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  Exhibitor Information Characteristics

Company Name: 1A Manufacturing Ltd
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 6-E01
Zone: Printing & Packaging Solutions for Fashion & Accessories
  Digital Printed Handbags
  • The handbags are made of synthetic needle-punched felt from polyester fibers, which is comparable to wool felt in density and thickness.
  • Digital dye sublimation printing has been adopted in the printing process, which makes the ink become part of the structure of the material, enhancing its colour fastness.
  • The printing can also be applied to other materials like polyester, cotton and synthetic leather.
  • Post-press services such as glossy coating and stitching are also available.

Company Name: ATRG Optoelectronics Co Ltd
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 6-F18
Zone: Innovative Retail Display Solutions
  Category Management & Promotion LED Shelf Lighting
  • ATRG Optoelectronics is a total-solution provider which develops different kinds of electronic display products for retailers.
  • The Category Management & Promotion LED Shelf Lighting provides a ‘halo-effect’ via ‘up-lighting’ rather than traditional ‘down-lighting’ to draw customer attention
  • The use of different lightings can also help improve consumers’ shopping experience and facilitate category management.

Company Name: Hong Kong Dason Paper Products Company Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 3-A06
Zone: De Luxe Zone
  Visual merchandising (VM) solutions
  • Hong Kong Dason Paper Products Company Limited is one of the leading paper product manufacturers in Hong Kong, specialising in manufacturing of greeting cards, shopping bags and stationery items etc.
  • It provides also visual merchandising (VM) solutions to some of the biggest cosmetics brands as well as international clothing brands.
  • The company can help develop an idea to 2D drawings and then to 3D mock ups and eventually the final products according to customer’s expectation.
  • Equipped with enormous packaging, shipping and assembling experience.

Company Name: Shanghai Printing Group Co. Ltd.
Country/Region: Chinese mainland
Booth no.: 3-F06
Zone: Printing Services
 Book light
  • The “Mandala” book light uses DuPont paper which has good tenacity, durable and is not easy to tear.
  • The paper is made of high-density fibre gives the lamp a well-proportioned natural texture.
  • The lamp can reach a brightness of 500 lumens (LED) and can be used continuously for 6 hours.  It can be charged through a micro USB cable.
  • The book lamp can be closed to save space.
  • The product is environmental-friendly, small-sized, bright, energy-saving and durable.

Company Name: Wide Ocean Printing Co., Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 3-D01
Zone: De Luxe Zone
  Gift packaging and stationery collection
  • This is a new stationery gift & premium packaging collection with the theme of “Chocolate Rain”.
  • Items included Red Packets, Paper Bags, Notebooks and Gift Box.
  • The unique design and exquisite craftsmanship make the items ideal for gift packaging.

Company Name: Yupo Corporation
Country/Region: Japan
Booth no.: 6-G14
Zone: Printing Consumables & Packaging Materials
  YUPO® processed synthetic paper
  • Yupo Corporation is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of synthetic paper.
  • YUPO® processed synthetic paper products are water and oil-resistant and tough, which make it suitable for in-mold labeling and outdoor advertising.
  • The in-mold labels are commonly used on bottles for detergents and body soaps as well as food containers, while the water-resistant posters are widely used for lighting display and storefront POPs.

Company Name: Dongguan Hillson Images Tech. Co., Ltd.
Country/Region: Chinese mainland
Booth no.: 6-E12
Zone: Digital Printing & 3D Printing
  3D lenticular images
  • Dongguan Hillson Images Tech. Co., Ltd. specialises in printing and processing 3D lenticular images.
  • The major businesses of Hillson are 3D advertising board, 3D decoration images, all kinds of lenticular printings, 3D images service and advertising plans.
  • The 3D laser process printing is ultimate tool for image display.
  • In advertising, lenticular image is so eye-catching that it produces an immediate publicity effect by standing out from the eyes in public place.