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Exhibitors' and Buyers' Comments
Empowered with decades of experience and expertise in organising trade exhibitions, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is reputed internationally for its outstanding performance.

Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.

The HKTDC sincerely invites you to join this exhibition, to explore the way to success.

Exhibitors’ Quote Buyers’ Quote

Exhibitors Quotes

“With 30 years of business experience, Craftex is a well-established manufacturer of handmade carpets, rugs, floor mats and door mats in India. We have been showcasing our products at Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair for many years. The exhibition opens up a lot of new business opportunities for our expansion. We are offering a diversity of new designs and patterns at this year’s fair. The feedback is even better than last year. A large number of new buyers from different places including the Chinese mainland, Korea, Japan, Italy, Germany, France and Spain have shown strong interest in our items. Some existing customers also visited our booth to see our new collections and request for samples. Further talks are being held with them. It’ll usually take three to four months to finalise business cooperation and orders. This is an excellent fair to find buyers and grow business. We’re happy with the results.”
Anirudh Rathore (second from right), Director, Craftex India, India


“Hung Hang Shing specialises in the production of yarns and fabrics in Taiwan. In business for over 30 years, we are committed to providing high quality fabrics for various applications. This is our debut presence at Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings fair to promote our eco-friendly PE coated mesh fabrics and TPE elastic mesh fabrics. The fabrics are durable, waterproof, breathable, toxic-free, PVC-free and plasticiser-free, and can be used for making indoor and outdoor furniture. An international brand uses our fabrics to make table placemats. The exhibition response has been positive. Many buyers from different places like India, the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines and Indonesia have expressed sourcing interest. This is an excellent fair with exceptional service. The business matching service enables effective and fruitful exchanges with serious buyers.”
Tim Yang, Vice President, Hung Hang Shing Industry Co., Ltd., Taiwan


“Carpet Export Promotion Council is a government organisation designated to support the growth of India’s carpet industry and expand their export sales. This is the fourth year that we’ve organised a pavilion for Indian carpet manufacturers at Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair. A total of 10 Indian companies are here showcasing different designs of their handmade carpets and rugs. Eight of the participating companies are repeat exhibitors, indicating that the fair has effectively generated business for them. Handmade carpets are well-known around the world. Many international buyers like those from USA, Germany and even Turkey are interested in Indian carpets. This fair is a major trade event in Asia. We consider it a solid platform to promote our high quality handmade carpets to buyers from different parts of the world.”
P.K. Arora, Assistant Director, Carpet Export Promotion Council India


“PT Indah Jaya is showcasing our quality towels at Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair for the fourth consecutive year. This fair offers an exceptional platform for us to gain exposure and promote our Terry Palmer brand to international customers. As a leading towel manufacturer in Indonesia, we are keen to expand our business and grow the sales of Terry Palmer collections in Europe, USA and Asia. Last year, Terry Palmer successfully made entry into the Korean market with the first-ever trial order. We are now shipping the brand’s collections regularly to meet customers’ demand in Korea. We also concluded OEM orders with some new customers from the Philippines and the Chinese mainland at last year’s Hong Kong fair. The buyers’ response has been even better this year. Some new buyers from Argentina and Brazil looking for hotel-related textiles have expressed interest in sourcing our towels. Samples are being delivered to them and further negotiation will be conducted. We will continue to exhibit here to pursue more business development opportunities.”
Irene Irawati, Marketing Manager, PT Indah Jaya Textile Industry, Indonesia


“A. Essak & Sons is a leading home furnishings manufacturer in Pakistan. We are celebrating our 30th anniversary this year. We provide a comprehensive range of products from bed linens and towels to tablecloths, curtains, aprons and bathrobes. Major customers are mainly from Europe. Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair is a good platform to reach out to international customers. This is our first-year participation. We’ve met with a number of buyers from different parts of the world such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, Mongolia, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Argentina, Brazil and Honduras. I am confident of concluding some deals in one or two months. This fair generated very positive responses from buyers. We will participate in the exhibition again.”
Muhammed Salman Yousuf, Director of Marketing, A. Essak & Sons Home Textiles, Pakistan


“I&S is a leading manufacturer of baby playmats and playpens in Korea. We have expanded the scope of business to produce a variety of soft and waterproof rugs and mats that are easy to clean and take care of. This is our first-time participation at Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair to promote rugs and mats to international customers. Many buyers from different markets such as Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, India, USA, Australia, Poland and Russia have come forward to show interest in our products. Among them are large and small retailers as well as marketing consultancy companies. About one third of them expressed keen interest in sourcing our rugs and mats. We look forward positively to developing business with them. This fair is very successful, attracting so many buyers from all over the world. It’s just a great place to find customers and grow business.”
Janghee Cho, Overseas Sales Deputy Manager, I&S Co., Ltd., Korea


“In business for over 20 years, Nantong Xinjiyuan is a leading manufacturer of hotel-related textiles in the Chinese mainland. We offer a great variety of products from bedding sets, to pillows, towels, bathrobes and curtains for hotels locally and internationally. Export sales account for about one third of our business. We are participating in Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair for the second consecutive year. The response is even better than last year. We’ve received strong enquiries from many serious buyers including customers from Thailand, Korea, Japan, Singapore and the Philippines.  A Korean retailer is planning to place a trial order while a Thai hotel operator is also keen to purchase our items. At last year’s debut, we secured four new customers from Hong Kong, Indonesia and Uruguay. We expect to conclude deals with even more buyers this time. This is an excellent fair to find new customers and increase our export sales.”
Grace Ge (second from left), Overseas Business Manager, Nantong Xinjiyuan Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd, Chinese mainland


“HOK SPRL designs and produces a wide range of home furnishings items with beautiful digital prints under our brand ACHOKA for customers across the globe. We also provide OEM service based on customers’ designs. Products range from kids’ playmats to home décor, door mats, cushions, rugs and outdoor items. We have been participating in Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair for several years to expand business. Among this year’s exhibition highlights are snuggles and Indian tepee tent collection that have attracted a lot of buyers’ interest. We’ve met with a number of new customers from different places such as Germany, France, Norway, Korea, Japan, Australia, Europe, USA, Argentina and Brazil. We expect 30% of the new buyers including a 350-store retailer from Australia, a 250-store retailer from USA and a 100-store operator from Brazil will place orders eventually. Some existing customers like two retailers from Italy and UAE also came and placed orders for new collections at the fair. This is really a good fair. We’re happy with the results.”
Gilles de Crayencour (right), CEO, and Manon Simons (left), Export Manager, HOK SPRL, Belgium


“Marushin Sun Heart is participating in Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishing Fair for the second consecutive year to expand business. We are the Hong Kong operation of Japanese group Marushin Co., Ltd., specialising in home textiles of licensed brands. At presence, we carry 45 licensed Japanese and international brands such as Totoro, Star Wars, Hello Kitty, Sanrio and Disney characters. Products range from towels to bedding sets and cushion covers. We are launching a new embroidery brooch collection with various licensed characters at the fair this year. The feedback is quite positive. Shortly after the opening of the fair, several Hong Kong-based global companies have already approached us and expressed interest in the new brooch collection as well as other home textiles items. Last year’s debut exhibition was very successful and we secured 10-20 new customers, mainly from Hong Kong and Taiwan. We are optimistic about the business prospect and expect to meet more new buyers this year. This fair offers an excellent platform to grow our presence.”
Kunihiro Yamashita (left), Managing Executive Officer, and Shoko Kodama (right), Manager, Marushin Sun Heart (H.K.) Limited, Hong Kong


“EPCH is committed to promoting Indian handicrafts worldwide. Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair is a major annual trade event for our companies to meet global customers and extend business. We have brought together 29 Indian companies to showcase different home textiles and furnishings items at the Indian pavilion this year. Buyers are forthcoming and our companies have been quite busy so far. We’ve also organised 55 Indian companies to promote their homeware products such as kitchenware and home décor items at the concurrent Hong Kong Houseware Fair.  The HKTDC fairs are excellent as they attract different kinds of buyers from all over the world, opening up a lot of business opportunities. We can secure new customers every time for business development.  That’s why our companies keep coming here to exhibit year after year. About 80% of the participating Indian companies are repeat exhibitors this time.”
Rajesh Singh, Assistant Director, Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH), India

Buyers’ Quote

“In business for 18 years, Neowin is engaged in the retailing business of home furnishings in Singapore. Through sister company JunWe Design, we supply interior textiles and furnishings items for hotels. Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair offers a lot to see and choose from. This is our first-ever visit and we’ve found something interesting to purchase. Negotiation is underway with Korean exhibitor Decowin Textile for blinds in different styles and a Taiwanese exhibitor for table placemats made of special fabrics. This is a good fair. We hope to visit the exhibition again to find more suitable products.”
Esther Tan (left), Director, and Simon Neo (right), Director, Neowin Trading, Singapore


“Based in Kuala Lumpur, Goldtex is a leading supplier of home textiles products in Malaysia. With about 40 years of experience in the business, we provide a wide range of home furnishings for living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. We have a strong clientele and supply products for the house brands of many department stores in Malaysia. This is my first visit to Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair. I’ve found a new supplier from India for floor mats and a Chinese mainland supplier for towels through the business matching service. We will test the samples followed by factory audit to explore cooperation. It will take some time to establish relationships before placing orders. The amount of orders will be large and can be up to 50,000 pieces per colour per design. Hong Kong is a very convenient trading hub for industry players to do business. This fair has good potential for further expansion. I anticipate to visit the fair again and meet more exhibitors.”
Gul Ramesh, Chief Executive Officer, Goldtex Exim Sdn Bhd, Malaysia


“Softhome specialises in the provision of curtains, blinds, wallpapers and solar films for customers in Singapore. We help individual homeowners and commercial clients to match different designs of home furnishings to ensure interior harmony. At present, we source products mainly on the Internet with major suppliers from Japan, Korea and Turkey. I am visiting Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair to explore new sourcing opportunities. I’ve established contact with Korean exhibitor Decowin Textile and found its roller blinds very suitable for our customers and I will place orders soon. This is a well-organised exhibition offering a diversity of products. The visit yielded good results.”
Quak Yong Sheng, Owner, Softhome, Singapore


“In business for 14 years, IP Lasitsa is a retailer of home furnishing products in Kaliningrad in the western region of Russia. We operate two retail stores and a showroom. At present, we source mainly from suppliers in Poland. This is my first-ever visit to Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair to find new sourcing opportunities. So far, I’ve found three new suppliers for various items. One of them is Korean exhibitor Decowin Textile who provide well-designed blinds that block sunlight. Talks are also underway with a Chine mainland exhibitor for carpets and waterproof mats and an Indian supplier for a selection of towels and home textile products. This fair is well organised and easy to navigate. Staff has been very helpful. I’m very satisfied with the results.”
Andrey Lasitsa, Chief Executive Officer, IP Lasitsa, Russia


“Samsung C & T is establishing its home furnishings operation in Korea to tap business opportunities in the growing market. In a franchise cooperation with Swedish lifestyle brand Granit, we are looking to set up a 15-store home furnishings chain in Korea. The first four stores are expected to come into operation by the end of 2018. Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair is a solid platform to source bedding, cushions and home textiles items. Hong Kong Houseware Fair also offers interesting products like kitchenware and bathroom items. I’ve got in touch with a number of potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland, the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia and New Zealand for different products. The amount of orders will be subject to product specifications and further negotiation. I’m pleased to be here meeting so many new suppliers so as to enhance our sourcing capability for business development. In anticipation of a rising demand for home furnishings in Korea, we also hope to open a retail network under our own brand eventually.”
Mia Hwang, Manager, Overseas Merchandising Division 2, Samsung C & T, Korea


“Somphol is a leading manufacturer of bedding and mattress products in Thailand. We have been in business for over 30 years distributing our collections under the brand of Springmate. Besides household consumers, we supply products to hotels. Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair offers some good choices. We’ve already found three China mainland suppliers of bed linens, covers and blankets. Samples will be tested for their quality and it is expected to take about three months to finalise business development. We are looking to place trial orders of around US$6,000 each if everything goes smoothly. Normal orders will be in the size of about US$30,000 each. This is a good fair while staff has been very friendly and helpful. We really enjoyed the visit.”
Krisapon Techaphangam (left), Deputy Managing Director, and Ratana Techaphangam (right), Managing Director, Somphol Bedding and Mattress Industry Co., Ltd., Thailand


“With 24 years of experience in home textiles business, Angads Fashion is a wholesaler of bedding products in Australia. We are now extending our business to bedding for hotels. Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair provides a great platform to find new suppliers. We are looking for suppliers with their own production facilities to ensure a reliable delivery of quality products. So far, we’ve found a China mainland supplier specialising in the provision of hotel-related textiles. Their product variety is impressive and we expect to conclude business with them. They will send us the pricing details and samples of bedding sets while we get customers’ feedback. Initial order is expected to be at least US$25,000. The fair’s service has been wonderful. We’re especially impressed with the guided service that enabled efficient exchanges with exhibitors. That really makes it easier for us and we can make better business decisions accordingly.”
Nishaa Lamba (left), Director, and Guru Lamba (right), Director, Angads Fashion Pty. Ltd., Australia


“PLP is an importer in USA selling a variety of products from baby items to gifts, houseware and furniture. We are now developing our own brand specialising in baby-related products. This is my first visit to Hong Kong International Home Textiles & Furnishings Fair to source potential items. I’ve met with several Chinese mainland suppliers whose bedding canopy and knitted sets are quite attractive. Some of the exhibits at Hong Kong Houseware Fair also look appealing. I’ve established initial contact with several exhibitors from Thailand and Taiwan for simple furniture and baskets, and a Belgian exhibitor for its fabrics printing solution. I’m deeply impressed by both fairs and the service support. There are so many exhibitors from different countries and regions, and the exhibition environment is very nice.”
Pauline Pettinella, CEO, PLP Importing, USA


“In operation for three years, Check Inn is a 65-room boutique hotel with contemporary and simplistic design in Taipei. We are visiting Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair for the first time to find sourcing opportunities. So far, we’ve identified two to three potential suppliers of towels and bedding items. There are also some interesting products being showcased at Hong Kong Houseware Fair. We’ve found some candles and porcelain plates. The organiser has done a good job, making the fairs so successful.”
Bart Day (left), Doorman, and Spring Chuang (right), Marketing Director, Check Inn, Taiwan