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Safety Measures on Onsite Construction


In order to maintain the site safety of events held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, with immediate effect, a new safety measure has been implemented. This new measure is in-line with the relevant regulations implemented by Labour Department and Occupational Safety & Health Council. Details are as below: -



  1. Strictly for safety purposes, the use of ladders in excess of 2 metres in height is prohibited within the HKCEC by persons working in association with a Scheduled Exhibition. If the construction/dismantling work is carried out at a level over 2 metres or more above the ground, contractors should use high reach equipment, such as, metal scaffolding. In addition, the scaffold shall not be used on a construction site unless the Form 5 report has been made by a competent person. This form should be displayed in a prominent location of the scaffold (sample of the form is attached for reference), specifying the location, the extend of the scaffold on the site and includes a statement to the effect that the scaffold is in safe working order, strength and stability.

  2. All Licensees and person requiring admission to the Licensed Area for any reasons in connection with building-up or breaking-down of the exhibition stands or for any activities will require wearing Reflective Vest.

  3. Workers are required to wear safety belt while construction activities are carried out at 2 metres or more above the ground.

  4. If this rule is not observed, HKCEC and the Organisers will have the right to stop the relevant construction activity immediately.



You are kindly requested to comply with the above safety measure and inform your contractor accordingly. If you need further information, please feel free to contact Mr. John Ng at (852) 2240 5460. You may also visit the website at: http://www.labour.gov.hk/eng/public/content2_8b.htm for the Code of Practice for Metal Scaffolding Safety.