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Exhibitors' & Buyers' Comments




Empowered with decades of experience and expertise in organising trade exhibitions, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is reputed internationally for its outstanding performance.

Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.

The HKTDC sincerely invites you to join this exhibition, to explore the way to success.



Exhibitors’ Comments Buyers’ Comments


Exhibitors’ Comments



1. “Prodige produces home fragrance, perfumed candles, reed diffuser, potpourri and room spray in France.  This is our debut exhibition at the Hong Kong Houseware Fair. As Europe is our major market and we have business partners in Japan and Korea, we are keen to develop other markets in the Asia Pacific region through the Hong Kong fair. I think it is easier to find customers in this region here. Hong Kong is also an important gateway for us to enter the Chinese mainland market. Buyers’ responses have been encouraging at the fair. So far, we have met with potential customers from the Chinese mainland, New Zealand and the UK. With the help from the HKTDC business matching team, we are going to meet with two important buyers from the Chinese mainland on the second day of the fair. It’s a good start.”
Arnaud Franquenk, Branding & Export Manager, Prodige, France

2. “Based in Germany, our company produces high-quality paper napkins, table covers, toilet paper and handkerchiefs for the gifts and premium market. About 65 per cent of our products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions and the rest are sold in our domestic market. We have been participating in the Hong Kong Houseware Fair for more than 10 years to look for distributors and private label customers because it is a major trade show in Asia which helps us to reach out to customers especially in the Asia Pacific region. Through the previous shows, we successfully found distributors from Australia and some Asian countries and private label customers from Canada and the UK. We believe this year is no exception. We have already met with a lot of potential buyers from Europe.”
Andreas Uhlig, Sales Director, Paper+Design GmbH Tabletop, Germany

3. “Established in 1993, Konstar offers a full range of kitchenware products such as grinders, slicers, food processors, choppers, mincers and peelers. Our major markets include Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the US. We are a long-term supporter of the Hong Kong Houseware Fair because we can meet a lot of buyers from all over the world at one location. The fair provides a good opportunity for us to promote our new products, to look for new customers and to strengthen business relationships with our existing customers. Every year the fair generates new business to our company. Buyers’ responses have been good on the first day of the fair and we have met with new customers from Asia.”
Ken Sin, Sales Manager, Konstar Industries Limited, Hong Kong

4. “Dafi specialises in the development and production of water filters. This is our first year at the Hong Kong Houseware Fair to showcase our water filters including standard water filters, alkaline water filters, anticalc water filters and magnesium water filters and to look for distributors. Apart from promoting our Dafi brand, we also do private labels. We have met with new buyers from the Chinese mainland, Europe, North America and South America who are very interested in our water filters.  About 80 per cent of them are keen to be our distributors while the rest want to buy our products for their private labels. We are happy with the results so far. We’ll return to the fair next year and want to have a bigger booth.”

Filip Makόwka, Sales Director, Dafi Market SA, Poland

5. “Established in 1967, our company offers Glasslock food containers and Cheftopf cookware, which are exported to 86 countries and regions. We are exhibiting at the Hong Kong Houseware Fair to find new distributors and to promote our brand names. We join the Hong Kong Houseware Fair every year because the fair enjoys the highest reputation in Asia. So far, we have met with new buyers from many places including the Chinese mainland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia and the US. At the fair, we have received orders from existing distributors from Indonesia and Malaysia.”
Jeff Ha, Sales Manager, Sam Kwang Glass Co., Ltd., Korea

6. “In business for 37 years in Japan, we offer clocks, lighting products, home textiles and furniture which are created by our in-house designers. We started our export business six years ago by joining the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair and the Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair. Due to unfavourable economic situation in our overseas markets, we stopped our export business. This is our first time participation in the Hong Kong Houseware Fair to restart our export business. We have received good responses from buyers. We have been busy meeting with a lot of new customers from Australia, France, New Zealand, Norway, South America and the US who are very interested in our designs. We’ll provide quotations to them and keep in touch with them after the fair.”

Kenji Fujiwara (right), Overseas and Product Development Div. Manager, Interform Inc., Japan

7. “Daka specialises in the development and production of innovative kitchen gadgets. This year we have already launched more than 10 new products. Three of our new products which have won reddot awards 2016 are being showcased at this year’s Hong Kong Houseware Fair. These new products include a flexible whisk which can be adjusted for various purposes, a frying spatula which can be transformed into tongs, and a clip-on-the-pot strainer which is light, small and convenient. Customers’ responses have been very good. The new contacts that we have made so far at the fair are 50 per cent higher than last year because we are showcasing more new products this year including our award-winning products. We have met with new buyers from Europe, Japan and the US. Among them, we have identified two potential distributors from France and Japan. It is likely that we can form our partnership with them in one month’s time.”
Jesse Emery Chow, Business Development Director, Daka International Limited, Hong Kong

8. “Founded since 1850, Emile Henry is a family-run company that produces handmade ceramic cookware, ovenware, bakeware, kitchenware and tableware. Innovation and quality are essential to our business. A 10-year warranty is given to our customers. Our main markets include the Chinese mainland, Europe, Japan, Korea and the US. This is our debut exhibition at the Hong Kong Houseware Fair. We are keen to find distributors in Asia. Hong Kong is an important place for us to meet our existing distributors who also visit the fair. At the fair, we have established contacts with new buyers from Australia, the Chinese mainland, Europe, Japan, Malaysia, Morocco, New Zealand, the Philippines and the US. Two interesting contacts from the Chinese mainland and Malaysia are likely to become our distributors. We’ll have further negotiations with them after the fair.”
Jérôme Froment-Meurice, Sales Director, Emile Henry, France

9. “Marumoto is one of the Japanese pottery manufacturers led by Grand Island Holdings Limited to join the Hong Kong Houseware Fair. We are famous for making a wide variety of handmade pottery under our Shigarakiyaki brand. We are the first company that produces clay bathtubs in Japan which are good for use in hotels and luxury apartments. At the Hong Kong fair, we are highlighting a huge clay bathtub with a diameter of 110cm and a height of 60cm, which has attracted a lot of attention from international buyers. They are surprised to see that we have shipped such a huge and heavy bathtub to the fairground. This bathtub sells for US$5,500 and we can produce tailor-made bathtubs for customers. At the fair, we have received serious enquiries from many buyers from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and the US.”
Muraki Ikuo, President, Marumoto Co., Ltd., Japan

10. “Our company is an Australia-Vietnam joint venture specialising in storage solutions which are made of seagrass and water hyacinth. Few years ago, we started to make use of wood, metal and stone to produce furniture. We have been participating in the Hong Kong Houseware Fair for more than 10 years because it is an international fair that attracts buyers from all parts of the world and each year, we receive new orders after the fair. At this year’s fair, we have met with many new buyers who ask for our quotations and product photos. Three quality buyers from Japan, the UK and the US will place orders for our products after the fair.”
Nathan Etinger (left), Regional Manager, Vietnam Housewares Co., Ltd., Vietnam

11. “Established in 1968, TVS designs and manufactures non-stick aluminium cookware and bakeware in Italy. Known for their quality and design, TVS products are distributed in 60 countries and regions. We have participated in the Hong Kong Houseware Fair for 11 consecutive years. Our main goals are to look for new distributors and to show our new collections to existing distributors. Several existing distributors have placed orders at the fair. We have also found potential distributors from Japan, Malaysia, Norway and Singapore. The Hong Kong Houseware Fair is the window to the world and it is an important show that generates new contacts, new opportunities and new business.”

Theo Tassias, Export Area Manager, TVS S.p.A., Italy

12. “With production facilities on the Chinese mainland, Taime is a Singaporean company that distributes premium products for mothers and babies under our Lucky Baby brand. We have joined the Hong Kong Baby Products Fair for many years, but this is our first time exhibiting at the Hong Kong Houseware Fair because this year’s fair features a new Baby Products zone. At the Baby Products Fair, we usually meet with buyers from baby product chain stores. However, at the Houseware Fair, we are happy to have established contacts with different groups of buyers including retailers and e-tailers from Australia, the Chinese mainland, South America and the US. A serious buyer from Chile will visit our showroom in Singapore after the fair.”
Eileen Tan, Product/Merchandising Director, Taime Pte Ltd, Singapore

13. “It’s our great pleasure to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the HKTDC, which is a long-established trade promotion organisation established since 1966. With the signing of the MOU, both parties will exchange trade and investment information. To promote trade between Laos and Hong Kong, the MOU encourages Laos companies to promote their products and Laos importers to buy products via HKTDC trade fairs and its online platform. The HKTDC will also organise seminars and workshops in Laos so that enterprises in our country know more about the markets on the Chinese mainland and in Hong Kong. This is the first time that Laos companies are showcasing their interior decorative items and handmade textile products at the Hong Kong Houseware Fair. The fair will help them to expand their export business. We have also organised a delegation of importers to visit the Hong Kong Houseware Fair for the first time.”
Somchith Inthamith, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Lao P.D.R

14. “Wakayama is the top production base for wood processing, furniture, houseware and lacquerware industries in Japan, with around 170 companies registered in our prefecture. To help these companies to find promising buyers from all over the world, we select overseas exhibitions which are relevant to the industries in Wakayama. We are glad to have the Wakayama Pavilion again at the Hong Kong Houseware Fair, which is the best show of its kind in Asia in terms of exhibitor number and also one of the most successful exhibitions in the world. The houseware products offered by our exhibitors are user-friendly and reflect Japanese traditional taste. In fact, Wakayama Prefecture and the HKTDC signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Hong Kong in July 2013, and since then, we have been exhibiting not only at the Hong Kong Houseware Fair but also in the Food Expo, the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair and the Hong Kong Book Fair. All in all, I am very satisfied with the results and the services provided by the HKTDC.”

Yoshinobu Nisaka (right), Governor, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan



Buyers’ Comments



1. “Established in 1988, Tok & Stok operates 50 stores in Brazil, selling design-oriented furniture, houseware and decorations under our own brand. We are going to open six more stores this year to increase our sales turnover. We visit the Hong Kong Houseware Fair almost every year to source design-driven houseware and decorative items because we can meet with suppliers from different parts of the world and find good designs here. In particular, we like the Hall of Elegance which features designer brands and lets us know what’s on trend. We expect that we’ll have found 50 potential suppliers at this year’s fair. We’ll discuss with our purchasing department and finalise our orders after the fair. Usually, the size of our order is one container which includes an assortment of houseware and decorative items.”
Edson Coutinho, Trends and Design Manager, Tok & Stok, Brazil

2. “I am an importer of promotional items, serving corporate customers from different sectors in Mexico. I visit the Hong Kong Houseware Fair and other HKTDC trade fairs regularly to source new products for my customers. At this year’s Hong Kong Houseware Fair, I have found some interesting items such as umbrellas, cosmetic brushes, thermal bottles and waterproof smartphone cases which are suitable for use as promotional items. I’ll present these interesting items to my corporate customers. Our order size ranges from US$10,000 to US$100,000, depending on customers’ requirements. The Hong Kong Houseware Fair is an excellent show. It provides the most cost-effective way for me to find a lot of good suppliers. I can always find new products and new ideas here.”

Rafael Vázquez T., Owner, Grupo Franco Mexicano De Regalos, Mexico

3. “Reina Batata is a wholesaler and retailer of kitchenware and gadgets which operates 24 stores in Argentina. This is my second time visiting the Hong Kong Houseware Fair to look for new suppliers. Up till now, I have found about 50 potential suppliers of kitchenware and gadgets mostly from the Chinese mainland. I am going to place orders with at least 10 of them after the fair. For each new supplier, I’ll buy about US$20,000 worth of kitchenware and gadgets. Hong Kong is a good place to do business. I like the Hong Kong Houseware Fair because I can find a lot of suppliers who offer quality products at competitive prices.”
Federico Baigun, CEO, Reina Batata, Argentina

4. “Headquartered in Germany, Westwing is a well-known home décor e-tailer in Europe. Currently, it has eight branches in Europe and one branch in Brazil. I am here sourcing cookware, bathroom accessories and furnishing textiles for the Russian market. So far, I have identified 10 potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland, Europe and Hong Kong. Negotiations will continue after the fair. It’ll take at least two months for us to finalise our orders. Our initial order will be one container. I enjoy visiting the Hong Kong Houseware Fair because I can find something new and interesting here and prices offered by suppliers are reasonable. I am going to find more suppliers at the fair because our e-tailing business in Russia is expanding very quickly.”
Igor Belozerov, Home Décor Buyer, Westwing, Russia

5. “We are one of the biggest importers and wholesalers of houseware products in the Czech Republic. This is my first time visiting the Hong Kong Houseware Fair. Consumers in the Czech Republic are more price-sensitive now due to poor economic situation. I have come here to talk to different suppliers and check their prices because I want to find new suppliers who can provide better prices than our existing suppliers. Up till now, I have found 15-20 potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand for the supply of placemats, tableware, sponges and scrubbers, cloth hangers and shopping trolleys. Further negotiations with these suppliers will be conducted after the fair.”

Tomáš Šik, Purchasing Manager, Velkoobchod Fave s.r.o., Czech Republic

6. “Our company has 200 budget hotels under three different brand names in Northern China. Each year, we buy more than RMB2 million worth of bedding. This is my first-visit to the Hong Kong Houseware Fair to look for hotel supplies. At the fair, I have found three potential pillow suppliers from the Chinese mainland, but I haven’t confirmed orders yet. Separately, our company plans to open houseware experience stores at our budget hotels next year and to launch an online platform for suppliers to sell their houseware products to consumers. At the fair, I have found a lot of quality houseware products with good designs from Japan, Korea and Taiwan which are suitable for the Chinese mainland market. I’ll contact these suppliers to explore cooperation opportunities.”
Li Min, Deputy General Manager, Shijiazhuang Guoda Hotel Co Ltd, the Chinese mainland

7. “In business for 25 years, our company is an importer and distributor of ceramic tableware in Malaysia. Our clients include FMCGs, MNCs, hotels and banks in Southeast Asia which look for promotional items. This is our second time visiting the Hong Kong Houseware Fair to look for new suppliers. We have identified 10 potential tableware suppliers from the Chinese mainland. We’ll visit some of their factories after the fair. Normally, we’ll place orders in two months’ time after further negotiations with suppliers. The size of our orders ranges from 5,000 to 10,000 pieces. The market for promotional items in Southeast Asia is huge. The Hong Kong Houseware Fair, which brings together many suppliers, serves as a good sourcing channel.”
Junior Low, Director, MyMug Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

8. “With three shops in Australia, Indigo Love Collectors is an importer, wholesaler and retailer of unique and stylish homeware and furniture. Our products are imported mainly from the Chinese mainland and India, and many of the items that we source are all one-of-a-kind. We visited the Hong Kong Houseware Fair before. At this year’s fair, we are looking for woven items, cutlery, glassware and home textiles. We have found two to three new suppliers of lighting products and glassware and it’ll take four weeks to complete the negotiations. We have placed on-site orders with existing suppliers for cutlery, glassware and flatware worth US$50,000. We like the Hong Kong Houseware Fair because we can find unique designs and competitive prices.”
Tara Solberg (left) and Daniel Solberg (right), Directors, Indigo Love Collectors, Australia

9. “With two showrooms in India, First Impression is an importer and distributor of furnishings, carpets, wallpaper and flooring. Our main goal is to look for curtains, upholstery, blinds and wallpaper, and we have found two to three potential suppliers at the Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair. We are also taking this opportunity to visit the Hong Kong Houseware Fair where we have found many interesting items such as household artifacts, household accessories and decorative items offered by four potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan. We are thinking to expand our product range to houseware products next year. This is our first time visiting Hong Kong fairs. The two fairs are well-organised and it’s easy for buyers to find what they want.”
Meher Malani, Owner, First Impression, India