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Company Name: Advance Bright Limited
Product Zone: Hall of Aurora
Booth No.: 1B-D13
Country/Region: Hong Kong

Stellar is an innovative design that combines two fundamental elements of happiness – light and sound – into one. Serving as an illumination lantern cum and a Bluetooth speaker. Inspired by twist action ballpoint pens, the gadget smartly incorporates functions into its design by embedding the twist mechanism as a switch to turn on/off the lantern and adjust the brightness level to accommodate your occasions. The rugged, light-weighted Stellar is covered by colorful silica rubber to create a soft, intimate touch with anti-slip functionality and certified (IP65) for outdoor use.
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Company Name: AZ E-Lite (HK) Limited
Product Zone: LED & Green Lighting
Booth No.: 5B-C02
Country/Region: Hong Kong
AZ e-lite Bluetooth LED Ceiling Light & LED Downlight

AZ e-lite Bluetooth LED Ceiling Light (BCR1930) & LED Downlight (BDR412) are our 1st generation smart light which will transform your light into life. Play with light color and brightness to create your personal light. The BDR412 and BCR1930 are dimmable to save energy and provide an amount of light that is just right for you. To set the mood, you can tune a light color between warm, white and daylight, ranging from 2700K to 6500K. If you want to study and need to focus, you can set the light to bright daylight. If you want to relax and forget your sorrows, you can set it to a comforting, warm white. And all these features are controlled with your smart phone from the comfort of your couch.
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Company Name: Bell Taih Corp
Product Zone: Household Lighting
Booth No.: 3CON-025
Country/Region: Taiwan
Acrylic Pendant Lamp

Be natural design; Light up your life.
Classic, elegant and delicate design combine different materials to express as poetic water flow image.
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Company Name: Ever Bright Trading Development Limited
Product Zone: Hall of Aurora
Booth No.: 1D-D28
Country/Region: Hong Kong
CAT110 LED Lighting

The item CAT110 has two different designs,
Infrared Sensor (CAT110A) and Tact Switch (CAT110B).
It could be used on wardrobe, corridor, cupboard, bedside and anywhere you need to fix.
Do not need a wire, charging with USB.
3 hours of charging could light up for 12 hours continuously.
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Company Name: Get More Co., Ltd
Product Zone: LED & Green Lighting
Booth No.: 5C-B36
Country/Region: Taiwan
Light Stax

Light Stax are beautiful illuminate construction blocks that use LED technology but are still 100% compatible with existing traditional building blocks.
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Company Name: Goodwell International (Hong Kong) Company Limited
Product Zone: Household Lighting
Booth No.: 3B-D35
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Floating Bulb

Floating Bulb uses the magnetic floating technology and wireless induction technology which makes the bulb levitate and rotate 360° at the same time. It completely embodies the concept of environmental protection by using oak base and LED in the bulb.
There is a touch switch on the oak base, just by touching the base, then the bulb can be turned on.
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Company Name: Green First Corporation
Product Zone: Household Lighting
Booth No.: 3CON-042
Country/Region: Taiwan

Thoughtfully crafted in 100% wood and bamboo, the LED lamp with NFC and Bluetooth speaker, is designed with a natural vibe to make life more convenient.
You can use it together with a powered device such as your tablet, smart phone, laptop, computer or media player with a Bluetooth compatible device. Adjustable, ergonomic design that projects light on where you need it.
Designed and manufactured in Taiwan.
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Company Name: Highstar (HK) Industrial Co Ltd
Product Zone: Hall of Aurora
Booth No.: 1D-B25
Country/Region: Hong Kong

  • Smart Eye protection LED Table Lamp with clock

  • Smart correct sitting posture

  • Sensor touch for on/off

  • Three Mode Lights: Natural Light-yellow Light-White light

  • LCD display time/temperature/week/year/alarm clock.

  • Memo board with backlight
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Company Name: Home Resource  Industrial Co., Ltd.
Product Zone: Hall of Aurora
Booth No.: 1B-A42
Country/Region: Taiwan
LED Grow Light for Plant

Home Resource new designed and patented LED grow lights which can both enhance the growth speed of plants and decorate your living space. Let’s make sweet homes together!
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Company Name: Kee Tat Lighting Products Ltd.
Product Zone: Household Lighting
Booth No.: 3C-B09

Country/Region: Hong Kong
Essence – KT1014 Desk Lamp

Essence/ Desk Lamp has 3 intensity level dimmable function with 2 ways of USB hub and wireless mobile charger. The design of LED light source is arranged in a relationship of connecting mobile charging as our focus on design of the multi-functions table lamp and you can enjoy your lifestyle in more ways. The dimmable function with 3 intensity level selections can let you select the most comfortable light source in any area at home or on working desk. The wireless charger can also let you charge your Android or Apple mobile freely with NFC support card.
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Company Name: LEDUS Lighting Technology Limited
Product Zone: Hall of Aurora
Booth No.: 1E-B40
Country/Region: Hong Kong
LED Tri Proof Light 45 W

  • Waterproof, dustproof and corrosion-proof

  • Can be used in various industrial areas, like factories, warehouses, tunnels, car parks, etc.

  • Long lifespan which can save the maintenance cost. Energy saving up to 50% compare to traditional lighting. Environmental friendly as no mercury is used.
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Company Name: Mooni Limited
Product Zone: Hall of Aurora
Booth No.: 1E-D38
Country/Region: Hong Kong
OVO Speaker (Wirefree rechargeable LED lantern with Bluetooth speaker)

A special contrivance enables it to make lighting and music together portable and fun whether indoor or outdoor. Use as a light, a music speaker, or together. Water resistant and equipped with soft 5 watt + WLED light. Bring convenience to your lighting needs whether you are on move or just want to enjoy a relaxing lighting ambience with music in your indoor/ outdoor living space. RGB+W light function offers different color lighting option to set your mood on music.
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Company Name: Neonlite Electronic & Lighting (HK) Limited
Product Zone: Hall of Aurora
Booth No.: 1D-B02
Country/Region: Hong Kong
INGENIUM® Smart Lighting Solution

MEGAMAN® offers INGENIUM® Smart Lighting Solutions which give you full control, via your smart device or remote control, of the on/off, dimming and scene setting of the environment. It includes:

  • INGENIUM® BLU is a simple and economical smart lighting solution for those looking for local control of a small, domestic lighting system over Bluetooth technology.

  • INGENIUM® ZB is a scalable solution working with ZigBee® technology that allows users to gain wireless control over all INGENIUM® ZB lighting products. It is compatible with popular ZigBee® equipped super gateways which allow interoperability between MEGAMAN® LED lighting and other equipment.
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Company Name: Nfk Lite Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Product Zone: Household Lighting
Booth No.: 3C-F29
Country/Region: Taiwan
Tripodia (model: LD364)

Tripodia - Simplicity, direction, geometrically sound. Combining design with ease of function, Tripodia illuminates your working space with a generous dimmable 13 watt LED beam. Special designed rotational joint facilitates and enables you to direct your light towards previously darkened areas.
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Company Name: Shenzhen Emoi Lifestyle Co., Limited
Product Zone: Hall of Aurora
Booth No.: 1B-E37
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Smart Aroma Diffuser Lamp Speaker

With nice aroma and gentle light, diffuser can create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Emoi Smart Aroma diffuser lamp speaker, with its cross-functional design of combining diffuser, humidifier, Bluetooth music player and lamp, is a great expression of emotional design. By adopting smart technology, emoi creatively links product with living environment and people’s emotional appeal.
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Company Name: Vaxcel International Co., Ltd.
Product Zone: Hall of Aurora
Booth No.: 3C-D18
Country/Region: Taiwan
Security Light with WIFI Camera

The 180°motion activated LED Security light is beautifully crafted from aluminum alloy.
Equipped with WIFI Camera, built-in microphone and speaker, this security light also allows you to monitor your home surrounding and communicate with visitors through your mobile device.