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Stunning Selections
The event features 9 themed zones focusing on key market segments, ensuring that buyers can easily locate suppliers that best suit their needs. These zones include:

Brand Power
Hall of Fame is a sophisticated setting where international jewellery brands show individual pieces and new collections.
Hong Kong Quality
World of Glamour is the place to see why Hong Kong jewellery designers and manufacturers have achieved international recognition. See their newest designs.
Cutting Edge
Designer Galleria puts the emphasis on the latest in design trends, offering options from the funky to the classical, across the market, using innovative materials and clever styling.

Unique Artistry
Hall of Extraordinary is elegant in appearance and elite in its composition. This beautiful setting, enhanced by premium booths with tall facade and classic English-style decor, is created to provide a fitting backdrop to the exceptional pieces of jewellery shown by jewellers at the peak of their profession and the height of their powers. Buyers are able to view jewellery masterpieces, many of them one of a kind, at leisure and hold business discussions.


Great Timing
Hall of Time presents a varied collection of watches and clocks, all of them distinguished by excellent design. They include gem-studded watches and clocks in precious metals.


Bygone Beauties
Antique & Vintage Jewellery Galleria has a special charm as its exhibits cover the great periods of jewellery design, such as Art Deco and Art Nouveau. Jewellery and watches which combine aesthetic qualities with fascinating history make good investments.


Asia's Icon
Hall of Jade Jewellery demonstrates the range of colours and the versatility of this ancient and much loved gemstone. Equally elegant in classic and modern settings, jade is highly desired in its traditional home and beyond.


Precious Decor
Treasures of Craftsmanship shows the beauty of precious metals, precious stones and semi-precious gems used to create works of art in the form of decorative items, large and small, which could be cast or carved.


Gems of Eternal Love (new zone)
Wedding Bijoux, which makes its debut in 2016, is specifically designed for a stunning range of bridal jewellery. From dainty earrings to statement bridal necklaces, this zone got what it takes to shape the eternity of love.