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Exhibitors' & Buyers' Comments



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Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.


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Exhibitors’ Comments Buyers’ Comments



Exhibitors’ Comments
“With a factory in Zhongshan employing 150 workers, our company provides outdoor and indoor lighting products for various lighting projects such as hotels, shopping malls, casinos and residential projects. Our customers come mainly from Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. We have joined the Spring Lighting Fair for many years. It is an important show for us to promote the strengths of our company to international buyers and to look for new buyers. We have received enquiries from many buyers including those from Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and the US. We expect that at least two to three new buyers will buy our products for their projects.”
Mable Fang, Lighting Consultant, Epistar Industrial (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Hong Kong


img “Established in 2002, Hangzhou Sky-Lighting is engaged in the design, development and production of light sources. Three years ago, we started to produce lighting products such as panel lights and downlights. Currently, Europe is our biggest market, followed by the Middle East. We are keen to expand into new markets such as Japan and the US through the Spring Lighting Fair. The fair provides an ideal platform for us to look for quality buyers. At this year’s fair, we are promoting our LED filament bulbs which look like the traditional incandescent bulbs, but they are eco-friendly. So far, we have met with more buyers from Europe who are very interested in our LED filament bulbs.”
Lu Lu (left), Sales Manager, Hangzhou Sky-Lighting Co., Ltd., the Chinese mainland


“TCL offers a wide range of LED lighting products such as panel lights, battens, tubes, bulbs and reading lightings, as well as LED drivers. Our major markets include the Middle East, North America and Southeast Asia. We have joined the Spring Lighting Fair for many years to promote our TCL brand, look for new distributors, and introduce our OEM strength to large lighting brands. At this year’s fair, we have met with new buyers from South America, helping us understand their needs. We have also received buyers’ enquiries about our LED drivers which come with WiFi and a smart dimming interface. Smart lighting caters to the needs of our high-end customers especially in North America. It’s just the beginning and it takes time for smart lighting to become popular the world over. TCL will develop more new designs to support the development of smart lighting.”
Kathy Zheng, Salesman, Overseas Marketing Centre, Huizhou TCL Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd., the Chinese mainland


img “Headquartered in the US, Jaykal LED Solutions has a factory on the Chinese mainland which manufactures high-quality LED lighting products for industrial and commercial applications. In the past, we sold our products mainly to North America because our products comply with UL and DLC certifications. After obtaining CE and SAA certifications last year, we hope to develop the global market through both the spring and autumn editions of the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair. The Hong Kong fair provides a good place for us to introduce our new products. At this year’s Spring Lighting Fair, we focus on promoting our solar street lights which are competitively priced and come with high luminous efficacy and three-year warranty. Our solar street lights have attracted strong interest from international buyers including those from Africa and South America.”
Albert Huang, Operation Director, Jaykal LED Solutions, Inc, the US


“In business for 17 years, Junction started out as a manufacturer of light sources. Five years ago, our company has shifted to the production of home lighting solutions. Backed by 30 designers, our company provides home lighting solutions featuring classic and simple designs with European styles. Our main markets include Europe and South America. We are a long-term supporter of the Spring Lighting Fair because we receive orders through the fair every year. At this year’s fair, we have met with many new and existing customers. As we have rich offerings and innovative designs, we are able to make 20-30 useful contacts per day during the fair period.”
Jian Guoxin, Director, Junction Company Limited, Hong Kong


img “Matrix specialises in the production, sales and marketing of LED light bulbs under our Viribright brand. Our major markets include Europe and the US. We have been participating in the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair twice a year since 2009 because it is an important place for us to find new customers and to network with existing customers. Due to keen competition, we need to control our production costs through factory automation and the use of cheaper yet high-quality lighting components. The fair also provides a sourcing platform for us to buy lighting components. At this year’s Spring Lighting Fair, we are promoting a full range of LED products which have a CRI of 90 and a luminous efficacy of 90 lumens per watt. The fair is very well-organised and buyer traffic has been good.”
Eric H.T. Leung, Director, Matrix Lighting Limited (a subsidiary of Matrix Holdings Limited), Hong Kong


“MLS specialises in the production of LED packaging, indoor commercial lighting and light sources. Our LED finished products under the Forest Lighting brand are exported mainly to India, the Middle East, North America and Southeast Asia while our LED packaging is sold to lighting manufacturers on the Chinese mainland. After the acquisition of Osram’s LEDvance lighting business last year, we are promoting our OEM business for the first time at the Spring Lighting Fair. We hope to develop the markets in the Middle East and Southeast Asia first and then Europe and North America. Buyers’ responses have been very good at the fair. Buyers from Europe, North Africa and Southeast Asia have expressed their interest in using our OEM service.”
Pan Wei, Sales Manager, Marketing & Sales, MLS Co., Ltd., the Chinese mainland


img “In 2014, we launched our Bell & Wyson brand for innovative connected devices which initiated a revolution in the lighting experience. This is our first exhibition at the Spring Lighting Fair. We are here showcasing five different models of connected devices and looking for new distributors. Our WiFi-enabled smart devices are not just LED light bulbs that illuminate your home but also incorporate unique features such as a smoke detector, a home security system, a mosquito killer, a motion sensor for turning lights on and off, and RGB colour changing feature for creating different moods. We made about 100 useful contacts on the first two days of the fair. It’s very likely that we’ll finalise our cooperation with new distributors in Canada, Japan, Malaysia and the US after the fair. Consumers all over the world like smart devices and there is no exception for smart lighting products. Buyers at the fair are very interested in our smart lighting devices because of innovative features and high quality. Yet, our products are easy to use and inexpensive.”
Fabrice Vossier, CEO, Sino Digit Technology Limited, Hong Kong


“In 2012, we launched our maglung brand for home lighting products featuring Nordic minimalism. All of our products are created by a Spanish designer and an Italian designer. We started to join the Autumn Lighting Fair in 2012 and the Spring Lighting Fair in 2013 to promote our brand. We launch 12 new collections in each quarter and the two fairs provide a great place for us to introduce our new collections. The Spring Lighting Fair in particular allows us to have a bigger booth to showcase our products in the best setting. Our attractive product designs have attracted a lot of interest from international buyers. Buyers from Australia, Japan and the US are very interested in our products and will visit our factories after the fair.”
Will Wang, Marketing Director, Zhongshan Jumei Lighting Co., Ltd., the Chinese mainland





Buyers’ Comments

“Based in the UAE, Bella Nova is a trading company which sells lighting products, furniture and electrical appliances. We supply LED lighting products to wholesalers in GCC countries and Africa. I come here every year to source commercial lighting, household lighting and outdoor lighting as I can find quality suppliers, new designs and good prices here. The HKTDC business matching service is fantastic and I have identified 11 new suppliers through this service. In addition, I have found three more new suppliers on my own. I plan to buy US$50,000-100,000 worth of LED lighting products including smart lighting from these new suppliers. Smart lighting is favoured by the new generation in GCC countries because young people like something new and they can use mobile apps to control lighting effects and achieve home automation.”
Muhammed Noufel, General Manager, Bella Nova Trading FZE, UAE


img “Established in 1957, Drees produces LED shop lights and technical lights in Germany with components imported from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. Our customers are wholesalers in Europe. I have been to the Spring Lighting Fair for several times to look for lighting components such as PCBs, plastic parts and LED drivers. At the fair, I have already asked several new suppliers to provide samples. After checking their quality, I’ll confirm my orders. The quantity for my initial order will be around 100-1,000 pieces. I like the Spring Lighting Fair because I can find reliable suppliers who can provide quality lighting components. The environment here is clean and comfortable.”
Fritz Drees, Managing Partner, Drees Lichttechnik GmbH, Germany


“We provide consultancy services in urban planning and lighting design services for real estate projects on the Chinese mainland. Each year, we buy RMB100 million worth of lighting products. This is my first time visiting the Spring Lighting Fair. The fair provides an ideal platform for me to source new products, see the latest lighting development trends and exchange ideas with international counterparts. At the fair, I have found five to six potential suppliers of hotel lighting, commercial lighting and landscape lighting. It’s likely that I’ll buy their products after the fair. I am also interested in the Smart Lighting & Solutions Zone at the fair. In fact, the demand for smart lighting on the mainland is increasing because the mainland government promotes the development of smart cities and connected homes. My company is also one of the contractors engaged in the design and construction of smart cities in Changchun, Xi’an and Xinjiang.”
Wu Xiaojun, Chairman, Nanjing Langhui Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., the Chinese mainland


img “In business for 30 years, Maltani Corp. is no. 1 manufacturer of office lighting, outdoor lighting and residential lighting in Korea, with Asia, Australia, Europe and New Zealand as our major markets. At the Spring Lighting Fair, I am looking for polycarbonate casings, aluminium die-cast casings and other lighting components. Up till now, I have found nine potential suppliers. Their lighting components look good and it takes us around three months to check their factories, quality and product finishing before we confirm our orders. I can see a lot of business opportunities for smart lighting in the worldwide markets as consumers are interested in this kind of products, but they are now concerned about prices. If prices of smart lighting go down, more consumers will go for it.”
Jong Min Rhee, Senior Executive Vice President, Maltani Corp., Korea


“Headquartered in Switzerland, our company sells LED lighting products to Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the US. This is my third time visiting the Spring Lighting Fair to look for household lighting and various lighting products for hotel projects in the US. Up till now, we have found eight potential suppliers of household lighting and two potential suppliers of hotel lighting products from the Chinese mainland and Vietnam. We plan to buy US$500,000 worth of lighting products from these new suppliers. As we urgently need to buy bathroom vanity lights, floor lamps and table lamps for our hotel projects in the US, we’ll confirm our orders with the two hotel lighting suppliers soon.”
Maria Cabrera, CEO North America, Member of the Board, Swiss LED USA, the US


img “Urulamp supplies industrial lighting, architectural lighting and street lighting to wholesalers and distributors in Argentina and Uruguay and has two stores in Uruguay selling household lighting. The LED industry is changing fast and the Spring Lighting Fair is the only place where we can see what’s new in the market. It’s important for us to know what our existing suppliers and their competitors can offer. If our existing suppliers can’t follow the trend, we’ll work with new suppliers. The fair brings together a lot of suppliers and a lot of new products. So far, we have found new models of high bay lights, flood lights and street lights, and already identified four to five new suppliers from the Chinese mainland. We’ll buy their products after checking their quality and prices.”
Fernando Pache Brussoni, Director, Urulamp, Argentina


“Wipro is the third-largest lighting company in India, selling household lighting, office lighting, outdoor lighting and industrial lighting to a large number of wholesalers. This is my first-time visit to the Spring Lighting Fair to look for office lighting, outdoor lighting, industrial lighting, aluminium profiles, casings, drivers and sensors. So far, I have shortlisted 20 new suppliers from the Chinese mainland and Korea and will ask for their samples. If their quality and prices are good, we’ll buy at least one container. Smart lighting is growing fast in India where we are offering smart lighting solutions for IT offices, factories and street lighting projects. As 100 cities in India will be transformed into smart cities in the next six years, there is a growing demand for smart lighting solutions. In fact, our company is one of the smart lighting suppliers engaged in the development of smart cities in India.”
Prajakta Rokade, Product Design Manager, Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting, India


img “In business for six years in Poland, Zuma Line is an importer and exporter of home decorative lamps under our own brand. We have distributors in European countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, the UK and Ukraine. This is my first visit to the Spring Lighting Fair, but my boss visits the fair regularly. Both the spring and autumn editions of the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair provide an important sourcing platform for us to expand our business. At this year’s Spring Lighting Fair, I am particularly looking for technical lamps such as spotlights and downlights for home use. So far, I have found two to three potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland. If their quality can meet our requirements, we’ll buy different models to fill up one container.”
Maciej Filosek, Sales Manager, Zuma Line Sp. z o.o., Poland