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Exhibitors' and Buyers' Comments
Empowered with decades of experience and expertise in organising trade exhibitions, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is reputed internationally for its outstanding performance.

Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.

The HKTDC sincerely invites you to join this exhibition, to explore the way to success.

Exhibitors’ Quote Buyers’ Quote

Hearexhibitor What Exhibitors’ Say

“In business for 31 years, Shiv Shakti is one of the largest home furnishings and floor covering manufacturers in India. Our handmade products range from carpets and rugs to bathmats, cushions and poufs. USA is currently our biggest market and we have seen increasing business in the Chinese mainland. We are showcasing our newest collections at the Home Textiles Fair for the fifth consecutive years. We have established initial contact with new buyers from different markets including New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Spain, Norway, the Chinese mainland and Japan. The fair has been well organised with good services. We hope to meet more and more buyers through the exhibition.”
Sunil Mittal (right), Director, Shiv Shakti Exports, India


“Marushin Sun Heart is the Hong Kong operation of Japanese group Marushin Co., Ltd. Our Japanese parent has a business history of 50 years, specialising in home textiles of licensed brands such as Disney, Sanrio and Moomin. We produce a wide of products likes bedding sets, towels, cushion covers and slippers carrying appealing cartoon characters. This is our first-year participation in the Home Textiles Fair to expand our presence in Hong Kong and Asia. We have met with a number of buyers from different places including Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, Turkey, Italy, Germany and USA. Negotiations are underway to establish business cooperation. We offer flexibility for order placing with MOQ at 10 pieces per style. This is an excellent fair. We will certainly exhibit here again.”
Takuto Teraoka, Supervisor, Overseas Division, Marushin Sun Heart (HK) Limited, Hong Kong


“Chhabra is a family-owned business founded by our father in 1992, specialising in the production of cotton bathmats, rugs and cushion covers in India. Our integrated factory spans a space of 11,000 square metres with some 330 workers, ensuring stringent quality control for our products. The Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair serves as a solid platform to promote our products and meet customers worldwide. We have got in touch with a number of buyers from different places Brazil, France, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines and Hong Kong this year. Two new customers from Brazil and France have already placed orders worth over US$20,000 each for a selection of bathmats. Five other buyers are also actively negotiating with us. The feedback has been very positive. We are very happy with the results and will definitely exhibit here again.”
Raman Chhabra (left), Managing Director, Suhsil Chhabar (right), Managing Director, Chhabra Home Concepts Pvt Limited, India


“Established in 2000, Nantong Hezhong produces a wide range of home textiles and household items from bed linens and curtains to mats, aprons, slippers, small bags, storage boxes and kitchen series. Major markets include Japan, Europe and USA. This is our debut presence at the Home Textiles Fair to showcase our collections. We have met with some potential customers from Japan, Korea, France and USA. They expressed interest in various items. Our strength in providing a series of collections in accordance with customers’ requirements gives us a strong edge to attract business. This fair opens up new opportunities for business expansion. We will come again to showcase more products and draw buyers.”
Ko Ka (left), Director, and Andi Tao (right), Director, Nantong Hezhong International Company Limited, Chinese mainland


“In business for 15 years, Minh Trang specialises in the manufacturing of embroidery textiles and handmade silk quilts in Vietnam. Our products range from bed linen to table linen quilts and blouses for the fashion industry. We have many customers from Japan, Korea, France and other European countries. This is our first-time participation in the Home Textiles Fair to reach out to more customers. A Malaysian buyer who supplies textiles for hotels has approached us to source embroidery bed linen and table linen. We will send product samples to them according to their requirements. We also received enquiry from a new customer from Hong Kong for our bed linen. This is a good start for business development. The organiser has given a lot of support and arranged media coverage for us to gain more exposure.”
Vu Thi Hong Yen (right), Vice Director, Minh Trang Handmade Company, Vietnam


“Founded in 1995, Jiangsu Sunrise is a leading home textiles manufacturer with our headquarters in Zhangjiagang City of Jiangsu Province. We specialise in the production of high quality blankets for babies and bathrobe. We employ over 5,000 workers and our integrated manufacturing and dyeing facilities enable us to sell products at competitive prices. We are participating in Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair for the fifth consecutive year to extend business presence. A new customer from Spain has already placed an initial order of US$30,000, involving 14,000 pieces of blankets. We have also met with some new buyers from USA and Hong Kong. The response has been positive. We also secured some new buyers from UK and Korea at the fair over the past two years. This fair is a must-attend event for us every year. It provides a good platform to strengthen relationships with existing customers and meet new buyers.”
Wang Wei (left), Sales Executive, Jiangsu Sunrise Textile Technology Co., Ltd., Chinese mainland


“J-Tex produces a great variety of bedding collections under licensed brands like Hallmark and Disney as well as our own brand J-Tex. Major markets cover Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta area including Shenzhen in the Chinese mainland and Macau. We have been participating in the Home Textiles Fair for many years. This is an excellent platform to expand business. Our new bedding series of Hallmark made of Tencel and premium fabrics is among the highlights for this year’s exhibition. We have already met with some new customers from USA, UAE, India and Portugal. Some of them are exploring OEM cooperation. This fair is really a good place to meet different customers all under one roof. We can always secure new buyers every year.”
Benny Leung, Director, J-Tex (H.K.) Co., Ltd., Hong Kong


“In business for 15 years, Home Zone is a home textiles manufacturer in India. Our products are made of 100% cotton covering table linen, living linen, kitchen towels and bed linen. This is our first participation in the Home Textiles Fair to grow our business. We are keen to reach out to more importers and retailers from all over the world. So far, we have met with two serious customers from Belgium and Greece. They expressed interest in our table linen and kitchen towels. Further negotiation will be conducted and we will send samples and pricing details to them. The fair offers a great opportunity for us to gain more exposure. The organiser has provided good support. We really like this exhibition.”
Kumaran Elango, Managing Director, Home Zone, India


“Cottex is well-established manufacturer of bedding products comprising pillows, duvets, bed linens, mattresses and summer mats. Our production facilities are located in Nantong of Jiangsu Province in the Chinese mainland. Functional pillows and quit sets such as memory pillows, antibacterial quilts and charcoal anion quits are among the best-selling items. We also provide bedding items with licensed characters like Winnie the Pooh, Toy Story and Snoopy. Cottex is participating in the Home Textiles Fair to promote our latest collections. Our new bed linen series made of 50% Tencel with enhanced moisture management is one of our highlights this year. We have already got in touch with several potential customers from Hong Kong, Singapore and Mexico. Further talks will be conducted to establish cooperation. The fair has generated some positive feedback. This marks a good start for business expansion. We look forward to exploring opportunities in OEM business as well as the sale of bedding products under our own brand Cottex.”
Travis Lau, Marketing Manager, Cottex Australia International Ltd., Hong Kong


Established in 1997, Sai Exports specialises in the production of home furnishing products including decorative cushions, curtains, table linens and fabrics for garment manufacturing. Europe is our major export market. We are participating in the Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair for the third consecutive year to expand our presence. We are showcasing our new embroidery fabrics to international buyers. The response is pretty positive. We have got in touch with a new customer from South Africa soon after the opening of the fair. The new customer intends to place orders for a selection of decorative cushions at 300 pieces per design per colour. Two existing customers from Singapore and Taiwan that we secured through this fair over the last two years are also visiting us again this time to source more products. This is a good fair allowing us to generate new business. That’s why we are exhibiting here again.”
Veena Vijay, CEO, Sai Exports, India

Hearbuyer What Buyers’ Say

“Fox Group is the largest retail group in Israel. We operate over 500 stores under our own brands and franchised operations of international brands including Nike, Mango and Disney. Our products range from home items to fashion and accessories like bags and shoes. I am visiting the Home Textiles Fair for the first time to source home textiles and related items. I have already found some potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland, India and Belgium for bedding sets, doormats and carpets. There are also interesting offerings such as kitchen gadgets and bath accessories at the Housware Fair. I have got a lot of product information with nearly 20 new suppliers and will discuss with colleagues in head office to choose the most suitable ones. The size of orders will be subject to further negotiation. This is amazing fair. I would like to come again.”
Racheli Druker, Purchasing Referent, Fox Group, Israel


“In business since 1999, we operate a chain of lifestyle shops in Korea selling a wide range of home items from furniture to kitchenware, bedding sets, decoration and gifts. We are visiting Home Textiles Fair to find something new and trendy. Good designs are of paramount importance. We are willing to pay more for better products that have stronger appeal to customers. We have met some existing suppliers at the fair and are still looking around for new suppliers of fabrics and textiles. The Houseware Fair is also interesting with so much on offer. There are some potential items like cutlery, plastic containers, clocks and porcelain décor with LED light for us. Orders will usually be around US$40,000 for each supplier. Hong Kong is a good trading platform to source new products with trendy design.”
Jong Koo Lee (middle), CEO, K & Company, Korea


“In business for 27 years, Hong Ming is an importer and wholesaler of fabrics for home furnishings, curtains and carpets in Singapore. We also operate a chain of 6 retail stores selling products under overseas brands and our own brand. I am visiting the Home Textiles Fair to find new suppliers. The focus is on middle- to high-end projects. There are some interesting products on offer here. I have found 5 new suppliers from the Chinese mainland and India for carpets, door mats and chair covers. We will get some samples to test their quality. We aim at long-term business relationship and will usually place orders for about US$100,000 with each supplier every year. I hope to come again to source more merchandises.”
Stephen Foo, Head of Sales, Hong Ming Pte Ltd, Singapore


“Established in 1995, Acacoa Fabrics is engaged in the wholesale business of various fabrics for the production of furniture, sofas and curtains. Our major customers include furniture shops, sofa factories and hotels. I am visiting the Home Textiles Fair for the first time to enrich the variety of fabrics for sale. So far, I have found a new supplier from India for some fabrics that are suitable for the making of curtains and sofas. The supplier will send us samples and pricing details soon. Minimum orders will be 1,000 metres per design and per colour of the specific fabric. I also took this opportunity to understand the latest trends of houseware items and such information will be useful for our future business expansion.”
Alvin Yap, Manager, Acacia Fabrics Sdn Bhd, Malaysia


“We specialise in the supply of home furnishings as well as textiles and interior décor for the hotel industry. Based in Dubai, our business covers the markets of UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait. We also deal with some hotels in Africa. I am visiting the Home Textiles Fair to find bed linen, table linen and decorative products for homes and hotels. I have identified two new suppliers from the Chinese mainland for table linen, bed linen and chair covers. I’ve also got in touch with Indonesia exhibitor PT. Indah Jaya Textile Industry that produces quality textiles for the hotel industry. I will meet the new suppliers in the Chinese mainland and Indonesia after the fair to discuss business cooperation. Our orders will be at least US$50,000-US$100,000 with each supplier. Talks are also underway with an Italian supplier of kitchen appliances at Houseware Fair. The hotel industry is booming worldwide driving demand for hotel-related textiles. I hope to see more textiles for the hospitality business at the fair.”
M.S. Bipin, Regional Manager, Cottonopolis International Fzco, UAE


“We are engaged in the e-tailing business in Russia selling primarily fashion and accessories. Our shopping platform has been in operation for two years and we are expanding our business to cover home furnishings and household items. We are visiting the Home Textiles Fair for the first time to find new suppliers. This is really an eye-opening experience. We have found a lot of interesting home furnishings here including mattresses and bed linens. There are many Indian exhibitors and they are showcasing an amazing mix of well-designed collections. We have also spotted some attractive items such as garden decorative products and small home items at the Houseware Fair. We have collected a lot of information about different products. We will go through them carefully to choose the most suitable items. This is a great fair and we will definitely come again.”
Shiverskikh Olga (left), Manager, Qualiti Inspector Goods, Russia


“Viyka is a new startup specialising in the sale of high-quality aprons on the Internet. We focus our e-tailing business expansion in Canada and North America. This is our first-ever visit to the Home Textiles Fair to source products and find suppliers. We are particularly interested in products with trendy design and using organic fabrics. So far, we have already established initial contact with 8 to 10 potential suppliers mainly from India. Further discussions will be held to identify the most suitable partner. Initial order is expected to involve about 1,000 pieces. This is really a good fair offering so much to see and choose. Everything has been well organised here.”
Zsuzsi Regmi, Owner, and Bikky Regmi, Owner, Viyka, Canada


“In business for over 40 years, Mandaue Foam is a leading retailer of furniture and home products in the Philippines. We currently operate a total of 22 home stores across the country selling a comprehensive range of products from furniture to pillows, bed frames, rugs and small home items. We have been visiting Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair over the years to enrich our product categories. We have already found three new suppliers of rugs and towels from Indonesia, India and the Chinese mainland in the first couple of hours after the fair’s opening. We will place orders for a 20-foot container of goods from each of the new suppliers within a month’s time. This is always a successful good. We can get new suppliers every year.”
Rian Ahictin (left), Merchandiser, Mandaue Foam, the Philippines