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Additional Facilities & Services Order Form

Information will be coming soon.

Part A For Custom-built Participation Exhibitors Deadline
Form 1 Contractors' Information 27 Nov 2017 (Mon)
Form 2 Electricity Supply & Communication Facilities

Part B For Standard / Premium Booths Exhibitors Deadline
  Additional Booth Facilities Catalogue  
Form 3 Additional Furniture / Facilities / Modification of Standard Facilities 27 Nov 2017 (Mon)
Form 4 Additional Electricity Supply / Lighting
Form 5 AV, Plant & Communications Facilities
Form 6 Contractor's Information
(For Standard Booth Exhibitors' requesting early move-in for booth decoration)
11 Dec 2017 (Mon)
Form S1 Order Form for Special Furniture 27 Nov 2017 (Mon)
Special Items Catalogue
Form S2 Standard Booth Upgrade - Artwork Package 27 Nov 2017 (Mon)
Rental of LED Display Panel (NEW)
LED Panel Information

Part C Advertising and Promotion Opportunities Deadline
  IPR Clauses for Advertising Space Order Forms  
Form C1 Fair Catalogue 20 Nov 2017 (Mon)
Additional Promotion Package  
Online Promotion at www.hktdc.com 08 Dec 2017 (Fri)
Onsite Advertisements  

Part D Others Deadline
Form 7 Additional Exhibitor Badges 27 Nov 2017 (Mon)
Form 8 Value-for-Money Hotel Booking  
  Mascot Parade 1 Dec 2017 (Fri)
  Stage Performance 1 Dec 2017 (Fri)