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Gourmet Zone
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Boyouth Trading Development (HK) Limited
Green Palate
Booth No. : 3B-E20
Website: http://www.age6000.com


AGE6000 Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Premier Camellia Oil

  • With the wild camellia seeds picked from over 1000-meter peaks in Meizhou, AGE6000 Camellia Oil is produced under advanced technological process of cold pressing, which perfectly reserves the bioactive essentials inside. It helps improve nerve health and brain functions.
  • Camellia seeds are the natural ingredients for cooking oil and camellia only grows in mountains at latitude between 18 to 34 degrees north while altitude between 600 to 2,000 meters. It spends three to five years to grow from seeds to fruits, or even more than 10 years to reach the full fruit age.
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Uniocean (HK) Company Limited
Asian Cuisine
Booth No. : 3B-A01
Website:  http://www.uniocean.com.hk


PeboRa Pet Bottle Rice

  • Crops like rice would “breathe” and thus oxidized, which lower its quality. PeboRa combines the Japanese premium rice with deoxidant in a tightly-sealed plastic bottle to maintain its high quality.
  • PeboRa Pet Bottle Rice was awarded “Good Design Award” in 2016, a comprehensive system held by Japan Institue of Design Promotion (JDP) to reward good designs.
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Wine & Spirits Global
Western Delicacy
Booth No. : 3B-C14
Website: http://www.wsg.hk


Vins i Llegendes

  • Vins i Llegendes, the elegant and seductive wine, is produced under the strong sunlight and special climate of Priorat, which is one of the two Spanish Denominació d'Origen Qualificada(DOQ). The four hand-illustrated labels printed on the bottles reflect the historical legend of this renowned wine region.
  • The product was awarded the Diamond Trophy in “SAKURA” Japan Women’s Wine Awards 2017 held at FOODEX Japan 2017.
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BonCar Trading Limited
Sweet Delight
Booth No. : 3B-F04
Website: http://applewine.boutir.com/


Nikka Apple Wine

  • Masataka Taketsuru, the “Father of Japanese Whiskey”, founded “Yoichi Distillery” at Hokkaido Yoichi in 1934, and introduced the whiskey producing techniques to Japan.
  • As it takes time to produce whiskey, Masataka Taketsuru invented the Nikka Apple Wine by using the most popular local fruit, brandy and whiskey. It is a popular traditional product in Japan since its launch in 1965.
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Limpid True International Trading Ltd
Western Delicacy
Booth No. : 3B-C15
Website: http://www.balimrputu.com


Sundhed Pink Salt Brick

  • The pink salt brick could be heated with oven, gas stove and grill. The mineral substance inside could help bring out the aroma of food and be easily-absorbed by human bodies. It could be used repeatedly.
  • Exploited at Himalayas and packed in Canada, this pink salt brick is unique from each other.
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Kwok Nung Trading Ltd
Sweet Delight
Booth No. : 3B-F06
Website: http://happinessmart.hk


HiWalk Handmade Peanut Egg Roll

  • HiWalk Handmade Peanut Egg Roll is the unique taste made with natural ingredients in Taiwan. It earns wide acclaim from celebrities and media in Taiwan and Hong Kong.
  • The crust is mixed with eggs from Ping Tung LiYi Range and Anchor Butter from New Zealand. After baking in high temperature of 200 degrees and loading with fresh grinded peanuts, the egg roll delivers a special flavor for food lovers.
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Superfood Lab (Asia) Limited
Green Palate
Booth No. : 3B-E10
Website: http://www.superfoodlab.com



  • SUPEREATS Kale Crisps is a Vegan-Certified and Kosher-Certified product. Not only does it reserve the pleasing taste of snacks, but also provide the energy and reduce cravings.
  • Kale has a high amount of nutrition like fiber, protein and vitamin, but with very low calories, making it one of the most sought-after “Superfood” in recent years.
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Fatia Industrial Co Ltd
Western Delicacy
Booth No. : 3B-C18
Website:  http://www.palicoffee.net


PALICOFFEE Speciality Coffee Bean

  • Yirgacheffe is a town located in Ethiopia, while it's also known as a synonym for “Speciality Coffee” in the country.
  • Produced in this famous region, the washed beans of PALICOFFEE has reached G1 – the highest standard set by local coffee authority. The delicately-blended odour with citrus, flower and coffee creates its distictive features.
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Ora Craft Brewery
Western Delicacy
Booth No. : 3B-B06
Website: http://www.ora-ale.co.nz


Ora New Zealand Ale

  • KawaKawa is a bright green heart-shaped leaves with a distinctive presence in New Zealand. It has traditionally used by Maori for medical purposes.
  • Ora New Zealand Ale is blended with KawaKawa leaves to deliver its golden color and the distinctive taste of smooth and slightly sweet.
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Common Good Trading Limited
Green Palate
Booth No. : 3B-E12
Website: http://greenmonday.org


The Beyond Burger

  • It took seven years to develop this 100% plant-based burger patties. Its palate and apperance could compete with the animal-based one, moreover the protein and iron contents are even more than the real beef.
  • The product was quickly sold out in one hour when firstly hitting the supermarkets across America and widely reported by international media. The producer “Beyond Meat” was awarded the “Most Innovative Companies” by “Fast Company”, the authoritative business magazine in the US in 2017.
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Blesscuit Limited
Sweet Delight
Booth No. : 3B-F08
Website: http://blesscuit.com



  • “Blesscuit” is the combination of “Blessings” and “Biscuit”, a cookie brand owned by the Hong Kong celebrity Sharon Chan. Freshly-handmade locally with over 20 unique flavors. The product is baked with 100% natural French butter, wheat flour and premium ingredients without any chemical compositions.
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The Dutch Cheese and More
Western Delicacy
Booth No. : 3B-C21
Website: http://www.thedutch.hk


Citrus Lavendar Cheese

  • Citrus Lavendar Cheese, one of the innovative series, integrates citrus and lavender‘s freshness with the  full, creamy cheese, inventing this new unique flavor.
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Herbaceous Teas Company Limited
Green Palate
Booth No. : 3B-E16
Website: http://www.herbaceousteas.com/


Roselle Tea  

  • Introduce the traditional herbal tea to the young population in Hong Kong.
  • This fresh handmade drink presents not only a trendy image, but also the finest herbs as well as the exclusive and long-effective prescriptions.
  • Roselle Tea is made with healthy ingredients with low sugar content, creating a light sweet and sour taste. It also helps relief from high blood pressure and high cholesterol, as well as digestive problem.
Trade Hall – Chinese Medicine Zone
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Healthy Medicine Holdings Limited
Booth No. : 5C-C06
Website: http://www.24hhealthy.hk


Black Wolfberry

  • Special medicinal plant species from the Western China.
  • Anthocyanin is a high-end healthy product due to its richness in antioxidant.
  • Natural essence to protect eyesight, anti-aging and skin care.
Trade Hall – Food and Agricultural Technology Zone
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Food Research Centre, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Booth No. : 5CON-014
Website: http://kwanlab.bio.cuhk.edu.hk/FRC/


Sustainable mushroom urban farming with social and educational perspectives

  • In collaborations with caterer and charity entities, selected species of mushrooms will be grown with local and sustainable resources, such as spent tea leaves and disposed coffee grounds.
  • The mushrooms produced will be served locally to the consumers of the caterer, which is a practice of “farm-to-table”
  • This system is practical for mushroom cultivation in urban settings and serves as a showcase for science promotion, social awareness of sustainable production and consumption of food.
Public Hall
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Yu Kwen Yick Food Products Manufactory Ltd
Premium Food Zone
Booth No. : 1B-C06


Yu Kwen Yick Chilli Sauce and Chilli Bean Sauce

  • All hand-made in Hong Kong for nearly 100 years with limited quantity.
  • No chemical preservative substances added, all made from natural ingredients.
  • Traditional processing of chili sauce required low temperature to maintain the original taste of ingredients, which is making use of stone mill and wooden barrel.
  • Used by famous wonton noodle restaurants and high-end restaurants. Reported by foreign media.
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Frutodor Limited
Public Hall - Fruits & Vegetables
Booth No. : 1D-D32
Website: http://wwww.frutodor.com


US Grapery® Cotton Candy® Grapes

  • The popular Cotton Candy Grapes introduced in Hong Kong a few months ago, which was a special cultivar developed by the U.S. Vineyard namely Grapery® in California. It takes years of professional inarching to develop the special taste.
  • The Cotton Candy® Grapes looks like the common grape but the candy-like flavor is rich in sweetness and juicy.
  • Inarching is a natural and old-fashioned plant breeding, which hybridize two different grape species. It is different from the genetic engineering.
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Public Hall - Health, Green & Organic Food
Booth No. : 3E-E19
Website: https://www.sugibeegarden.jp/language/en/currency/JPY


Honey with Ginseng

  • A highly recommended luxury food item, combining nutritional root ginseng and royal jelly. Made by fermenting for around six years to bring out a flavorful taste and unique aroma.
  • Based on the philosophy, "Wholesome Apiriculture" (Apiculture + Agriculture). Every bottle is handmade to maintain high quality.
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Emma International Limited
Public Hall - Convenient & Instant Food
Booth No. : 3E-B05
Website: http://mycookingbox.it/en/


My Cooking Box - Paccheri

  • A brand new and innovative way of cooking imported from Italy. The Cooking Box with decent design contains all the materials needed for cooking a traditional and delicious Italian cuisine.
  • The step-by-step recipe is written from a 3 Michelin Star chef Italo Bassi.
  • Selected from Italy local ingredients, to ensure food quality and traditional flavor.
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Chong On Tong Ltd
Public Hall - Health, Green & Organic Food
Booth No. : 3E-E05
Website: http://chongontong.com


Chong On Tong Ginseng Rice

  • The only ginseng rice product developed in Hong Kong. 
  • Made from wild ginseng (5 years), Changbai Mountain mineral water, rice and corn. No chemical substance added.
  • Certified with ISO22000 Food Safety Management System and organic ginseng product certificate.
  • Ginseng is difficult and complicated to be cooked. Chong On Tong Ginseng Rice can be served easily in every meal with normal rice, which is convenient for busy urban life.
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Telford International Company Limited
Premium Food Zone
Booth No. : 1C-A10
Website: http://www.telford.com.hk


Kitagawa Uji Matcha Ice-cream

  • Kitagawahanbee Syouten, an expert in producing Uji green tea for over 150 years in Japan.
  • With the common tea-making rationale behind, Tao Ti and Kitagawahanbee Syouten are pleasant to announce a new exciting collaboration – Kitagawa Uji Matcha Ice-cream, made from Uji matcha powder and Hokkaido milk with creamy and smooth texture.
  • Manufactured in Hong Kong with limited quantity.
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Intloop. Inc
Public Hall - Beverages (Alcoholic)
Booth No. : 3C-F06


Jelly-type Umeshu "PULULU"

  • "PULULU" is the first Jelly Plum Wine in Japan. 100% handmade from Fukuoka Kametaya, made from honkaku shochu and Kyushu Plum with limited quantity of 500 bottles each time.
  • Surprisingly rich flavor of fully-ripe plum and jelly texture. Popular as aperitif and dessert. Shake the bottle once or twice before open to enjoy the soft, jelly-like plum wine with pulp.