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How HKTDC can help?

Retail and service industry contributes to a significant part of Hong Kong’s economy. Rapid market change, intensifying competition and increase in operating costs are challenges faced by many small and medium enterprises in Hong Kong. Franchising becomes a popular business expansion model for many brands and services due to its nature of low risk and investment.

Though franchising has been a popular model since 1980s, there is a lack of recognitional events and activities promoting the franchise business models. In view of this, HKTDC organizes a series of promotional activities to help SMEs understand this unique business model, under 4 different formats:

  1. Seminars and workshops – through training and sharing, SMEs may deepen their understanding of franchising business model and grasp updated market information and techniques by learning from the success and expertise.
  2. HKTDC Hong Kong International Franchising Show: A dedicated platform serves as the best platform for franchise brands and services operators to meet with their prospective partners and explore potential collaboration. To facilitate intelligence exchange and discussion on franchising related issues, a number of summit and seminars will also be organized. Business matching and networking events will also be taken, place to expand your business and connect with franchising companies from around the world.
  3. HKTDC participates in a number of influential franchising exhibitions in Mainland China and overseas, to promote Hong Kong as a regional franchising hub in Asia and assist Hong Kong franchise brands finding potential collaboration.