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Additional Facilities & Services Order Form

Part A

For Custom-Built Participation Exhibitors

Form 1

Contractors' Information

Form 2

Electricity Supply / Communications Facilities

Part B

For Standard Booths Exhibitors
9 sqm Standard Booth Layouts (frontage X depth):


- Standard Booth 9 sqm (A) – 3m*3m


- Standard Booth 9 sqm (A) – 6m*3m


- Standard Booth 9 sqm (A) – 9m*3m


- Standard Booth 9 sqm (A) – 6m*6m


- Standard Booth 9 sqm (B) – 3m*3m

Form S1

Order Form For Special Furniture


Special Item Catalogue


Conditions of Order for FORM S1

Form S2

Rental of LED Display Panel (New)


LED Panel Information

Form 3

Additional Furniture / Facilities / Modifications

Form 4

Additional Electricity Supply / Lighting

Form 5

AV, Plant and Communications Facilities


Additional Booth Facilities Catalogue

Form 6

Contractor’s Information

Form 7

Combo Packages


Conditions of Order for FORMS 3 – 7

Form 8

Additional Exhibitor Badges Order Form

Form 9

Purchase Of Concessionary Admission Tickets Order Form

Form 10&11

Copyright Music Performance Right Permit For One-off Musical Event Order Form

Form 12

Special Pamphlet Advertisement

Form 13A&B

Limited Storage Service & Temporary Storage Working Permit Application Form

Form 14

Cash Coupon Incentive Campaign

Form 15

eCoupon Incentive Campaign

Part C

Advertising and Promotion Opportunities


IPR Clauses for Advertising Space Order Forms

Form C1

Additional Promotion Package

Form C2

Hanging Advertising Banners

Form C3

Exhibitors Guide Map Advertisement

Form C4

Performance Stage Application Form

Form C5

Prize Sponsorship for Onsite Lucky Draw