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Empowered with decades of experience and expertise in organising trade exhibitions, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is reputed internationally for its outstanding performance.

Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.

The HKTDC sincerely invites you to join this exhibition, to explore the way to success.



Exhibitors’ Quote Buyers’ Quote


Exhibitors’ Quote



“Headquartered in London, Wilmax started out as a porcelain tableware manufacturer in 2010. After years of development, we have expanded our product range to bambooware, glassware, cutlery and crystalware. Our products are sold to 70 countries and regions. Our sales turnover in emerging markets such as CIS, the Middle East, South America and South Asia is growing fast. This is our fourth-time participation in the Hong Kong Houseware Fair. The fair provides a good opportunity for our existing customers to see and touch our latest collections and also serves as a perfect platform for us to find new customers. Every year, we make a lot of useful contacts at the fair which generate new orders. In the first three hours of the fair, we have met with many buyers from many places including Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, India, the Middle East, the Philippines and Taiwan. We like to meet more buyers in the next three days.”
Olga Kuzmicheva, Sales Director, Wilmax Limited, Hong Kong


“With a factory in Taiwan, Butterfleyez designs and produces creative tableware and wall decorations under the monkey and donkey design brand. We launched our brand two years ago and our products are now exported to Europe, Japan, Singapore and the US. This is the first time that we have joined the Hong Kong Houseware Fair to promote our creative designs and look for international buyers. The fair is the perfect place for us to meet with large-volume buyers. As our designs feature a beautiful blend of East and West and our products are lead-free and made with non-toxic glaze, they appeal to buyers from Europe and the US as well as buyers in the catering industry.”
Ray Hau (right), Creative & Executive Director, and Lorraine Lo (left), Art & Technical Director, Butterfleyez, Hong Kong


“Export Promotion Bureau Bangladesh has set up a group pavilion at the Hong Kong Houseware Fair for many times to showcase handmade houseware produced by Bangladesh manufacturers. As the Hong Kong Houseware Fair provides an important platform for Bangladesh manufacturers to promote their products to international buyers and to get new orders, the number of exhibitors in the Bangladesh pavilion at this year’s fair has increased to 21 from 15 last year. This year Bangladesh exhibitors are showcasing a wide range of handicraft products, home decorations, kitchenware, tableware, table linens and pillows. As our products are renowned for their good quality, unique designs, fine craftsmanship and eco-friendliness, our exhibitors have received many buyer enquiries and have met with new buyers from Europe, Japan and Korea.”
Abdur Rashid (right), Deputy Director, Export Promotion Bureau Bangladesh, Bangladesh


“Shigaraki is a town in Japan which is famous for producing pottery. At this year’s Hong Kong Houseware Fair, the Association of Shigaraki Ceramic Company has converted a standard booth into a Japanese garden decorated with different kinds of pottery ware provided by eight members of the Association. Our main goals are to introduce Japanese lifestyle and culture and to promote the exports of Shigaraki pottery ware. One of the attractive exhibits is a huge ceramic bathtub which has a diameter of 110cm and a height of 60cm. Many buyers like our Japanese garden and Shigaraki pottery. Buyers from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong have expressed their interest in buying our pottery. One of our exhibitors will visit a retailer in Hong Kong to have further negotiations on the third day of the fair.”  
Ikuo Muraki(second from right), Vice Chairman, Association of Shigaraki Ceramic Company, Japan


“Our company has nine factories in Poland producing large-sized mouth-blown decorative glassware such as vases, candle holders, jugs, stemware and bowls for many well-known customers all over the world. We heard from one of our Scandinavian buyers that many European producers are exhibitors of the Hong Kong Houseware Fair, so we visited the fair last year and decided to exhibit under the Lifestyle themed zone for the first time this year to look for new customers who do not visit European trade fairs. The Lifestyle themed zone has matched our corporate philosophy as our decorative glassware represents modern lifestyle. During the first two days of the fair, we made 40 new contacts from the Chinese mainland, India, Japan, Malaysia and South America. A Brazilian buyer will buy 1,000 pieces in assorted designs and different colours. We are happy with the results so far and will return to the fair next year.”
Barbara Kuszkowska, Marketing Manager, Wrześniak Glassworks, Poland


“Established in 1994, PAW is one of the largest napkin manufacturers in Poland. Our main markets include Western Europe and the US. We have joined the Hong Kong Houseware Fair since 2014 because it is the right place where we can meet important buyers from all over the world. At this year’s fair, we are promoting our table napkins, airlaid napkins, paper gift bags and party products. We have been busy answering buyers’ enquiries at our booth. So far, we have established 30 new contacts from Asia, Europe, New Zealand and the US, and we’ll have further negotiations with them after the fair.”
Patryk Badaszewski, Export Specialist, PAW Sp. z.o.o., Poland




“Last December, we launched anion aroma diffusers in Taiwan. With SGS certification and patents on the Chinese mainland and in Taiwan, our anion aroma diffusers can purify the air and generate 2.5 million anions per second, and they will stop automatically after having been used for 16 consecutive hours. We are one of the exhibitors in the new Startup zone at this year’s Hong Kong Houseware Fair because we want to promote our products to international markets. Indeed, the HKTDC has done a good job in drawing more buyers to visit the Startup zone. It has arranged VIP buyers to visit the Startup zone and also set up a stage in the zone for startups to introduce the features of their new products. We have received enquiries from Asia and South America. Two to three buyers from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong plan to buy our anion aroma diffusers.” 
Yen-Ni Li, Vice General Manager, Gao Jiao Technology Co. Ltd., Taiwan


“My design company provides design services to enterprises on the Chinese mainland and in Taiwan. I am happy to have joined the debut Startup zone at the Hong Kong Houseware Fair because it provides a cost-effective way for me to promote our brand – pazo and test market response. pazo is a playable art, an intelligent toy, a home décor and a learning kit, and it allows you to use your imagination to create almost everything – a vase, basket, lampshade, skyscraper and even a kickable ball. At the fair, I have met with more than 10 new buyers from Europe, Hong Kong, India, and the US who are interested in pazo. I see a lot of market potential for pazo and I hope that pazo will become the LEGO of the Orient one day.”
John Yang, Founder and Designer, Mr. Sheep Co., Ltd., Taiwan


“Makita is a Japanese company which has more than 100 years of experience in producing a wide range of cordless and corded power tools. We have decided to join the Hong Kong Houseware Fair for the first time because the debut World of Building & Hardware provides a good opportunity for us to meet with engineers, contractors and houseware buyers and to promote our 18V power tools which are designed for professional use and our 12V power tools such as vacuum cleaners, drillers and electric fans which are suitable for home use. Many buyers are interested in our power tools and we have been busy all day answering their enquiries. So far, we have made more than 50 overseas contacts and our overseas offices will follow up. In addition, we have met with more than 100 local buyers and referred them to our local dealers. Three of the local buyers are keen to become our dealers. The results have been encouraging and exceed our expectations.”
Lam Fung Sin, Christine, Sales Manager, Makita Power Tools (HK) Ltd., Hong Kong


“Established in 2000, Jaco is an importer, wholesaler and distributor of branded hardware and machinery in Hong Kong and has a small factory producing welding machines. We have joined the inaugural World of Building & Hardware in the Hong Kong Houseware Fair to look for new buyers and end-users because the fair is held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre which enjoys a favourable geographical location, making it easier for worldwide buyers to come here to do business. At the fair, we are showcasing our hot-sellers such as paint strippers, construction adhesives and strippable coatings. During the first two days of the fair, we have received enquiries mainly from Hong Kong buyers. We expect more buyers will visit the World of Building & Hardware during the last two days.”
Steve P.F. Chao, General Manager, Jaco Hardware & Machinery Ltd, Hong Kong



Buyers’ Quote



“In business for 30 years, we are an importer and wholesaler of kitchenware and home decorations in Argentina. We import products mainly from Brazil, the Chinese mainland and Turkey. This is my third time visiting the Hong Kong Houseware Fair. At this year's fair, I have met with more than 20 new suppliers of kitchenware and home decorations. Up till now, I have shortlisted five to six potential suppliers. If their prices are competitive, I'll buy at least one container from each new supplier. I like the Hong Kong fair because it is well-organised. Suppliers here can speak English, so it is convenient to do business.”
Leonardo Romano, Co-owner, Dolce Vita House, Argentina


“Rezon 2000 is a wholesaler and distributor of disposable items and cleaning products in Hungary. I visit the Hong Kong Houseware Fair every two years. Compared to my last visit in 2015, I can find more creative products and more eco-friendly products at this year’s fair. Up till now, I have identified six potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Vietnam for the supply of eco-friendly disposable bowls, outdoor furniture and glass containers. To test the market, I’ll place my first order worth US$10,000-20,000 with each new supplier two months later. It is important for me to visit the Hong Kong fair. Apart from sourcing new products, I also attend seminars in order to learn more about the latest product trends and market information.”
Marton József, Manager, Rezon 2000 Kft., Hungary


“Galtak Houseware is a houseware importer, wholesaler and retailer in Canada. When we started our business 30 years ago, we imported mainly from Japan. Now we source a wide range of houseware products from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Japan. I visit the Hong Kong Houseware Fair regularly to look for new products with good prices. At this year’s fair, I have found innovative designs for cookware and carpets and identified more than 10 potential suppliers from Hong Kong, Italy, Korea and Taiwan. After comparing their quality and prices, I’ll buy 1,000-5,000 pieces per order to test market response.” 
Julia Siu, Manager, Galtak Houseware Ltd., Canada


“Our company is a one-stop shop for all kinds of hotel supplies in Malaysia. Apart from supplying to boutique hotels, we also sell bedding, bathroom products and decorations to consumers through our online store. We have been to the Hong Kong Houseware Fair for several times because it is a good place for us to look for high-quality, innovative and durable products to meet the needs of boutique hotels and consumers. So far, we have identified about 10 potential suppliers who will send us the quotations after the fair. After collecting their quotations, we’ll check the requirements of our hotel clients and place orders. We notice that the HKTDC has produced an attractive promotional leaflet highlighting the theme of this year’s fair ‒ “L.I.F.E.”, which stands for four themed zones: Lifestyle, Interior, Feast and Enrich. It helps us to find what we want and locate the right suppliers.”
Giok Hong Lee (right), Marketing Director, and James Tan (left), Director, 1 Hotel Supplier Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Malaysia


“Based in Turkey, our company is an importer, wholesaler and retailer of kitchenware, tableware, home textiles, lighting products and gifts. We have 20 corner shops in well-known department stores and operate an online store in Turkey. We have visited the Hong Kong Houseware Fair for many times. We like to come every year because suppliers here can offer high quality and good designs and many of them have lowered their MOQ requirement to 500 pieces. At the fair, we have found more than 10 potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and India for the provision of cutlery sets and knives. We plan to buy one container of cutlery sets and knives from each of the new suppliers after getting their quotations and it’ll take one week for us to finalise our orders.”
Cosku Ozan Kurtulus, Managing Partner, Sude İç Ve Dış Tic. Ltd., Turkey


“Intrepid Craft organises different outdoor activities such as hiking and camping in the US and operates an online store, selling related products such as water bottles, sleeping bags, bicycle parts and fitness equipment. This is my first-time visit to the Hong Kong Houseware Fair, but my staff came here before. I am looking for light-weight plastic water bottles, insulated water bottles, food containers and fitness equipment. There’s a lot to see at the fair and products on offer come with good designs and good quality. So far, I have found more than 10 potential suppliers of water bottles. It’s a fantastic experience.”
Kyle Durand, Founder, Intrepid Craft, the US


“Established in 1981, my company provides architectural, interior and landscape design services to customers on the Chinese mainland and in Taiwan. This is my first time visiting the Hong Kong Houseware Fair to look for architectural and interior equipment, home decorations and small furniture. I am particularly interested in barbecue supplies and household hardware which are being displayed in the debut World of Building and Hardware. In other product zones, I have also found many interesting items such as carpets, home decorations and decorative lighting products offered by exhibitors from different countries and regions. As the fair showcases a wide variety of household products for various interior design projects, I’ll recommend the fair to 300-plus members of the Taiwan National Association of Interior Designers.”
Ho Wu Hsien, Founder, Signarchi & Interior Design, and Chairman, Taiwan National Association of Interior Designers, Taiwan


“We are an importer, distributor and retailer in Poland, selling porcelain ware, glassware, cutlery, decorative items, kitchenware, furniture and lamps. This is our first-time visit to the Hong Kong Houseware Fair. To develop Autumn/Winter collections, we are looking for something new at the fair. We are happy that we have found interesting items such as gold cutlery, white porcelain ware, black porcelain ware, and melamine bathroom accessories with a metallic look. We have collected a lot of product catalogues from more than 20 potential suppliers and will discuss with our management team after the fair. If everything is good, our initial order size will be one container. Compared to European trade fairs, the Hong Kong fair brings together more suppliers from Asia that offer nice designs, high quality and good prices. We’ll come again next year.”
Malgorzata Borowiak, Sales Manager, Witeks Centrum Witek Sp. z o.o., Poland


“With six stores in Singapore, Naiise is selling home decorations, kitchenware, furniture, lifestyle products and apparel. As a first-time visitor, I am very impressed with a huge number of suppliers at the Hong Kong Houseware Fair. I am particularly interested in 10-15 new brands from Hong Kong and Italy which offer unique and original designs for kitchenware and home accessories. After the fair, I’ll find out more about these brands before entering into cooperation. If they can meet our requirements, we’ll buy different branded products worth US$10,000. For some of the new brands, we plan to work with them on a consignment basis. I like the HKTDC business matching service which is very useful. Also, the HKTDC mobile app allows me to check the background of exhibitors easily and plan my schedule in advance.”
Sophie Lim, Head of Buying, Naiise Pte Ltd, Singapore


“Jingdong Indonesia is an e-commerce company which was established one and a half years ago. Our company started the Home Living division six months ago and plans to launch our own brand – Joy Living by June this year. I am looking for OEM manufacturers at the Hong Kong Houseware Fair. Up till now, I have found six potential suppliers of tableware and food storage containers from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan. Compared to my last visit four years ago, the Hong Kong Houseware Fair brings together more exhibitors and more high-quality products. Just like European trade fairs, the Hong Kong fair is an eye-opening event which offers more high-class and lifestyle products. The exhibition halls are divided into four different themed zones, thus providing clearer directions for buyers to find what they want easily.”
Grace Juli, Category Manager (Home Living), PT. Jingdong Indonesia Pertama, Indonesia