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Company Name: Hung Bing International Co., Ltd
Country/ Region: Taiwan
Booth No: 1E-A11
Zone: Hall of Elegance
Website: www.hungbing.com

Hexagon Shelf (with removable clock, lamp, hook, rack)

  • Customisable module system drawers and bins created in Japan
  • 6 drawers, 8 bins and 1 container comes with lid
  • The module stacking function and the multiple size variation provide free customisation according to things need to be stored and the storage place

Company Name: Ichikura Limited
Country/ Region: Hong Kong
Booth No: 1D-B19
Zone: Hall of Elegance

Japanese Porcelain - Kakiemon

  • Traditional Japanese porcelain art with more than 300 years of history
  • Masterpiece with unique crafts
  • ‘Nigoshide’ : bright and milky white porcelain base

Company Name: Life & Living International Limited
Country/ Region: Hong Kong
Zone: Hall of Elegance
Booth no.: 1E-F12
Contact person: Ms. Erica Lau
Website: www.jia.inc.com

Purple Clay Coffee Set
YiXing purple clay (Zisha clay) is a unique natural clay in the Chinese mainland.  The fine and sandy texture of the purple clay can retain the temperature of the tea held inside longer than ordinary ceramics. Teapots and coffee set made out of purple clay are highly prized because their unglazed surface absorbs traces of the beverage, creating a more complex flavour. 

About JIA
Originated from Chinese culture, they invite international designers with different cultural
backgrounds to explore and re-interpret Chinese cultural aesthetics, traditional
craftsmanship and unique materials to create a new direction for a living brand in the home
ware market.


Company Name: Unclesign Co., Ltd.
Country/ Region: Taiwan
Zone: Hall of Elegance
Booth no.: 1D-D11

UNO Neck Pillow

  • Made of hydrophilic memory foam that provides a nearly 360-degree support
  • Elegant and aesthetic look

Company Name: Tvs Spa
Country/ Region: Italy
Zone: Hall of Elegance
Booth no.: 1E-A01
Website: www.tvs-spa.it

Artusi 2.0 Cookware Set

Like the ingredients of a recipe, a cooking utensil is an essential part in the preparation of every dish, whether in the home or the professional kitchen, because like every food has its cooking needs, every surface reacts to heat differently, revealing itself to be ideal for specific preparation. The result is Artusi 2.0; a set of specific utensils, optimised to perform its task. Each form and function is met with the perfect material and this is why the precious items in the line have been moulded in 4 different finishes: aluminium, copper, steel and cast iron.


Company Name: EASIA Design Ltd
Country/ Region: Hong Kong
Zone: Creative Arts & Cultural Crafts
Booth no.: 3CON-110

Eaves – Spring

  • This small side table borrows the beautiful roof curve of timber architecture and describes the artistic conception of the blossom in spring
  • Put this small table under soft daylight with breeze, looking forward to the coming of spring and interaction of flowers
  • This side table is the embodiment of Spring

Company Name: Foreign Accents International Limited
Country/ Region: New Zealand
Booth No: 3C-E15
Zone: Interior Decor
Website: www.foreignaccentsint.com

Decorative Ceramics

  • Designer & manufacturer of ceramic home decor items
  • Established in 2000
  • Factory based in Hanoi, Vietnam
  • 100% handmade ceramics with delicate hand painting and metal filigree trim
  • Unique designs

Company Name: MAWA GmbH
Country/ Region: Germany
Zone: European Union Pavilion
Booth no.: 3D-C24
Website: www.mawa.de/en

MAWA Clothes Hangers – Butterflies

  • Lightweight, colourful and surprisingly strong
  • The new MAWA hangers are just like butterflies. And that´s exactly why they are named  “Butterflies”
  • Butterflies are much more than just clothes hangers. Butterflies give expression to a lifestyle: young, up-to-date, metropolitan and equipped with everything you need for life in big cities of the world. Just hang your clothes on the right hanger and all is perfectly set
  • Butterflies are form fitted, non-slip-coated and have a turnable hook
  • The best thing is that Butterflies have a space-saving effect of up to 50%

Company Name: Gwellkorea Co., Ltd.
Country/ Region: Korea
Zone: Korean Pavilion
Booth no.: 3E-C22
Website: www.gwellkorea.com

Portable Air Purifier
LuvA-Magician is a portable air purifier to remove micro fine particle of under PM2.5, as well as generate powerful sterilisation of OH Radical (Hydroxyl radical) to remove virus, bacteria and pollutants and enhance the quality of the air by neutralisation pollutants to harmless substances.


Company Name: Fullhouse Tracy Housewares Company Limited
Country/ Region: Hong Kong
Zone: Kitchenware & Gadgets
Booth no.: 3G-B16
Website: www.fullhousetracy.com

Rainbow Chopping Board

  • Include 4 small plates and 1 board for storing chopped ingredients temporarily
  • Non-skid design of board bottom  for a comfy cooking environment
  • Easy cleanup
  • Will not damage the cutting edges
  • Can be put in dishwasher

Company Name: Mandarin Associates Ltd
Country/ Region: Hong Kong
Zone: Kitchenware & Gadgets
Booth no.: 3G-D05
Website: www.fozzils.com

The Fozzils Snapfold Colander

  • Assembles and collapses in less than a second
  • Self-assembling legs for drainage
  • BPA free, non-sticky and easy-to-clean   surface, dishwasher safe

Fozzils Snapfold colander gained below award

  • HK Smart Gift Design Award 2015 – Merit Award
  • DFA Design for Asia Awards 2016 – Merit Award

Company Name: Parlex Household Industrial Company Limited
Country/ Region: Hong Kong
Zone: Bath, Beauty & Healthcare
Booth no.: 5C-C01
Website: www.ghcn.com

Wireless Bluetooth Smart Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser - iMist
iMist is an App-Driven Bluetooth 4.0 Connected Smart Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser. Users can download iMist App on App Store or Google Play, install it on iOS or Android devices, and use it to control iMist operation including aroma mist diffusion with hints for use of essential oils, LED lighting effect , wakeup plus duration setting, and music playing.

  • A real 500ml big sized aroma diffuser with elegant ripple housing at competitive unit cost
  • Ultrasonic diffusing feature ensures the integrity of the essential oils’ beneficial molecular structure and allows for ease of healthy bodily absorption. It also produces healthy anions
  • Safety auto-off at low water level with App warning
  • Combines the benefits of aroma-therapy, aqua-therapy, light-therapy and sound-therapy
  • May also be used as a non-aromatherapy humidifier

Company Name: BMSYS Co., Ltd.
Country/ Region: Korea
Zone: Korean Pavilion
Booth no.: 5C-C13
Website: bmsys.kr

Feet Guider

  • Through wireless communications of Bluetooth 4.0, sharing of it with mobile phone
  • The exact amount of activity measured directly in the foot
  • Number of footsteps, calories consumed, distance measured
  • Auto-recognition of walking, running, bicycle
  • Measure body balance through walking pattern analysis
  • Ranking competition system – the ranking function allows you to compare scores and compete against your friends and family, eventually leads to more exercise

World of Building & Hardware (NEW)


Company Name: Home Building Co Ltd
Country/ Region: Hong Kong
Zone: World of Building and Hardware
Booth no.: 5E-A24
Website: www.hombuilding.com.hk

Prefabricated House and Container House

  • Accurate measurement and precise design
  • Top quality materials fabricated by master mechanics in our self-owned factory
  • Prompt delivery to the job sites by a fleet of service trucks
  • Assembled by well-trained technicians

Company Name: Makita Power Tools (HK) Ltd
Country/ Region: Hong Kong
Zone: World of Building and Hardware
Booth no.: 5E-B24
Website: www.makita.com.hk

18V Cordless Combination Hammer + HEPA Dust Extractor

  • HEPA filter traps all sizes of particles with an efficiency rating of 99.97%
  • Lightweight, 3-mode rotary hammer
  • Brushless motor delivers high speed and better performance
  • Designed in Japan
  • Ergonomically designed vibration absorbing handle

World of Pet Supplies


Company Name: e-Best Pet Products Co Limited
Country/ Region: Hong Kong
Zone: World of Pet Supplies
Booth no.: 1A-C01

2 in 1 Brush with Shampoo Dispenser  

  • Petyouyou brand 
  • Patented product
  • New design
  • Keep your pets clean, healthy, smelling great while accommodating day to day grooming needs
  • Just turn on the button, fill into shampoo, push button for dispensing when bathing

Company Name: Energy Plus Development Limited
Country/ Region: Hong Kong
Zone: World of Pet Supplies
Booth no.: 1A-C19

Japan 100% Pet Environment-friendly Sanitiser Spray

  • 100% natural sanitiser spray that protects your pet from virus and bacteria that cause skin irritations or unpleasant odour
  • 100% non-toxic and safe to use at any time