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Highlighted Products
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*Information provided by exhibitors
  Exhibitor Information Product Description
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Company Name: Anouk Living Company Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No.: 5CON-011
Zone: Startup Zone
Website: www.anoukliving.com

Happiness ∙Scented Soy Wax Sachet

  • Anouk is a Hong Kong’s brand specialising in home fragrance and body care products
  • An intimate and eco-chic gift idea about giving blessings to your loved one. Handmade with natural soy wax and our selective in-house designed aroma, this wax sachet is suitable for putting in drawers, closets, cupboards, chests and baggage etc. for scenting a space
  • Packaged in a bright blue sky gift box with a silver airplane to symbolise the theme of “Happiness is feeling excited for the future”.
  • Various colour and scents for the scented soy wax sachet are available and customisable
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Company Name: Changsha Biaolangzhugong Technology Co., Ltd.
Country/Region: Chinese mainland
Booth no.: 3C-E37
Zone: Hunan Pavilion
Website: www.wenxiang.com.cn

Klinart Cottonrose Hibiscus Ornament Disc

  • Klinart is made of active charcoal by fine engraving machine and processed with hand-painted colouring. This is art piece as well as air purifier as it can absorb indoor formaldehyde, benzene, toxic and harmful gases.
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Company Name: Hali-Power Industrial Company Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No.: 1E-B02
Zone: Hall of Fine Designs
Website: www.mymili.com

MiLi Pure Bottle

  • Multi-function Smart Skincare Bottle
  • Flexible Design - access to your toner or lotion to keep skin hydrated whenever you want
  • With a built-in skin moisture detector Bluetooth connection to your phone measure skin moisture in only 5 seconds
  • Performs with a dedicated app (iOS8.0+ and Android4.3+) which accurately measure skin moisture
  • Got Utility Patents Granted Worldwide
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Company Name: Handicraft Products La Selva S.A.
Country/Region: Guatemala
Booth No.: 1E-B37
Zone: World of Gift Ideas – Lifestyle Gift Ideas
Website: www.fromthemayan.com

Aromatic stress balls

  • These balls are perfect to release stress. Just squeeze them! They are entirely handmade by Mayan People in Guatemala for whom to release their stress. Every ball in geometrical design is created in a relaxed atmosphere in the countryside with the smell of freshly made tortillas and the whistle of corn moving in the wind...


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Company Name: IDI Trading Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 5C-F07
Zone: The Hong Kong Exporters’ Association Pavilion - Smart Design Village
Website: www.idihk.com

Toothbat – WOW

  • Patented curved four arms design head builds up a 3-directional floss which can reach every tooth easily.
  • “Twister technology” ensures the sufficient tension of floss structure for removal of food debris and plaques that no other products can achieve.
  • The handle greatly enhances the controllability with streamline grooves enhances the force of grip.
  • Winner of various international awards including iF Product Design Award of Germany and Hong Kong Smart Design Awards 2017 Silver Award (Bathroom & Personal Care Category) and Judge Award


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Company Name: I-Smart International Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No.: 1E-C36
Zone: World of Gift Ideas – Lifestyle Gift Ideas
Website: www.i-smart-ltd.com

Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Speaker

  • Comes with a preserved fresh rose and Bluetooth speaker, the glass dome is carefully printed with floral pattern as seen in the movie. With the use of advanced technology, its “fresh” life is no longer only a few days. Another surprise is that movie’s soundtrack will be played with LED lighting effect, taking you into the wonderland of the “Beauty and the Beast”.
  • Preserved flowers were invented in France in 1991. With the use of advanced technology, flower can be kept in the best condition. After the process of air-drying and dyeing, texture and appearance of the flower has no difference with fresh flower. Without any special care and soil planting, the flower can be kept up to three years. Compared to silk flowers, preserved flower is more like a fresh one.
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Company Name: Jing-Ci Taiwan Enterprise
Country/Region: Taiwan
Booth No.: 3D-A02
Zone: Taiwan Pavilion
Website: www.chintang.com.tw

Chintang Pottery Tea Set

  • Established in 2001; It combines with kiln and ceramic crafts with product design development
  • “Chintang Pot” is designed as the hat of officials in ancient time which resembles blessing while the gold ingot-like cup resembles wealth
  • Crystalline glazing is made from a complicated process. It must first put in crystalline catalyst into the basic glaze pigment, and then through the kilning process. It will come up with different types of floral breakage patterns and enamels. There are multi-coloured crystallised modes of enamel in one painted pottery. It requires certain accomplished experience and judgment to create unique floral pattern


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Company Name: Kool Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No.: 1E-D02
Zone: Hall of Fine Designs
Website: www.kool.com.hk

360 Coffee Grinder

  • Simply grind coffee bean with the knob on the top or lift the crank and it rotates with faster result
  • Built-in adjustable grind selector gives you detail control over the coarseness of the ground
  • High quality ceramic coffee grinder ensures a precise and consistent grind every time; non-corrosive and long-lasting
  • Holds 30g (2cup) of coffee bean can be ground in one go
  • The ideal grinder for the coffee enthusiast; Compact, Lightweight and Portable


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Company Name: Mr Sheep Co Ltd
Country/Region: Taiwan
Booth No.: 5CON-010
Zone: Startup Zone
Website: www.mrsheep.co

Paper Shade Table Lamp/Ceiling Light

  • A fusion of paper-cut, weave and digital manufacturing rethinks new papercraft skill. Presenting different images with weaving skill with more stereoscopic layers.
  • Through the sophisticated lampshade design, special shadow pattern appears and become an elegant decoration on the table/ceiling
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Company Name: Moleskine Asia Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 1E-E04
Zone: Hall of Fine Designs
Website: www.moleskine.com

Moleskine Smart Writing Set

  • The set includes specially designed Paper Tablet, smart pen, and app work in tandem to instantly digitize notes and sketches as they are made on paper.
  • Sketches and notes created on the paper tablet allows iOS and Android users to instantly synchronize and save it at the “Moleskine Notes” app. With the functions of editing, organizing and sharing, it’s compatible with various devices and applications including Google Drive and Evernote.
  • Simply tap the envelope icon on the page by smart pen to smoothly transfer notes and sketches into your mailbox.
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Company Name: Nu Design Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 1D-C04
Zone: Hall of Fine Designs
Website: www.nudesign.com.hk

Voyager Travel Companion
  • A slim and sleek designed travel/passport wallet not only holds your passport safely but also accommodates plastic cards, small SIM cards, boarding pass
  • A smartly designed hidden bookmark to mark the last noted page of your passport
  • Combining a tradition product with new technology with a built-in tracking device, the voyager can be easily located with your smart phone through an App so you can trace the whereabouts of your wallet anywhere and anytime
  • Won the Gold Award in Corporate Group – Travel Companion of Hong Kong Smart Gift Design Awards 2016
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Company Name: Takon Product Development Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 1E-F23
Zone: Hall of Fine Designs
Website: www.postalk.com.hk

  • First cross-over task of POSTalk with watch brand
  • It is a unique combination of paper art and mechanical timepieces. Combining with different culture story and advanced engraving technology, to create a new style of timepieces
  • POSTalk X EONIQ watches are offered in different versions: Hong Kong Junk (香港帆 船); WanShouWuJiang (万寿无疆) with Red, Yellow and Blue color; Blue and white Porcelain (青花瓷) ; Chrysanthemum (菊) and Luna (月亮)
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Company Name: Starlite Visual Communication Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 1E-E01
Zone: Hall of Fine Designs
Website: www.greentanet.com

Doggy ,Sit ! Stool
  • “Jigzle home” is a brand new line of Team Green which continue the fun of “DIY” with simple process
  • Focus on “FUNctional” home product including furniture, desktop organizer and even lighting
  • Let’s build with fun and enjoy the function!
  • “Doggy, Sit!” is a stool that you can assemble easily
  • MDF pieces interlock with each other to form a steady structure to load up to 100kg
  • Designer intends to give an abstract outlook of a doggy instead of a specific one, leaving space for imagination