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Interesting Product
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Company Name: Highstar (HK) Industrial Co Ltd
Product Zone: Hall of Aurora
Booth No.: 1E-D07
Country/Region: Hong Kong

LED Table lamp with wireless charging

  • Sensor touch for on/off
  • Dimmable
  • Timer
  • Three mode lights: Natural Light; Yellow Light; White Light
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Company Name: Update Technology (HK) Limited
Product Zone: LED & Green Lighting - Outdoor
Booth No.: 3B-C12
Country/Region: Hong Kong

50 LED Solar Motion Sensor Wall Light

  • Solar powered lights
  • Automatically turns on when it gets dark
  • Motion sensor turns on a brighter light if movement is detected
  • Power saving
  • Environmentally friendly
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Company Name: Sino Digit Technology Limited
Product Zone: Hall of Aurora
Booth No.: 1E-B26
Country/Region: Hong Kong

Anti-Mosquito Bulb LED Wifi

The unique Anti-Mosquito Wifi Bulb, which has an output of over 800 lumens, a smart fan and LED mosquito bulb killer, users can control from anywhere and anyplace.

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Company Name: Hi-Watt International Enterprises Ltd
Product Zone: LED & Green Lighting - Indoor
Booth No.: 3D-E21
Country/Region: Hong Kong

LED Working Flood Light (Portable)

  • Easy to carry and free to fold
  • Free adjustment to up and down
  • Around 180 degrees free adjustment
  • High efficiency lighting with 10,000 lumen
  • Equipped with lithium battery, 7 hours continuous lighting
  • 3 kinds of power supply: TNB, Car Power supply Lithium battery
  • Suitable for military, disaster relief, construction site
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Company Name: DS Holding Industries Limited
Product Zone: Lighting Accessories, Parts & Components
Booth No.: 3C-B03
Country/Region: Hong Kong

Edison X-Large Globe Squirrel Filament Light Bulb

Using the latest technology to provide realistic light that mimics an incandescent bulb.
The old-style light bulbs are very versatile, which can be used with a lamp shade or just on their own - they can be used as dining room light fixtures and desk lamps or can simply be decorations for home or cafe, bar, restaurant, hotel, store etc.
The old fashioned squirrel/spiral style filaments glowing with warm light, which bring you back to the old and warm time

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Company Name: Lumisound Technologies Co., Limited
Product Zone: Commercial Lighting
Booth No.: 1C-A18
Country/Region: Hong Kong

Lumisound LED wireless bulb speaker

Lumisound LED wireless bulb speaker consists of Bluetooth series and Wifi series. With Bluetooth series, you can enjoy True wireless stereo which are powered by APTX technology, and easily control the light and sound by free downloaded APPs in AppStore or Google play. With Wifi series, you can control 8 speakers at the same time and multi room play system is available. Also we have a wifi based subwoofer to organize a mini 2.1, 3.1 or 4.1 wireless home theater system.

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Company Name: Ledtimes Group Co., Limited
Product Zone: World of Professional and Industrial Lighting
Booth No.: 1B-B05
Country/Region: Hong Kong

AC/DC Emergency Bulb with Remote Control – LT – 5009RC

  • 6W AC/DC Bulb
  • 3.7V 2200mAh lithium battery
  • Can be charged by AC110-220V or 6v solar
  • Remote control on/off anytime
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Company Name: iSmart Electronic Tech. Co., Ltd.
Product Zone: Decorative Lighting
Booth No.: 1C-D05
Country/Region: Taiwan

Die-casting Laser Meteor Shower Projector W/Decoration

LED Ring around the projector and remote controller

  • Bright and stable laser light
  • Durable metal housing
  • Waterproof IP65 adapter
  • 433MHz wireless remote control
  • automatic 24 hours cycle timer
  • working in low temperature
  • Easy, safe and cost-effective
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Company Name: Jaykal LED Solutions, Inc
Product Zone: Hall of Aurora
Booth No.: 1D-E01
Country/Region: USA

SOLOS- Solar Optimisable LED Outdoor Smartlight

JLS-china’s Solos, a stand along Off-Grid Outdoor Lighting System that enables users to install in any remote location, and with Dual Axis Rotation on the Solar Panel itself, the unique design maximizes the ability to direct the light exactly where needed, while giving optimum solar efficiency - in a single unit.

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Company Name: JPK Korea Co., Ltd
Product Zone: Commercial Lighting
Booth No.: 1B-F22

IR (Infrared) communication system LED lights

It is new way of networking that has many strong points.

  1. No interference of 2.4GHz or 5GHz.
  2. No additional equipments required
  3. Simple installation (same as regular LED)
  4. Optional IoT solution available

With JPK IR system LED, user can have "Security & Fire Alarm System" and "Remote Control System" as well