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  Exhibitor Information Product Characteristics
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Company Name: Butani Jewellery Ltd.
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No: GH-C02
Zone: Hall of Extraordinary
Website: www.butani.com


Fancy Yellow Pear Shape Diamond Necklace

Product Value : HKD25,000,000


Features a magnificent 57 carat pear shape fancy yellow diamond center stone accented with an oval shape blue diamond and pear shape pink diamond and fancy white diamonds.   Total diamond weight
97.03 carats.

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Country/Region: Japan
Booth No: GH-E20
Zone: Hall of Extraordinary
Website: www.kashikey.com


Conch Pearl Rings

Product Value : USD500~200,000


Kashikey was founded in 1928, we are known as one of the high quality diamond dealers and high
quality jewelry manufacturer in Japanese market for years.   We   distribute   our   jewelry   to   all   major
department stores, chain stores and high-end independent stores in Japan.

In early 90's, Kashikey came across a marvelous natural pink pearl called "Conch Pearl". Since then, we have been gathering Conch Pearl and became a world prominent Conch Pearl supplier and Conch Pearl Jewelry manufacturer.

One of the most extraordinary and valued features of the Conch Pearl is it's "Flame Like" structure, a regular pattern created by oblong parallel crystals which gives the pearl a changing silky and opalescent effect.

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Company Name: Novel Collection Ltd
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No: 3B-C06
Zone: Hall of Extraordinary
Website: www.novel-collection.com


Oval shape, Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink Diamond Ring

Product Value : USD 495,000


Oval  shape, Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink  1.00ct  Ring with GIA certificate

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Company Name: Yoko London Limited
Country/Region: United Kingdom
Booth No: GH-A14
Zone: Hall of Extraordinary
Website: www.yokolondon.com


Twilight -Masterpiece Collection

Product Value : Price on application


This exquisite piece is the epitome of elegance. Featuring 35 lustrous black Tahitian pearls perfectly matched in colour and quality, with 19.45cts diamonds in 18K white gold seamlessly interwoven between  the  pearls.  The  glistening  diamonds highlight and accentuate the magnificent lustre of the pearls. The necklace has matching earrings to complete this beautiful set. This necklace is part of the Masterpiece Collection which features Yoko London's most luxurious sets.
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Company Name: SANKET BVBA
Country/Region: Belgium
Booth No: GH-JO7
Zone: Hall of Extraordinary
Website: www.sanket.be



Product Value : Price on application


“Scintillating Diamonds” – the Art of moving Diamonds. A fantastic display of jewelry set in a non- traditional way. This jewelry is very light weight, bright and very attractive.

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Company Name: Lili Jewelry Ltd.
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No: CEC 3B-C02
Zone: Hall of Extraordinary
Website: www.lilijewelry.com


12-Carat Lily® Diamond Ring

Product Value : USD 520,000


The 12-Carat Lily® Diamond ring is made of 18K white and pink gold with 560 pieces small round diamond paved.  The main stone is a 12-carat patent Lily® diamond with utmost brilliance. The diamond paved bolder makes the ring more elegant.   The unsophisticated design of the ring well illustrates “less is more”.

7 img

Company Name: CHQ GmbH
Country/Region: Germany
Booth No: CEC GH-E12
Zone: Hall of Extraordinary
Website: www.chq-gmbh.de


Ring with natural yellow sapphire

Product Value : EUR 24,000


Ring  in  white  gold  FSO1000  with  natural  yellow sapphire

10.75 ct and 57 diamonds 1.79 ct
8 img

Company Name: Bapalal Keshavlal
Country/Region: India
Booth No: CEC GH-C19
Zone: Hall of Extraordinary
Website: www.bapalalkeshavlal.com



Product Value : USD 18,000


Inspired from infinity, a bangle is designed with oval shaped Emerald and fancy shaped champagne diamonds with sound brilliant cut diamonds studded in 18K white gold.



Product Value : USD 19,000


Inspired from Peacock feather, an earring is designed with heart shaped Ruby with sound brilliant cut diamonds studded in 18K white gold and laser cut pattern in 18K yellow gold.

9 img

Company Name: Crossfor Co., Ltd
Country/Region: Japan
Booth No: CEC 3B- B02
Zone: Hall of Extraordinary
Website: www.crossfor.com


Necklace: Rose

Product Value : USD 160,000


The Rose Necklace is a one of a kind masterpiece designed and produced by Crossfor. It is a perfect blend of technology with luxury, comprising of 12 dazzling Dancing Diamonds, whose radiance and spark can never be missed.

10 img

Company Name: CRIVELLI s.r.l.
Country/Region: Italy
Booth No: GH A10
Zone: Hall of Extraordinary
Website: www.crivelligioielli.com

The preciousness of the tanzanites, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds is enhanced by a sensible coloured combination, all softened by the roundness of the cabochon cuts, which emphasizes the volume of the dome rings and the pendant rings.

The rings in the image are made of white or pink gold,  with  a  central  tanzanite,  ct.  5.30, white brilliants, ct. 2.84, emeralds, ct. 2.90, and sapphires, ct. 2.78

The earrings are made of white gold, with pear cut emeralds, ct. 23.48, and white brilliants of various cuts, ct. 7.47

11 img

Company Name: J. R. Diamond International Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No: GH G04
Zone: Hall of Extraordinary
Website: www.queenshearts.com


One of a Kind Collection


The collection is made of a variety of materials for the delicate taste of each customer. Every piece is designed and hand crafted over a period of weeks. In the One-Of-A-Kind collection, unique jewels are used to create beautiful necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets. J.R. is committed to create an attractive, fine-made and distinctive jewelry collection, so when wearing the unique One-Of-A- Kind jewelry collection, you will be noticed for your exquisite, luxurious, fine taste.

Product Value : USD202,000


18K  white  gold  ring  with  a  rare  unique  Triangle shape Emerald
Main stone detail: 13.48ct, Triangle shape, Zambian Emerald, CDC certificate indication Minor clarity enhancement, Vivid Green color and Very Good quality grade
Diamond details: 2.65ct Round Diamonds, F-G color, VS-VVS clarity
Gold details: 18K white Gold, 10.97gr


Product Value : USD278,000


Item description: 18K white gold ring with superb square cushion shape Emerald
Main stone details: 18.85ct, Cushion shape, Zambian
Emerald, AGL certificate indicating Minor traditional clarity enhancement, Green color
Diamond details: 1.95ct, Round Diamonds, F-G color, VS-VVS clarity
Gold details: 18K White Gold, 11.49gr

12 img

Company Name: Oriental Gemco Pvt Ltd
Country/Region: India
Booth No: 3B-C14
Zone: Hall of Extraordinary Website: www.orientalgemco.com www.nigaam.com



Product Value : Ruby – USD 10,116
Emerald – USD 12,236
Blue Sapphire – USD 10,866

A range of bracelets with excellent craftsmanship in
18 k gold with finest Columbia Emerald, natural
Ruby / Blue Sapphire and setting with baguette diamonds.

13 img

Company Name: Lorenzo Jewelry Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No: 3B-D02
Zone: Hall of Fame
Website: www.ljintl.com


18K White Gold Amethyst, Chrome Diopside with Diamonds Necklace

Product Value : HK$93,000


Floral is always one of the popular design concepts in jewelry world.   This amethyst necklace is one of our Spring Collection which we use amethysts as the flowers  and  Chrome  Diopside  to  be  the  leaves  to allow purple and green blooms to Spring color.

14 img

Country/Region: Chinese Mainland
Booth No: 3B-F14
Zone: Hall of Fame
Website: laofengxiang.com



Product Value : RMB 380,000


Phoenix,  this  legendary  bird  symbolizes resurrection,  immortality  and  triumph  over adversity. The perfect craftsmanship embodies the concepts of the designer with fine details.
15 img

Company Name: Moira Fine Jewellery Ltd.
Country/Region: Italy
Booth No: CH-K02
Zone: Antique & Vintage Jewellery Galleria
Website: www.moirafinejewellery.com


19th Century Micro Mosaic Bangle

Product Value : GBP 30,000


A 19th century broad hinged micro mosaic bangle, with Etruscan style fine bead and ropework decoration.  The  front  is  set  with  a  micromosaic panel, depicting Aurora, the goddess of the dawn, flying before the chariot of Apollo, with the clouds of night rolling away before them, bringing forth a new day. She leads the way for Apollo, god of light, in his golden quadriga (a four-horse chariot). Female figures, The Hours, dance alongside the chariot, representing the passage of time. Hovering between Aurora and Apollo is a torch bearing putto, identified as Phosphorus, an ancient personification of the Morning Star. The reverse is decorated with applied letters, spelling ROMA. Circa 1870. After a ceiling fresco by Guido Reni (1575-1642) in the Pallavicini- Rospigliosi Palace in Piazza Monte Cavallo, Rome. Mounted in gold. Originally made as souvenir of Rome.
16 img

Company Name: Scala Gioielli & Figli SRL
Country/Region: Italy
Booth No: CH-M16
Zone: Antique & Vintage Jewellery Galleria
Website: www.gioielliscala.it


Coral Necklace

Product Value : EUR 14,000


Coral Necklace with Sardegna Island Natural Coral and Diamonds, white gold and yellow gold 18 carats.
17 img

Company Name: KMC Design
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No: 1CON-036
Zone: Designer Galleria
Website: www.kmc-design.com


Flowing Mist

Product Value : HKD 58,000


“The  sudden  whirling  of  tree  shades,  the  shifting
appearance of flowing clouds.”
I believe that a piece of jewellery has to be more than a   combination   of   precious   stones   and   precious
metals. It is a pendant as well as a brooch. Using a contemporary design setting for traditional jade pieces brings out a sense of visual tension. Drawing on  a  contemporary  sense  of  aesthetics  based  on
organic lines to give contrast to the nuance of tradition inherent in jade, I would like my design to denote an innate sense of subtle elegance for the wearer.

18 img

Company Name: Abe Jewelry Co., Ltd.
Country/Region: Japan
Booth No: CEC 3C-E21
Zone: Wedding Bijoux
Website: www.abe-j.co.jp


“ii fuufu” series and “Lavenna platino” series ring set

Product Value :
Engagement with center diamond = JPY 110,000
Wedding Ring of one pair(2pcs)    = JPY 110,000
One set of above 3 rings                    = JPY  220,000


Engagement ring and wedding ring that fits perfectly. The ring set is precisely calculated and designed, creating over 300 kinds and rich product combinations.
Simple with one, gorgeous overlapping two. You can freely change the expression according to time, place
and occasion.

19 img

Company Name: Anpassa watch Company
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No: CEC 3C-E08A
Zone: Hall of Time
Website: www.anpassawatch.com


18K Diamond Tourbillon Watch

Product Value : HKD68,000


ANPASSA proudly announced the debut of its new piece with a case 33mm across and thickness of only
8.1mm;  which  ranks  in  the  top-four  in  tourbillon
watchmaking. The natural diamonds precisely set on the bottom plate and bezel embodies the exquisite craftsmanship of  the  brand.  Superlative  in  quality and true to ANPASSA standard, this masterpiece was crowned the thinnest 18K diamond tourbillon watch manufactured in Asia.

20 img

Country/Region: Switzerland
Booth No: CEC 3C-E01
Zone: Hall of Time
Website: www.juvetwatch.com



Product Value : HKD 167,800


Moritz  Diamond  Collection  is  designed  for celebration of JUVET’s 175th anniversary. JUVET designer portraits the St. Moritz therapeutic springs on the Moritz watch series. The slightly raised sapphire crystal symbolized the Alps. The surface resembles the hot springs flowing from all 12 directions towards the watch’s center point, bringing best of luck and health to the wearer.

Watch’s surface and strap are set with 1214 pavé natural diamonds with total carat weight 7.05. Automatic movement, water resistant to 50 meters. Swiss Made.

21 img

Company Name: Than Thong Arts Co., Ltd.
Country/Region: Thailand
Booth No: CEC 3F-C19
Zone: Treasures of Craftsmanship
Website: http://www.thanthong.com


Gems-Art Picture

Product Value : USD 3,418 (16" x 40" size)
USD 2,100 (12" x 30" size)
USD 2,100 (12" x 30" size)

Gems-Art is a pictorial art-work, hand-made from natural gemstones & 24k gold, with skillfully artistic craftsmanship. Each Gems-Art piece is available with "Certificate of Guarantee" for types of natural gemstones used. Custom-made designs or corporate logos can be made as Gems-Art piece.