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Exhibitors' & Buyers' Comments

Empowered with decades of experience and expertise in organising trade exhibitions, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is reputed internationally for its outstanding performance.


Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.


The HKTDC sincerely invites you to join this exhibition, to explore the way to success.



Exhibitors' Comments Buyers' Comments



Exhibitors' Comments


“Eco Carton produces a wide range of food & beverages packaging products from paper cups to paper bowls and lunch boxes in Malaysia. We take pride in the quality and design of our packaging items that are made of virgin pulp from Finland. Our production facilities are located in Kuala Lumpur covering a floor space of over 40,000 square feet and we are planning further expansion to meet growing demand. This is our third-year participation in Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair to expand business in the international market. We have enriched our exhibits this year offering buyers more products in different sizes and styles. We have met with some new customers from different countries including Australia, Chile and the Philippines. Further talks will be held to explore cooperation”
Wee Tze Wee Tze Yang, Director, Eco Carton Sdn Bhd, Malaysia


“Our association is actively driving the growth of Taiwan’s printing industry. The Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair serves as a valuable platform for us to grow business internationally. We are participating in the fair for the third consecutive year. A total of 11 companies from Taiwan have joined together here, offering a great variety of printing and packaging services including paper products, labels, gift solutions and new printing techniques. We put strong emphasis on creativity and original design to provide customers with something new and different. We have received a lot of enquiry from professional buyers coming from different places again. The feedback has been positive and our companies are discussing with potential customers for possible cooperation. We look forward to developing business together with them. This fair is the place to do business. Everything has been well organised.”
Chu Yung, Chairman, Taiwan Printing & Machinery, Material Industry Association, Taiwan  


“Cyberprint Group is a leading printing solution provider in Thailand, offering wide-ranging printing services to local and international customers. As part of expansion, we have diversified into the packaging service offering innovative designs and ideas to meet market needs. We have been participating in Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair over the years to extend our presence worldwide. The results have been encouraging. We secured some new customers from different places in the last two years. We’ve generated positive responses again this year. Soon after the fair’s opening, we have met with some serious customers from Mexico, Brazil, France, the Netherlands, USA and Australia. They are especially interested in our printing solutions. The fair looks terrific again and the traffic is really good. This is an important platform to grow our business internationally. That’s why we are here every year to promote our services.”
Krisada Ramdeja, Export Marketing Manager, Cyberprint Group Company Limited, Thailand


“Wide Ocean is working together with Chocolate Rain again to showcase a new series of colourful and creative paper items at Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair. The new collections include paper boxes, paper bags and gift box sets with calendar and all of them have interesting stories to tell to customers. The collaboration has worked very well. This fair has generated very strong responses from buyers and enabled the brand of Chocolate Rain to gain more exposure. Wide Ocean has been participating in this fair for the past few years. Last year, the company secured some new customers through the exhibition including two Hong Kong banks and some investment firms. The feedback is strong again this time and a large number of buyers have approached us. This year’s highlights also include laisee envelops, calendars, jewellery boxes and a new paper collection created by a Japanese designer. This is an excellent place to promote Wide Ocean’s comprehensive range of innovative printing services as well as strength in employing new printing technology.”
Prudence Mak (right), Founder & Creative Director, Chocolate Rain;
Patrick Mak (left), Business Development Director, Wide Ocean Printing Company Ltd, Hong Kong


"In business for 28 years, Jing-Feng is principally engaged in offset printing business in Taiwan. We have expanded into flexo printing services since 2015 to provide various printed labels and shrink wrap labels. Taiwan remains our core market but we are trying to grow our global presence through the Hong Kong fair. This is our second-year participation in Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair to promote our products and find overseas customers. Among the highlights of this year are our environmentally-friendly wash-off labels that can be removed by hot water easily as well as water-based ink products that cater to the needs of food-related packaging solutions in particular. We’ve met with some potential customers from Hong Kong and the Philippines in the first two days of exhibition. They expressed interest in our RFID labels and shrink wrap labels with cold foil printing. We will send them the pricing details based on their requirements and further talks will be conducted to conclude business. We look forward to capitalising on new business opportunities here for expansion.”
Dr. Chi-Ching Lin (left), Executive Director, Jing-Feng Digital Service Co., Ltd., Taiwan 


“Established in 2003, our company specialises in the printing and packaging services for customers worldwide with production facilities in Dongguan City. We have been expanding aggressively into the high-end packaging market in recent years providing a wide range of well-designed paper boxes for international cosmetic brands. Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair serves as an excellent platform to promote our services and secure new business. We are showcasing our new designs this year and the feedback has been encouraging. We have met with a number of buyers from different places such as USA, France, UK and Japan. At least 5 to 6 new customers from USA, France, Hong Kong and the Chinese have expressed serious interest in our boxes and we look forward to establish business with them. This is a successful fair that has effectively fuelled our overseas expansion over the years. We can get new customers here every time.”
Allen Shi, General Manager, Dongguan City Yuanjia Printing Co., Ltd, the Chinese mainland


“Man Sang is showcasing more new packaging products at Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair this year to meet growing market demand. Newly-designed packaging items for cosmetics and beautifully-prepared event calendars are among the highlights. We are also launching a new packaging series featuring paintings by Hong Kong’s renowned painter Chan Hoi-ying. Other exhibits include products made of new materials and with special printing effects for customers’ preferences. This fair is always a major event for our promotion and business development every year. The response has been positive again this time. We have met with some buyers from different markets such as USA, UK, France, Italy and New Zealand. Last year, we secured several new customers from Hong Kong and Japan. It will take some time to negotiate with the new buyers and conclude deals. We look forward to achieving good results again this year.”
Mei Yeung, Sales Director, Man Sang Envelope Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Hong Kong


“Headquartered in Quanzhou of Fujian Province, Fujian Nanwang produces a wide range of paper packaging products including shopping bags, paper cups and lunch boxes. We take pride in our strong production capability to meet demand from large-scaled businesses. North America is our major market, followed by Europe, Australia and Japan. We are participating in Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair to expand further our overseas presence. The feedback has been terrific. Many buyers have approached us during the fair, including customers from Hong Kong, Italy and Russia. A couple of major importers and distributors from Australia and Japan as well as a confectionery business from USA have expressed strong interest in our shopping bags. Further talks will be held with them and samples will be prepared for their assessment. I expect to receive big orders from them. The results have been better than expectation. We are very pleased with the exhibition.”
Jasmine Zhang, Export Manager, Fujian Nanwang Environment Protection Scien-Tech Co., Ltd., the Chinese mainland


“Established in 1969, Yupo is a leading producer of synthetic papers in Japan. With headquarters in Tokyo, we have offices in USA, Germany, India, Thailand and the Chinese mainland. Our synthetic papers offer extraordinary beauty, strength and flexibility with waterproof feature for wide-ranging applications from commercial printing to packaging and labels. This is our debut exhibition at Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair to raise our profile and find more customers. We have already established useful contacts with about 40 serious buyers from different places including USA, France, Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. The response has been very positive and met our expectations. Further discussions are needed to conclude business with the new customers. This fair really enables us to have fruitful exchanges with different industry players and allow them to have better understanding of our business.”
Yuusuke Imai (middle), International Sales and Marketing Department, Sales and Marketing Division, Yupo Corporation, Japan




Buyers' Comments


“Founded in 1906, Beijing Yili Food is a leading producer of high-quality bread, chocolate and candies in the Chinese mainland. We also provide soft drinks under the popular brand of ‘Arctic Ocean.’ We are running 120 chain stores in Beijing. Our group is keen to refresh the packaging of our products as an attractive packaging generates strong appeal to customers. I am visiting Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair for the first time to find new packaging idea and new suppliers. There are a lot of good packaging items here. So far, I have found 4 to 5 potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland for various paper and plastic packaging products that can be used for our food items. This fair brings new ideas and opens up new business opportunities. I would like to visit it again.”
Ma Chunying, Manager, Beijing Yili Food Commercial Chain Co., Ltd., the Chinese mainland


“Beijing Dao Xiang Cun is a long-established brand of traditional Chinese pastries that was first established in 1895. We currently operate a chain of 189 stores in Beijing selling over 600 kinds of pastries and cakes as well as festival items like sticky rice dumpling (zongzi) and moon cakes. Our pastries and prepared food are also sold in supermarkets and food outlets. This is my first-time visit to Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair to source new packaging solutions for our products. The business matching service provided by the organiser has helped me identify potential suppliers effectively. I have got in touch with an exhibitor from Shenzhen who produces a unique inflatable packaging bag. This void-fill design is suitable for the packaging of our pastries that are fragile and require extreme care in the processing of delivery. The potential order will involve at least 100,000 pieces if negotiation is successful. Talks are also underway with a supplier of packaging strings and ribbons from Xiamen. This fair has a lot on offer, featuring some interesting packaging ideas and enabling fruitful exchanges with exhibitors.”
Fu Huaping, Head of Sales Department, Beijing Dao Xiang Cun, the Chinese mainland


"With a history of 55 years, Ofner is a family-owned business providing a great variety of sweets, chocolates, pastries, ice-cream products and a Brazilian snack called Coxinha. We currently operate 25 retail stores in Sao Paulo and will open more outlets in the next few years. This is my first-time visit to the Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair to source packaging solutions for different products. I have found a large number of new suppliers from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland for various items such as paper bags, plastic bags and gift boxes. For paper bags alone, talks are underway with 4 to 5 good suppliers and I will send them detailed specifications to get the pricing details. Our MOQ will be at least 5,000 piece each item. I will spend a lot to source different packaging products here. The total amount of orders will be at least US$50,000. This is an amazing fair with so much on offer. The quality of exhibitors is very good and the business matching meetings have been useful. I really like the exhibition and will definitely come again."
Kleber Horita, Supplies Manager, Ofner, Brazil


"Bespoke specialises in providing packaging products and solutions including boxes, bags and ribbons to small businesses in Australia. We are visiting Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair to source some packaging equipment and products. The business matching service arranged by the organiser has been very useful. We have found two new suppliers from Hong Kong for a flexo plate processing machine and a cutting machine to enhance our packaging solutions for customers. The flexo plate procession machine costs about US$3,000. The cutting machine costing about HK$18,000 will be used to cut boxes and printed stickers for our packaging items. We have also identified three potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland for paper boxes of light flat design. Further talks will be held to conclude business. This is an exciting fair and we are able to source products, understand the latest market trends and get new ideas for business development.”
Michelle Hartjes (right), Director, Bespoke Packaging, Australia


“In business for 10 years, Royal Blue Tea is a tea brewer in Japan specialising in high-end tea products. We make our tea with the finest naturally-grown tea leaves. Products range from Japanese green tea to Oolong, black tea and scented tea. We are always looking for new suppliers who can provide comprehensive package services for us. This is my first visit to Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair to find better packaging items. I have already found three potential suppliers for paper boxes from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. One of them can provide one-stop packaging services from design to the production of finished items. We target to purchase 5,000 to 10,000 pieces per order. We are also in talks with Japanese exhibitor Yupo Corporation to explore using their waterproof synthetic papers to make packaging bags. This fair is the best of its kind in the industry offering so much to choose from. I really like it.”
Keiko Yoshimoto, President, Royal Blue Tea Japan Co., Ltd., Japan


“Charoen Pokphand is Thailand’s leading agro-industrial and food conglomerate with vertically-integrated operations. We are also engaged in the retailing business. I am visiting Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair to find new and innovative product display solutions. There are a good variety of display items on offer here. I have found a few interesting products from two Hong Kong-based exhibitors, including a digital brochure with small-sized screen, a LED-backed display device and an intelligent shelf display solution. These new products can be used for the promotion of our products in exhibition sales and special marketing events. I expect to purchase 50 digital brochures first from one of the suppliers. Further discussions will be held for the sourcing of the other two display products. I am pleased to have found some new display items here.”
Suchada Virameteekul, Assistant Vice President, Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited, Thailand


“In business since 1963, we are a leading jewellery group in Taiwan. We are running the Luperla jewellery chain with seven stores providing the richest variety of pearl jewellery collections. Other products include gold jewellery and silver jewellery. This is my first visit to Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair to find new packaging items. There are many attractive products on offer. I have already found two to three new suppliers from the Chinese mainland for various jewellery boxes that suit our needs. The fair also features some high-end packaging solutions. I am in talks with another mainland supplier for luxury jewellery boxes. We will discuss further to explore cooperation. MOQ will be 3,000 pieces upon successful negotiation. I am pleased with the results and will visit the fair again.”
Ahoo Chen, Managing Director, Wish Paradise Corp., Taiwan


“Founded in 1968, Hiap Giap is a noodle maker in Singapore providing a variety of items such as wanton noodles, dried noodles and cooked products. We are now expanding our sales to retailers and supermarkets. Some noodles will be packed in gift boxes for tourists. That’s why I am visiting Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair this year to find more printing and packaging solutions as well as special plastic materials. I have got in touch with two printing design companies at the fair. Talks are underway a Chinese mainland exhibitor to source packaging boxes. We will provide detailed requirements after the exhibition so that the mainland company can work out the design of boxes as soon as possible. We spend at least US$100,000 on printing design every year. This is a great fair with good atmosphere.”
Chong Yew Kee, Director, Hiap Giap Food Manufacture Pte Ltd, Singapore


“LG Household & Health Care sells a comprehensive range of lifestyle and everyday products from household cleaning to personal care, skin care, cosmetics and beverages. I am visiting Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair for the first time to look for new printing technology and packaging designs. Eco-friendly packaging products and materials are also potential items on our sourcing list. An innovative 3D printing equipment provided by a Taiwanese exhibitor looks very interesting and the boxes printed out can be used to keep our skin care and cosmetics products. I have also got in touch with a Chinese mainland supplier for a special plastic bag fitted with a creative screw top. I have collected a lot of information and will discuss with colleagues in Korea’s head office about these products. The potential amount of orders is about US$50,000. This is a great fair. I can see the latest printing and packaging trends all under one roof.”
Kim Junhyun, Manager of Purchasing Part 2, LG Household & Health Care, Korea