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Success Stories

Art Brand on Licensing Journey to Make Social Impact
20 February 2019

Over the past decade, business enterprises have been playing an active role in advancing their corporate social responsibility level, from simply motivating staff engagement in environment protection, charity work and fundraising to incorporating their impact goals into business strategies. Long Wise Inc. Ltd., More



Korean Cartoon Character Breaks into Asian Market by Brand Licensing
19 November 2018

Every year, a rich array of cartoon characters is launched in the market in an attempt to draw public attention and trigger consumption. However, people mostly favour brand new things and forget the old ones. It is by no means easy for a cartoon character to stand out among a vast number of counterparts, not to say maintain popularity. Having said that, Mr.Donothing, a Korean cartoon character, has achieved stunning breakthroughs. More



Japanese firm set to tap Asian markets with licensed brand CRAFTHOLIC
19 November 2018

Brand across the world are riding on animal characters to raise brand awareness and competitiveness. This is how Japanese brand CRAFTHOLIC made its name. The company’s fluffy, long-limbed mythical animal CRAFTs from the planet CRAFT have made successful inroads in the Asian markets. CRAFTHOLIC representative Rena Manita believed that market responsiveness and licensing are the keys. More



Hong Kong company opens ceramic mugs market in ASEAN through Thai and Japanese character licensing
13 June 2018

More and more manufacturers are adding design elements to their products to enhance competitiveness. A Hong Kong company that specialises in product development has recently acquired Thai and Japanese character licenses for its series of anti-slip, anti-spill ceramic suction mugs. The licensed products have successfully catapulted the company into new markets in ASEAN and Asia.More



Licensing Show brings business opportunity for Mobile Girl accessories
23 April 2018

Many popular social media stickers are entering the physical world in recent years, driving business opportunities for accessories licensing. A young man in Hong Kong has turned his fanhood for “Mobile Girl MiM” into a business, and has become an accessories licensor. After testing the market at this year’s Lunar New Year market, he decided to start his own licensing business. More



Van Gogh’s universal appeal brings endless licensing opportunities
31 October 2017

Licensing agents can bring outstanding brands all over the world. For Priscilla Wong, founder of Long Wise Inc. Ltd., she has always been at the forefront of the licensing industry—no matter when she was representing top fashion labels or when she is heading a company that specialises in art licensing. Through collaborations with different platforms and crossovers with other sectors, Wong aims to expand the types and ways that art licensing is done. More



Second-generation toy and gift manufacturer finds business opportunity in licensing
18 September 2017

Stanley Yeung was born to a family of toy and gift manufacturers. By combining the wisdom and experience gleaned from his family business with the licensing opportunities he discovered at the Hong Kong International Licensing Show, he started a new company that helps brands to tap the Hong Kong market through product licensing. More



Taiwanese enterprises tap the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan markets with popular characters
18 September 2017

Popular Japanese anime characters, “Kobitos”, “Fuchiko” and “The Bear’s School” quietly became a part of Hong Kong’s daily life. Taiwanese licensee San-Byte Creative Co., Ltd. was the mastermind that brought these well-loved characters to town. More



From comic strips to shopping mall
25 April 2017

Character licensing is one of the fastest growing licensing categories in recent years. At the Licensing Show this year, local publisher and first-time exhibitor Rightman Publishing caught the attention of Citywalk, a major shopping mall in Tsuen Wan, with its widely popular children’s comic series The Great Detective Sherlock Holmes. More



Local start-up brand soars to the international stage
25 April 2017

Although Hong Kong’s licensing industry has been developing for some time, licensing properties that originate from the city remained scarce. This changed in recent years, when Hong Kong’s cultural and creative industries began taking off, and local designers and brands started gaining popularity in the market. More



Spreading Hong Kong’s can-do spirit through licensing
25 April 2017

Hong Kong is one of Asia’s most prominent licensing hubs. Many local creative brands use the Hong Kong platform to expand into markets on the Chinese mainland and in Southeast Asia. One of such brands, “Andox & Box”, created by renowned artist Andy Lau, has successfully expanded into the mainland market in recent years and developed an array of licensing businesses.More



Japanese animated character pops out from greeting cards to the global market
19 December 2016

Many Japanese anime characters are very popular. A new animated character, “Tapu Tapu the Panda”, has successfully extended its product category through character licensing and expanded to overseas markets through the Hong Kong International Licensing Show. More



Old Master Q-themed restaurant serves up unique experiences and licensing opportunities
13 December 2016

Old Master Q is one of Hong Kong’s comic classics. A household name of a bygone era, the comics’ ability to connect with millennials was once in question. Eyeing the opportunities in character licensing, one Hong Kong company has launched Old Master Q’s licensed products and opened the world’s first OMQ Dining Room, serving new possibilities for the licensing industry.More



Taiwanese cat characters promote culture overseas
7 December 2016

With 14 years of history, Taiwanese animation company DNA×CAT has amassed tens of thousands of active members on its online forum. Its businesses now include online games, animation and even music and other merchandises. But it was through exhibiting and developing its licensing business in Hong Kong that the brand found an opportunity to expand overseas. More



Hong Kong’s tumblers wobble into Taiwan
25 October 2016

Taiwan has long been renowned for its plethora of character brands, but the market also has a love for Hong Kong’s original characters. A Taiwanese licensing agent was attracted by a Hong Kong-made tumbler collection for its cute design and the characters’ indomitable spirit, and introduced the tumblers to Taiwan. More



Character brand became online sensation with cute animal looks
12 October 2016

A bevy of character brands is entering the market, but it is not easy to stand out. New animal character brand “Squly & Friends” has become a hit on an online forum thanks to its dynamic comics. With its popularity, the brand was later promoted in shopping malls and reached out to the wider public. More