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Exhibitors' & Buyers' Comments
Empowered with decades of experience and expertise in organising trade exhibitions, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is reputed internationally for its outstanding performance.


Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.


The HKTDC sincerely invites you to join this exhibition, to explore the way to success.


Exhibitors' Comments Buyers' Comments

Exhibitors' Comments



  “Founded in 1867, BJB is a well-known brand for active and passive components, drivers and modules. To meet the changing lighting trends, we are able to offer smart solutions to customers. At this year’s Autumn Lighting Fair, we are promoting new products such as SMD Push-to-Fix and inline adaptors for linear flat systems. Buyers attending the Autumn Lighting Fair are more international. This year we have met with more buyers and have had good discussions with buyers from many places including those from Australia, the Chinese mainland, Europe, India and Southeast Asia.
Philipp Henrici, President/General Manager, BJB GmbH & Co KG, Germany

“Fulham is a leading supplier of LED drivers, modules, smart controls and emergency backup systems for commercial and industrial applications. We have joined the Autumn Lighting Fair for many years to increase brand awareness and to introduce our new products. This year we are highlighting a full range of LED drivers, new light sources and modules, and new emergency backup systems. The global economy seems recovering. We have never seen such a crowded first day and hope that it’ll keep up in the next three days of the fair. We have met with a good number of buyers from our target markets such as the Chinese mainland, Europe, India and North America. In terms of exhibitors and buyers, the Hong Kong fair is more international than any other lighting fair in the world.
Bob Howard-Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, Fulham Co Ltd, the US


  “Established in 1998, Globo Lighting is an Austrian importer and distributor of decorative lighting for the home and garden. Our main markets include Eastern Europe and Western Europe. Since 2001, we have been exhibiting at the Autumn Lighting Fair. It is an important show for us to keep in touch with our existing customers, look for new customers and launch new products and concepts. This year we have adopted Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, an influential composer of the Classical era, as the main theme of our booth and our sales team is wearing Mozart costume, attracting a lot of attention. We have met with new customers from Africa, Austria, Germany, Korea and the US.
Ingolf Schwarz, Sales Director, Globo Lighting, Austria

“In business for 35 years, Iris Cristal SA has two factories, one in the Czech Republic which produces handmade crystal parts, and one in Spain which assembles high-end crystal lighting and chandeliers. Our products are sold to 60 countries and regions. We have joined the Autumn Lighting Fair for about nine years. It is an international lighting fair which attracts a lot of customers from around the world. More importantly, we can make new contacts every year which can generate new business. At this year’s fair, we have been very busy answering buyers’ enquiries. We have met with potential business partners from Asia, the Middle East and the US and already sold samples to seven potential customers.” 
Fernando Mayor, Export Manager, Iris Cristal SA, Spain


  “With a monthly production capacity of 55 million pieces, Leedarson is a global leader in LED lighting solutions. We have been exhibiting at the Autumn Lighting Fair for more than 10 years because the fair provides an important channel for us to expand our clientele base, to strengthen our relationships with existing customers, to obtain feedback from buyers and to understand the industry trends. At this year’s fair, we are presenting downlight systems, IoT solutions for commercial and residential applications, high-efficacy panel lights and high-end light tubes. Buyer traffic has been very busy on the first day and we have met with buyers from Western Europe and the US as well as emerging markets such as Eastern Europe and South America. Some of our existing customers have placed onsite orders. In view of overwhelming response from international buyers, we want to have a bigger booth next year.
Coco Chen, Deputy Marketing Director, Leedarson Lighting Holdings Pte. Ltd., Singapore

“Matrix specialises in the production, sales and marketing of LED light bulbs under our Viribright brand, with Europe and the US as our major markets. We have been participating in the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair twice a year since 2009 because it provides an important platform for us to get new customers and to communicate with our existing customers. It also provides a cost-effective way for exhibitors to meet buyers from all over the world. We are promoting our high-quality, competitively priced LED lighting products which have a CRI of 90. Many buyers have come to this year’s Autumn Lighting Fair and we have found potential distributors from Europe.
Eric H.T. Leung, Director, Matrix Lighting Limited (a subsidiary of Matrix Holdings Limited), Hong Kong


  “MEGAMAN® has been exhibiting at the Autumn Lighting Fair for the 15th consecutive year. Through the fair, our company has established business relationships with many customers from all over the world. The fair is also growing in terms of the number of exhibitors and buyers. At this year’s fair, we are showcasing new features of INGENIUM® ZB smart lighting solutions, GABIO LED pendant louvre series and ESTELA recessed LED louvre panels. The number of buyers visiting our booth this year is higher than last year, so we feel that the economy is recovering. We have met with new buyers from Europe, India, Southeast Asia and the US. US buyers are more interested in our smart lighting solutions while lighting consultants have expressed their interest in our GABIO LED pendant louvre series which are suitable for use in offices, exhibition and schools.”
Matthew Chu, General Manager, Neonlite Electronic & Lighting (HK) Limited, Hong Kong

“With a factory in Zhongshan on the Chinese mainland, Tons Lightology specialises in the production of LED commercial lighting such as track lights, downlights and landscape lighting. We are a long-term supporter of the Autumn Lighting Fair since its debut because it is one of the largest and most professional lighting fairs in the world. October is also a good timing for us to showcase our latest technology and new products and to collect feedback from buyers so that we can develop new products that meet their needs. About 70 per cent of our existing customers visit the fair every year, so it’s very convenient for us to meet them at our booth. Apart from meeting existing customers, we have met with new buyers from Europe, South America and Southeast Asia.
Roger Chan, Sales Director (Taiwan), Tons Lightology Inc., Taiwan



Buyers' Comments

abc   “Based in Russia, BCG handles different kinds of projects such as apartments, houses, factories and stadiums. This is my first time visiting the Autumn Lighting Fair. I am here looking for new ideas, new lighting solutions and smart lighting controls. Up till now, I have found five potential suppliers of decorative lighting such as table lamps and chandeliers. I’ll ask them to provide special offers for our projects. It’s a great lighting show where I can find new ideas and new products. I would like to come again next year.”
Sheklachev Nikita, Designer, BCG, Russia

“Fluvia manufactures high-end architectural lighting in Spain and sells mainly to Europe. It is my first visit to the Autumn Lighting Fair. At the fair, we are exploring new business opportunities for our company because we are keen to expand our product portfolio to include smart lighting and basic lighting products for the mass market. Smart lighting can be applied to residential and commercial projects and it is getting more and more important in our market. Up till now, we have identified two potential suppliers of smart lighting and basic lighting products from the Chinese mainland and Korea. We’ll visit their factories on the mainland after the fair. We love the fair because we can find very good suppliers here. We hope to come again next year.”
Anna Ferrer Durán, Brand Manager, Fluvia, Spain


  “We own two brands namely LED line and LEDOM, which target the professional market and the consumer market respectively. We visit the Spring and Autumn Lighting Fairs regularly. The fair provides a good opportunity for us to look for new ideas, lighting solutions and products, meet many exhibitors in one place and assess the latest product trends in the market. Our initial order quantity will be 1,000-5,000 pieces. In addition, we plan to add new models to our spotlight collection. We have found three potential suppliers of spotlights and will buy a 40-foot container of spotlights after further negotiations with potential suppliers.
Przemysław Kowalczyk (right), Owner, and Damian Małkowski (left), Import Manager, LEDIN Sp. z o.o., Poland 

“Lumenova Solutions produces lighting products in Slovenia and sells to Europe and the UAE. I need to source high-quality aluminium die-cast housings for the production of lighting products. I have come to the Autumn Lighting Fair for the first time to look for reliable suppliers of aluminium die-cast housings. So far, I have identified two potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland. I’ll check their samples and ask them to change their samples according to my specifications. If their quality is good, I’ll buy more than US$7 million worth of aluminium die-cast housings. The Autumn Lighting Fair gathers a lot of suppliers and it’s easy for me to find what I want here. Also, I find the HKTDC’s business matching service very helpful.”
Robert Virant, Owner, Lumenova Solutions GmbH, Germany

abc   “LYTE is a wholesaler and retailer of decorative lighting and technical lighting in Uruguay. At the Autumn Lighting Fair, we are looking for new designs for decorative lighting. The fairground is a bit crowded with many visitors and we feel that the economy is improving. So far, we have found 10 potential suppliers of medium-end decorative lighting. We’ll check their quality and prices before finalising our orders. If the supplier can meet our requirements, we’ll buy at least one 40-foot container of lighting products. The Hong Kong fair brings together good suppliers which can provide high-quality products with nice designs. We like the fair.” 
Sebastián Martinez (right), General Manager, and Leonardo García (left), Sales Manager, Lyte Iluminación Técnica, Uruguay

“Headquartered in Singapore, Meinhardt Infrastructure has offices in 45 countries and regions and provides consultancy services for various infrastructure projects. This is my second visit to the Autumn Lighting Fair and the Outdoor and Tech Light Expo. It is important for me to come to Hong Kong fairs to see the latest lighting trends. I can see that sound-controlled, sensor-controlled and movement-controlled lighting products are getting popular due to the development of smart cities. The two shows are very well-organised, with various product zones and group pavilions representing different regions. I have found new suppliers of LED lights, solar lights and street lights. I’ll collect details from them and present to our clients.”
Tham Lai Leng, Executive Board Director, Meinhardt Infrastructure Pte Ltd, Singapore

abc   “ROMALUX is a well-established importer and wholesaler of lighting products in Brazil. The economy is getting better in our country and it’s time for us to look for new products to meet the needs of our customers. At the Autumn Lighting Fair, we are particularly interested in decorative lighting and ceiling lamps. Up till now, we have found three potential suppliers of LED strips and neon strips. We are now waiting for them to provide the specifications, quotations and samples. We’ll visit their factories and have further negotiations after the fair. We like the Autumn Lighting Fair because the suppliers here provide new designs, high-quality products and attractive prices.
Murillo Cesar de Pauli (right), Owner, and Rodrigo Mendes Fernandes (left), Buyer, ROMALUX, Brazil

“Established in 1993, we are an importer, wholesaler and distributor of electrical products including lighting products, cables, wiring accessories and fans in the UAE. Apart from acting as a distributor of 25 brands in our country, we also have our own brand. I like the fair because it is the right place for me to find reliable suppliers. In fact, more than 10 of our existing customers are also exhibitors here. The fair provides an ideal platform for us to find new models and to get an idea of price levels in the market. At this year’s fair, we have found new models for emergency lamps. Through the HKTDC’s business matching service, we have identified four to five potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. As we are serving more than 500 wholesalers and contractors in the UAE, we’ll buy at least one 20-foot container of lighting products from each supplier if their products are good.
Aravindakshan Variath, General Manager, UB Emirates LLC, UAE