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Exhibitors' & Buyers' Quotes

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Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.


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Exhibitors' Quotes Buyers' Quotes


Exhibitors' Quotes



“We use Chinese herbs such as honeysuckle, patchouli and artemisia argyi to produce 100-per-cent natural skincare and personal care products under our KiMature brand. This is our first exhibition at the Startup Zone of the Medical Fair to look for international buyers because we think that overseas buyers are also interested in natural products made from Chinese herbs. The Medical Fair really provides the best channel for us to reach out to international buyers. A Swedish buyer and a buyer from Guangzhou on the Chinese mainland are keen to be our distributors while a local property developer wants to sell our products to residents. We are happy to be given an opportunity to introduce our products to target customers at the Exhibitor Forum. Some of the participants of the Hospital Authority Convention also visited our booth and bought our products. We are very satisfied with the results so far.”

Kim Chan, Project Director, Harmonia Life Company Limited, Hong Kong


 “We are the distributor of Dupont’s BioOne clinical proven probiotics brand for the markets in Hong Kong and Macau. Our probiotic products can prevent respiratory infection or flu, diarrhea, lactose discomfort and candidiasis and also reduce allergies and eczema. At last year’s Medical Fair, we secured two buyers from Hong Kong and Macau who are now selling our products in their organic product shops. That’s why we have returned to the World of Health & Wellness at the fair for the second consecutive year to promote BioOne products and to look for local and overseas buyers. At this year’s fair, we have met with more overseas buyers. We are surprised to have met with buyers from the Middle East and South America. A buyer from the Guangdong Province on the Chinese mainland has approached us and wants to be our business partner. The World of Health & Wellness provides a good place for us to look for business partners for co-operation and to exchange new ideas. We’ll come back next year.”

Ceci Tsoi, Sales Manager, Speed Top (Hong Kong) Limited, Hong Kong


We see a lot of business opportunities for medical and healthcare companies from the Czech Republic because of the Hong Kong SAR Government’s implementation of the 10-year hospital development plan. That’s why we have organised the Czech Republic pavilion for the second consecutive year at the Medical Fair in Hong Kong. This year the number of our exhibitors has increased from 3 to 6. Led by Radek Policar (centre in the photo), Deputy Minister for Legislation and Law, Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, our delegates are showcasing different products including gastrointestinal stents from ELLA-CS, resuscitation aids for heart massage from INOTECH ČR, hospital food systems from M-TRAY, hospital beds from LINET, medical gas power supply units and distribution systems from MZ Liberec and medical devices for neonates from TSE. Since Hong Kong is a gateway to the Chinese mainland market and the Guangdong-Hong-Kong-Macau Bay Area, I am confident that our delegates can find business partners for co-operation through the Hong Kong fair. In addition, we organised a seminar entitled ‘The New Wave of Czech Innovation Transforming the Medical World’ on the second day of the fair which provides an update on the progress of our technology.

Milan Vágner (left), Consul (Trade & Economy), Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Hong Kong, the Czech Republic


“Our company is the sole agent for Korea’s O Shampoo-brand hair care products on the Chinese mainland and in Hong Kong and Macau. Made from 23 types of Chinese herbs, our hair care products help to prevent hair loss. Currently, we are selling these products through our online store. To look for wholesalers and distributors, we have our first exhibition in the World of Health & Wellness at this year’s Medical Fair. The fair provides a good opportunity for us to get in touch with different buyers. Buyers’ responses have been very good. We have met with serious buyers from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Macau. It is very likely that two buyers from Hong Kong will become our business partners after further negotiations about the formats of co-operation. We’ll return to the fair next year.

Betty CK Kwok, Director, FG (Asia) Limited, Hong Kong


“We are showcasing two innovative healthcare products, namely MedPot and WalkAid at the Startup Zone of the Medical Fair. MedPot is a portable smart pillbox which notifies elderly patients to take the right medicines at the right time and has real-time monitoring function. WalkAid, which comprises a visual cue device, a pair of tactile insoles and a mobile app, helps Parkinson’s patients maintain stable gait and balance. These two products will be officially launched in the second half of this year. The Startup Zone provides a cost-effective platform for us to meet target buyers, collect buyers’ feedback and identify opportunities for partnerships. Up till now, we have talked to more than 100 buyers and identified about five to six potential distributors from India and Southeast Asia. In addition, a foot care product expert in Hong Kong has asked us to make use of our WalkAid technology to develop insoles for kids who have splay feet. A local NGO which provides door-in-door service to the elderly is also interested in buying our MedPot. I am also happy to have gained international media exposure through the overseas journalist breakfast meeting organised by the HKTDC. Three journalists from India, Korea and Thailand are going to cover our products in their publications.”

Denis Huen, Founder & CEO, MedEXO Robotics (Hong Kong) Company Limited, Hong Kong


“We are the sole agent of V-Meds-brand lung cleansing kits. Made in the US, the lung cleansing kits are available in two flavours including lavender and menthol. The lavender version reduces stress and helps the user sleep quickly, while the menthol version helps to stop wheezing, alleviate nasal congestion and suppress coughing. We are showcasing these lung cleansing kits in the World of Health & Wellness for the first time to look for global distributors and to promote our V-Meds brand. As people all over the world are more health-conscious, the World of Health & Wellness attracts a large number of professional buyers to visit our booth. We are happy to have met with potential distributors from Canada, the Chinese mainland, France, Malaysia, Spain, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines and the UK. We expect that about 10 of them will become our distributors. Meanwhile, two buyers from the Chinese mainland and India have expressed their intention to buy 1,000 pieces and 500 pieces from us respectively. The fair’s results have been encouraging.”

Winson Heung, Marketing Director, V-Meds (Asia) Limited, Hong Kong


“ForMeds is happy to be one of the 10 participating exhibitors in the pavilion for the Wielkopolska Region of Poland. Our company specialises in the production of dietary supplements without chemical additives. We have two product lines including The Pure Powder and The Bicaps which are available in the form of pure power and capsules respectively. Our main markets are Europe and the Chinese mainland. We are exhibiting at this Medical Fair for the first time to look for distributors who can help us develop the Asian market. We have received more enquiries about B complex which helps to reduce stress and fatigue. So far, we have talked to more than 50 buyers and found potential distributors from Columbia, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand. Through a breakfast meeting organised by the HKTDC, we have also connected with trade journalists from India, Taiwan and Thailand who will refer their local distributors to us. We are very satisfied with the results so far.

Dawid Krysiak, CEO, ForMeds, Poland


“Founded in 2004, our company specialises in the design and production of protectors, braces and related accessories. Currently, Europe and the US are our major export markets. We are promoting our Phyziofit brand and looking for distributors at the Hong Kong International Medical Devices and Supplies Fair for the first time as one of the participating exhibitors in the new Taiwan Pavilion. We are also looking for buyers who need our ODM and OEM services. The fair has attracted a lot of international buyers including those from international buying offices in Hong Kong. Business atmosphere has been very good. Buyers from the US and Spain are very interested in our protectors especially app-controlled smart protectors. Further negotiations will be conducted after the fair.”

Tim Yen, Account Manager, Wellpower Commerce Holding Co. Ltd, Taiwan


“With a R&D centre in Boston in the US, Intelligence Biosytems officially launched MALDI-TOF MS (matrix-assisted laser desorption time-of-flight mass spectrometry) and microfluidic-based quantitative multiplex nucleic acid analysis platform in 2016. We supply our equipment to hospitals and food testing laboratories on the Chinese mainland. We are keen to develop new markets along the Belt and Road through our first-time participation in the Hong Kong International Medical Devices and Supplies Fair. We have also invited potential business partners in Hong Kong to visit our booth. Up till now, we have found four to five potential distributors from Hong Kong, India and Southeast Asia. The Hong Kong fair provides an effective platform for us to approach target buyers and promote our advanced equipment to international buyers.”

Eric Li, CEO, Intelligene Biosystems Co. Ltd., the Chinese mainland


“Our company is a long-term supporter of the Hong Kong International Medical Devices and Supplies Fair. At this year’s Rehabilitation and Elderly Care Product zone, we are showcasing our latest products under five specialty zones, namely Therapeutic Equipment, Professional Diagnostic & Respiratory Therapy Equipment, Nursing and Mobility Supplies, Orthopedic Support Products, and Consumer Health Products. The fair provides a good place for us to strengthen relationships with existing buyers while looking for new buyers. Moreover, we can collect buyers’ feedback on our products. At this year’s fair, our booth is always packed with buyers and we have been busy answering their enquiries. Apart from meeting a lot of local buyers, we have met with new buyers from the Chinese mainland, the Middle East, Turkey and the US. Some buyers have bought small devices such as electric muscle stimulators at our booth. For larger equipment, buyers will place orders after the fair. We are happy with the results so fair.”

Nicole Ngai, Marketing Officer, Health Care & Co., Hong Kong


“Headquartered in the UK, our company offers more than 1,000 types of rehabilitation equipment. Apart from selling in the Hong Kong market, our products are also exported to Australia, Canada and Europe. We have been exhibiting in the Hong Kong International Medical Devices and Supplies Fair for the ninth consecutive year. The fair provides an ideal platform for us to maintain our exposure and look for new business partners. In fact, we secure new customers through the fair every year. Buyer traffic has been heavy at this year’s fair. We are happy to have met with new buyers from Asia, Europe and India. We see a promising prospect for our medium to low-priced rehabilitation equipment as we can maintain a 10-20-per-cent increase in our annual sales turnover. The new contacts made at the fair can help us to expand our business.”

Will Lau, Sales & Marketing Director, Marksam International (Holdings) Co. Limited, Hong Kong


Buyers' Quotes



“Aichhorn is a manufacturer of surgical kits and an importer of mattresses in Bulgaria, with the EU as our main market. We source components from the Chinese mainland for the production of surgical kits. This is my first time visiting the Medical Fair in Hong Kong. Through the HKTDC’s business matching service, I have found two potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong for different items such as surgical drapes, plastic scissors and absorbent pads. I plan to buy 100,000 pieces per item. I like this fair because it is very well-organised and the customer service is excellent.

Krassimir Christov, Director, Aichhorn and Co EOOD, Bulgaria


“In business for 19 years, Taraf Synergy supplies medical equipment to hospitals and ambulance service providers in Malaysia. I am visiting the Medical Fair for the first time to find what’s new in the medical and healthcare equipment industry and to establish contacts with new suppliers. I am particularly interested in a robotic device which premixes drugs for cancer treatment and enhances safety and efficiency. I have also found new suppliers of incubators for newborns because there is a good market for incubators in Malaysia. I’ll propose these new products to my clients after the fair. I have also visited the Startup Zone where I find a fully automatic shower chair very innovative.

Tan Kok Tiam, Director, Taraf Synergy Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia


“Lawtons operates 425 pharmacies and 25 home healthcare stores in Canada. This is my first time visiting the Hong Kong International Medical Devices and Supplies Fair. I am particularly looking for patient slings, medical beds, homecare beds and bath safety products. Due to an ageing population in Canada, there is a strong demand for this kind of products for use in the home and nursing homes. At the fair, I have found two to three potential suppliers of patient slings and hospital beds. I’ll ask them to test their products in Canada and obtain relevant licences. If these suppliers can meet our requirements, we’ll buy 1,000 patient slings and 1,000 hospital beds a year. I am also interested in two unique products including e-massagers and care chairs.

Travis Gunn, Director of Business Development, Lawtons Drugs, Canada


“Established in 2010, our company supplies medical equipment for coloproctology and colorectal surgery and other clinical equipment to hospitals, clinics and doctors in Russia. At the Medical Fair in Hong Kong, we are very interested in gastrointestinal stents from the Czech Republic, general medical equipment from the Chinese mainland, and surgical instruments from Pakistan. We plan to buy 10,000 units of gastrointestinal stents a year and 10,000-50,000 units of general medical equipment a year from these new suppliers. We like the Startup Zone where we have found two innovative medical devices including e-massagers and smart snore stoppers. We bought a smart snore stopper from the supplier and will buy 500 pieces if this product is proven effective. It’s a good show.”

Pavel A. Gavrilov (left) , General Director, and Anatolii I. Nedozimovanyi (right), Head of the Medical Department, Medizinskaya tekhnika-1, Ltd., Russia


“Based in Vietnam, our company is a distributor of well-known medical devices and also a manufacturer of medical consumables such as syringes and gloves. Currently, we are constructing two new hospitals in Vietnam under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model. I have come here for the first time to find new suppliers of medical equipment and ICU beds for the two new hospitals which will commence operation at the end of 2019. At the fair, I have found three to four potential suppliers of medical devices, beds and consumables. As we have existing suppliers, we’ll compare their quality and quotations. As an active participant in the PPP programme, we’ll construct more hospitals in the future. The Hong Kong fair features a wide range of medical devices and supplies and I can find new medical devices which can meet my business needs.”

Cao Quang Thùy, Business Development Manager, Vietnam Medical Equipment Corporation, Vietnam


“Established in 2000, our company is a leading supplier of medical devices and supplies in the Philippines. With an annual sales turnover of HK$200 million, we are serving 600 large hospitals in our country. At the Medical Fair in Hong Kong, I have found three potential suppliers of new items such as underpads, diapers, DNA testing equipment, masks, ICU supplies and operating room supplies through the HKTDC’s business matching service. I have also found several potential suppliers of e-health products and saliva testers for use at home or hospitals. I’ll visit their factories and check their quality. Quality is always our top priority. It’ll take at least six months before I can finalise my orders.”

Ralph A. Ante, President & CEO, HealthSolutions Enterprises Inc., the Philippines


“Medicion is a manufacturer and distributor of muscle training equipment, CPR monitors, AED containers and core muscle trainers in Korea. Apart from our domestic market, we also sell our products to the Chinese mainland. I am looking for OEM manufacturers of medical devices and hospital equipment at the Medical Fair. I am very interested in new products such as resistive exercise bands, resistive tubing, gym balls, smart stretchers and ozonated water generators. Our company wants to be a distributor of a Malaysian brand for resistance training products, so I’ll follow up after the fair. Moreover, I’ll introduce smart stretchers to my customers from fire stations, hospitals, the military department and other government departments and assess their demand.”

Seong Won-Min, Director, Medicion Co., Ltd., Korea


“In business for 47 years, our company supplies medical devices and hospital equipment to hospitals and clinics in the UAE. We are a distributor of big brands such as Baxter, Hitachi and Roche. As our economy slows down, we accept Chinese products for better prices and high quality. We are going to launch medical consumables under our Al Razi brand. I am visiting the Hong Kong fair for the first time to look for OEM manufacturers. I have found two potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland for the supply of masks, gloves and catheters. Our minimum order quantity for each item is 50,000 pieces. It’ll take six months to one year for us to complete the registration for the imports of these new items.”

Sudarsh Das, Deputy Operation Manager, Al Razi Pharmacy Co., UAE


“DYNEX is one of the largest suppliers of laboratory equipment and related services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We supply professional equipment to immunobiological, molecular-biological and microbiological laboratories. This is my first time visiting the Medical Fair in Hong Kong. I have found two potential suppliers of Lab-On-Chip rapid diagnostic platforms and biosystems. I am waiting for their quotations. Our order quantity is 10-100 sets. Since Lab-On-Chip rapid diagnostic platforms comply with CE and ISO standards, it’s easier for us to bring them to the European market. I am also happy to have introduced our company and our sourcing requirements at the Buyer Forum organised by the HKTDC. Through the Buyer Forum, I have got in touch with a service provider who can help us transport equipment from the Chinese mainland to the Czech Republic.”

Tomas Hanzlik, Business Development Manager, DYNEX, Czech Republic


“Established in 1983, Green Force is an agent of physiotherapy equipment in Taiwan. This is my second visit to the Hong Kong International Medical Devices and Supplies Fair. I like the Hong Kong fair because it provides a great variety of medical devices which are new in the market. At this year’s fair, I am particularly looking for protectors and chiropractic equipment. I have found new products such as auto activators, directional RF therapeutic equipment and resistance training products. I’ll collect more details from potential suppliers of these new products. There is a strong demand for muscle training products and protectors in Taiwan because people like to do exercise at home.”

Race Lin, Sales & Purchasing Manager, Green Force Enterprises Inc., Taiwan