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The 13th Hong Kong Eyewear Design Competition

The 13th Hong Kong Eyewear Design Competition



Corporate Group
Title of Design: Renaissance
Company: Chu Kong Optical Manufactory
Designer: Cheng Wai Kwong

“Renaissance” seeks to improve human health. Making use of far infrared ray (FIR), the glasses seek to enhance human metabolism and help users recover from exhaustion.

The fashionable design is suited for different occasions. Fitted with appropriate lenses, the eyewear becomes a pair of elegant sunglasses.
1st Runner-up
Title of Design: Graffiti Eye
Company: Koollook International Company Limited
Designer: Anchor Zheng

The inspiration comes from the fascinating iPhone sticker. There is no need to change the frames but the unique graffiti designs endue the frames with their new colours , lives, strong personalities as well as environment-friendly concepts. Colours illuminate the world!
2nd Runner-up
Title of Design: All Day Breakfast
Company: OKIA Optical Company Limited
Designer: Lee Tsun Hung

Do you like breakfast? In the west, people may have breakfast anytime throughout the day. “All Day Breakfast” consists of a vast array of ingredients, combinations and styles to satisfy your unpredictable appetite.

Inspired by the idea of “All Day Breakfast”, the design of the eyeglasses emphasizes the limitless possibilities of “mix and match”. The concept is based on Continental tableware, complemented with rims possessing unique characteristics, creating an ever changing look.

Individual Group
Title of Design: Show‧Big
Designer: Lai Pui Yan

Children are our future, and they are the mirror of us --- adults, as well.

Adults are reminiscent of the old times when we were kids, when we were curious of everything, when we see the world in a way as simple as it could be.

In those days, people used a magnifying glass to access the unknown world. Kids used it observe insects. And old men used it to read newspapers.

The design of “SHOW BIG” is out of the simple idea that we may remind ourselves of the curiosity, and the desire for knowledge we used to have. Still, the world nowadays is big, if not bigger; while “SHOW BIG” is to let one discover the fun around better and easier.

The world is beautiful, as it’s always be, when you see it with a pure heart.
1st Runner-up
Title of Design: Roadster
Designer: Wong Ming Sum

We all live like driving on an expressway. Sometimes, we may fear for uncertainty in future. ‘Roadster’ represents an attitude of advancing bravely. We would never stop in the day. When the dark comes, we turn on the headlight to speed forward. When we see a crossroad, we make a breakthrough. No one can see the future. Only the one with a good driving attitude can.
2nd Runner-up
Title of Design: AIR-MODE
Designer: Chan Yuk Ting

Due to the rapid development of cities and industrial areas, our air quality is getting worse and worse. Air-mode is to remind us to be more aware of air pollution. Elements representing machine structure and gas-mask have been used as the main design concept. Since motorbike drivers are the main sufferers from the harmful air pollution, the goggle- shaped Air-mode is designed to protect them from heavy industrial pollution.