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  Exhibitor Information Characteristics

Company Name: Alpha 3 Asia Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 3-A01
Zone: De Luxe Zone
  • The globally supplied SVEPA PU has a variety of colors/grains with excellent thermo burnished effect.
  • Applies to heat burnished, foil stamping & silkscreen and welcomes customised colors or grains request.
  • Great cover for book, bible, diary, stationery, electronics cover, hotel accessories, etc.

Company Name: Hyacinth Paper (HK) Co. Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 3-A16
Zone: De Luxe Zone
  Image Paper(100% cotton)
  • Made by 100% cotton pulp, as fluffy as cotton, yet smooth and delicate.
  • Soft and natural in color and paper surface has a hint of natural texture with excellent stiffness and strength.
  • Without lignin component, it is durable and the color will not fade even for a century.
  • High bulk density; nice performance with debossing, embossing or hot-stamp.

Company Name: Kinta Press & Packaging (M) Sdn Bhd
Country/Region: Malaysia
Booth no.: 3-B10
Zone: De Luxe Zone
  3D Plating
  • A unique finishing process that brings eye catching shine and finishes off with a smooth curvature effect.
  • Best manifested in fine lines with flawless registration.
  • Leaves smoothness on the back of substrates as there is not a use of moulding.
  • Highly flexible and can be applied to various types of paper.

Company Name: Lam Leuk Hong Ltd
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 3-D09
Zone: Printing Services
 Xstamper QuiX Pre-Inked Stamp Making System
  • Easy-making with simple process.
  • High quality stamper; Xstamper QuiX can make 5000 to 6000 crisp impressions before re-inking.
  • Easy grip; grip is made to be compact even for larger sizes so that stamp fits on hand nicely.
  • Refillable; refill ink will save users’ money in the long run.
  • Highly waterproof ink; perfect choice for important documents.
  • Available in different sizes.

Company Name: Media By Phone Co.
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 6-E01
Zone: Digital Printing & 3D Printing
  HP Latex 570
  • Cost-effective production, easily integrated into your fleet.
  • Print resolution up to 1200 x 1200 dpi.
  • Cartridge size 3 liter.
  • Using water-based inks eliminates exposure to inks with hazard warning labels and high solvent concentrations.
  • Outdoor durability up to 5 years laminated, 3 years unlaminated.
  • Achieve high image quality at high productivity.
  • Simplifies ventilation, storage, and transportation requirements.

Company Name: Right Tech (China) Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 3-H07
Zone: Packaging Services Zone
  • World's leading chip-in-package technology to embed NFC and RFID sensors into traditional packaging.
  • Allow consumers to connect to digital services simply by tapping their smartphones on the smart packages.
  • Instant product authentication and mobile marketing available for IOT concept.
  • One package one ID, supports track & trace capabilities.
  • A complete back-end system design for consumer data analysis.
  • Exclusive package status identification for defining whether the package is in opened or sealed status.
  • Good for targeted marketing and anti-counterfeit.

Company Name: Shanghai Art Paper Box Co., Ltd
Country/Region: Chinese mainland
Booth no.: 3-F12
Zone: Packaging services
Shanghai Box Art paper co. LTD. was founded in 2010. It focuses on the design, production and sales integration of gift boxes with emphasis on quality and innovation.

Double Door Display Box
  • PMMA and the hollow engraving skills create a dreamy aesthetic feel.

China Pavilion Featured Box
  • Red wrapping paper shows festiveness.
  • Shape of the Chinese mainland Pavilion conveys the essence of China.

Country/Region: CHINA
Booth no.: 3-H28
Zone: Packaging services
  Green Paper Holder
  • The raw material of the paper holder is made of 100% environmentally friendly pulp fiber.
  • ROHS/SGS/REACH and other tests are in accordance with the standard, which is conducive to the export of products, and also meets the requirements of people's increasing environmental protection.
  • Paper is being used more widely along with the advancement in pulp molding technology. The use of foam rubber, EVA, blister, cardboard tube with inner packing can be replaced by paper products instead.
  • Anti-static, anti-corrosion and shockproof; performance is better than that of foam rubber, EVA, blister as paper products’ protection function is determined is by its geometry structure and the composite material mechanics.
  • Due to the wide range of raw materials and relatively stable price, the traditional inner packing price is more stable than that of the petroleum products, such as foam rubber, EVA, and blister.

Company Name: Shanxi Sino-pack Lingyun New Materials Co.,Ltd
Country/Region: Chinese mainland
Booth no.: 3-G29
Zone: Green Printing & Packaging Solutions
  MIF(Modified Inorganic Fiber)paper
  • Innovated with nano-macromolecule cladding technique, controlled fiber forming technology and integrated degradation technique.
  • Made with elaborately designed formula and property modification to generate well-orgnised fiber structure.
  • Coating and printing techniques for wallpaper have been upgraded and applied to MIF paper so as to have a nice and unique finishing that is highly tensile, tear and water-resistant, degradable and eco-friendly.
  • Can by widely used in a variety of industries without significant issues on traditional processing methods, such as packing paper, handbag, wallpaper, specialty paper, tablecloth, etc.
  • Printing, spraying-film, or tectorial membranes are all applicable on MIF paper.
  • Significantly reduce material cost and increase your profit.