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Checklist of Important Dates
Action Items Start Date Due Date
Submit my Application for New Exhibitor 03-Jan-17 03-Mar-17
Send deposit payment 03-Jan-17 03-Mar-17
Send payment for remaining balance 03-Jan-17 17-Mar-17
Submit product catalogue and photos 03-Jan-17 03-Mar-17
Booth confirmation 03-Mar-17 30-Apr-17
Booth selection 01-May-17 31-May-17
Read exhibitor circular 15-May-17 01-Jul-17
Read exhibitor manual 15-May-17 01-Jul-17
Submit contractor information and booth design (Custom-built Participation only) 15-May-17 07-Jun-17
Order additional booth facilities and services 15-May-17 16-Jun-17
Apply for advertising and promotion opportunities 15-May-17 07-Jun-17
Apply for publicity/ promotional events/ other special events within the venue 04-May-17 02-Jun-17
Apply for storage facilities and temporary storage working permit 15-May-17 07-Jun-17
Order additional admission tickets 15-May-17 02-Jun-17
Order additional exhibitor badges 15-May-17 07-Jun-17
Collect exhibitor badge and vehicle permit 01-Jul-17 15-Jul-17
Custom-built Participation exhibitor move-in 19-Jul-17 20-Jul-17
Standard booth/ Premium booth exhibitor move-in 20-Jul-17 20-Jul-17