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Exhibitors' & Buyers' Comments

Empowered with decades of experience and expertise in organising trade exhibitions, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is reputed internationally for its outstanding performance.

Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.

The HKTDC sincerely invites you to join this exhibition, to explore the way to success.




Exhibitors’ Comments Buyers’ Comments

Hear What Exhibitors Say



“Liuyang city in Hunan Province is famous for producing grass cloth, also known as ramie. We make use of this eco-friendly material and combine traditional craftsmanship with modern designs to produce clothing, bags, home decorative items and tea coasters. Our main markets include Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. This is our first-time participation in the Hunan Pavilion. As the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair is a leading trade fair of its kind in the world, we are keen to promote ramie products to international buyers and increase our exposure. Buyers from Argentina, Canada, France, the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia are very interested in our products. A French buyer has already placed a trial order for 100 ramie purses while two buyers from the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia have expressed their intention to buy our products. As buyer responses have been encouraging, we hope to come back next year.”
Songyuan Lu, Founder, Liuyang XinZhiXia Cultural Creativity Co., Ltd, the Chinese mainland 

“We have organised the Japan Pavilion at the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair for the fourth consecutive year. This year a total of 10 Japanese companies are showcasing many creative products such as stationery, wooden tableware, fashion accessories, small home appliances, stainless steel bottles, pottery, rugs, towels and huggy pillows. New products include palm-sized label printers from King Jim Co., Ltd. and ice slicers featuring creative designs from Doshisha. As the Hong Kong fair attracts a lot of buyers from all over the world, Japanese exhibitors want to look for new customers through the fair. At last year’s fair, the Japan Pavilion achieved good results and eight of the exhibitors have returned to this year’s fair. Renowned for original designs and high quality, Japanese exhibitors look forward to another successful year at the fair.”
Shunsuke Fujimoto, Sales Department, Business Guide-Sha, Inc., Japan 

“PO: is a Danish brand launched since 1999. By co-operating with different designers from around the world, we add creative, artistic and functional features to tableware and drinkware, which can improve our living standard. At the fair, we are highlighting our new product — Pao Thermo Mug which features a two-way tea-leaf compartment, allowing you to choose how long to brew your tea, preventing the bitter taste of over-brewing by placing the mug upside down as well as filtering out chunk leaves or rose buds. This new product has aroused strong interest from many buyers. In the first three hours of the fair, we made about 50 new contacts from the Chinese mainland, Europe, the Middle East, North America and South America, and will follow up with them after the fair. We are happy with the results so far.”
Wilson Wong, Deputy Head of Business, PO: Selected Company Limited, Hong Kong 

“We have developed touch-screen readable smart cards (K-Cards) which can be applied to creative marketing. K-Cards can store links to company information and product promotions to engage customers. Customers simply press K-Cards against a touch screen of any smartphone or tablet, and corporate contents will be loaded at once. Startups can’t afford to promote their products or services in overseas trade fairs. With a low participation fee, the new Startup Zone at the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair provides the most cost-effective platform for local startups like our company to reach out to international buyers and to collect their feedback during the four-day fair. On the first day of the fair, we made about 50 useful contacts from many places such as Australia, Canada, the Chinese mainland, Denmark, Germany, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan and the UK. We’ll contact them after the fair in order to understand their needs and develop new business.”
Kendall Lo, CEO & Co-Founder, Kazoo Technology (Hong Kong) Limited, Hong Kong 

“This is the first time that Baoying County in Jiangsu Province has set up a group pavilion at the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair. Among the 16 exhibitors in the Baoying Pavilion, we are the only exhibitor showcasing random needle embroidery products such as wall paintings, decorative items, garments, shawls and handbags. As the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair is the largest of its kind in the world, it provides a good opportunity for us to promote random needle embroidery which is a graceful Chinese art enrolled in the intangible cultural heritage. Buyers are surprised to see the delicate craftsmanship in our random needle embroidery products. Up till now, two US buyers and three buyers from Japan, the Philippines and Singapore respectively have bought our wall paintings and total orders amount to US$20,000. We plan to come back next year to further promote this traditional embroidery technique.”
Mo Yuanguo, Director, Yangzhou Guofeng Embroidery Research Institute, the Chinese mainland 

“Starting from this year, the Hong Kong Smart Gifts Design Awards have been renamed as the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards as we have added the Home and Houseware category in addition to the Gifts category. This year we have also added the Baby & Toddler category and the Smart Aging Award to meet market needs. This competition helps to promote local designs and to establish Hong Kong’s reputation as a sourcing centre for creative designs. The winning designs of the competition are being displayed at the Smart Design Village in the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair which attracts a lot of buyers looking for new gift ideas and creative products. Apart from the Smart Design Village, we have set up two other zones, namely Isle of Originality and Brand Oasis to promote Hong Kong’s original designs and Hong Kong’s brands respectively.”
Benson Pau, Chairman of The Hong Kong Exporters’ Association and Project Convenor of the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards, Hong Kong 

“KOTRA, a trade and investment promotion agency in Korea, has organised the Korean Pavilion at the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair since 2002. This year a total of 30 Korean companies have joined the Korean Pavilion and they are showcasing a wide range of creative products such as mobile accessories, fashion accessories, decorative items, photo albums and stationery. As one of the largest and most influential gifts fairs in the world, the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair provides the best opportunity for Korean companies to meet with quality buyers from all over the world and promote their products. In fact, many deals have been made through this fair over the years. At this year’s fair, many buyers have expressed their interest in Korean products and Korean exhibitors have met with many buyers from every corner of the world. As Korean exhibitors are satisfied with the results of the fair, we’ll organise the Korean Pavilion again next year.”
OH Chan-Hweon, Deputy Director General, KOTRA, Korea 

“To expand overseas markets for MIT (Made in Taiwan) products, the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan launched the ‘Taiwan-made Product MIT Smile Logo’ in 2010. The certification logo promotes the image of top-quality MIT products. This is the first time that the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan has appointed our company to set up the MIT Pavilion at the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair to promote top-quality MIT products to international buyers and let them know more about the ‘Taiwan-made Product MIT Smile Logo’. We have brought together 18 Taiwanese companies to showcase a broad variety of gift items such as ceramic tableware, small home appliances, apparel, handbags, towels, socks, hiking shoes, fashion accessories and blankets. As the biggest of its kind in the world, the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair provides the perfect platform for Taiwanese exhibitors to increase their exposure and to connect with more buyers from around the world. Many buyers from all over the world are interested in MIT products and made a lot of enquiries at the fair.”
Morris Lin (right), Project Manager, Corporate Synergy Development Center, Taiwan 

“Established in 1981, our company started out as a greeting card designer and manufacturer. Over the years, we have developed a wide range of gift items such as wooden gifts, musical boxes, paper products and scrapbook albums. We are happy to have set up the largest booth again at the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair to promote our eighth brand – Jeantopia, which was launched earlier this year. This year we have transformed our booth into a DIY flagship store where we provide materials such as fabrics, paper and wooden parts for buyers to create their own products such as household items, stationery, photo frames and bags. The Hong Kong fair attracts quality buyers who are looking for DIY lifestyle products that can bring new experience for consumers. Many buyers like our DIY workshop and wholesalers from France, Turkey, the UK and the US have expressed their interest in bringing our DIY workshop to their markets.”
Yaya Lai, PR/Marketing Dept, Jean Cultural & Creative Co., Ltd., Taiwan 

“We have been exhibiting at the Hall of Fine Designs for more than 10 years to promote our B.Duck brand and further boost our exports. We have designed and produced a wide variety of B.Duck products such as gifts, stationery, bags, kitchenware, children’s tableware and mobile phone accessories. B.Duck was launched in 2005 and its products are exported mainly to the Chinese mainland, Europe and Southeast Asia. The Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair is important to us because buyers like to visit our booth to see and touch our new products. More importantly, we are able to find new customers through the fair every year. This year we met with a large EU buyer who is keen to distribute our B.Duck products in France, Germany and Italy. In fact, there is a growing demand for B.Duck products among kidults in European countries.”
Eddie Hui, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, ENS Business Development Limited, Hong Kong 

“This is the third year in a row that we have set up the Shangyu Pavilion at the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair to help manufacturers from Shangyu District to develop overseas markets and secure orders. We have led a delegation of 25 enterprises from Shangyu District to showcase parasols, umbrellas and outdoor products in this year’s fair. Our delegation has occupied a total of 44 booths, the largest-ever Shangyu Pavilion at the Hong Kong fair. Since the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair provides a good platform for Shangyu manufacturers to showcase their strengths, they have received onsite orders. In view of overwhelming responses from buyers, we plan to join the fair again next year.”
Ding Zhiyin, Vice Head of District, The People’s Government of Shangyu District of Shaoxing City, the Chinese mainland 

“Karactermania is a licensed manufacturer for 25 characters in Europe and our characters cover Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Warner Bros. and Universal Studios. We also own the worldwide licence to manufacture products for Oh My Pop! and PRO•DG. This is our first-time participation in the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair. As Hong Kong is an important trading hub in the world, the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair provides an ideal platform for us to meet with customers from every corner of the world. During the first two days of the fair, we have met with serious buyers from Australia, Europe, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Middle East, Thailand, South America and the US. We are very happy with the results so far.”
Pere Biosca, Sales Manager, Karactermania, S.L., Spain 

“Since the launch of our Silibag brand in 2011, we have been participating in the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair. Silibag is a Hong Kong brand for silicone tote bags and our company was the first to use silicone to produce tote bags in 2011. Silicone is an ideal material for making tote bags because it is eco-friendly, durable, heat-resistant and available in a variety of colours. Over the past six years, Silibag has successfully entered the markets in Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Thailand and the UK through the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair. At this year’s fair, we have received favourable responses from international buyers. A fashion retailer from the UK will place an order for our bags on the last day of the fair while a buyer from a large retail chain in Germany and a mother care product retailer from Saudi Arabia have confirmed to buy our products after the fair. We’ll maintain our presence at the fair to build our brand image and to look for new distributors and agents.”
Sam Yeung, Managing Director, Kilovest (HK) Ltd., Hong Kong 

“Established three years ago, Iglooz makes use of carbon steel and laser cutting technique to produce home decorative items, stationery and gifts which highlight Hong Kong’s culture and landmarks. We can offer tailor-made products to meet the needs of customers. This is our second year at the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair to look for new customers. Through last year’s fair, we successfully formed partnerships with local retailers. At this year’s fair, we are showcasing a great variety of small gifts to demonstrate our production capability. As a result, many customers from Australia, France, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Russia, Taiwan and the US have made OEM enquiries about our products. We have established more than 100 new contacts during the first three days of the fair.”
James Chan, Director, Iglooz Limited, Hong Kong 

Hear What Buyers Say




“In business for 45 years in Sydney, Featherdale Wildlife Park receives 500,000 visitors every year and annual sales turnover of our souvenir shop hits A$5 million, so we need to buy a lot of gifts and premiums to meet our business needs. The Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair is an important sourcing event for us because it is the world’s largest fair of its kind, featuring a wide variety of gifts and premiums offered by more than 4,300 exhibitors from all over the world. It is important for me to come here to see what’s new in the market and look for new ideas. At the fair, I am looking for different products such as sunglasses, jewellery, soft toys and novelty products. I have found two to three potential suppliers of fashion jewellery, key chains, bracelets with animal charms, and plastic badges on the first day of the fair. I’ll find more new suppliers in the next few days.”
Tony Chiefari, General Manager, Featherdale Wildlife Park, Australia 

“With eight stores in Brazil, STR sells tableware, flatware, home decorations and photo frames. I visit the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair almost every year because it brings together a wide range of high-quality products with nice designs and good prices. I find the HKTDC business matching service very useful. With the help of the HKTDC business matching team, I have already found two to three potential suppliers of mugs and LED desk lamps. I am waiting for their quotations and minimum order quantity requirements. I am going to buy US$50,000 worth of assorted items from different suppliers after the fair.”
Julio Cesar Masutti, Director, STR Importacao Exportacao LTDA, Brazil 

“Headquartered in Germany, our company is an importer and wholesaler of promotional gifts with seven branches in different parts of the world. Our branch in Poland provides promotional items to advertising and marketing agencies in eight Eastern European countries. This is my second time visiting the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair. We are happy to have found new promotional gifts such as crystal power banks and umbrellas with selfie sticks. Up till now, we have identified 25 potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong for the supply of crystal power banks, umbrellas with selfie sticks, smart watches, smart bands and Bluetooth speakers. We are planning to buy US$1 million worth of promotional gifts from these new suppliers after the fair. It’s a well-organised show and we want to come again next year.”
Agata Olejnik, Import Manager, PCM Sp. z o.o. Easy Gifts Sp. K., Poland 

“We are the licensee of Loft in Thailand. Currently, we have four Loft shops and we’re going to open two more outlets next year. We visit the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair almost every year because it is the right place where we can see a lot of innovative designs from Hong Kong suppliers. Hong Kong’s lifestyle products suit the tastes of consumers in Thailand. If we buy Hong Kong designs through the fair, we’ll become the first to launch these designs in Thailand. At this year’s fair, we have found some interesting designs such as USB pens and digital notebooks. So far, we have already shortlisted five to six Hong Kong suppliers of electronic gadgets and stationery. We’ll place a trail order worth US$3,000 with each of these new suppliers after the fair. If these products sell well, we’ll repeat orders.”
Piyarat Phongpheaw, Department Manager, Merchandising Department, Siam Piwat Retail Holding Company Limited (Member of Siam Piwat Group), Thailand 

“Reina Batata has 25 retail outlets in Argentina, selling kitchenware, gadgets, gifts and decorative items. This is our first time visiting the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair. At the fair, we have seen new designs for tableware, decorative items and key chains. We have met with more than 70 exhibitors from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. After going back to Argentina, we’ll shortlist 25 new suppliers and buy different products worth US$100,000 in total from these suppliers. We like the fair because it is a huge show where we can find what we want here. Exhibitors offer nice designs and good quality. I’ll come back next year.”
Maru Gonzalez (right), Visual Merchandising, Reina Batata, Argentina 

“Based in the US, our company is an importer, wholesaler and distributor of high-end gifts such as crystal products and bronze statues. Our clients include museums, collectibles shops, antiques shops and zoos. We visit the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair regularly to look for new products and high-end packaging boxes. At this year’s fair, we have found three new suppliers of crystal products such as tableware and champagne glasses for our wedding collections. After checking their quotations, we’ll buy US$5,000-10,000 worth of crystal products per order. We are also very interested in the Small Order Zone which allows us to buy smaller quantities to test market response.”
Jay Jayson (left), President and Charles Daryanani (right), Vice President, Jay Jayson’s Inc., the US 

“Good Decision is an importer and wholesaler of promotional items, with multinational companies in Portugal and Spain as its major customers. This is my first-time visit to the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair to look for new products. It’s a well-organised show where we can find new products and new ideas. At the fair, I have spotted some interesting items such as twin umbrellas, eccentric umbrellas, neoprene handbags and denim-like plastic cosmetic bags which are suitable to my clients. So far, I have identified 20 potential suppliers and will present their new ideas to my customers.”
Marta Font Obiols, General Manager, Good Decision S.L., Spain 

“Shinsegae operates 13 department stores in Korea. I have come here for the first time to look for handbags and leather goods. At the fair, I am particularly interested in cow leather carpets, plastic handbags, and luggage covers with fashionable designs. Up till now, I have found six potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. I enjoy the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair very much because it is a big show where I can see a huge variety of gifts and premiums.”
Hae-Moon Lee, Partner, International Accessories, Shinsegae Department Store, Korea 

“We supply flowers to wholesalers in the Philippines and also run an online gifts store, selling flower bouquets, chocolates, stuffed toys, fruit baskets and sterling silver jewellery. This is my first-time visit to the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair. I am looking for jewellery, stuffed toys, and packaging paper, boxes and bags. To make personalised gifts, I am also looking for engraving machines, printers and embroidery machines. So far, I have identified three potential suppliers of jewellery, packaging boxes and paper, and photographic equipment for online promotion. For example, a Korean supplier offers eco-friendly and waterproof wrapping paper. We’ll change to this Korean supplier, depending on the prices. I am also interested in a stuffed toy brand and hope to become its distributor in the Philippines. The Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair is a good show, offering so many choices and new ideas.”
Dustin B. Andaya, President & CEO, Philippine Cut Flower Corporation, the Philippines