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Brand Name Gallery


Looking Spectacularly Good

The consumer demand for almost all kinds of eyeglasses has increased substantially in recent years and that demand is showing no signs of slowing down. One obvious reason for the increase is the rising number of consumers being diagnosed with myopia, which may possibly be related to the rise in popularity and frequent use of smart devices. The ageing global population also means that more people than ever before are wearing glasses to correct presbyopia. Meanwhile, the growing popularity of outdoor activities and increased awareness of potential harms of UV damage on unprotected eyes have both pushed the sales of sunglasses. Spectacles with blue light-blocking capabilities are another type of protective eyewear that is increasingly being worn by health-conscious consumers. As for the fashion-conscious, spectacles and sunglasses, which come in an unlimited variety of styles and designs, are frequently used to spice up plain ensembles or make dashing outfits look even more dashing.

Whether for corrective and protective use or decorative purpose, eyeglasses that are high-quality and offer distinctive features and good looks certainly have an easier time attracting consumers’ attention and wining hearts. And that explains why branded eyewear is always more sought-after on the retail level,as branded frames are most likely to be equipped with such winning attributes.

The Brand Name Gallery at the HKTDC Hong Kong Optical Fair
is dedicated exclusively to branded eyewear, all of which feature original designs and meticulous craftsmanship. This year, more than 200 local and global brands are making use of the tastefully decorated gallery to showcase their latest and most stylish products. The gallery is also a stage for a series of eye-catching eyewear parades, where models demonstrate the beauty of some of these star spectacles and shades as they stride down the runway.