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Exhibitors' & Buyers' Comments


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Exhibitors' Comments Buyers' Comments


Exhibitors' Comments



“We are pleased to have organised a pavilion for medical and healthcare businesses from Czech Republic at this Medical Fair for the first time. Three Czech companies are gathering here to promote different products and services including nursing and hospital beds from Linet, orthopaedic shoes from DZO as well as kitchen and catering systems for hospitals from M-Tray. Our medical devices are of EU standards and we would like to grow further our presence in Asia through the Hong Kong exhibition. The ageing population presents a lot of opportunities for our medical businesses. Hong Kong is the hub for doing business in Asia and serves as a gateway to penetrate the Chinese mainland. The increasing medical and healthcare demand in Hong Kong also makes it a promising market for our business development. This fair creates an excellent opportunity to grow our presence and it looks quite exciting.”
Milan Vágner (second from left), Consul (Trade & Economy), Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Hong Kong, Czech Republic


 “In business for about eight years, Madura provides a wide range of orthopaedic implants like bone screws and bolts as well as nails and plates. Our products are selling to hospitals and medical professionals in India. Overseas markets include Jordan, Egypt, Nepal and Malaysia. As one of the exhibitors in the Indian pavilion, we are participating in this Medical Fair for the first time to reach out to more international customers. We have met with many visitors from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. Two serious buyers from the Philippines have approached us for our product details. I am positive about establishing business with them. This fair opens up new business opportunities. The response has been quite good so far.”

Madhur Arora, Director, Madura Orthosurge Pvt. Ltd., India


“In business for 17 years, Zaryab specialises in the production of surgical and dental instruments in Pakistan. Our major markets include USA, Europe, the Philippines and Indonesia. We are showcasing our wide range of high quality instruments here for the first time as one of the participating exhibitors in the Pakistan pavilion. This platform offers an opportunity to expand into new markets and find new customers. We have met with some Hong Kong buyers who showed interest in our products. Most of them have focused their attention on surgical instruments while a few buyers are keen to purchase our dental tools. This fair has been well organised.”

Gulraiz Hassan, Partner, Zaryab Instruments, Pakistan


“The Wielkopolska Region in the western central part of Poland is organising a pavilion at this Medical Fair for the first time to showcase our strengths in medical, laboratory and related R&D activities. Seven companies from Wielkopolska have gathered here to promote different services from real-time audio-video communication to security and energy saving software application, medical mobile app and IT solutions. Wielkopolska takes pride in six major business fields including medical, food, IT, logistics, furniture & design, and machinery. This Medical Fair offers a good platform for our medical businesses to expand presence in the Asian region. We are particularly keen to find partners to build new business and Hong Kong is a major market we want to penetrate. We can also take the chance to exchange experiences with other exhibitors here. The feeling has been very positive for the exhibition. We have high expectations and look positively towards exploring opportunities through the fair.”

Magdalena Kaseja-Astriab (right), Head of Promotion, Trade and Investments Division, Department of Economy, Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region, Poland


“As one of the top exporting states, Illinois is a leading industrial and agricultural centre in the USA. We are very strong in medical and laboratory services among others like auto components, electronics, bio-technology and machinery. This is the first time we’ve organised a pavilion at this Medical Fair with six companies from Illinois. Our participating companies are providing a variety of medical products and services such as esophageal cooling and warming device for patient temperature management, architecture and engineering services for design and planning of hospital and laboratory facilities, medical imaging systems, obstetrics and gynecology products, simulated wounds medical training devices, and body cleansing solutions. This Medical Fair has a special niche to draw industry players and offers us a great chance to gain exposure and find partners. We have confidence in HKTDC’s profound experience and the quality of trade fairs it runs. The pre-arranged business matching service has also facilitated fruitful exchanges. This is a good place to generate interest and explore new business.”

Kitty C.W. Leung (left), Managing Director – Far East Office, State of Illinois; Terry LaRocca (right), Senior International Trade Specialist, Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity, USA


“Benson Medical Services is participating in this Medical Fair for the third consecutive year to promote our Snoreben and MedAir devices. Snoreben helps relieve snoring, enabling people to sleep better, while MedAir nasal device is designed to prevent oxygen waste in hospitals. Our products are selling worldwide and we are taking advantage of this fair to find more customers. We have secured some new customers here over the past two years. We are pleased to be showcasing our products at the new zone World of Healthcare this year. The feedback is absolutely fantastic. We have already received serious interest from potential buyers from Singapore, the Chinese mainland, India and the Philippines. The prospect is very promising for business cooperation. We had participated in other medical fairs in USA, Japan, India and Malaysia. This Medical Fair in Hong Kong is the best of all. The organiser has done an amazing job. The online support is excellent and people are very knowledgeable and supportive. Hong Kong really is a good place to do business.”

Richard Benson, Director, Benson Medical Services Pty Limited, Australia



“EuroMed Technologies supplies a variety of high-end medical equipment and systems for hospitals, laboratories and medical institutions. We also provide advanced medical-related devices for hospital automation projects. Products we distribute are primarily under European and US brands. We are participating in this Medical Fair again to showcase our latest products. A special highlight for this year is our autonomous mobile robots designed to transport surgical instruments efficiently, thus saving more hospital manpower for much-needed medical-related services. The responses have been excellent. We have already got an order from a local hospital. Other medical equipment on offer includes autoclaves and ultrasound bone densitometers. We are offering free body check services such as bone density scanning, lung function test and body composition test for visitors during the fair, and that attracted a lot of attention. Besides local interest, overseas buyers including those from India and Kenya have also expressed interest in our products. The traffic is heavier this year and we have received more overseas buyers’ enquiry. We are confident of concluding some business after the exhibition.”
Leo Y.K. Lo , Managing Director, EuroMed Technologies Co., Ltd., Hong Kong


“Handsome Healthcare is a startup specialising in back care products. It took us nearly 3 years to develop our product lines that help people recover from back pain and improve health. Products range from neck brace to shoulder brace, back brace and posture cushion. We are participating in this Medical Fair for the first time and it’s great to showcase our products at the Start-up Zone. The feedback has been very encouraging. We have built up some good business connections. There are potential buyers from different places such as Singapore, India, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, France, Russia and Israel. This fair offers a good platform to expand business. There are good networking opportunities with buyers. It’s a good idea to establish the Start-up Zone in a prominent location to draw buyers. We have had fruitful exchanges with other start-ups within the zone.”
Mark Critchley, CEO and Founder, Handsome Healthcare Ltd, Hong Kong


“Starlight Enterprises was renamed as Mellica Ltd. this year to raise corporate identity. We are participating in this Medical fair for the second consecutive year to promote our latest healthcare offerings to buyers worldwide. Kardia Mobile ECG continues to be a major highlight and a lot of buyers have shown interest in the little device powered by an app that can record an ECG instantly to manage your heart’s health. The other new products are the Livia drug-free solution for menstrual pain and a smart baby monitoring app. We’ve received excellent feedback from buyers. Many of them are Hong Kong-based customers. We have also got in touch with buyers from the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, India, France and the UK. Some of them bought samples already. Last year, we secured several new customers from Hong Kong. We are very optimistic about the prospect for this year and expect to enter into business with at least 10 new buyers from both Hong Kong and overseas.”

Raymond Cheung, Sales Manager, Healthcare Technologies, Mellica Ltd. (formerly known as Starlight Enterprises Ltd.), Hong Kong


“HuBDIC produces a wide range of healthcare products such as blood pressure monitors, thermometers and blood glucose meters in Korea. We have been running our business for 15 years and products are selling to 50 countries worldwide. This is our first-time participation in the Medical Fair in Hong Kong to find new buyers and distributors. A number of buyers have approached us and many of them come from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. We have also met with buyers from Italy, Poland, India and the Philippines. Some buyers have bought samples from us. This fair attracts a lot of quality buyers including distributors and professional traders. It’s nice to be showcasing at the World of Healthcare and that zoning helps us draw more attention. Everything is clean and well managed here.”

Angela Ma, Overseas Marketing Manager, HuBDIC Co., Ltd, Korea


 “Human Washer is a business startup under the Incubation Programme of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation. We are making our debut at the Startup Zone of this Medical Fair to launch our first product Sit & Shower. Our fully-automatic bathing device for hospitals and healthcare institutions can improve workforce productivity, increase bathroom safety and provide better elderly care service. The feedback has been terrific. We have met with many local and overseas visitors. So far, we have got in touch with two to three serious buyers from Singapore and Malaysia who expressed interest in distributing our device. We are also in talks with many Hong Kong contacts including hospitals and elderly care centres who want to acquire our product. This is a very good show. We have gained extensive media exposure with the organiser’s support. The open concept design makes the Startup Zone an outstanding area to draw buyers’ attention. The business matching service has also generated more business opportunities.”

Samuel Hui, Director, Human Washer Ltd., Hong Kong



“MivaTek is an IoT service provider offering smart home care solutions to enable independent living for the elderly. Our total solutions come with various sensors for multiple functions like activity tracking, medication tracking and fall detecting so alerts can be raised promptly through a cloud-based platform. We are promoting home care solutions at the World of Healthcare of this Medical Fair. We are pleased with the results by showcasing our services within this new zone. That creates a critical mass to draw buyers looking for healthcare items. It will be nice to bring together even more healthcare-related companies to exhibit here next time. We have met with a number of buyers from different markets including Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy and Germany. Some of them took samples from us. The responses have met our expectations. We would like to participate in the fair again.”

Roger Huang, Senior Sales Director, MivaTek International Inc., USA


“Natur’O specialises in the sale and distribution of herbal remedies, therapeutic skincare products and organic food and nutritional supplements. As part of strategies to expand our presence, we are participating in this Medical Fair for the first time to showcase our latest offerings. On offer are a great variety of herbal remedies and natural healthcare products produced by Pukka Herbs from the UK, Soria Natural from Spain and Sven’s Island from New Zealand. The buyers’ responses have exceeded our expectations. We’ve met with a large number of potential customers and most of them come from Hong Kong. Some buyers from the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Macau have also approached us while overseas visitors include buyers from Malaysia, the Philippines, Russia and Romania. We expect to conclude business with at least 20 new customers through the exhibition. Our showcase at the World of Healthcare has successfully raised our profile. The market of healthcare products is growing rapidly with strong demand from a rising number of health-conscious consumers and the elderly. We will definitely join the excitement if HKTDC organises an exhibition for healthcare products.”

Jasmine Tai, Managing Director, Natur’O Co. Limited, Hong Kong


“In business since 1969, Niagara specialises in the production of professional and in-home therapy equipment. We have been refining our technology over the years to offer the best possible products for customers.  This is our first participation in this Medical Fair to grow our business. Special highlight is our cycloid vibration therapy device. This unique rehabilitation product can improve blood circulation, relieve muscular pains and enhance wound healing through three-dimensional vibration. We are especially interested in finding new distributors. So far, we’ve established good leads with buyers from Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines and India. They appear to be keen to enter into cooperation with us. We have also got in touch with buyers from Tunisia and France as well as a Hong Kong-based doctor with business connections in Brazil. The feedback has been positive. This fair is very professional. We love the business matching service. We are happy with the results and will exhibit here again.”
Sean Crealey, Director of Operations, Niagara Therapy Limited (Australia), Australia


Buyers' Comments



“Ates Medica specialises in software development for hospital equipment and medical devices in Russia. We are now expanding the scope of business to the sale of medical products. I am visiting this Medical Fair to get new ideas and source interesting products. This is a very interesting fair. So far, I have found four potential suppliers from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland for various products including blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, sleep monitors and a smart e-health solution. I am pleased to have visited this fair and it’s a rewarding trip.”

Dmitry Omelchenko, Manager, Ates Medica, Russia


“Established in 2007, Felco supplies a wide range of medical and healthcare products to hospitals, pharmacies and clinics in Malaysia. Products range from medical disposables, medical equipment and healthcare items. I am visiting this Medical Fair for the first time to source new products. I always go to trade fairs around the world to find potential items that suit our customers’ needs. This fair in Hong Kong offers some interesting products. Talks are now underway with one of the exhibitors Handsome Healthcare Ltd. We hope to distribute its back care products in Malaysia. Initial order is estimated at US$10,000 upon successful negotiation. I have also spotted a reclining chair provided by a Hong Kong exhibitor. We will continue to exchange information after the exhibition to explore business opportunities.”
Kevin Koh, Managing Director, Felco Medical Supplies Sdn Bhd, Malaysia


“HCE is a leading manufacturer and supplier of medical equipment in the UK. Besides the UK market, our medical devices are exporting to Europe, the Middle East, Australia, the Chinese mainland, Japan and Korea. We are now expanding sales into the USA. I am visiting this Medical Fair for the first time to source products and find suppliers. I have met with different exhibitors from USA, Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and India on the first day of exhibition. Interesting items include baby monitors, orthopaedic implants, AED devices, head light for doctors, humidifiers for patients as well as obstetrics and gynecology products. More business matching meetings have been arranged. I look forward to exploring business cooperation with potential suppliers.”
Raj Singh, Director, HCE Medical Group Ltd, UK


“In business since 2001, Max Healthcare is one of the largest hospital groups in northern India. We are operating 14 hospitals with a total about 2,500 beds. With further expansion plans, we hope to grow and become a hospital group with 4,000 beds by 2020. At present, our medical devices are mainly sourced from Europe and USA. We are now turning to Asian region to source more quality products at competitive prices. That’s why I am visiting this Medical Fair for the first time to find new technology and quality products. So far, I have found two potential suppliers for hospital beds that suit our needs. If negotiations work out successfully, the amount of orders will be around US$50,000 each with them. This is a nice fair.”
Manoj Ahlawat, General Manager, Supply Chain Management, Max Healthcare Institute Limited, India


“NTUC provides quality health and elderly care services for the growing needs of families and their dependents in Singapore. Besides day care centres, nursing homes, home care and dental services, we have established an extensive retail presence with pharmacies, supermarkets and convenience stores. This is my second visit to the Medical Fair in Hong Kong. Compared to my first visit four years ago, this exhibition has made a leap forward in the scale and features more exhibitors as well as products from different places. For example, there are new pavilions of the Czech Republic and the State of Illinois of USA. I have found six to seven interesting products at the fair. One of them is a little device provided by an Australian exhibitor to help improve snoring problem. We are in further discussions now and the potential order is worth about US$50,000. Other new products include rehabilitation devices, and scales that can read BMI and store personal data. I really enjoyed my visit. The fair is professionally run with clear directions, making everything so easy for me.”

Andy Wan, Director, NTUC Health Co-operative Limited, Singapore


“In business for over 16 years, OliveNetworks is Korea’s largest health and lifestyle store chain running over 900 stores under the brand of Olive Young across the country. We are visiting this Medical Fair for the first time to enhance our product categories. We have already established initial contact with five to six potential suppliers from Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and Malaysia involving products like back braces, kinesiology tapes, organic teas, compressed towels, resistive exercise bands. Further negotiations will be conducted to strike deals. Initial order for back braces is estimated at US$35,000. Trial orders for exercise bands and compressed towels could be up to US$5,000 each, subject to final discussions. This fair has a good mix of medical products on offer. Some products at the World of Healthcare are also quite interesting.”

Kim Min Chae, Manager, OliveNetworks, Korea



“With a history of 26 years, Salus is the largest supplier of home care products in Hungary, providing a wide range of products for the elderly, kids and people in need. We are also engaged in the manufacturing of customised items for clients. This is our first visit to the Medical Fair in Hong Kong to find new products and new suppliers. We have found three new suppliers from Hong Kong for lightweight wheelchairs, waterproof wound covers and air purifiers. Talks are also underway with one of the suppliers for the supply of customised mobility aids to help people with back and posture problems. The fair features an interesting mix of medical and healthcare products. Everything is well organised. We are pleased to have established some useful business contacts.”
Dr. Koletárné Pálfi Judit (left), Chief Financial Officer, Salus Ortopédtechnika Ltd., Hungary


“ServiPlus is a distributor of medical equipment in the Philippines. We are also engaged in the retailing business with one shop operating in Manila. I am visiting this Medical Fair for the first time to find new medical products and new suppliers. There are some good choices among the exhibits. I have already identified five to six potential suppliers for various medical devices. Among them are two Hong Kong exhibitors providing operating tables and scales. Initial order may involve two to four operating tables costing several thousand US dollars. I am also in touch with two Indian suppliers for operating lights, X-Ray equipment and other devices. The fair is well organised and offers a good networking opportunity to meet industry players.”

Arnel P. Talisic, Operations Officer, ServiPlus Medical Equipment Inc., the Philippines


“Established in 1949, Tech-Med Technika Medyczna is the largest supplier of home-based and personal medical equipment in Poland. In addition to OEM manufacturing, we are engaged in retailing and wholesale businesses of medical devices. I am visiting this Medical Fair for the first time to find new suppliers. This is an exciting event and I have got in touch with many exhibitors. I have already found several potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland. One of them provides personal ECG monitors, pulse oximeters and sleep monitors that look quite appealing. Initially, we aim to purchase 500 pieces for each product. Another new supplier produces blood pressure monitors and infrared thermometers. We will explore OEM cooperation with them. The fair has been clearly defined with different zones, making it easy to find suitable exhibitors. The business matching meetings have worked very well to facilitate exchanges. I have acquired many new business contacts.”

Mike Kilinski, Key Supply and Quality Manager, Tech-Med Technika Medyczna, Poland


“With a business history of 25 years, Ziwell distributes medical devices and health products in Singapore and Malaysia. We source products worldwide and major customers are hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. I am visiting this Medical Fair for the second consecutive year to find new products and new suppliers. So far, I have found three potential suppliers from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland for different items such as a smart cart designed to aid patients’ mobility, an AED device and an AED training set. The amount of business for the AED devices is anticipated to be up to US$500,000 a year while that for the smart carts can be around US$200,000. The order for the AED training sets is estimated at US$100,000. This is a good fair. Everything has been well managed.”
Yeo Siew Meng, Pharmacist/Director, Ziwell Medical (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore