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Company Name: Neonlite Electronic & Lighting (HK) Limited
Product Zone: Hall of Aurora
Booth No.: 1D-B02
Country/Region: Hong Kong
INGENIUM® ZB Smart Lighting Solution

Always getting smarter and adding new features, MEGAMAN® INGENIUM® ZB Smart Lighting Solution can now work with Amazon Alexa voice commands. Hence, users can simply use the smart device or -even easier - Alexa to control all smart devices for home or commercial automation. INGENIUM® ZB allows users to gain wireless control of smart devices e.g. turning lights on/off, dimming and scene setting of environment. Its ease of use, simple installation and scalability makes it perfect for an endless list of applications. Data is transmitted by ZigBee® equipped gateway.
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Company Name: Green First Corporation
Product Zone: Household Lighting
Booth No.: 3CON-042
Country/Region: Taiwan

Environmental / innovation / technology - use your creativity to light your life
100% solid wood and bamboo NFC Bluetooth speaker with dimmable LED lighting. Users can connect the desk lamp with Bluetooth devices. The lamp incorporates user-friendly and ergonomic design as well – the anti-glare/anti-double shadow function provides good protection to eyes while user reads with the lamp. The brightness of lighting is adjustable to fit with different environmental needs to protect users’ eyes from fatigue. Reading at home with ease with Hoe-Plus-BTB and achieve real relaxation.
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Company Name: Ir-Tec America Incorporated
Product Zone: Commercial Lighting
Booth No.: 3E-B42
Country/Region: USA
OS-NET (A Simpler and Smarter Wireless Lighting Control Solution)

The OS-NET, abbreviated from OccuSens Network, has been developed to deliver top-notch lighting control without the extra design, installation and setup time that is typical for conventional lighting control systems. With OS-NET technology, a state-of-the-art wireless sensor mesh network will be simultaneously deployed while installing the luminaires and lighting circuits integrated with OS-NET sensors/controllers. Numerous design innovations enable the OS-NET sensors/controllers to be flexibly integrated with OEM luminaires or mounted on the ceiling in a variety of options at different mounting heights, and provide sophisticated controls to the connected lighting through simple and intuitive grouping and setting via a 2-way handheld remote programmer.
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Company Name: LinCogN Technology Co Limited
Product Zone: Hall of Aurora
Booth No.: 1E-D28
Country/Region: Hong Kong
DIY Smart Lighting Control

Yoswit is a leading brand in manufacturing DIY smart home products. It is believed Yoswit is the simplest solution in the world which does not depend on router and require no initial pairing and setup. We provide a wide array of products allowing users to control everything at home: Smart Light Switches, Smart Dimming Solutions, Smart Curtains, Smart Universal Remote, Smart Plug, Dimmable LED Drivers etc. Our Smart Home product series is unique in market which enables smart home appliances control wirelessly via smartphones or tablets.
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Company Name: Sino Digit Technology Limited
Product Zone: Hall of Aurora
Booth No.: 1C-C12
Country/Region: Hong Kong

LED bulb low energy (11W) with built-in WIFI module, camera and microphone.
• Remotely manageable via free IOS/android app
• Allows users to be immediately alerted on their  smartphones when there is detection of move.
• Built-in 2x ways microphone to listen and  communicate
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Company Name: United Power Research Technology Corporation
Product Zone: Commercial Lighting
Booth No.: 3D-A44
Country/Region: Taiwan
PG100N Spectral PAR Meter /PG100N

PG100N Handheld Spectral PAR meter aims to fulfil the demands of agricultural field. Through a three-step smart measurement, the meter records light parameters that essentials to proper growing of plants.(ex: PPFD, PFD, Lux and others). Users can then monitor the light absorption of plants and timely adjust the artificial light source to enhance the efficiency, health and speed of plant growth. 
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Company Name: Beacon International Limited
Product Zone: Hall of Aurora
Booth No.: 1E-E02
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Fanaway Classic

Fanaway Classic from FANAWAY® is an advanced ceiling fan with unique aesthetics and energy efficient design. Switched off, the traditionally intrusive fan blades automatically retract and conceal, and visually the unit transforms into a slim, modern light pendant. Turning the fan on creates a centrifugal force which deploys the blades to circulate air within a room. It creates open space in the room environment, accumulates less dust, and is unobtrusive and versatile to visually integrate into most building interiors. 
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Company Name: Encore International Company Limited
Product Zone: Commercial Lighting
Booth No.: 3D-D18
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Adjustable Beam LED Track & Down Light

1. Sleek, high performance LED track luminaire available in two 3 wattages: 15W 20W and 30W (up to 2100 lumens)

2. Featuring an adjustable beam mechanism designed to provide outstanding flexibility for dynamic displays in retail and gallery applications

3. Self-dimmable and Leading Edge dimmable versions available 4. Both 15W and 30W versions provide 360°+ horizontal (rotation) adjustment and 90° vertical aiming
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Company Name: Goodwell International (Hong Kong) Company Limited
Product Zone: Household Lighting
Booth No.: 3B-D35
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Magnetic Levitation Lamp

This is a magnetic levitation lamp, in which the lampshade can be floating in the mid-air and 360 degree automatic rotating at the same time. There are 15 and 9 pieces of LED lights in the top and bottom platform respectively.. Levitation is the process by which an object is suspended by a physical force against gravity, we have the patents of levitation system in China and USA.
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Company Name: Highstar (HK) Industrial Co Ltd
Product Zone: Hall of Aurora
Booth No.: 1CON-029
Country/Region: Hong Kong
LED table lamp with fan and USB output

1.Three color temperature, i.e. white, natural and yellow light.
2.Rechargeable battery fan
3.Two USB output at the bottom
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Company Name: Jiawei Technology (HK) Ltd
Product Zone: Hall of Aurora
Booth No.: 1D-C18
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Smart Motion Security Light

Adding innovative video surveillance functions into traditional security lights, SMSL can provide all-weather high-definition video surveillance to user, as well as fast alarm function, for the better protection of family safety. The use of Wifi technology and APP control make SMSL’s installation very convenient, and users can always review the video information from the cloud storage.
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Company Name: Hong Kong Dick Po Lighting Company Limited
Product Zone: Hall of Aurora
Booth No.: 1D-B36
Country/Region: Hong Kong

Hong Kong Dickpo Lighting Co.Ltd is a big lighting manufacturer with research development, design and manufacture ability. We are specialized in producing modern and ancient lighting fixtures. With neoteric design, unique style and perfect workmanship, we won excellent reputation from customers. Our products are approved by CE, GS, CCC certificate and the company also obtains IS09001 and IS014001 system certificate. Enjoying positive feedbacks from global sale, our products are your first choice for home and public lighting decorations. 
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Company Name: MRC Technology International Limited
Product Zone: Hall of Aurora
Booth No.: 1E-E08
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Translucent LED Glass Panel

MRC Technology Co., Ltd (MRCT) is pleased to announce the emergence of a translucent, ultra-thin glass panel which can be pasted on the inner side of the window and broadcast the LED images to the customers a 170-degree wide viewing angle without any blind spots.

-  High photoelectric conversion efficiency.
-   Easy installation which can be directly attached to the glass window.
-   Light in weight as compared to traditional LEDs.
-   Ultra-thinness: as thin as 1 mm – 3 mm.
-   Scalable - no size restriction.
-   Highly efficiency in heat dissipation.
-   Invisibility:Light-emitting chips with micron-level light source, with a transparent, heat-resistant, anti- static, waterproof film for solid rubber protection.
-   Safe (Fire-proof), Convenient and Cost savings.
-   High transparency up to 86%.
-   Viewing angle up to 170 degrees.

The new ultra-thin Glass Panel is suitable for any advertising display at Retail Stores, Shopping Mall, MTR, lighting engineering for the building complex, indoor decorations and etc. Not only that it is visually impactful and timely efficient in implementation, the new ultra-thin Glass Panel is a new advertising income generation source supported by low construction and maintenance costs. This will greatly maximize the bottom line benefits of the property developers.
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Company Name: Shun Sze International Development Limited
Product Zone: Commercial Lighting
Booth No.: 3D-E40
Country/Region: Hong Kong
LED Cool White Magnet-Fix Mini Light Tube

• compact design
• high light intensity
• portable and easily fix by magnet
• adjustable projection angle
• 3 levels of brightness
• different colors available
• USB rechargeable
• wide range of application

Application Examples:
• car baggage compartment
• car repairing
• server
• kitchen
• refrigerator
• desktop and etc.
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Company Name: MPHK Group Limited
Product Zone: Smart Lighting & Solutions
Booth No.: CR-C03
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Viso System LabSpion

The LabSpion is the first complete light measurement solution covering all light sources from small lamps, LED chips, large panels and street lamps.

The 2 axis goniometer with the new fast spectrometer sensor technology enables the system to measure the full 3D distribution field of any lamp and generate full reporting of different parameters in 30 seconds, including Lumen, Candela, Beam angle, Color temperature, CRI/TM30 and Efficiency. The system also supports giving lighting professionals comprehensive LDT and IES simulations files of the light measurements.