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Household Medical Products
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Advance Electronic & Medical Industries Co Ltd
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No: 3G-B18
Product Zone: Household Medical Products



SleepingACE – Sleep-Helping Device

  • Main unit contains a headset and a Bluetooth wireless remote control
  • Based on “Transcranial Electrical Stimulation (TES)” technology , SleepingACE is non-invasive and aids the users to improve the quality of their sleep
  • Users can wear the headband  for stimulation before sleeping for less than an hour, and there is no need to wear during sleep
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Illies East Asia Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 3G-B20
Product Zone: Household Medical Products


AliveCor Mobile ECG

  • Record accurate Electrocardiogram (ECG) and heart rate
  • Runs on compatible smartphone or tablet by free AliveECG app
  • Affordable price
  • its AF detector is FDA-approved
  • Simply rest the product on users’ fingers or chest to record an ECG in just 30 seconds
Laboratory Equipment
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AppleOne Solution Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 3F-E17
Product Zone: Laboratory Equipment


Testo Saveris 2 Wifi Humidity & Temperature Monitoring System Product

  • Easy and safe way to measure and monitor humidity and temperature
  • No need for software installation but only require normal Internet browser
  • Measurement values are transfered to the cloud through wifi
  • Safe data storage
  • Current measurement values, limit value violations and the remaining battery life are shown in users’ devices
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Sartorius Hong Kong Ltd
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 3F-E19
Product Zone: Laboratory Equipment


Air Sampler MD8 & Gelatine Membrane Filters (GMF)

  • The MD8 air samplers are designed to detect smallest viruses (e.g. MERS-CoV) and microorganism in the air by using the unique Gelatine Membrane Filters (GMF) and BACTairTM agar plates
  • Its aseptic packaging film ensures reliable and correct collection results
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Sanwa BioTech Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 3F-H07
Product Zone: HKMHDIA


ALiA (Microfluidic Lab-On-Chip Rapid Diagnostic Platform)

  • A rapid and portable in-vitro diagnostic platform with integrated microfluidic biochips technology
  • Only one drop of sample is needed for this immunoassay-based platform to deliver an end-to-end solution from sample to multiplex results in 15 minutes
  • Drastic reduction in turnaround time from sample to results
  • Integrated smart system combined with portability, and simplified current laboratory process
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Healthcare Technology International Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 3F-G24
Product Zone: HKMHDIA


Firefly Wireless Medical Camera Series

  • Made in the US, the Firefly wireless cameras are small and easy to use
  • Recognized by FDA and CE standards for years
  • The products integrate with video conferencing solutions quick and easy
  • Widely applied in Otolaryngology, Primary Care, Audiology, Telemedicine, Dermatology and Veterinary Diagnosis, suitable for use in hospitals, clinics and out-patient service
Building Technology and Hospital Furniture
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Janley Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 3F-E01
Product Zone: Building Technology and Hospital Furniture


Memoriana Dementia Room Concept

  • The room concept is a room-setting service tailored for dementia patients
  • Hospital room will be re-designed to assemble patients’ home environment, while  rehabilitation features will be added  to the room’s furniture
  • Memory cues, like patients’ family photos, will be included in the room
  • With the purpose of re-adapting patients’ home environment to hospital room, and maintain their living quality
Rehabilitation and Elderly Care
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Just Med Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 3G-A07
Product Zone: Rehabilitation and Elderly Care


SYSTAM 30° Positioning Wedge

  • Ergonomic stabilization supporter can maintain the body in 30° properly and minimize pressure from greater trochanters and scarum
  • No need to use pillow as support or to turn side to side at midnight for the users
Hospital Equipment
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Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 3F-F16
Product Zone: Hospital Equipment


SECURITHERM sink mixer with BIOCLIP spout (art no. H9611P)

  • Offer a thermostatic technology - when cold water supply fails, hot water will be immediately shut-off (vice versa)
  • Prevent risks of burns when touching the mixer
  • Can be replaced with BIOFIL spout filter, which guarantees bacteriologically controlled water at the point-of-use
  • The smooth interiors of the product’s body and spout can facilitate cleaning and reduce the risk of bacterial development