement

  • The product adopts the latest Japanese technology in the production and is tailored-made according to the needs of Asian women with the unique combination of vitamin C, collagen and bird nest.
  • This supplement gives the daily needs of vitamin C, the collagen also gives radiance to the skin.
  • The product first debuts in the Food Expo this year.
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Bread Power Limited
Public Hall - Health, Green & Organic Food
Booth No. : 1E-E27


KANNE Bread Drink Essence

  • KANNE Bread Drink Essence has a roughly 10 times the concentration in Lactic Acid Bacteria and enzymes than the standard Bread Drink. (In only 1 ml there are about 50 millions of these valuable bacteria.)
  • It controls the body’s active and harmful oxygen free radicals and it is lactose free.
24 abc

ZZYZX Group Limited
Public Hall - Biscuits, Snacks & Confectionery
Booth No. : 1C-E34
Website: www.zzyzx.com.hk/


"Oreal" organic fruit puff

  • Received food award from Korean government including the Organic processed foods Prime Minister’s Award.
  • Using organic fruits, including apples, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, melon, and tangerine.
  • Certified by the organic food processing organizations, with no artificial ingredients.