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HKTDC Hong Kong International Licensing Show HKTDC Hong Kong International Licensing Show HKTDC Hong Kong International Licensing Show
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Participation Fee & Format



Participation Format

Participation Fee
Hong Kong exhibitors Oversea exhibitors
6 sq. m Standard booth HKD 23,680 USD 3,047
18 sq. m Premium Booth¹ HKD 76,280 USD 9,795
Custom-built participation²
36 sq. m to max. 60 sq. m
Special request with surcharge: 61 sq. m to max. 84 sq. m

HKD 2,859 per sq. m
HKD 3,145 per sq. m

USD 369 per sq. m
USD 406 per sq. m



¹ Regional and country pavilions talking Premium Booths must participate with at least 54 sq. m. Irregular Premium Booths will be charged on pro-rata basis based on their size.
² An approved 10% surcharge would be imposed on the extra space over 60 sq. m. in request and a maximum of 84 sq.m. in total would be allowed.



Discount (Exclude Group and Overseas Pavilion)

Standard Booth

Booth Service Fee Booth Size


6 sq.m. Standard Booth HK$ 21,900 /
US$ 2,810 per booth
– max. 4 booths for 2014, 2015, 2016 HKILS exhibitors
– max. 3 booths for all other exhibitors

– General
– IP & Trade Services
– Art Licensing
– Lifestyle & Fashion
– Sports & Lifestyle
– Education & Entertainment
– Food & Beverageh

4 sq. m. Standard Booth (A) HK$ 8,400 – max. 1 booth Hong Kong Creative Gallery*
4 sq. m. Standard Booth (B)



Custom-Built Participation (min. 36 sq.m., multiple of 6)**

Rental Cost Remarks
Area from 36 sq.m. to 60 sq.m. Regular raw space rental:
HK$ 2,580 / US$ 331 per sq.m.
Area from 66 sq.m. to 84 sq.m. ** Regular raw space rental: HK$ 2,580 / US$ 331 per sq.m.
Surcharge of the additional exhibition area (above 60sq.m.): HKD220/USD29 per sq.m.
If an exhibitor is applying for 84 sq.m. raw space, the total rental cost is the sum of Regular raw space rental of 84 sq.m. (HKD2,580/USD331 x 84=HKD 216,720/USD27,804) + Surcharge of additional 24 sq.m.(HKD220/USD29 x 24= HKD5,280/USD696)
= HKD220,000/USD28,500
Hong Kong Creative Gallery
Standard Booth
- max. 1 booth
HK$ 8,400 - Hong Kong Creative Gallery’ standard booth is applicable to Hong Kong SMEs with new/young properties only.
- Please note that all incentive discount offers are NOT applicable to HKCG exhibitors.


Standard Booth
6 sq.m. Standard Booth
- max. 3 booths 
HK$22,560/ US$2,902 
24 sq.m. Premium Booth#
- max. 1 booth
- locates in Grand Hall & Grand Foyer
HK$96,400/ US$12,380
Custom-built Participation
min. 36 sq. m., max. 84 sq. m. multiples of 12
For size from 36 sq.m. to 60 sq.m. Regular raw space rental: HK$2,710/ US$350 per sq.m.
For size from 66 sq.m. to 84 sq.m.* Regular raw space rental: HK$2,710/ US$350 per sq.m.
Surcharge of the additional exhibition area: HK$257/ US$32 per sq.m. 

Discount (for individual exhibitors only)

Important Notice:

1. HK Dollar is only applicable to Hong Kong companies with valid business registration.
2. #The 24 sq. m. premium booths are provided subject to the space availability of Grand Hall and Grand Foyer.  For those exhibitors who have applied for but cannot be provided with premium booths due to space constraint, they will be counter-offered with three standard booths at 6 sq. m. each (ie. a total of booth space 18 sq. m. ). Exhibitors concerned will also be invited to join the booth selection meeting for the 6 sq. m. standard booths.  Following that, the difference in booth prices between premium booths and standard booths will be credited to the exhibitors concerned.    
3. *Due to limited exhibition area available, the largest size of Custom-built (Raw Space) booth of individual exhibitor is 60 sq. m. If Exhibitor wishes to apply for a larger booth size (must be multiples of 12 and not exceeding 84 sq. m.), a written request must be submitted to the Fair Organiser on or before 30 September 2017, together with the application form.
4. Click here to read the Booth Allocation Policy.
5. Information is subject to change without prior notice.