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Market Insights

Buyers’ Insights

  • Due to the ageing population, there is an increasing demand for elderly care products such as wheelchairs, diapers, underpads and bath safety products, for use in hospitals, nursing homes and at home.
  • To improve their quality of life, elderly people are now more willing to spend on healthcare products such as mobility aids, heart rate monitors and blood pressure monitors.
  • Consumers around the world over have a growing appetite for natural products such as dietary supplements without chemical additives and personal care products made from Chinese herbs.
  • Traditional Chinese medicine has become popular as an alternative medicine in overseas markets, especially in North America.
  • Increased health consciousness is boosting demand for home-based fitness products such as resistance training products and gym balls.
  • Beauty products and medical supplies for cosmetic surgery are becoming more important as “beauty” is a crucial element of “wellness”.
  • The adoption of IoT and AI in medical equipment and e-health devices is a growing trend.
  • Medical equipment such as CT scanners has great potential in developing countries because they are unable to produce medical equipment locally.

Overseas Journalists’ Insights

Top product types with great potential:
  • India: medical product/tech especially targeting at elderly and aging population
  • Korea: Medical supplies and disposables
  • Chinese mainland: Hospital equipment; new technology
  • Taiwan: concepts, innovations and prototypes from higher education institutions


Hot Picks at the 2018 Fairs by Media Expert

img Pravita Iyer, Publisher
Medical Equipment and Automation Magazine India
“I was impressed by the fact that though the exhibition is small, it had many business visitors. The seminar on fair day one by Belun Technology Company was very interesting as obstructive sleep apnea continues to gain greater industry attention as a potentially dangerous medical condition. In addition to managing a serious sleep disorder, the product has a comforting and user-friendly touch. I selectively stopped by the booths that displayed interesting products for my country. To mention a few below.

imgHuman Washer Ltd.’s (Booth: 3F-E27) Sit & Shower, the compactness of this product offers complete bathing facilities with an inbuilt body drier to provide great comfort for elderly patients. Usable at home as well as at hospitals, this product is quite the relief for all types of caretakers.

imgeNightlog by Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Booth: 3F-E09), able to monitor the movements of dementia patients in hospitals and nursing homes more accurately during the day and especially at night. In cases of emergency, help can be provided with minimal loss of time.
The VR therapy system by Seopoly Technology Co. Ltd. (Booth: 3F-D25), designed for depression patients, whose numbers are growing across the world, this equipment helps paranoid and distressed patients break free of their struggles and return to normal life. A highly patient-friendly piece of visual gaming equipment, this technology has remarkable healthcare applications.”